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  1. Morning everyone! I hope you caught my updates the last couple weeks, because I already said most of what I would say today - I expected August to be slow. Things are starting to warm up (as summer cools down, ironically enough). I'm going to let the news speak for me today. Check these out! 1. BIG movement in the oil sector - this could be the start of what we need to see for the HCL: 2. Could they possibly have the budget submitted on time for once? It's possible, thanks to the progress made in the GOI over the last couple years! This is evidence that Iraq has made and is making significant progress. GO RV!!! 3. A call for floating interest rates could be a signal that intelligent PTB's want to keep their options open, very likely for a situation that will be highly volatile and open doors for massive profits... but not if they were tied down. I like it. Obviously those are some REALLY nice things to be seeing... so with that said, we wait. And here are the weekly Q's: 2016 - I certainly hope so! I am feeling very positive about the coming months, but of course I don't have a crystal ball. If you see that Fairy, immediately hand over your smart phone with directions to the CBI pre-loaded onto Google Maps! Perhaps she's just lost. 1. YES, I feel very strong about the current outlook! 2. I don't know who "they" are, but I disagree that Iraq "lacks the will" to increase the value of the dinar. Iraq is recovering from a major upheaval of their entire country. To expect them to recover "overnight" was foolish - they had a long road to travel in rebuilding their entire world. They have come a LONG way. I am still confident that they will return themselves to a higher position, at whatever expense or effort is necessary. That's my for the week.
  2. Good morning and happy HUMP DAY! Well, I hate to say "I told you so"... no, I REALLY don't like using those words. I'd much rather say "I WAS WRONG!" in the event of some major news... but like I said last week, I really don't see anything urgent or pressing in the news for us, which is why I have a bleak outlook on an August RV. It is what it is, as they say! Here is perhaps one of the most amusing articles I have ever read: And the weekly Q's: Nope. I understand your concern and where you are coming from, but it would be "RV Suicide" to try to steal from those that they need to support them. Basically, you're alluding to an "in country" RV. I don't have any fears of that happening. 100% yes. Depends on oil prices. If it starts spiking, which is very possible, then yes I think 10 pennies or even higher. If oil is hovering around $50, but we see the HCL, then I'd look for 5-10 cents. That's my on the :10cents:
  3. Howdy Dinarvets! Like I mentioned last week, I don't see a big push to get this thing done yet in August... and the news seems to agree with me. I don't see anything bad... just nothing really major yet. So instead of scouring the news and trying to find something worthy of writing about... I spent some time doing a VIP update instead! VIPs, you can find it here: There were only a few questions from this week. Here they are: That's a fair question. We have done several rounds of testing, and I'm confident in the system, but no we will not do a test to every member here or even specific members who are concerned that they might not get it. The text system works wonderfully! "HCL is still in the pipes" haha! I love it (Not sure if you did that on purpose or not!) To answer the question, I think it's a solid point... but fear not, for IMO we don't have to see ALL of the laws passed before the HCL is completed. We will see SOME related action prior to the actual HCL, but they certainly don't have to hold off completely until all the lights to town are green. I expect to see 3 or 4 very directly related actions taken, most likely in Parliament, and then the HCL will get done and we'll see a major change in the exchange rate and a flurry of other actions. =============================== That's it for now! I'm off to send a VIP email. Oh, congrats and WELCOME to those of you that were able to take advantage of the limited Platinum discount over the weekend! If you're new to VIP... you've got some reading to do. Enjoy!
  4. lol! Nevermind, this already IS a category for "other currencies"
  5. is no more. I'll add some new categories here for "Other Currencies"
  6. Hi Johnny, I removed your email address from the post. I do see that you emailed Julie recently, and she responded. Are you getting emails from ?
  7. Hong Kong is amazing for asset protection and you better believe it's part of our OSI future! My last visit to Hong kong and Macau are still fresh on my mind... China is a big deal.
  8. In response to something that was posted in the VIP section: There are quite a few banks that no longer do business with US citizens thanks to FATCA. There are also a couple that still do, and I'm confident that my contacts in the banking industry will keep us operating our legal offshore strategies long into the future, despite what Uncle Sam likes or does not like.
