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  1. "Guest" views are now limited to 12 pages or something like that.
  2. That's an excellent question, of course! The blockchain program is extremely solid. The security issues come in when you add the human element. There are basic "best practices" we can follow to eliminate 99.9% of any technology risks.
  3. Holy crap... THIS is exactly why bitcoin is struggling. Even when these technogeeks try to simplify it, they still can't put it in terms that people can understand! I'm thinking about doing a special VIP chat to cover the basics of bitcoin in language that people can actually understand... VIPs, stay tuned for that announcement. It will take some preparation on my part, so I'll try to get it scheduled for late next week or the following week.
  4. 12 22 25 53 57 PB 22
  5. Couple tips... on my iPhone I use Blockchain and MyCelium. Coinbase is another one that a lot of people recommend, but they require personal information and I'm not comfortable with that at this time. MyCelium is new to me at this time, but blockchain works flawlessly for me on my iphone for transfers, via the web for purchases, etc. I have yet to find a problem with it.
  6. Good morning and Happy Wednesday everyone! Before I move into the Dinar, I'll let you know that I'm considering adding a specific Bitcoin discussion section here. I am personally very interested in it, have seen profits from it, and it's becoming a bit of a passion of mine. But I also recognize that this is a Dinar forum, so I figured I'd get some feedback. Also on the "sides" menu... the DV Lottery pool! You can't win if you don't play! I'll get my numbers in there later... come be part of it! Now on to Iraqi Dinar! I hope the New Year is off to a good start for you, I know it certainly is for me! 2016 was kind of hard to gauge... we had some ups, less downs, but a whole lot of just "meh". I think that was the hardest part of 2016 for me, in regards to the Dinar... stagnation. That's ok... we've waited this long, and 2016 is in the rearview mirror. Upwards and onwards! A lot of things took place towards the end of last year (just a few weeks ago, mind you!), and Parliament is kicking the year off with a lot of forward progress. I'd love to entertain the thought that the CBI could slip in a rate change while everyone is watching the talking heads babble about Trump being crowned soon, but that's just wishful thinking I'm already seeing a brighter outlook for us here, and it has nothing to do with New Years Resolutions or any of that crap. I actually made a New Years Resolution about 10 years ago, and it's the only one I ever kept... that was to never make another New Years Resolution . No, my current optimism has to do with how I see the tortoise gaining on the hare in this race, slowly but definitely steady. In fact, the Budget may already be ratified and sent to the Gazette according to this article, and that is probably the SOONEST they have EVER got this done! That, my friends, is real hardcore reason to be positive about the immediate future! If you missed last week's chat, please take a minute to catch up - here's the link: The key points in that post were simple, and the trend is continuing - Parliament is having timely meetings. I believe the HCL is closely tied to many things, which is why it couldn't be passed successfully in the past. Too many things are intertwined into it! This is not a "magic wand" situation, and we all know that. Many many factors are part of this complex process, and every time we see a positive article from Iraq regarding utilities, trade, government, and a slew of other elements have to come into place for Iraq to RV. They could just RV today, but without a little more stability in their infrastructure, the value could easily crash before we even get to cash in... nobody wants that! So as intelligent and (sometimes) patient investors, we continue to watch and root for Iraq. Our patience will be rewarded. It's just a matter of time. The weekly Q's: Absolutely yes, for many reasons, which are better discussed in the VIP/OSI section. That was yesterday. Today is the "I hope you already made the decision!" day. Ok, easy explanation on "delete the zeros": 1. Delete the 0's from the bills, convert to a 1:1 "modified" exchange ratio, so a 10,000 IQD note will be worth $10USD. This could only last for a limited time, while they print new currency to replace the current bills with new bills without the extra 0's. This is known as a "lop", and it's a possibility. Nobody really loses much, if anything at all. It's a break even for most people. 2. delete the 0's from the exchange rate, which is currently ~0.00084. That would give us a 0.84:1 exchange rate, so a 10,000 IQD note will be worth $8,400. They could also take (2) zeros off, which would make a 10,000 IQD note worth $850USD, which is closer to my .10 RV theory. Either option is a completely viable possibility, and both have their benefits and drawbacks. But there is the simplified explanation of "delete the 0's". THANK YOU for not posting a 5 page question! "Who" is going to give in first? That's a question that just makes me GIDDY with joy, because nobody has to "give" in at this point... they are truly at a place where everyone is moving forward, everyone is winning, and things are just going great for us! I can almost envision a red carpet rolling out in front of us (and them) on the current path. Something REALLY bad will have to happen to change that. That's a non-question... a financial company is building a 20 million dollar structure across the street from one of my commercial properties. I am personal friends with the banker who handles their loan... they don't need a loan at all, they have at least 5x liquidity to cover the entire project. Why are they borrowing the money, then? Because that's what smart money does. I don't actually look for "signs" or "tip offs", I pay more attention to patterns and "big picture". But regarding Parliament, I disagree there - I'm seeing a lot of good patterns continuing and also new ones emerging. NYK, Happy New Year good sir! Your question is fair, and I think you hit the nail on the head - dealers rates fluctuate based on what the market will bear. No dealer is going to stop selling until the market dies or the RV hits, and the only "tips" they are going to get is going to be a last minute "Sorry, your next dinar shipment has been reversed because we are CASHING IN!!!!" Other than that, they aren't going to have any better insight than you or I. ============================================ That's it for now my friends! I have more I'm working on, so don't be surprised to see me again later today or this week again. Have a great day and GO RRRVVVVVV!!!!!! Come on 2017, you can do it! - Adam 0
  7. I thought that too, and also... wasted ammo? What wasted ammo?!
  8. Good morning and a VERY Happy New Year to all my friends here! (Even you lopsters ) What a ride this was in 2016, wouldn't you agree? So much happened that I'm not even going to get into the entire list! If you're new to this ride, I will just say this - you missed most of the "excitement", and by that I mean the torturous and pathetically slow progress that has brought us to where we are now... 2017. I have a good feeling about 2017, and it's not because of a "feeling"... it's a direct result of having watched this thing like a hawk for a few long years and having compiled a "big picture" of where we are and where we need to go. Much of 2016 was hampered by ISIS. That's just a fact. There was no way Iraq could have successfully revalued their currency to a significant number with so many problems with ISIS. I just posted two articles this morning, in the News section, both were about Iraq's resumed push into Mosul and both are positive about Iraq's current success and continued success. This WILL happen! My key focus towards the 2nd half of 2016 was HCL, and it continues to be HCL. Almost nothing was passed in the last 4 months of the year, and the news just kind of petered out. That was a bummer, but China was not built in a day! Late December, Parliament set a specific date to start the "new" legislations for the year. That date was January 2, 2017, as in 2 days ago. Can anyone guess what legislation I'm excited to see? You bet! Abadi came into office like a bull in a china shop, then he mellowed out. That may have disappointed some of us, but I can understand how that was necessary.... he burned a bunch of stuff down, then came the "rebuild" period, reinforcing the walls and putting the pictures back up. You have to do that before the home is "whole" again, and THEN you can reclaim your strength and assume your role as a dignified and respectable entity. That's what I believe we have seen happening, and it continues to strengthen. One last thing before I wrap up my thoughts on "where we are" - as I'm checking out the latest news posts, I see something yota shared. This is in a thread outlining some of what Parliament covered on their first 2017 session, and it's almost glaringly obvious that this will affect the HCL: Electric and Water are essential to a fully functioning infrastructure, and the HCL is about much more than simply "selling oil". Adam likey! In other news, Megan Kelly is leaving FOX for NBC (that's just funny) and this Iraqi family has named their baby "Trump" and a restaurant has taken the name "Trump Fish" (You can't make this stuff up! #makeKurdistanGreatAgain #GoRV!!! ) That's it for now - Happy New Year everyone! - Adam
  9. Anybody wonder if the Ministry of Electricity and the HCL are tied together in an important way?
  10. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— Heavily supported from the air, Iraq’s emboldened ground troops marched into the industrial neighborhood of Mosul in the early hours of Tuesday and advanced further towards the Tigris River in the eastern suburb of the city after gaining control of the nearby Misaq district.The army says it is now almost in full control of the eastern pockets of the embattled city with nearly 45 neighborhoods under its control. Tuesday’s clashes were preceded by heavy raids from Iraqi and coalitions airpower using so called Night Hunter helicopters among other gunships. The intense clashes which lasted for nearly 7 hours into the late afternoon led to retreat of ISIS gunmen from the so called industrial district of Mosul where they attacked army convoys with at least one car bomb in Misaq neighborhood. Rudaw’s embedded correspondent Ranja Jamal who is travelling with the Iraqi police units in Mosul said residents abandoned their homes for the safety of nearby districts already in army control as soon as ISIS left their neighborhoods “Although it’s difficult to verify if the entire Misaq district is in the hands of Iraqi forces, it seems that ISIS militants had left the area ahead of Tuesday’s offensive,” Jamal said. He added that the army has raised the Iraqi flags in several locations inside the Misaq neighborhood which Jamal could make out from distance in the nearby industrial district. The operation to retake Mosul from the ISIS militants which started on October 17 has entered its third month with unexpectedly slow pace of the army although both Kurdish and Iraqi leaders have publicly praised the relative professionalism of the joint ground troops. Much points to further delay of army’s mobilisation into central parts of the city which still appears to be in ISIS’ firm grip and where almost a million people are believed to reside. Iraqi leaders have said, to avoid civilian casualties, the army has chosen to move with patience. Both Hawija and Tal Afar also remain in militants’ control where ISIS is believed to enjoy robust protection provided by its many tunnels and ditches in addition to strong local support. On Thursday the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yidirim is expected to visit Baghdad where he will discuss the Mosul operation with his Iraqi counterpart Haidar Abadi, according to Turkish government sources. Turkey has a limited military presence in Bashiq camp near Mosul where Sunni fighters are being trained and funded and could play a decisive role as the operation evolves. LINK:
  11. The Iraqi army has come in control of Industrial and Mithaq neighborhoods of Mosul as troops push further into the city against ISIS in the second phase of the operation. Heavy clashes took place between Iraqi troops and ISIS militants in the two new neighborhoods on Tuesday as a Rudaw team embedded with the army filmed the scene. Civilians could be seen fleeing the fight. Some of them were caught in the cross fire and lost family members to ISIS car bombs. The Iraqi army launched an offensive on October 17 to retake the country’s second largest city from ISIS. LINK:
  12. There's probably a good reason for you having a -16 reputation. If you were in the VIP group you'd understand that there's a lot more here than just the random comments.
  13. Shareholder here as well! My wife likes to joke about Clay, she yells at the tv "I own that a$$ now go sack someone!" and technically she does own at least a small part of his butt...
  14. Good morning, Happy Wednesday, and Merry Christmas! (Or HannaRanaQwanzMas, if you prefer ) Well... it's the Holidays, everyone! I'm going to keep my eyes on everything, but you all know that already. No RV to report, and I'll probably skip next week unless something major pops up. Even though there's no RV to report, I sure do love it when we get reminded that Iraq is truly one of the wealthiest countries in the world, their currency just needs to catch up. Check this out: Before I get to the Weekly Q's, VIPs - I put a special post up in the VIP section just for you all. Check it out here: Here's the weekly Q's: Did I mention how much I like that kind of scenery? Why, yes I did! In the VIP section. There is another way to look at it, unfortunately... if Trump does have an influence, and he owns any amount of Dinar, he may want to hold it off so he's more in control of any potential windfall taxes. That figure gets thrown around a lot, but there's no way to prove or know WHO has that physical cash or WHERE it actually is... regardless, I can put that worry to rest VERY quickly. How much of that money is in large bills? A LOT. And how quickly could the CBI declare large notes NULL and VOID? It could easily be done in 30 days. Now, of that 30 trillion in "cash" that is floating around, how much of that is held by people who are wanted for crimes? How much of it is simply "lost", out of the country, held in a safe somewhere and simply will not be able to be cashed, before the large notes are declared "dead"? I think it stands to reason that an EASY 50% of that number will simply vanish and not have any influence on what the CBI is liable for during the "Cash In" phase. There is a lot more to say about it, but that's a good starting point. Bottom line for me is that "cash" number doesn't concern me at all. Why would I get anything back on track when y'all keep providing all this quality catertainment?! Merry Christmas everyone! - Adam