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  1. Just make the DINAR the most powerful currency in the Middle East !!!!! Go RV !!!!!!!!!!
  2. That makes us get .85 to .81 cents USD per dinar we cash in....I'll take it !!!!!!
  3. Sounds good...I want to hear the sound of coins cha...ching
  4. What better way to celerbrate Ramadan then with a higher valued currency !!!!!!!!!!! Go RV !!!!!!
  5. I also like this conversion.....Someone please pull the trigger !!!!! Convert into 100,000 USD = 2,000,000 VND
  6. This is the BIG NEWS.......Go RV !!!!!!!!!!!! As usual at the last minute !!!!!!
  7. If he said it is a scam and you bought some from them you should of asked for their legal department !!!!!
  8. So What does this mean ???
  9. Going through Maintenance Go RV !!!! URGENT MAINTENANCE !!!!
  10. Going through Maintenance Go RV !!!! URGENT MAINTENANCE !!!!
  11. Awesome to do business with COD and all arrived as scheduled !!!!!
  12. FACT...these are not the LD we are looking for !!!!
  13. Don't cash out....losing 40% is horrible !!!!!!!!!!!
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