  9. Please email Julie via for any OSI related matters.
  10. Hey hey good morning good people of DinarVets, Today seems like a great day for an early-August dinar-update, so I'm going to have fun doing it! Don't get your hopes too high right now - I'll let you know right away that I'm not too upbeat about an August RV. I have a few reasons for it, which I'll get to shortly. Here's something I almost never do... a DATE! (Sort of.) Ready? September MAYBE, October I REALLY like. That's as close to a prediction of the DATE you will ever get from me. I could be wrong - August is not completely ruled out in my book, but after doing these updates for so many years, and studying Iraq and other countries like a hawk for an even longer time... I think I have a good "feel" for the status. I'm going to go through some of my reasons... as a kid, I always ate my vegetables first - to get the bad stuff out of the way! So these first 2 are the bad points. 1. It's been my experience (and history/news/Google will back this up with facts) that after Ramadan, they (Iraq) either have things lined up and ready to reach a milestone... or they don't. Let's face it, nothing major came after this most recent Ramadan. It doesn't concern me about an "eventual" increase in the IQD, but I'm not going to expect it this week. 2. Remember what I was saying about "watch the oil" for the HCL to grow legs? Oil dipped again. Where it was once on the way back to a respectable $60ish range, it has dropped back down below $40 again. Once we saw it dip below $50 in July, I knew we were in for a bit of waiting... and here we are. This is not permanent! Oil will go back up, and the HCL will get moving again, but I doubt August is our month. Now let's talk about some positive stuff! 3. The news is showing more and more that Iraq is pushing to get control of ISIS. The articles of ISIS success are down at least 80% of what they used to be! I know there will be some Negative Nellies that want to disagree and I've even heard a few comments about how ISIS must be "completely destroyed" before an RV, but that's just not true. ISIS influence on the stability of Iraq is dwindling. 4. In a continuing effort to bring Iraq as a nation closer together, we see more and more instances of the Kurds getting a larger share of the money. If you think back a couple years, you'll remember that the biggest obstacle to the HCL has always been lack of cooperation from the Kurds, and for good reason. They were getting screwed! Since Abadi has taken the wheel, that has changed. We are closer than ever to an HCL. It WILL happen. 5. Summer is almost over, so I'm going to wrap this up and get out to do summer things... I saved what may be the best for last. One thing we should all know about how a dramatic increase in the value of the dinar will work is that nobody in Iraq (or anywhere else for that matter!) will go into a bank or currency exchange with dinar and then walk out with buckets or wheelbarrows full of another currency. That's not how it works! We will either have to deposit it into their account, wire it to another account via their bank, or perhaps we will get a cashiers check. (Don't lose that one, if that's what you do!) Iraq faced a major problem 10 years ago that would have single- handedly prevented the RV, even if it weren't for the broken GOI and everything else: Technology. Iraq did not have the technology to do a mass conversion of their currency. I am referring not only to the lack of technology in their paper currency itself, which made it easy to counterfeit, but also the technology in how their banks talk to each other, share funds, or even participate in the auctions. Heck, before ~2009 the ISX was basically done on chalkboards! It just wasn't possible at that time, for more reasons than this, but this is no longer the case. Check this out: My friends (and even you lopsters!), we are nearing the end of this ride. SO MANY things are now out of the way, the path forward is clearing up faster than a lot of people can believe, and we will see a rise in the value! But probably not in August. (Just in case you forgot what I said earlier ) That's my update for now... next week will probably be a short update, unless something happens to change my current forecast. Here's the weekly Q's: Haha! "Cut and paste from our laws" I don't think "more and more laws" need to be passed - just one. HCL. Everything else is small potatoes. More reasons to stay positive! As much as I wish there were some kind of entity that could force the CBI to put a specific value on the dinar, I don't believe anyone can force the CBI to do anything. Yes, there are influences and they will play nice with what other financial entities want, because the end goal is to be an internationally traded currency with a respectable value! But nobody can "force" the CBI to do anything. That's a good thing, though, because just like they can't be forced to raise the value... they can't be forced NOT to raise the value. That's it for me today kids! I'll chat with you all later. - Adam
  11. What is going on here?! Luigi is getting +'s?!!
  12. Jeeeeez come on! I've told you a hundred bazillion times to stop exaggerating
  13. Omg these replies and posts had me rolling on the floor!!!! l didn't have anything significant to say this week. Or at least "so far" this week. Everyone, there is a legitimate opportunity here... But we don't know when why or how much. Right now, news is slow.. So I just don't have much to say. I know a lot of people want the hype and the drama... Sorry. I'm not that person. I won't even pretend to be the person that brings the "drama" When I have something to report, I'll speak up. If I'm quiet, it's cuz I don't have a reason to bother you. If im speaking up... That's when you should be paying attention. Cheers
  14. Thank you markinsa - hopefully this will help others as well.
  15. For everybody having this issue, the developers have said that it is only present in older browsers. They have also said there is nothing they can do at this time to fix it. Is there any way that one of you can open a different browser or update your browser or take any kind of action on your end to solve this?