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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 18 October 2017

    Happy Wednesday and good morning all! October kind of snuck up on me, but “better late than never” to act on a good cause, right? It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, so for the rest of the month I’ll be donating a portion of all VIP and advertising revenue to support that cause. I am picky about where I send money… if I send $100 to a charity and the CEO pockets the first $80, that doesn’t make me feel good! According to Charity Navigator, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. runs a pretty tight ship. You can donate directly here: On to the Dinar... here are some of the latest stories, followed by my current thoughts: Starting on page 4 of that thread, you'll get the impression that Syria is kicking some ISIS butt. And that impression is correct! I still feel like ISIS is no longer a critical matter for the progression of Iraq's economy and global standing, but it doesn't hurt that the beatings continue. Moral is definitely improving. (Sorry, that was a pirate joke. I couldn't help myself!) I said it in 2013, and I will continue to say it: Abadi is the best man we could possibly hope for to lead Iraq forward. Elections will be coming up in 1Q 2018, which is not too far away... but if the election process will have any impact on an RV-push, we have to be prepared to ride this out a little longer. If Abadi does have a secret weapon in his stash to tip the Iraqi Dinar into a revalue situation, he could certainly use it at any time between now and April. I don't see a significant benefit to waiting TOO long, in fact it would be better to use that tool sooner rather than later. There will be some major changes across the board after the currency jumps, and it might be in Abadi's favor to have a month or two to settle everything down before he begins campaigning for re-election based on an incredibly successful 4 years. ----------------- - - -- - - ----------------- Final thoughts on current events - Parliament is active right now. They are addressing a myriad of topics, passing and approving items, getting stuff done... but we are all wondering "What about HCL and Article 140??", right? This is to be expected, in my opinion. Those two subjects are "catalyst items", and once they go through, there's no putting that toothpaste back in the tube! In fact, once they are even brought up in a serious manner, that is the start of an avalanche that won't be stopped. As we all know, avalanches start with something as small as a single pebble... so don't let the waiting get you down. Once this baby starts sliding, it's going to happen fast. Could this page contain that pebble? Here are the weekly Q's: Nobody can say for sure! But check out the links I posted above. Baghdad and Erbil will never be BFFs, just like Republicans and Democrats will always have differences. That doesn't mean progress can't be made! Regarding your friends opinion, it's my policy to not engage in discussion of other people's opinions, particularly when the tin foil hats start popping up. No offense to any conspiracy theorists - there is a lot to be said for some conspiracy theories. Some are much more than just "theories". But in the interest of not living on this computer, I simply have to refrain from diving into those rabbit holes. Good question! I believe the issue of "Kurdish Independence" has been successfully put to rest for the time being. The Kurds are certainly not in a position to successfully separate from Iraq, so they may as well open the doors to resolving Article 140 and the HCL, which is exactly what we are seeing. I linked to that article above and gave my thoughts on it. It looks like you and I are thinking along the same lines. My only cryptocurrency "prediction" is that they aren't going anywhere and it's the way of the future. I strongly encourage anyone interested in cryptos to get involved in our VIP section here and benefit from the great research our savvy members are doing! A few people have mentioned gains in the last couple months that far exceed anything they have spent on VIP. That's a current positive ROI despite not having an RV yet. Can you say "smart"? That's it for now! Be sure to join in our Weekly Powerball Pool, and of course... GO RRRVVVVVV!!!!!!
  2. Questions For Adam's Update 10-18-2017 Click the "redeem gift card" button.
  3. Just an FYI we have a TON of engaging and valuable conversation going in our dedicated blockchain section in the VIP here.
  4. Support

