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  1. Hey everyone - I ran out of time this morning (actually last night too!) - got a business deal I'm trying to hammer out today and I probably won't get to do a proper update until tomorrow. Thanks for understanding!
  2. paperboy it only took you a decade I swear, I have to tell my wife things at least 3 times, spaced out at least 6 months apart, before she will finally listen. And then suddenly it was her idea Manifestation: I posted this in response to another thread, but it might be helpful here too: " ... if you are using gmail this is IMPORTANT: most of the dinar emails are being sent to the promotions tab! Just search your inbox for "" - you'll find some emails, they might be labelled "inbox", but they are in the Promotions tab. Here's how to fix that. Step one: Left click and hold the email. Drag it over to the Primary" tab. Step 2: Click "Yes" "
  3. Manifestation it concerns me that you are using an email... if you aren't receiving our emails, that might be why.
  4. Morning everyone! I trust you all caught my Monday post. We're heating up right now, not quite on fire, but the burner is on! I'll link to my Monday update right below just in case you missed it: I'm watching the news like a hawk, day and night, no time or need for sleep right now. REALLY excited to see how this continues! I don't have anything new to report right now, so I'm just going to hop into the Weekly Questions then get back to the support tickets and continue my work on the backend here. GO RV! Wait, one more thing - just in case we don't get an RV soon, you should at least be getting your share of our next 40 Million USD! Do that here: And the weekly Q's: The search feature is indeed a good one! I'm a huge fan of the dancing Mexican Banana you just posted, so maybe some bachata? Or Jimmy Buffett, because Margaritaville will be coming soon OSI is a viable strategy for ANYONE that lives in ANY country where taxation or litigation is a potential concern. We have many VIP/OSI members that are Canadian. Davis, you'll get there. It does take some time for it to "click", and I promise you I didn't just wake up one day with all this information. It's taken I-don't-even-know-how-many thousands of dollars and hours to get where we are. Keep at it. Try harder next time? In my opinion, based on everything I've been advised upon, history, the current alignment of the moon and stars, basically everything, as long as you're in OSI, it won't matter. First of all, if you're following our OSI plan, money isn't doing anything illegal. Even the VIP investments that are designed to protect and grow the money will protect us from a lot of unnecessary tax and legal expenses, but OSI is definitely the best. Regarding illegals cashing in... I'm not going there. That's a whole different story... my advice would be to hop back across the border or pond and cash in where they aren't "illegal". We have VIP partners across the globe, in pretty much every major city. I'm not going to hand out any advice other than that. And the Packers... there's still a chance! ==================================================== That's it for now! Everyone have a wonderful day and I may do another update later this week, depending on news. Or hopefully I'll just send out the RV email. That would be even better.
  5. 06 17 47 50 58 PB 10
  6. I am not going to sugarcoat this, YES IT IS about time! We've waited a long time to get into a situation this positive!
  7. We have quite a few topics on this in the VIP section.
  8. Hey hey Happy Monday! You're not surprised I'm doing a drive-by today, are you? The news certainly warrants a special post! Of course it's "CYBER Monday", which means I almost have to run some kind of sale (I think it's law in some states), but I'll get to that later. First, dinar news... we are HEATING UP! I'm not even going to go into great detail about the current situation, it's THAT easy to understand. 1. We have a good shot at a Budget this week. This is unprecedented, and will be the soonest Budget approval EVER. 2. Oil. 'Nuff said: 3. World Bank to loan 4 billion DINARS next month. That's NOTHING... without a change in the rate. Seriously not even worth the paperwork, much less a news story... WITHOUT A CHANGE IN THE RATE. Can you say "GO RV"? This is quite simply one of the best times I have ever seen for the IQD, and we are witnessing it happen right in front of our eyes! Here's that Cyber Monday special I mentioned. I'm pretty sure some of you are finally starting to wake up to the fact that we are getting close, and I'm not looking to flood the VIP doors, so this sale is LIMITED as follows: 45% OFF with code: CYBER45 (limit first 10) SOLD OUT! 35% OFF: CYBER35 (limit 20) (ALMOST GONE....) SOLD OUT! 25% OFF: CYBER25 (limit 30) Going.... going... (two left right now...) 20% OFF: CYBER20 (limit 50) All done Good today only, at this link: I'm guessing these will go fast! NOW is the time you need to get signed up in VIP, and then READ up in the VIP section to be sure you are prepared. GO RV! - Adam
  9. I thought I could run from that question...
  10. Today's chat isn't going to be complicated... you can look at the latest news and see how we are doing. Hint: It's GOOD! Here's my take on the situation... you can look at it all 6 ways from Sunday, come up with 17 different analyses, and pay 24 different experts to give you 3 different opinions each for a total of 312 individual explanations. I'd bet 75% of them will be good, and 25% will be negative. Now here's where you need to be real sharp... if you're on the 25% side, stop reading anything related to dinar. Seriously, just stop! You're wasting your time! But if you see the positive side, and you agree with me and you see an RV coming... I certainly hope you're in the VIP group. That's all I have to say about it right now. That's a great question. I think they come at the same time, OR the lower denoms come slightly sooner. It's not fair to steal comments, because in this case I have no idea what was being referenced... So I have to pass. Yeah I'm all about firing someone at Lambeau too... Check my signature below and find the link about Platinum Certificate :twothumbs: You're actually hitting the nail on the head here, and I'm glad you posted this. HCL vs "oil agreement" is exactly what is going on... I'll get to the point real fast. They are using this term as a buffer while they are fiddling around. As much as I would love to pin these turkeys down... it's not going to happen. They will crank it up when they are ready, and it's not going to happen when we are most comfortably ready. NO, but the Mosul operation is a big deal and they are doing awesome! A good amount but like every other bet I ever won... not as much as I wanted I don't always win, but I do have a history of winning. If you're not in my VIP group I'm certainly not going to bother you after the RV. I do the "happy dance" every day I wake up and realize I didn't poop the bed Don't get me started my friend!
  11. Locking the thread out of respect for a member... if everyone could just grow upthat would be great mmmmmkay
  12. I'll be a monkey's uncle... This makes more sense than any of the last 600 guru articles. And it came from our very own Luigi. Everyone give this man a green rock please!
  13. Annnnnnd this thread is closed. Please pretend like you all don't have a clue who each other is. Or I'll be forced to change your displaynames on a daily basis, and one of you is gonna get a telletubby name.
  14. Francie... I feel for those moms and dads as well. If I never make a penny on my Dinar, I would be happy if those moms and dads could be by their babies at bedtime. I admit that at times I forget to put them in my prayers, and I thank you for your post because it reminds me that I need to do just that... put these people in my prayers. God bless them all indeed.
  15. Stamatis - this is stuff that should be discussed in the OSI section, we have very detailed information there. If the pinned topics there do not answer your questions, I would suggest submitting a support ticket through OR through our DV support system here: (I don't like responding in the "weekly Q" threads, but since you're OSI and Platinum I made an exception. Please follow the above instructions and do not respond in this thread.)