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  1. The Camens Islands is a country with a thriving offshore banking business . A lot of money moves through their banks.
  2. The first part of the VA. overhaul bill passed on Tuesday (99-1) , I see that the way that this was to be paid for (a republican sticking point) with money originally ear marked for defense. (troops in Afganistan and money that was to be saved from military drawdown) This money has not even been fully procured and if we have to drawdown our military the money should be used to pay down the debt , not for political freebies. (I am a disabled vet. and yes the VA. needs work but throwing money and adding more services before they can get a handle on the things they need to do now would throw the
  3. You are going to use English common law for your argument , you've obviously never heard of The Church of England , you know the established Christian state religion of the UK . US law is based somewhat on British common law but basic things , like "thou shall not kill" , steal , or bear false witness (that's lie) comes from the Judeo Christian faith , so yes you can say our laws reflect on the predominate religion of our Nation. You also need to read the Declaration of Independence pay close attention to " God given rights".
  4. Our country was founded on Christian values and the Bill of rights was written so there would be no established religion. "Under God" was added under president Eisenhower in 52 to stick a thumb in the eye of the Soviets.
  5. The Constitutional convention is what the states are calling for . (You can only amend the Constitution not fundamentally change it) Some of the subjects to be discussed are term limits for congress and the supreme court , and getting rid of the 27th amendment (That's when senators became an elected official instead of being appointed by state governors , to give state governments representation in the federal government.) Any new amendments must be ratified by 3/5's(32) of the of the state legislatures . So no it not going to change our country in any major way. I think you should concentrate
  6. I believe the active military would button up on thier bases and sit it out. (not alowed to conduct military operations on U.S. soil and would be politicly prudent) The state National Guard units might back the Feds but at about 30% , due to desertions and possibly whole units going against the Feds. Any attempt by the goverment to subdue the population by force would be suicidal for that administration. The only way an administration could survive would be to be calling in UN troops and they are some of worst , undisplinned troops I've seen in my 26yrs of service. When I retired I let my fell
  7. What needs to happen is we need to pull off the labels (democrat, Republican, Lib , Conservaive etc.) and state what we believe, should we have a larger or smaller goverment , regulation or free market determination. You need to examine what you believe and stick by it , and also examine the party banner your standing under and see if they are representing your values.(you might be surprised by what you find) In the imortal words of P.J. O'Rouke "I started out as a Democrat , but I got better."
  8. I have one question for you . Do you believe that the average citizen can govern themselves? A simple yes or no answer will suffice. (I know libs have trouble with yes or no answers)
  9. If you want to use a scientific study , research who is conducting it,(where they got thier education/political leanings) and thier backers.(who's paying for said study ,because they will influence the outcome) Just because some one has colledge education , dosn't make them intelligent. It just means they can parrot some lib prof. who teaches what they believe, not what is always true.They learn some one elses truth. I can sight a study that colledge grads know less about civics (goverment) than the average high school grad. by 50%. (princeton topped out at 38% the average high school grad go
  10. There's only so much Dinar news a day, and sometimes none at all. This "comunity" needs to break up the monotney with rumors , political discusions , music and oppinions. It keeps us from going stark raving mad,after reading about the ineptness of the Iraqi goverment or other things things that they frustrate us with on a dailey basis. All appriaciated and necesary , THANKS GUYS!!
  11. The Aztecs enslaved and murdered thier neighboring tribes in some of the most brutal ways imaginable. The Egyptians enslaved caucasions (yes white people) and used them to do menial labor in some of the harshests conditions for 5000 years (we got over it) The first slave owner in in the then American colonies was a black man , who's leagal decision by a Brittish appointed magistrate set precidence for furthering slavery in the future U.S. And the white man did not go into the African intirior and hunt down blacks for slaves , it was rival tribes and fellow Africans who sold them to North and S
  12. The brightest star ever to come out of West Point acadamy (the only cadet to NEVER RECIEVE A DEMERIT through out his entire 4 years there) and an inspiration to both the North and South. A man of deep convictions , he points to the morality that his faith brings and is required of those who lead in times of war and peace. It has been my experience that there are no aethiests in foxholes , and I have yet to meet "a raging liberal" who was combat arms in my 26 years of service.
  13. To be forgiven one needs to be repentent in ones own heart. Forgiveness is not a given , it is earned through action. (If Jane is truly sorry ,why doesnt she donate 10% of all her money to the VA and donate her time to help veterans.)
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