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  1. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Oh! 2 more things quickly: 1. Regarding the security upgrades I mentioned above, there is one final step to the process. The site will be offline for an hour or two today or tomorrow to finalize the project... WHEW! It was a brutal one, as anyone in IT can tell you happens occasionally. I'll be very happy to get that finalized! 2. While we're waiting on real news from Iraq, you might as well get in our weekly lottery pool!
  2. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Good morning all! Well, it's that time of year... Ramadan is in full swing and although there's plenty to be watchful of - my opinion is that we won't be seeing an RV during Ramadan. This Ramadan could prove to be an interesting one... as the votes from the recent elections continue to come in, keep in mind that nothing ever gets done "on time" in Iraq (not even Ramadan, which starts late this year ), and we can probably expect some recounts on the recent elections. Abadi may not retain power, which will provide some interesting opportunities in the RV world - there would be a better way for a fresh face to put their Name in the history books and on every headline in the world than by spearheading a long-overdue revaluation of their currency, right?! In spite of Ramadan and a potentially huge change in the political world of Iraq, there is still plenty of positive activity. I won't belabor the issue, but instead will remain watchful and see how things pan out. Short and sweet for this morning. Stay positive, friends! Semi-guilty as charged - I've certainly been monitoring the site, and my profile doesn't give an accurate time I was "last online" due to multiple testing accounts, but I certainly haven't been able to post as much as I hoped. I had some very big projects going on in addition to some security upgrades on the servers that took much longer than anticipated. But again, you are right - I haven't posted much lately. Things are coming back around for me and I'll have more time for you all now. Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding! someone is ALWAYS being investigated for "fraud" over there. No big deal I'm not quite ready to push my timeline out that far. Let's see what the next few days bring regarding election results and I'll make a more solid opinion based on the upcoming news.
  3. Adam Montana

    Wednesday updates

    Weekly updates will resume this week, continuing up till Ramadan (or hopefully NOT!) - but if we're still stuck when Ramadan comes, I may take a few more "passes" on the "weekly". There is some encouraging news right now, so I'll pop in over the next couple days with some general updates. I've been swamped with paperwork and meetings over the last couple weeks doing work for VIP related matters so I haven't put much time into the "general" posting, but that's all getting wrapped up and we should be back to normal shortly. Appreciate the post, @peace1221!!
  4. Adam Montana

