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  1. Article was dated 3 days ago... I'll admit I don't have a running tab on all members and positions in parliament, but was this posted somewhere else previous to the 16th of this month?
  2. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 19 September 2018

    Hey hey good morning! It's been another week in the life of a dinar holder, hasn't it? The news is flowing but it's as clear as mud, and dissecting the articles that have been poorly translated by Google or any other source can be a daunting task. Here's the summary: We have two pending issues before we will see an RV. One is a resolution on who, if anyone, will take Abadi's place. I'm feeling more and more confident that Abadi may very well retain his position, and that's a great feeling! Without getting too deep into it, because I've certainly spent a fair amount of time on this topic over the last couple months, I feel like he's a great option for the country and it would be much more expedient for our purposes if he were to retain his seat. The other issue, of course, is HCL. There are some rumors floating around that it is "done"... I have not seen any evidence to back that up, and that's my stance. Steady progress has been made, but until the first item is cleared up we really cannot expect anyone to stick their necks out and "get it done". Until they know where the money is going, they aren't going to be signing any deals! And until they have a new PM locked in, they can't be certain where the money is going to go. It's as simple as that. As far as a "timeline" on this situation... I don't know. It could be a week, or a month, or more. But they will not go forever without an official sitting Prime Minister, so as soon as that is settled, that is when we can expect things to move forward. Items of note: 1. I like progress. It appears that the Speaker role has been filled. Good news there! Keep up the good work, Iraq... check those items off the list until we're ready for launch. 2. Did you wake up today with a strong desire to bang your head into a wall? An overwhelming desire to be confused and lost? This might be the page for you to read! Be sure to get in the Weekly Powerball pool! You can't win if you don't play Here are the Weekly Q's from the members: I'm not sure what the question is. Hey Ron, thanks for the post. I still think we are in a promising situation right now! "How" they are selling oil is exactly why they need the HCL in place. Without the HCL in place, their entire process is antiquated and inefficient, and prone to argument about profit sharing. Once the HCL is finalized, they can focus on other things... that's why it's so important. So, the answer is this: poorly, inefficiently, and not meeting their potential. I'm sure they'd love to, but their power is limited. No concerns there in my opinion. "Why" is it taking so long to implement a new PM? It's Iraq I don't feel you are overstepping at all. You were around for our Dominica drive... I'm not a fan of just handing money over. If you recall, thanks to the efforts and contributions of the members on this site, I actually went to Dominica myself with over $10,000 in supplies and delivered them to a couple of worthy and capable organizations a few years back. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to travel to the Carolinas to help out right now... so I'll do the next best thing and show some financial support. Can you please give me a direct link to the most efficient place to donate money to? No direct insight on that particular article, sorry bud! Thank you for your generosity and support to Rod's question. I'll be doing the same. Check out my response to Rod above - I'll be sending out an email regarding that in the next days. ============= That's it for this morning, friends! I'll be in touch soon. - Adam
  3. ( @yota691 I'll be linking to this article in my weekly update this morning. If this is a duplicate or it gets moved, please edit my update post to reflect the new link. Thanks! Link: Iraq parliament elects Sunni lawmaker al-Halbousi as speaker, breaking deadlock September 16, 2018 at 2:19 pm | Published in: Iraq, Middle East, News A member of the Iraqi security force waves an Iraqi flag meters away from the Peshmerga site in Kirkuk, Iraq on 14 October 2017 [Hassan Ghaedi/Anadolu Agency] September 16, 2018 at 2:19 pm Iraq’s parliament elected Sunni lawmaker Mohammed al-Halbousi as speaker on Saturday, marking an important step towards establishing a new government four months after an inconclusive national election. Parliament had been due to elect a speaker and two deputies during its first meeting on September 3, but failed to do so as lawmakers were unable to determine which competing bloc had the most seats. Hassan al-Kaabi, who ran on Moqtada al-Sadr’s Saeroon list which came first in May’s national election, was elected as Halbousi’s first deputy. The vote for a second deputy was inconclusive and will be put to a second round on Sunday. Halbousi’s election marks the start of a 90-day process outlined in the constitution, designed to eventually lead to a new government. Lawmakers must next elect a new president and task the leader of the largest bloc to form a government as prime minister. But a dominant bloc has yet to emerge, against a backdrop of shifting political alliances. Halbousi defeated former Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, winning the position with 169 votes, according to Shia lawmaker Husham al-Suhail. Iraq’s parliament contains 329 seats. Announcing the vote, the temporary leader of the assembly said Halbousi, 37, had become the youngest speaker of parliament in Iraq’s history. Before running in May’s national election as a candidate on the Anbar Our Identity electoral list, Halbousi was the governor of Anbar province. He had previously served in Iraq’s parliament, from 2014 to 2017. Since Saddam Hussein was toppled in a 2003 US-led invasion, power has been shared among Iraq’s three largest ethnic-sectarian components. The prime minister has traditionally been a Shi’ite Arab, the speaker of parliament a Sunni Arab and the president a Kurd. Iraqis voted in May in their first parliamentary election since the defeat of Daesh’s self-declared caliphate, but a contentious recount process delayed the announcement of final results until last month.
  4. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    Check my first post in this thread, I added a link to my follow up.
  5. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    oh good lord...
  6. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    ** Note: Sorry about the formatting on this post, copy paste is not my friend this morning! ** Morning all! Try as I did, it just wasn't possible to get the update posted yesterday. Thankfully I was able to find a few hours of sleep and although this is going to be less comprehensive than I wanted to post, it will do for now! I mentioned yesterday that we had an exciting weekend - I wasn’t really referring to the Packers making that ridiculous comeback, but I definitely have to mention it for my Bear fan friends! What I was referring to was the potential for major HCL news… it didn’t end up happening, but you know the adage - where there is smoke, there is fire. This IS on the horizon! New date to watch for: October 3, 2018. Follow the conversation here: Closely related in the “coming soon” category is the Prime Minister position. We still stand a chance to see Abadi continue in that role, which is something that would have me hopping on the edge of my seat! The waiting game is tough, but as long as we are seeing progress - there’s no need to fret. Follow along on that one here: Interestingly enough, our NIC (Newshound In Chief) yota just posted this one… if you need some evidence that Abadi isn’t walking away silently, here’s a nugget for you: And to hopefully wrap this thing up with a nice little bow, here’s where we can see that things ARE moving forward: I’m happy to report that yours truly matched the Powerball in the Weekly Pool, woohoooo! Be sure to get in next week’s Pool, you’ll find it posted here: I'll have a more comprehensive outline as we progress through this, but for now - those are the things I wanted to point out. I'll leave that for TG to respond to! I think Abadi is fighting harder than he is letting on to keep his spot. And I like it. Hey cranman, thanks for the post. I don't have any confirmation on that one, so I think it's a bit of a translation issue leading to the speculation on when and how this particular issue of currency will take place. I'm keeping an eye out for more information, but that's all I have on that for now. Ok friends, wrapping this up and getting some stuff done today - have a great one all! - Adam
  7. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    I should have said “later” or “tomorrow morning”, because I’m just now close to done with some things I MUST get done today. Weekly update is first thing on my list tomorrow. Thanks for understanding. And my thoughts and prayers to everyone in the path of that bad weather!
  8. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    Good morning all! Today's update will be delayed till later. The "Weekly Q" thread is closed, and I'll address those later as well, but feel free to add below. Obviously we had an interesting weekend... looking forward to talking about it! See you all later. ** edit: skip to my update here if you want.
  9. Adam Montana

    Remember 9/11 - Strong Language

    Never forget. 😠
  10. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 5 September 2018

    You bet
  11. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 5 September 2018

    FYI I try to keep my responses to questions in the weekly Q threads, otherwise I end up engaging in endless debates and would never get any work done... but I'll make an exception on this one. In a perfect scenario, the IMF gives the green light, CBI implements the "approved" changes, RV, Let's be real, though... if the CBI wants to go ahead with it, then they will, and what is the IMF going to do - tell them "no, you can't pay X for your Dinar"?? I don't think so. And if the IMF DID do something like that, can you imagine how many institutions around the world would completely REVOLT against the IMF?! It would be absolute chaos! With that said, I completely reject the idea that the IMF "must" do anything at all to enable, allow, or even encourage Iraq/CBI/GOI/etc to do anything with their currency. They will do what they want, when they want it. Chapter 7 was a big deal. That prohibited them, via the United Nations and more, from making any major changes. Chapter 7 was the ONLY sanction that completely restricted them from RVing, in my opinion. There are other items that needed to be handled in order to make it easier, but even now - without HCL in place - they could still do it today. It's my opinion that it is not likely to happen before the HCL is in place, but they COULD.
  12. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 5 September 2018

    I saw this response earlier and it got an actual belly laugh out of me! Thank you for the correction, sir To be fair, I also rounded up on the price of gold and didn't account for brokers fees or anything like that, but as long as we can agree "it's a lot of money" I think we're all good I hope I did ok on that in the first post. Isn't it a weird thing to hope you are wrong?! Thank you for the comment, and your thoughts. Especially about the 3% chance of it happening in September, that's a pretty specific number. Did you know that 67.3% of all percentage stats are actually made up on the spot?
  13. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 5 September 2018

    Morning all! Couple items to note, and then we move on for the day because the short story is this: Iraq is still plodding through the formation of the new Government. Watching the GOI work could be described as similar to watching grass grow, although with the rain I’m getting right now… I think my lawn would win that race! Something to keep in mind, and this is a good thing - as slow as things seem to be moving, Iraq in general has made light years of progress compared to where they were a decade ago. Their processes are greatly improved. The debates are much more structured, not confused and uncertain as they were 5 or 10 years ago. There is an end in sight, so my point here is simple… don’t lose hope, be patient, and let things happen. Those items of note that I mentioned: We all know that “dates” aren’t worth a hill of beans in the world of IQD, but we do have the 15th/17th to look at: Getting back to the basics of what makes Iraq a solid candidate for ReValuation, don’t forget that they are RICH with Black Gold… OIL. The world runs on that stuff, Iraq has a ton of it, which means they have intrinsic value that cannot be denied. The CBI has announced that they are also adding to their “other” Gold, to the tune of an additional 6.5 tons. I’ll save you the trouble of doing the math… 6.5 tons = 208,000 ounces. Gold is about $1200 per ounce right now, so that’s a value of $249,600,000. (Obviously a little less due to wholesale value, but it’s a lot of money!) Not too shabby of a report for the day, and it shows increasing strength. Good stuff! While the GOI formation is dragging on, Abadi continues to be a positive factor. No matter who is “named” the next President, I think he will continue to be a driving force in the next phases of Iraq’s development and return to their former status. Make no mistake about this - Iraq suffered a huge setback with Saddam. They have had a long road to make it this far, and the next steps for them should be pretty apparent to anyone that isn’t a complete pessimist. Just a couple more notes and I’m out of here for now! You probably noticed some changes on the “look” of the forums here - these are not security issues, they are simply theme complications that are being worked through. The latest security updates on the forum software conflicted with a couple things like the ads that usually run on the site for non-VIP members, and security is more important than ad revenue, so everyone is currently getting an ad-free experience. For now Enjoy it while it lasts, then upgrade to VIP if the ads annoy you when they come back! I’ve seen my name mentioned in some threads regarding rubies (downvotes)... I’m not going to respond to those any more than I already have. A ruby on your post doesn’t affect your bank account or your love life, so just suck it up, buttercup. I didn’t get to check the Weekly Q’s, I’ll do that later… … in the meantime, don’t forget to join the weekly PowerBall Pool! Here’s the link: Talk to you all later, be patient, be positive and GOOO RRRR VVVVVVV!!!!

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