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  1. Good morning DV members! I'm going to try to keep this brief this morning, but the way things are going lately... I'll probably do another drive by later this week. If that happens, I'll make a point to send an email. Let me just say, it sure is refreshing to have so much positive activity lately! After a fairly long lull in the news, the dinar is back on the move and the news section is showing it! I had a longer update planned out, but one of the weekly questions really got me going and it took the majority of my time. You'll see which question that is in just a moment... here's the weekly member Q's: ================================================= Cleaned up? No chance! But that doesn't cause me any concern... Iraq isn't special or unique in regards to "corruption". Corruption exists everywhere, and it certainly did when their $ was over $3. It will continue to exist in the future, without any regard to their currency value. I was also pleased to hear Abadi is staying the course... that is fantastic news, in my opinion! I am cheerleading for him! And the facepalms... You are welcome Hi strat, that's a fair question. I'm going to attach a short pdf - the "Cash In Guide". Your question is outlined and answered with a few possible scenarios. Download it by clicking this link: Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf Hi waiting, That's a fair question... it really is! At first glance, one could easily question the right of the IRS or any other government entity to invade our privacy and place their authority on our fair gains, of which they had nothing to do with. Taxation exists in our society for many reasons, and the powers that regulate the taxes we are subject to are not always fair or free from corruption, but before I get too deep down that rabbit hole... the question is "why do I think there will be a tax on any profits we make on the dinar", correct? Logically speaking, it is unreasonable for us to think that we can make a million dollars in any fashion and not expect the government to want to take some. It is inconceivable to me that such a small group of people such as ourselves will have the means to fight not just the IRS and the US Government, but ALL governments that may seek to impose a windfall tax or other way to grab a piece of our pie. But that is just my personal opinion... so let me back it up with some outside sources. #1: Investopedia - "Windfall Tax". Of course, the specific definition uses the word "industries", but the fact that this term exists at all should tell us that the word "people" could easily be substituted, making us just as vulnerable to this action as any "business" or "industry". This is probably reason #1 why I have personally chosen the VIP strategies that I endorse... to completely remove this possibility! #2: Google "tax on currency gains": First result: #3: Specifically, section 988 (26 U.S. Code § 988 - Treatment of certain foreign currency transactions) As explained by Investopedia: I think that's enough evidence to show that we should definitely expect some taxation, but let me ask you this... Why would you NOT expect the government to penalize you for your good fortune? The VIP group here is prepared on how to best handle regular taxation, and the OSI group here is equipped to fend off the worst case situation, where the PTB simply takes what they want and you have no defenses. I'll chat with everyone here later this week. If you're not in VIP yet, my 3 links above are just the tip of a huge iceberg of reasons to get in there and start preparing for what is soon to come.
  2. Not sure what second email you are referring to, as in this update I did not mention sending out any emails. If you are going back to a previous update, which is by now over a week old, you have a lot of spam to search through! I'd suggest checking my whitelist instructions - the link is in my signature.
  3. Friday DV update! This last 10 days or so has been a flurry of excitement in the news regarding all kinds of “OIL” related subjects, and that makes us very happy! Any positive movement on “black gold” is good, but we are seeing a lot of movement that is specifically good for HCL, and that is GREAT! If you missed my normal weekly update, it is here: I had a whole list of “mention worthy” updates for today, but let’s keep things simple… here’s some food for thought regarding a few things at the top of my list. There’s one name in particular that I’m happy to see in the news: Abadi. Anyone who’s been in this for more than a couple years has seen the amazing progress that’s come about since Maliki got the boot and Abadi came stomping in with the big boy pants on! The GOI was revamped, decluttered, and streamlined. Parliament picked up the pace and got a lot of things done that were simply not happening under the previous administration, and now: 1. Abadi confirms he’s planning on running for a second term. I see this as a shoe-in, no-brainer, it will happen, DONE. (Yes, we are going to hear some noise from the Maliki Camp, I say… ignore it). 2. Abadi is working hard towards full IMF and basically global support, and the fruits are coming. Example: 3. Get your popcorn out! Abadi on with Chris Wallace this weekend. Don’t expect a huge announcement from Abadi on the RV, and Chris Wallace annoys me personally, but this is just more proof that Iraq and the PTB are not going to stay where they are. The country is poised to make a leap, and we’re watching! Another thing I am paying close attention to in the news is Saudi Arabia… there is a LOT going on with that country right now. It’s a very complex situation, but the direction is tremendously good for us and for Iraq’s future as a very powerful and wealthy country. That might be one of the reasons why Saudi Arabia is taking these steps: Bottom line… this is happening fast, and we’re just here for the ride. GO RV!!!! For those of you not in VIP, here’s a deal. First, the best part of this deal is that I am going to GUARANTEE that you will put more in your pocket at Cash-In as a VIP than if you are not. If you don’t, I will refund EVERY PENNY of your VIP payments! That is a 100% money back guarantee! Hop into VIP now, because once an RV is announced, those doors are closed for GOOD. NO new VIPs will be accepted, not for any amount of money. Here is the link to get VIP: VIP members, if you’re not in OSI, and you only have time to read ONE more thing today…. please read THIS: And on those notes, I’m off to do Adam things. Have a great day, everyone, and GO RV!!!! OSI members, please see this OSI update: specific update: I’m sending out an email this morning to all members (you must have the “send me news and information” box checked on your account!) (Click here to ensure you are set to receive emails: )
  4. FYI my test email from the "General" email system went to my "Updates" tab in Gmail. I physically drug it back into my "Primary" tab. The "DINARVETS" update email went right into my Primary tab...
  5. Happy Wednesday everyone! Today's Dinar update is going to be very short. All you have to do is click the "unread content" link here on DV and you'll see how much news is coming out on OIL. You're probably also seeing a lot of positive news regarding ISIS, Mosul, etc on the "tube". Or at least, you aren't seeing so many negative news stories... and you know why that is, don't you? It's very simple - the media isn't making a big deal about Iraq anymore because things are going REALLY GOOD, and those aren't the stories that sell ads! But take some time and do the reading, and you'll see that there is a LOT of progress happening right now with oil, agreements, and security. These are exactly what we want to see! With that said, you VIP and OSI members should be aware that some things happened in our private sections over the last week or two. I'm not suddenly devoting 16 hours a day to the complete revamp of our VIP section because I have nothing better to do! There are a LOT of updates in the VIP and OSI sections, which I sent out emails about mostly over this last weekend. I'm going to send out a couple more emails this morning. ONE will be from the "general" newsletter, and this is one of the last emails that will come from that address. The OTHER will be from the DinarVets email system, and that's the one I am most concerned with you getting. If you don't, be sure to check your settings here. As of this week or next, I'll be purging the entire "General" email database, and moving 100% over here to the DinarVets email system. (I am confident we finally have a solid enough system here that the duplicates are not needed anymore.) We are getting to a point in this Iraqi Dinar situation that has me excited again, finally, and it's been a long time since I felt this upbeat about the Dinar. Don't get me wrong there... I keep a close eye on this, at all times. We've been going in the "right way" for a long time, but now we are on a STRONG path to victory! I'm glad to be part of this. So for now... I'm back to work! I'll chat with you soon, Adam Montana
  6. @PeterJoe, your account here on is using an email address. You can edit this in your settings Regarding the emails that were sent, the recent forum emails I have sent were labeled as: OSI emails would only be received by OSI members, so you wouldn't get those. But you should have received the other 5.
  7. Not at this time.
  8. Moving this to the Warka section.
  9. Thread closed
  10. YES, for you! Since you are Platinum, your spouse is half price.
  11. Replied. Unfortunately, those bumps may be something you picked up at a truck stop. Penicillin, perhaps?
  12. 2 Things: 1. The Certificate is good until you die. Lifetime. This is not a "cash in and done" deal! 2. I'm going to attach the Cash In Guide, it will help a LOT! Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
  13. Good morning everyone! I'm in such a good mood today, I'm giving a discount to get you or a loved one in VIP. This is good TODAY only! It's simple - a flat $10 off a 3 month VIP. No codes, no catches! Here's the link: *** Discount is over, link removed.*** Get it for you, get it for family, friends, neighbors... less than 50 pennies a day for the BEST Dinar option in the land. See you there! - Adam Montana
