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  1. This thread is about the value of VIP and if the current VIP members think it's worth it. I would think, after all the positive and even glowing responses from the members here, anyone should clearly see that if they think VIP could be for them... jump in! If you don't see any value in it, the site is still free to use. On that note, I'll lock it down. To all the VIP members that posted - thanks for voicing your support! I'll see you in the VIP.
  2. The "Name Reserve" is all you need to access OSI.
  3. You are correct, but that page only shows the full price package. Here's a page with more options:
  4. If you are referring to OSI, if you wait till after the RV it will be too late.
  5. I've told everyone for years to never ever hand your currency to anyone other than a bank teller, and then only if you see the De La Rue machine and they have confirmed that you're getting cashed out on the spot (cashiers check, wire transfer, or similar). I hope the trusting and honest folks that sent any cash to these people actually get it back. I would not be concerned about receiving counterfeit bills from them.
  6. You are absolutely correct about the satisfaction rate. That's what happens when people finally get the "aHA!" moment... it's life changing.
  7. Thanks PP, for your kind remark! I didn't really have to think about it... it was more of a "kneejerk response" I don't mind "putting it out there". (Sometimes to a fault, but my therapist says I only need about 7 more years of counseling and hypnotherapy to fix that.)
  8. P.S. It was not my intention to have VIP members convince you to join. You issued an open challenge to the credibility and value of VIP here, and I figured it would be amusing to let other people accept the challenge. I believe the members have spoken quite eloquently and with much respect to you, even though the way you framed the original post was slightly... disparaging, perhaps? I'll let this run for a little bit, and then close the thread. Again, it's not my intention to "sell" VIP or any other service to anyone here. I believe the service speaks for itself.
  9. Botzwana, You'll recall that I did not hesitate to suggest you post an open question, in the open forums, with absolutely no moderation or requirements other than you limit it to VIP members. I don't use the words "Trust me" - but I am happy to let others say that for me, as there is no better representation of value than the words and opinions of those that have pulled out their wallets and experienced the product. In fact, I have regularly asked the VIP members what I can do to make the service more valuable to them. Quite a few of the evolutions in the VIP section have come directly from the feedback of the members, because I truly value the opportunity to provide the best that is possible. I'm still not satisfied that I have reached that level of "best", so I will continue to work and add more value for the members here... all while providing a free platform for people like you that choose to not join VIP. I'm not pushing it on you. You are free to use the site, as it is, without charge or any obligation on your part. But I will remind you and everyone else that if it weren't for the VIP members here, you wouldn't have that opportunity. You'd be stuck on those "other" sites Thank you to all of you VIPs that are so supportive and willing to give your honest feedback! That's a very fair question, and I'll give it a detailed answer. That's easy. I have a finite amount of resources, which include staff, reserve funds, even seats at what will be amazing educational meetings Post RV. I regularly review the resources, match it to the amount of members in VIP, and determine if the resources are adequate to support the number of VIPs we have. This is why occasionally I will close the doors to new VIPs. Once a few of the monthly members drop out, then I can open it back up to new members. There is no "bait and switch" there, because I've explained exactly why I do that on occasion. The bottom line is this - if you're not willing to support this site and my efforts before the RV, I am not going to extend my efforts to you and your needs after the RV. Cannot, or it would be difficult? There is a major difference between those statements... and my son learned by the time he was 2 that I would challenge him on the statement "I can't". There are many times that I have offered discounts on the entry fee, even offered a $20 monthly service. That's less than $1 per day, and since you are on high speed internet, I assume with cable tv in your home, indoor plumbing, probably a smart phone and maybe even a tablet of some kind, and I bet you enjoy the occasional beverage that costs more than $2... I won't cater to those who say "I can't". Cheers
  10. Yes, IF it is a significant RV. I'm not confident that the Dong has nearly the potential that IQD does, so I tend to shy away from that question.
  11. I'd put it in the "Off Topic" section. Be sure you specify that only VIP members should respond, otherwise it will turn into a debate on a topic that most people won't have first-hand experience with. Also, don't do a "poll", because it will fill up with votes that can't be verified. Good luck
  12. Of course there is no 100% guarantee. However, if you really want to be sure you're making a smart decision, and not just one that confirms your thoughts, I'd suggest doing a fair market survey. Just ask the current VIP members if they feel they are getting their money's worth from the VIP section, already, before there is even an RV. I already know what you're going to hear, but I'm guessing it won't be what you want to hear, so you won't hear it. good point
  13. Hey everyone, good morning! Quick note before I get into a very brief weekly update - I had some very interesting things happen in one of my businesses, and it definitely took me away from for the last 7-10 days. My VIP Master Class got delayed, I didn't post here as much as usual, and I got more than a few concerned emails and messages from the members here. I didn't abandon you! Even when I get busy with other things in life, I've always always got my finger on the dinar pulse. I'm not sure how the rest of this month will play out for me, but you can rest assured that I'm itching to send out those RV emails when this finally happens. Now, to get right into it - no HCL, no RV. Bloomberg was giving me some good laughs this morning, the ticker mentioned several things that were interesting but the "source" didn't want to be named because the news was not "public" yet... sorry, Bloomberg, but I'm pretty sure you just made it "public" If anyone keeps up with one of the most brilliant investors ever, you'll be interested to know Warren Buffet just dumped a ton of John Deere stock after making a healthy profit, and at the same time bought pretty heavily into Apple (AAPL). The timing on that one is interesting, because Apple just posted several records yesterday (market share and price)... normally you don't buy at the top, but if Buffett did.... I think I will too. I'm not into "day trading" but I did get introduced to a neat platform recently - called "Robinhood". You can do your own trades, just like Scottrade or eTrade, but Robinhood doesn't charge trade fees. Learn about it here: The DOW is still over 20,000 in spite of the devil incarnate (Trump) being the leader of the free world for almost a month, amongst other zany things going on right now. That's all I have for now - here's the weekly Q's! ======================== You bet! Grab a 3 month trial right here: That's actually a great question - I don't have a list off the top of my head, but what country are you specifically interested in? I can check into it for you. Not at all, actually! I see positive things happening, not negative. Ok, a little clarification for the readers - "Wallstreet" and "Forbes" did not say those things. There are a few articles that you can find posted on those sites, but they are independent opinion pieces with no proof to back up the claim that it is a "scam". The IQD is a speculative venture and nobody can say with 100% certainty that it will or won't happen. Hey Dave, That's a fair and reasonable expectation. With your VIP Certificate, the first thing you're going to do is save well over the price of a Platinum upgrade on the fees, spread, and resources alone! I'd give the "Cash In Guide" another read. But to keep it really simple - I'm perfectly fine with the situation you described and I see no reason to not follow that plan. - Adam Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
  14. Sorry about that, those aren't your fault - I haven't updated those links lately. I'm revising the Rate Thesis and I'll send it as an attachment instead of a link.
  15. Seabee, I think you might be criticizing me a little harshly... I missed "maybe 3" of my recent Wednesday chats? Come on now! Yes- I will go back to the weekly Q's, it is not my intention to blow off the members here that I have chosen to give a relatively small portion of my time to. and as we can see, I'm pretty darn consistent and dedicated to the members here... I think you owe me a cocktail, you old buzzard.