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  1. ME TOO. LIve down south but love the pin stripes.
  2. hope not (WHAT DID I SAY)...I'm planning on buy another 5,000,000 on the 15th!
  3. US DEMOCRATIC DONKEYS wanting to get some good publicity before November elections!
  4. Does anybody have any recollection or articles of changes like this that happened prior to Kuwait reinstating?
  5. Your gun will be shooting blanks then. The banks did not force you to buy nor did they or can they guarantee any purchases made. No matter what currency you buy locally, the banks cannot be held liable for another country doing away with their currency. Lets hope and pray that this IS legit and we make a fortune.
  6. ROACH


    They can do like the US...print more and borrow from China!
  7. "Spalding, you will have nothing and like it!" Apparently the same for us.
  8. Thanks Scooter! I really get the feeling that we are making progress after reading your post.
  9. Woody, you're the man! Keep up the good work.
  10. I here ya. Inquiring minds need to know. I'm ready to celebrate.
  11. I nominate this THE POST OF THE DAY!!!!
  12. ROACH


    I agree. I'm in this for more than 5 digits and I EXPECT a positive return. I also understand that I may loose it all and if so, so be it. With that said, I want to ready post that deal with actual events even if it is "RUMORS" from something they heard. I DO NOT want to waste my time reading some sarcastic post that someone dreamed up.
  13. I don't like the last line of the could be extended.
  14. Possum, you sure it wasn't a "Golden Shower" from your curr dog?
  15. Example...US Currency...we used to have 1000 and 500 bills but they were all turned in and now the largest bill you can get is a 100. Same theory.
  16. After the RV, this is exactly what I hope happens when we help the Republicans take over.
  17. Thanks for comming back Sonny1.
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