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  1. you all crack me up! By the time I realized my mistake, I was only a day away from my flight home and there definitely was no chance of buying a replacement... 3rd world countries, I tell ya! But I do appreciate the helpful suggestions!
  2. Good morning amigos and amigettes! Today I find myself in something of a predicament. Some bonehead went on a fairly important business trip and brought the wrong laptop charging cord! If you're wondering who that bonehead is, and you immediately thought "No way would Adam do something like that!".... I appreciate the confidence, but yeah... that bonehead is indeed me. Some of you already know this, but I'll spell it out anyway: I'm on this site every single day. I'm talking to contacts, reading and answering emails, and digging for clues every single day. But in addition to the normal stuff I do every day, I also spend... I'm guessing an average of 3.5 extra hours preparing for these weekly updates, even when news is slow. When things are hopping, I spend a lot more time than that even! Before more of my precious battery is burned, let me get to the point - I make an extra-special effort to give you all 100% every day, and 120% on Wednesdays. But on this particular Wednesday, the laptop battery says "NOPE! You only get... 31%" Oh well, stuff happens If you're watching the news stories, you'll already know that my prediction to start seeing things moving around now is taking shape... we've actually got news! Which is a GREAT thing, considering the lull that we were in for the last few months! In the interest of saving the little juice I've got left, I'm going to wrap this up and get to the weekly Q's. Hang tight, everyone! All you have to do is click the "Unread Content" button here on dinarvets and you'll see how things are picking up speed! There's no reason I can foresee that I won't be able to give a more thorough breakdown of the recent events between this weekend and next Wednesday. Thanks for your understanding and forgiveness! (Please don't yell at me!) Click the "Unread Content" link. When we start seeing much more "dinar" content there, instead of the other various articles that people post to pass the time, I think it's clear that things are picking up pace. And that is exactly what's happening now. Like I mentioned above, I'll bring a more detailed analysis in my next update. I'm doing well my friend, thanks for asking! I'm never going to tell people to hold their breath, but I am liking the current situation. I'm gonna let Machine take this one. See below. Nice post @The Machine Hey scubaglenn, thanks for the nice comments! 1. I think oil will start to go back up OR Iraq will adjust, but it will not be a permanent delay. 2. Both. 3. I'll flip a coin later this week... but I think I'll be able to accomodate that. 4. It's not "the" reason, but it's definitely forward progress and a positive thing. I still don't put much stock in Maliki's presence. ====================== // ========================= That's all I can do for today everyone! Have a great Wednesday and GO RV!!!!!!
  3. Sorry everyone, I certainly wish I had something more exciting to post... but you all know me well enough by now If I don't have something important to report, I'm not going to make stuff up. I do have a 1-800 number that people can call if they need something to do
  4. The helicopter on that thing looks like a tiny bug!!!!
  5. Family things did indeed come first, and I'm not sorry about it... but I do thank all you that understand! IQD is moving, I will post more as info comes in. Stay tuned!
  6. my friend, you wouldn't believe how big my smile just was HAHA! Chat with you all soon. I'm hoping to bring something to the table but you all know I won't hype anything unless I really believe it. That's just how it is.
  7. Wednesday it is! The weekly update is going to be late... possibly later today, Thursday morning at the latest. All CST. No alert flags. I see good things happening for the IQD right now, I'm actually on a "medium" alert at this time, but I had some family things happen that tore me away from my normal IQD stuff... so please forgive me for my late weekly post. GO RV!!!!!
  8. Hey hey it's WEDNESDAY! Not much to report today in Iraqi news or Dinar progress, but I kind of expected that. Like I said a few weeks ago, I'm leaning on October to be a big month in our news. My primary reason for not expecting much out of this week is their last long holiday of the year, Eid-al-Fitr. Just an FYI for you all, here is a link that lays out the current holiday dates and also what to expect for the rest of the year: As you can see, Eid-al-Fitr goes till Friday this week, and then we don't have any more long holidays in the immediate future... which hopefully means they will be getting some WORK done. Let's go, Iraq! Enjoy this week and then GET BUSY! Here's some encouraging October highlights: World Economic Summit in Dubai, October 11 - I'd love to see Iraq shake this one up! IMF to resume discussions with Iraq in October: There's more, but let's move along... US politics have been entertaining, don't you think?! First Hillary apparently died and has been replaced by a body double... have you heard about this?! This is straight out of a sci-fi movie! Those spoiled rotten Trump kids are getting away with KILLING TRICERATOPS! I'm disgusted at their elitism, their disregard for innocent lives, and everything else the RICH do! UGH! And of course, the dead guy who won an election in New York: YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! =========================== 1. It's not "mandatory", but I place it high in my personal opinion of catalysts for the RV. 2. I won't give a date, but I've made it clear that I'm positive for progress in the coming weeks/month. 3. Yes. You are correct, it is a chicken/egg question. I did see that Iraq was given a B- or close to that recently? Over the last few years they have maintained a very consistent and very good quality rating, which tells us that they are pulling forward consistently. That's better than what a lot of other countries have done! Just another reason to hang tight and root them on. ================ // ======================== That's it for now - I certainly hope to be back online with more to report before next Wednesday. Have a great day everyone!
