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  1. 1 hour ago, Longtimelurker said:

    I had a mini Cooper for 5 years, it was fun until I had to buy a transmission.. after paying $4k for the transmission, the mechanic advised me to sell it due to several other issues he came across while working on it.. 

    Yeah I sent through a transmission. But I love the My better half tells me I'm it a race car driver but if you've been on 275 around Cincinnati.... you need a little car😇 He tells me to slow down...NOT🤣


    32 minutes ago, nannab said:


    Someone is out of his _______mind!!!!!!!! I am trying to behave :)

    Good morning Yota and DV  

    Me too... you fix stupid and there's A -LOT of that lately but I'm trying to not say anything.  But inquiring minds wonder if  ALL those tissue boxes are made of gold???  I might have smoked 😇 so... that's what my mind if wondering...


    GM DV!!!   🤡

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