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  1. Good morning everyone! This will just be a shorty - I've taken some much needed time away from DV to focus on other businesses, but it's just about time to start watching things pick back up... Ramadan is over in just a few days, and we'll see pretty shortly how this rodeo is going to proceed! Next week I'll be resuming the regularly scheduled Wednesday updates, and truth be told... I've missed a lot of you (not all of you ) and I'm excited to get back in here and hopefully with some really good news. For now... =========================================== Good morning 1. ALL banks? Doubtful at first, but as time goes on I would expect any bank that currently does international exchanges will also resume dealing in IQD. 2. This is all about the timing. For those not in my VIP group... yes, you're going to have to jump through hoops. It's just the way it is. Nope. To my knowledge, Raqqa is not a major problem for the real holdup... the HCL. Please take this to the OSI section. Actually, I believe the opposite is happening. Iraq is trying to keep things quiet, but the newshounds we have here pick up on damn near every little hint they let slip. You'll notice that a lot of the things you'll see here on DV that seem important are not major items in the MSM... there's good reason for that. 99% of the world simply doesn't understand that some of these seemingly insignificant things are setting up something much bigger. And that's how we like it. That's a good question. I would say Saturday or Sunday, with my top guess being Sunday, right before start of business in Iraq. Hi eburt It doesn't mean they MUST RV by that time, but any relaxing of the funds being withheld is a good thing. Keep in mind that Iraq doesn't have to follow any IMF "deadlines", I'd think of them more as "suggestions". You know, like stop signs with white borders. Those are more like suggestions than the real stop signs (the ones with the cops sitting around the corner ) Oil will recover. Oh wow that's a loaded question! I could go on forever... don't be afraid of new technologies, don't put all your eggs in one basket, and he who hesitates is lost. That's a starter Eid al-Fitr is not as much of a hindrance to an RV, but that's debatable I guess. The crystal ball fell off my desk last week, waiting on the replacement now. Nothing but the finest virgin olive oil, squeezed through the toes of redhaired pixies and filtered through a pile of black dragon lily petals. It's very hard to come by Yes you are correct about the metals, and that's an astute observation coupled with a sharp recollection. You're going places, kid! Please take that to the OSI section. ============================================ That's it for me for now everyone... I'll be back in full swing by next weekend, thanks for your patience and understanding of my much needed break here. Talk to you soon! - Adam
  2. No, but these are questions better asked in the VIP section not the open chat threads.
  3. We are turning the corner. Things are changing.
  4. #thisiswhyDavisForPresident
  5. Good morning everyone! As I mentioned before, the normal weekly updates are on a "pause" during Ramadan, while I focus on more VIP related things. As such, today's update will be brief. Speaking of VIP, I am going to open it up on a limited basis - Platinum memberships only. If you are a VIP and you want to get a family or friend in on anything less than Platinum, you can use the support tab and send in a request. Back to the Dinar - you need look no further than Yota's latest thread to know that the GOI is working harder this Ramadan than ever before: I see that as a very positive thing! Need I say more? (nope!) Here are the weekly Q's: ==================================================== Please take this to the VIP or OSI section. Thank you. If anything, I think this puts Iraq in a position of strength. Not only did they get a free pass on the recent OPEC deal, they are now almost completely out of the MSM spotlight. Perfect time to get stuff done. Si! But I can't help myself, I still make time to come here. 1. You get a deposit slip, just like any other transaction at a bank. No worries there. 2. Discretely, and then via wire transfer. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. YEP! The website is mobile friendly, that's about as far as I will go regarding an "app" for DinarVets. 1. Yes, I believe so. Part B - that's going to be speculation regardless, unless he personally announces it. 2. What we hold is insignificant to them. Yes, we will benefit... but they will benefit much, much more. Verifying the currency is as simple as using a De La Rue machine, which is part of the details I will share with the VIP members as soon as the RV is announced - which banks have them, and which will be getting them, and when. ===================================================== Talk to you all soon, enjoy the day, and GO RVVVVVV!!!!
  6. Definitely. Sunday is their Monday.
  7. You just contacted the entire board in public. What do you need?
  8. #davis4exitvisa ******whooshzoooombye!
  9. Since you already renewed, it should skip the charge. If not, just send an email to support and we can straighten it out. If money is tight and you don't want it to pull, send a support request immediately and my staff can check it for you.