  9. Moment of silence for our lost ones... #neverforget #NEVER
  10. I see you are using a yahoo email. Have you checked your spam folder?
  11. It's Wwwwwwednesday! Good afternoon Dinarians of the interwebs, I hope your day is off to a great start! No HCL yet, but there's some other interesting news... most of it I can sum up very succinctly, so I'll just go ahead and do it. - Formation of a committee to make Kurdistan independent - L.O.L. Not gonna happen, this is a complete smoke screen. As we draw closer to seeing real HCL news, which is what is currently happening, there's simply no way Baghdad or simply the other 80% of Iraq outside of the Kurdish areas will be letting this key geographical area out of their grasp! What is MUCH MORE LIKELY is we will see a continuation of the trend that has grown over the last few years - the GOI, Parliament, basically all the "PTB"s will continue to get more generous with the Kurds, and they will get a very healthy share of the future profits from both an increase in the Dinar and the enormous potential profits from a successful HCL. That WILL happen, I am certain of it. - The "dollar letter of Credit" thread: I agree with the posts made by the members there. It's worth the read, probably more so than anything I can say in today's chat. - As you probably know, we have a new Oil Minster in Iraq. (Jabbar Al Luaibi) It's my opinion that he is making much more progress towards where we want to be than the last one... this reminds me of how aggressive Abadi was when he took his spot. Again, this is a GOOD thing - check out this thread, you can see that as far back as mid/early August, the news is very consistent with reporting his enthusiasm to get things done. This is a great piece of the HCL. Here's the weekly Q's: Hey Dave, Well I certainly like to hear that outside sources in your life are vibing with my thoughts! I haven't read much on Motley Fool lately, but from my recollection I did enjoy their articles. Regarding my quotes on other sites - people seem to respect my opinions, so my content gets spread around whether I like it or not. But to answer your question, I do not put them there. The only place you will find my original and unaltered posts is right here on I don't pay much attention to the auctions, but I see there was an auction just yesterday... ? Hmmm. very interesting question! I'm not an expert on precious metals by any means. I keep a fair amount in my safe "just because", but I've never been very bullish on them. A few random thoughts off the top of my head: If people are confident in currency, and Iraq in particular remains stable, prices of metals may stay the same or even dip slightly. On the other hand, if many many people with newly RV'd dinar do not trust the currency to stay strong, the Dinar crowd is very in tune with the value of investing in gold, so these profits could turn into a big run on metals, which would drive the price UP. Interesting question for sure! I'd love to hear other opinions on it. I thought the biggest babies were Cowboy fans, but I can see that there is room for debate there. =============== // =============== That's it for now, friends... keep on and GO RV!!!
  12. Hey Denver, I've submitted a support request to find out why this is happening. In the meantime, please just contact Julie via Thank you for understanding and for your patience!
  13. HOLY MOLY!!!!! We might actually be getting somewhere!!!!!!!! I told you all I liked September! I might even go back to being Buzzy!!!!!
  14. Howdy Dinarians! I'm at a loss here... I want to start typing and just "spill the beans" on everything I've got. I actually started and stopped, not once. Not twice... Not even 3 times, but a lot more. I'm hearing, from good sources that I trust, that things are moving in EXACTLY the direction that we want. But after all this time, I've learned to bridle my excitement, to keep my enthusiasm in check, and to not get overly anxious. I'm optimistic right now, but we all know we're working with a 3rd world country, so let's just stay patient for now. I'm hoping to give a different update shortly. In the meantime, here's the weekly Q's: I don't see the fiscal year as an "RV Date", actually the opposite - they won't want to give anyone a "clue" as to their plans. non issue. The number they choose for the RV won't have anything to do with your personal needs, so please keep that in mind when making your decisions! Regarding the rate, I DO still like the .10 theory! I regularly re-evaluate my original thoughts as outlined in my thesis, and as of right now they continue to hold strong. I could be wrong, of course! But to the best of my capabilities, the ten cents is still my peg. YES. If that answer confused you, it's because you actually read the question! Listen... no part of an offshore operation should concern you, at least if it's done with me. At the very least, you can get a Name Reserve which is completely non-committal and 100% functional for the purposes of ASSET PROTECTION. I don't know anyone who would want to NOT be protected! Just click here and get it! NOPE. I think the "GOI control" is something they will use as a "false flag" until the whole game is over. I have not had the pleasure of Sandbar Sunday! If I accidentally try it, I will report to you! Otherwise, I will reserve that occasion for our meeting. Thanks for the post, and for the intelligent thoughts. You bring up a valid point, but I'll assure you that I'm not worried about Iran's influence. Of course they do have "an" influence, but at the end of the day it's not going to be a "major" influence, and that's the only thing I would worry about. Here's looking to a SOLID SEPTEMBER!
  15. Morning everyone! I hope you caught my updates the last couple weeks, because I already said most of what I would say today - I expected August to be slow. Things are starting to warm up (as summer cools down, ironically enough). I'm going to let the news speak for me today. Check these out! 1. BIG movement in the oil sector - this could be the start of what we need to see for the HCL: 2. Could they possibly have the budget submitted on time for once? It's possible, thanks to the progress made in the GOI over the last couple years! This is evidence that Iraq has made and is making significant progress. GO RV!!! 3. A call for floating interest rates could be a signal that intelligent PTB's want to keep their options open, very likely for a situation that will be highly volatile and open doors for massive profits... but not if they were tied down. I like it. Obviously those are some REALLY nice things to be seeing... so with that said, we wait. And here are the weekly Q's: 2016 - I certainly hope so! I am feeling very positive about the coming months, but of course I don't have a crystal ball. If you see that Fairy, immediately hand over your smart phone with directions to the CBI pre-loaded onto Google Maps! Perhaps she's just lost. 1. YES, I feel very strong about the current outlook! 2. I don't know who "they" are, but I disagree that Iraq "lacks the will" to increase the value of the dinar. Iraq is recovering from a major upheaval of their entire country. To expect them to recover "overnight" was foolish - they had a long road to travel in rebuilding their entire world. They have come a LONG way. I am still confident that they will return themselves to a higher position, at whatever expense or effort is necessary. That's my for the week.