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  1. Did you eat alot of lead paint when you were younger ??? Lead-based paint is a major source of lead poisoning for children and can also affect adults. In adults, lead poisoning can cause irreversible brain damage and can impair mental functioning. Just a thought Go RV !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Either way , it still keeps the dream alive ! Going to check out a few banks around my area for this DeLaRue machine...........Hope they paid extra for a trubo model !!!!!!!!! Thanks for the post k98nights Moon walk to Mars !!!
  3. Awesome post ! I know I'm ready to rock Ron !!! Keep the dream alive !
  4. How about SBD........Silent but deadly, no ? Sorry, got caught up in the moment Thanks for the laugh !
  5. Hi French Fry Guy ! Sorry to hear about My Momma signed me up for 10 visits but she hooked me up . No more than ten minutes at a time and she also sent me in the booth with a cotton tube sock for the jewels. Go RV !!!!!!!
  6. Possum ! You chasing momma around again ? Well then, giter !....... giter done !......... giter done good ! Allways a good laugh , thanks !
  7. So, Possum get'n some tail ??? Mighty proud of ya ! Thanks for the Post. $ 1.49...........I'll take it ! Go RV !!!
  8. Reminds me of a song back in 1977............Dustin the wind by the Rock group Kansas.
  9. New_Notes.doc Racheal, Sorry you and maynardr7 couldn't open my last attactments not sure why. I sent the actual links to each note. Good luck . Goooooooo RV/RI Man_Kind
  10. This might be what your looking for New.doc New.doc
  11. Thanks for the post Designed4 Looks like I won't get much work done today either but, thats ok. Go RV !!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi All, I have ordered numerous times from Safe ‘D’ with a cashiers check with next day delivery. Every transaction went smooth. Go RI/RV
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