  14. You got me there GO RV!!!!
  15. Hey Mike. Mike. MIKE! Guess what today is? Hummmmp Dayyyyyy!!!!!!!! I miss those commercials sometimes. But I suddenly realize, they might still be playing! I just watch so little of the boob-tube these days, I seriously don’t even know if the Hump Day commercials are still running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! Things with the Dinar are cruising along finally, and I’m very happy to have such an amazing reason to be busy at work! Speaking of being busy at work, here’s what’s upcoming for you VIP and OSI members: 1. To all VIP members (Platinum or otherwise), by the end of this weekend you should see a new section in the VIP section here. I’m calling it the “VIP Master Class”, which is hopefully going to help a lot of people get a better understanding on how to access the new website features and more. If you’re not VIP, the link to join is always at the top of the page. (Look for the “Store” tab. This option goes away when the Dinar RVs.) 2. This very afternoon, we will have our first OSI-specific chat. For everyone not familiar with OSI, this is it in a nutshell: the world’s wealthiest people, the most successful companies in existence, and even regular people who have things that they want to protect, ALL use some form of asset protection. (IF they are smart.) Our OSI section focuses on those exact strategies, plus a special focus on how exactly to apply these things to your Dinar, both before and after a major change in the value of the currency. If you’re not in the group already, find out more here: The OSI chat should start about 4PM Central (Chicago) time), and I am looking forward to it! We already have a lot of great topics to discuss. 3. Non-VIP members: Sorry, nothing has changed. But you’re welcome to stick around anyway! (Ok, ok… I’ll stop rubbing it in. I’ll still send an email to everyone, even the non-VIPs, but one “alert” is all you’ll get from me if you’re not VIP.) On to the the Weekly Update, and then the Weekly Questions! One thing that’s always been a thing of amusement to me, something I realized even as a child, is that people will always get jealous, small, and petty over the silliest things. For example, if everyone was complimenting the popular girl’s new hairstyle… do you remember the slightly-less popular girls always seemed to be able to find something negative about her? Or they would suddenly remember, and talk about, embarrassing things from her past? The same happens with the guys, of course. This is a human trait that affects a majority of our race. People in general don’t “change” too much as time goes on, and we see examples of that kind of behavior as adults too. Bitcoin, for example. I started talking about bitcoin years ago, both here and to my personal friends and family. I received a ton of negative comments, ranging from plain ignorance to outright insults… yet here we are today, as I sit writing this: (BITCOIN AS OF THIS MORNING) A quick note on bitcoin: You don’t have to buy a “whole bitcoin”, currently valued at $1253.96. You can buy “bits” of the coin, which will gain (or lose) value exactly like a while bitcoin. This means that if you put $50 into it, and I put $1000 into it, and the price goes up 100%… we both double our money! Now check this out… in addition to the privacy and decentralization factors of bitcoin (meaning no government can control it), it also carries some of the same values as some of our OSI strategies. Non-VIP/OSI members and VIP/OSI members alike, read this next bit very carefully… it’s a real world example of how OSI and bitcoin are similar. Back in 2015, I started telling people that I believed Donald Trump would win the presidency, or at least the odds on his winning were a “good bet”. Much like my bitcoin predictions, I was mocked… laughed at… ridiculed, even. But not by all. Some of you saw the value in the bet, and followed me on it. I don't care who you voted for, what you think of Trump, and it has nothing to do with what I personally think of him... this was about MONEY. Who’s laughing now, right? If you bet $500 on Trump to win, when I first told you to do so, that $500 was worth $25,000 by November 8th, 2016. But wait, this gets better. Twice, in fact! Number 1: At that time, in November, I was still encouraging people to look into Bitcoin. I took my own advice and cashed out in Bitcoin at about $750 per Bitcoin. Since then, my Bitcoin has gone up over 50%… can you tell me one other investment that has done that well? Not many! Now here’s number 2, and this part is even better! This is exactly how some parts of our VIP and OSI strategies work. My $500 is still sitting in my Bitcoin account, and even though I’ve turned $500 into $25,000… which is now closer to $32,000… … I’m tax free at this point. Because I haven’t realized a gain. I'm completely comfortable saying this in public. I'm not evading taxes, nothing I've done is illegal in the slightest... but I've made a huge profit using this strategy, and paid $0 in taxes on it. Yet, people still laugh and ridicule when we talk about the Iraqi Dinar, VIP, and OSI. I’ve literally made a 7,000% profit, tax free so far… and some people still don’t get it!!! I shake my head at them. I smile, nod, and let it go. Us OSI and VIP people here… we know “what’s up.” If you want access to this kind of information, specific wealth protection and preparation strategies, and private access to the kinds of people that "really get it"... $50 gets you 3 months and full access, right here. OSI members, I’ll catch you later this afternoon! The weekly Member Questions are below. OSI/VIP members, anything and everything VIP and OSI specific has been removed and will be addressed in the proper section. kgreen, I don't keep up with the trends of any dealer, sorry! My focus is always on the currency itself, and of course asset protection and Post-RV benefits. I'd love to see the ballyhoo turn into a festival. That's what I think! Mosul is only partially occupied by ISIS, and in my opinion ISIS has already been whittled down enough to proceed with an RV. Some may disagree. That is their right. I choose not to argue with them. In my opinion, we are looking very strong for a positive movement in the near future. Hi Theseus, This is a GREAT question, and I spent a lot of time researching it and answering it in far more depth than I can possibly do in a limited-time-and-space weekly briefing. I'll attach the Iraqi Dinar Cash-In guide, it should help. (Click the link below to save it, and feel free to share with your people.) Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf How can we be hopeful... oh, boy, oh boy! Iraq has came such an incredible distance in the past decade... don't let the lengthy process discourage you, my friends! Rome was not built in a day, and a journey of a thousand dinars always begins with the first Parliament meeting. We are past many many hurdles right now! My sources and I constantly discuss the current events, and many of us play "devils advocate" in these conversations. We constantly explore many angles, including negative or adverse aspects of it... yet we constantly come away with positive outlooks, and the intensity is only increasing during the current situation. I'll chat with you OSI members later today. Have a great one! - Adam Montana