  10. I think $25 is a bit of an exaggeration... I see a dip coming, possibly as low as $35, but then back up to $60+ in short time. Speaking of which, it might be a good play to short crude if Trump's plan to liquidate our oil reserve goes forward. :thinking:
  11. 02 06 21 60 62. PB 05
  12. Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Just a quick reminder - I'm posting here on a Wednesday, but for the duration of Ramadan I may not post outside of the VIP section every Wednesday as usual. With that said, this Ramadan is certainly like no other since what feels like 100 years ago when I first got involved in the Dinar! If you've been with me since this site started back in 2009, you'll already be well aware that I have always maintained that nothing serious will get done during Ramadan... ... this is the FIRST time I've ever felt differently! THIS Ramadan, in my opinion, has potential. Potential for the HCL, potential for major announcements, potential for major progress. I have not decided if I believe this includes or excludes an actual RV, but my gut is leaning towards "Yes on HCL progress, No on a RV announcement". If there was going to be an immediate RV, it should have been done after the OPEC meeting, but before the start of the Holiday, so I'm leaning towards late June. Back to the OPEC meeting - this went about as good as we could have hoped for! Kurdistan is officially exempt from the oil producing limitations agreement, which opens the door for Iraq as a whole. With that "freedom" in their back pocket, Iraq is able to put solid plans into play, particularly - you guessed it - HCL! I still maintain, as I always have, that the HCL is KEY to the success of an RV. We do NOT want to see Iraq RV, only to have the price of the currency plummet immediately due to a lack of faith in Iraq from outside countries, currency exchanges, the IMF, and all the other important pieces of this puzzle! So just because they didn't RV on the 26th does not mean we should despair or even worry - there is a specific path to success, and Iraq is in a position to take that path. Interesting articles: 1. Trump is talking about cashing out on half of our current oil stash, or about 350 million barrels of oil. If this happens quickly, this could be an opportune time for Iraq to take action. With the limitations set in place at the recent OPEC meeting, this could serve to not only knock down some of our debt but also drive oil prices up. (Not immediately - but when our reserve is lowered, and the production of most major oil producers is limited, the price of oil should take an initial dip and then ultimately rise back up to above the current $50 range. Perfect for Iraq, since they aren't limited in their production.) There is a lot more to this one, but I'll leave that for the open discussion. 2. JAPAN is getting into the Iraq game - this article plainly shows that they are willing to bet on Iraq. I like it. This is advance support for them that is going to carry over into future dealings with the country, and their currency. 3. Throughout this month, Iraq has been in talks with the IMF. Here is the latest report @yota691 This shows us, and the world, that Iraq isn't sitting on it's laurels. They are proactively tackling the issues they have. 4. The battle against ISIS continues, and Iraq is winning this one. Here is the latest: 5. Just in case we don't see an RV soon... I'd suggest you get in our Powerball Pool! Here's the link: Overall, I feel we had a great week last week. I saw everything I wanted to see out of the OPEC meeting, Iraq is actually working on the important stuff (finally), and there is optimism about the coming days. At this time, VIP is still closed to new members. This week's Questions: That article matches my opinion in many ways... but the bottom line for me is this. As long as Iraq is able to get a head start on the "cutting corners" game, they will win. I have no idea if that's true, but it means nothing to me. In my very FIRM opinion - NO. Something big DID happen last week! Iraq got a hall pass and the freedom to move forward, quickly, and without any hampering! I appreciate the offer but I won't be drinking for the first 72 hours or so I probably won't be sleeping either Immediately - probably not. Eventually - yes. I don't see a World War coming. Don't listen to every "Chicken Little" you hear. ====================================== LOTS of work for me to do, so I'm off! Have a great day everyone, and keep rooting for good news. Positive thoughts to Iraq! - Adam
  13. I'm working on my thoughts on it, it will be included in my Weekly update here shortly
  14. The federal government has stashed away nearly 700 million barrels of oil to shield Americans from a shock that would send gasoline prices spiking. The country dipped into the US strategic oil reserve, during several recent disruptions such as the 2011 turmoil in Libya and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now, President Trump wants to sell off half of the oil sitting in the strategic reserve, which is made up of a complex of tanks and deep underground storage caverns. Powered by Except for the fact that the sale would be done over time, little is known about the exact timing of the move. But Trump's fiscal 2018 budget estimates the it would generate roughly $16.6 billion over the next decade. It's true that the US shale oil boom has dramatically altered the global energy landscape, turning America into a leading producer and reducing dependence on imports. The surge of American oil has also created a huge glut that OPEC is still struggling to mop up. Related: Trump's budget: Big gifts for the rich, big cuts for the poor All of this is a huge change from the early 1970s when the Arab Oil Embargo sparked long gas lines and hurt the American economy so much that it inspired the creation of the strategic petroleum reserve, which today is the largest stockpile of government-owned emergency oil on the planet. Yet some energy analysts warn that selling half the SPR could backfire, especially in today's uncertain world. "It's a bit concerning. You're reducing the government's budget deficit, but you're putting more risk onto the consumer. That's who is going to pay for it," said Carl Evans, senior crude oil analyst at Genscape, an energy market research firm. "It does seem like a short-term cash grab," he said. Evans pointed to the risk posed by the political strife in Venezuela and Nigeria that has caused production to tumble in those OPEC nations. To justify the proposed sale, the Trump administration pointed to the surge in US oil output. The national security "risk goes down dramatically when we have increased production like today," Mick Mulvaney, the director of Trump's Office of Management and Budget, told reporters on Tuesday. But Jason Bordoff, director of Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy, warned that even though US oil imports are down "prices at the pump will spike" if there's a supply disruption. "The national security asset of the SPR helps provide a cushion. It would be foolish to sell it off because of a domestic oil production boom, the longevity of which remains somewhat uncertain," said Bordoff, who served as an energy adviser to President Obama and has testified before Congress on energy policy issues. Related: American oil companies deepen Saudi ties, despite rivalry It's not clear if Trump wants to sell 50% of the strategic reserve from current levels, or on top of the reductions Congress recently agreed to. Those cuts would already wipe out more than 150 million barrels from the SPR, according to S&P Global Platts. Other analysts think now is the perfect time to unload some of the strategic oil reserve, especially because there are costs linked to maintaining this complex that is located in Texas and Louisiana. "It makes a lot of sense for the US to reduce these rather massive holdings," said Michael Dei-Michei, head of research at JBC Energy. Selling the oil could generate a nice profit at today's prices of around $50 a barrel. The average price paid for oil in the reserve is just $29.70 a barrel. The 688 million barrels currently sitting in the reserve are enough to cover 149 days worth of America's import needs, according to the Energy Department. That means the US is well above the 90-day minimum required by the International Energy Agency (IEA). However, cutting half of the strategic reserve would obviously lower that cushion, potentially to below the IEA threshold. The Energy Department website notes that in the past the US has met this commitment by combining SPR stockpiles with private-sector inventories. Bordoff, the Columbia professor, acknowledged that the dramatic changes in the world since the 1970s mean it would be wise to take time to think about the purpose and size of the SPR going forward. "But to propose in the budget to slash it in half seems premature given that I don't know the full analysis has been done," he said. Link: