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  1. I can't tell if you are trying a unique way to be negative and scare others or if you are just stupid or if you are just bent on making bad decisions...which of the three doesn't matter....this makes you look really silly. As I read your post, the Picture of EOR from Winnie the Pooh comes to mind.... take your 800 bucks and find a hype to grab a quick return from ...oh, but hurry, it'll be closing down soon.......
  2. it's not ideal for as the indicator we wanted to see for today. I"d rather have seen....under 17 m. and close to 0 for cash
  3. crap. carpola this isn't what we wanted to see.
  4. more proof of why they aren't selling it any more. they can't get it due to the drying up of the Dinar. Iraq needs a RV
  5. I read em all yesterday and I gave you a plus anyway cus I like the recap! really i like your board was a great movie back in the day. I'm just sayin......... go rv
  6. Let's say that certain people got paid on a Thursday, and some on a Monday. They RV on Friday, takes effect on the banks opening on Sunday. People to get paid on Monday are completely screwed, while those paid on a Thursday are now living in the lap of luxury, where the only difference is the day they get paid. Read more: right that elongated statement....shows, IN MY OPINION..... you don't have enough understanding to make a 46 page long post on why the RV won't happen anytime. if it RVs between paydays.....the Dinar will adjust and those that got paid before the RV will simpl


    thanks for shareing. let's have this RV...and you come on home to that pretty wife and love her like you do.
  8. worry not my poisonist friend..... when the RV occurs you will have plenty of money to pay for a ticket to get to Dinar Trade, or Dinar Banker or Tampa Dinar for an appointment and you'll be able to trade in with them. The small bit of expense or cost to do so will be sO much paid back in ease of transaction as well as simplicity and privacy not to mention it can be wired or transfered to your account right waiting for your dinar to be sent to another branch and "we'll let you know in a few days or a week". it's just my opinion but what seems like a lot now (600.00 transportation) w
  9. is the one I have always trusted.. will ship anywhere and plenty of integrity. go RV
  10. and they said you are shallow! Great Idea Wolfie !!! thanks for the post. wha's your business gonna be?
  11. I'm with ya here. It's to late for me...I'm excited for sure...and I admit to purchasing some more in the last weeks of build up and "intel". All the while is all entertainment until it HAPPENS..... I'm not spending my obligated money...and that's why I don't have Millions more after all this time...but I'm on the path of increase. I'm aware of the IF in each prediction and I'm aware of the WHEN regarding the entire investment. I enjoy the excitement and the hope of the situation, that's all I can say. except for GO R.I. /R.V. !!!!!!! and do it in October (for now)
  12. I will support this one as well as others.
  13. THANKS for the Post! and thanks for getting it done!
  14. If We EACH don't personally TELL 5 people we know to Make a BIG STINK about this to our congressmen and women..and our senators NOW!!!!! we will be handiing ourselves over to the SPAY/NEUTER dOctors financially ourselves!!!!!! REALLY DO iT !!!!! write your congressman.....senator....give them the Bill number and tell them NO GO !!!! then give the info to 5 people and have them write a letter doing the same!!! we need to act NOW....not in November. Plus, it will show before the NOV elections WHAT NOBAMA is trying to DO TO US and will effect THESE elections NOW!!!!! Let's do someth
  15. Luke 12:15 WATCH OUT ! Be on guard against all kinds of Greed. A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. I like this because it reminds me that my life is SO much more than my possessions...and greed can take so many different forms that I have to continually watch out and be on guard for it. (greed is bad) We who are invested in the Dinar need to be on the watch for ourselves, it will bring us will destroy us, and we won't know till it's to late.
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