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  1. 21 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

    here's another article related to the above...

    Just as everything seems to be going well...Iran & Maliki throws a monkey wrench into the gears...


    On TNT's call today, Iran & Maliki are demanding power sharing in Sadr government or no movement going forward.



    I mean...Malarky hanging from a rope would have movement going forward. 🤔🤣😇

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  2. @ronscarpa

     RVAlready  I think the budget is going to parliament this week. As parliament already promised to give the people the RV as a first priority, I expect the budget with the RV to pass. I don't know where he heard that "parliament already promised to give the people the RV as a first priority"...wishful thinking I presume..! I know there are many in Parliament who would like to see an increase in value, but his statement stretches things quite a bit, because there are also many who don't want an increase as well..! :salute:RON



     I don't know where the article is but didn't Sadr say something of this nature the first part of the year???  But yes I'd like to know where he heard this too...


    Thanks for ALL you do!! 😊

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  3. 2 hours ago, T B said:

    i started this dinar journey when i was 45 ,widowed and disable and very young kids, and 62 now and children are grown ,not in the best shape anymore, my kids may get to enjoy this i hope dear lord!

    @T B:praying: that we see this come to frustrations... my body can't take much more myself and just turned 49. (2 back surgeries. I'm at 17 years in. Sending lots of 🙏 and 🤗 .

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  4. 14 hours ago, ametad said:

    My sandblaster at work today sure worked better when I got the contaminants of of the sand. I certainly hope someone is properly sifting the sand in the hourglass of time itself.

    Someone dumped used grit in mine and had a mess...thermal spray pieces...NOT happy bout it either.

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