    See my response in the weekly chat thread. I will take care of you.
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    I think it's been too long since I posted about the value of paying off your mortgage (or not doing so)! I'll make it a point to address that in the VIP section in the next week or two. HINT: Paying off your mortgage may sound good, and it might feel good, but that's superficial. There is a MUCH better way to use your money, equity, and assets! AGREED. I know there's absolutely nobody you have in mind, so I won't even ask WHAT IS THIS AND WHERE DO I BUY ONE????????!!!!! Try it again. If it doesn't work, just pay full price and I'll happily instruct my staff to refund the difference. They are the best anyone has. I eliminate bad contacts quicker than oreos disappear at a weight watcher convention. Nice first post, and welcome!
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    Morning all! Lots going on right now. I’ll say one thing for all the rumors… they may not seem to get the “dates” right, but when there’s buzz on the rumor sites, it is usually right in front of a big event. Look back at the way things have unfolded, and you’ll see what I mean. Before Chapter 7, there was a crazy amount of hype. You all know I temper my posts, in an effort to keep people grounded, but even I got pretty excited about that event. It was a major milestone, and a significant key to Iraq’s progress. The rumor sites all promised an RV at that time, and it was certainly a possibility, but we all know it wasn’t a certainty. When Abadi vs Maliki was happening, that was another major step for Iraq. Again, it wasn’t a promise of immediate RV, but let’s face it - a major change in value of the Dinar was never going to happen with Maliki at the helm. Maliki simply had no reason to act in Iraq’s best interest when he had such a huge ability to pilfer the system under his power. I firmly believe that Abadi is not like Maliki, and when he won that battle, our landscape changed for the better… … but even that was not enough. There was still the issue of the HCL, which MUST be resolved before (or simultaneously with) an RV. Now let’s look at today… this immediate point in time, where once again the rumor mills are churning and people are getting excited. I’m going to make two specific statements right now, and I hope they stick: 1. None of the gurus can call the Date. 2. Despite #1 above, the current level of activity is not to be ignored. Things ARE happening. I don’t have a date for you, other than this one: TODAY. TODAY is your best opportunity to get in our VIP group and make sure you’re prepared to benefit from this possible once-in-a-lifetime situation, and I’m going to give you a discount on it. Use this code: “discount” (Original, right? ) At this link: Get in with a couple thousand other savvy VIP members. Take advantage of what our group has to offer - if you’re not already aware of the benefits, feel free to post below. I’ll answer or some other VIP members will answer. I’ve got work to do. See you in VIP, and GOOOOO RVVVVVV!!!! I think that's what we are coming up on. See above.
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 4 October 2017

    Morning DV family! This morning's update will be a quick one. Before I get into it... my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the families of those victims in the recent event in Vegas. That was a completely senseless act of evil, and whoever is responsible for it... may they burn in hell, or worse, for all eternity for their actions. *Moment of silence...* On to the Dinar: Notables - guess which country is popping up in the headlines more and more over the last 7 days? If you said Kuwait, *ding ding!* I've got a cookie for you! All you have to do is pop into the News section and do a quick skim, you'll see that although Kuwait isn't directly saying "let's get ready for the New Iraq", they are certainly on board. Kuwait is a major influence in the Middle East, and a higher IQD won't hurt them one bit. In fact, their support through that transition will only serve to make Iraq a strong ally, so it's in their interest to support Iraq through an RV. I like what I'm seeing from Kuwait right now. Former Iraqi President Talabani has passed away, and a week of mourning has been called. I don't see anything major on the HCL for this next week, BUT.... ... the so called "Referendum for Independence" seems to have come and gone, and is no longer an issue, which is exactly how I figured it would go. In fact, it seems things are moving even more smoothly than I anticipated! Abadi and Crew are making very positive moves towards resolving Article 140 in an amicable way, while at the same time giving the Kurds very strong reason to believe they are going to be treated fairly. This is great incentive to move on the HCL, and of course, RV! Would you like some seriously encouraging articles to read to start the day off? Start here and continue for the few posts following that. I am VERY encouraged! With that all said, I really think we're at a point where things are moving solidly in the right direction. The question of "when?" is still on the table, as always... but it's pretty undeniable that we're moving! Today is a great day to join VIP, if you're not already in there! When this happens, I don't want you to be on your own. Take advantage of all we have to offer - my services, the support of the community, and more. See you in there! There is always a "chance", but it's a very slim one at this point. I can't say "absolutely not", but it's the furthest possibility we have, in my opinion. That's a fair question with a LOT of discussion that could follow! I think it's simplest to summarize that WTI is a localized (to the US) designation, and Brent is more of a global term. Although the Dinar is currently "pegged" to the dollar, it is a separate currency that is not tied to US oil production. They could easily leave the USD peg and fix their currency to anything they want, but there will always be a calculation to determine how many dollars an IQD is, regardless of if we're looking at Brent, WTI, or the price of tea in china. I don't discriminate Long term... I don't know. I see the RV happening before any split, though. That means my post-RV Iraq investments are subject to change along with their borders. For now, I'm not concerned about them splitting or not... I just want to see this HCL get done. I don't believe so. =============================== That's it for now... have a great day everyone! And GO RRRVVVVVVV!!!!!
  8. Questions For Adam's Update 10-4-2017

    update coming in the next couple hours
  9. Disappointed

    I love it when the community comes together!

    topic locked per LGD request since it was his topic. I have nothing against religious debate or discussion as long as it's kept civil. Feel free to continue in another thread if anyone cares to.
  11. Disappointed

    Sorry for your loss, wizard1. I was not aware of this post until it was mentioned in the VIP section. I see that Julie did answer your ticket on Friday. Here is her response: Rest assured that if you accidentally made a double payment, my staff will quickly refund it and all you have to do is submit a support ticket with the details. - Adam
  12. Hey, Where is Luigi? Vacation?

    No apology necessary, I understand and support. (I didn't even look into it )
  13. Hey, Where is Luigi? Vacation?

    I didn't give Luigi any time off... what's going on here?!

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