    Questions for Adam's Update 5/9/2018

    Just FYI I'll be doing an update tomorrow or early Friday.
  5. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    My apologies - I did get an OSI email sent out, but I did not send out a VIP email. I'll do that by the end of the week.
  6. ^ True, but this is still pretty monumental. Time will tell.
  7. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Not at all. But just to ease any concerns, I'll send out a VIP email over the weekend. Absolutely I'm not ruling anything out! Just betting that this Parliament shut down will give me some time to get caught up in other areas. IF the zeros are dropped. And IF they aren't dropped off the exchange rate instead of off the notes. IF that happens, depending on HOW MANY 0's are dropped, you just do the math. How far out of town are you going to make it in an hour?! I think you'll be ok From memory, I think the largest Saddam note was 250. There was a larger 10,000 note but I think it was only used between banks. Realistically, the answer is "indefinitely". But I believe they have motivation to RV, so the question goes back to "when". I can't speculate any more than I have already done regarding the "when" - hopefully immediately after elections but before Ramadan. What "banking articles" are you referring to?
  8. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Morning all! A lot of members here have commented on my absence lately. I’ve kept my fingers on the pulse of this all, so don’t worry! It’s amazing what kind of havoc 2’ of snow in April with freezing rain mixed in can do! I’ll just say my physical life was absolutely bonkers for a couple weeks due to the recent blizzard, and it kept me offline quite a bit. Thankfully THAT is over and spring weather is FINALLY here for real! Nothing compares to the feeling of lightness that comes over you when the perennials finally start poking through the frost and the first robins land in your yard… not that you southerners would understand that! Anyway, moving onto Iraq - I don’t see anything happening in the next two weeks. Parliament is basically shut down until after elections (May 12), so if I were you - I’d take a break from Dinar news for the next couple weeks. Just don’t shut your phone off! There’s always a chance that a secret meeting or something like that will take place and surprise us. That’s what I’d do if I was you. Unfortunately for me, I am NOT you so I’ll be taking advantage of the next couple weeks to go over Post RV planning and make sure everything is tip-top. There will be no update next week (May 2) unless something changes with Parliament in the meantime. Here’s the weekly Q’s: =========== Edit: ============ We had a MAJOR security upgrade on the forums this morning and it set me back a couple hours. I'll get to the weekly Q's a little later. As with any upgrade, there are bound to be small issues here and there... please report them here or via the support system if you find any.
  9. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    Man oh man oh man... it's been a crazy week for me. Sorry this is getting here so late, but it was really the best I could do this week. I appreciate you all understanding! It actually worked out ok, because yesterday I was speculating on the Syria/Russia issue. I could have taken an hour to explain all of my thoughts, but it's so much easier tonight now that a little time has passed, so there is way less speculating to do. Nothing concerning has occurred, I really don't think anything is going to happen that will be of significant concern, so we're just about back on track. Just for the sake of prudence, I'm not going to really put my foot down that we're in the clear until after the weekend... but it looks like my initial comments about this blowing over are going to hold true. At the very worst, we had a week delay. That's not a big deal, if you ask me. In the meantime, we've gotten closer to Elections, HCL, and more. Overall, I'd say we're still on track and I'll be inching back towards the edge of my seat with the next encouraging bit of news out of Iraq. I'm not sure what exactly it will be, but if they want to just surprise us with something great - bring it on! There's really not much more to say right now, so I'll get to the Q's that were posted. Some of you got really off track and I noticed our amazing TexasGranny pulled out the pistols and a couple warnings... Come on family! You know better than to mess with TG. Thanks Sam, I appreciate you! I don't put a lot of stock in "many of these groups". There's a lot of reasons for that, but in general they don't seem to be grounded in reality. I try to take a realistic approach to this. YES, we are in a positive position right now. But NO, we don't have any conclusive indicators that signal this will happen tomorrow, next week, or any other specific date. Anyone who says otherwise is probably not someone I'd be listening to. Hey keylime - I did see your follow up post and I see that you quoted yourself (I think) but I couldn't quote you to respond appropriately. You basically asked if I knew if Parliament was making specific voting moves, and I have to answer in the negative. But that's not to say that they won't do it at he next session, or that it didn't happen today - I didn't get a chance to review session details. I'm scrambling right now just to post this update. The best answer I can give is that I didn't get notified of anything related to that topic, so I can't answer it in full right now. It's certainly a topic that I'm keeping an eye on. If it becomes an issue that I think has a significant bearing on the course, I will bring it up. Please keep an eye on it yourself and mention anything you find interesting regarding it! I've heard the Name but I have not used it personally. It appears that it set things back maybe a week. That's about all I see right now. Not at the moment, but I'll consider throwing something out there for everyone if we don't get anything major in the next week or so. Obviously if we have major HCL news, I'm not going to authorize a discount. We will see. See my previous comments on the Syria situation. I put a lot of work explaining that in the book RV Intel and also the Cash In Guide. Do you have a copy yet? That is a no-brainer, of COURSE they are playing games with it! Look at the daily fluctuations in price, tie that to the volume traded, and you'll instantly see that there is a ton of money being made right now in manipulating the markets. That does not diminish the potential for Bitcoin or any other Crypto. But yes, of course it is happening. Certainly possible, and yes there's a definite correlation, but I still can't say that really points to any specific date... I think we'll know more in the coming days. Fingers crossed though! Hi Nope. I have multiple contacts in multiple areas, but I made the decision some time ago to not share those conversations. It's too easy to misinterpret or misread when I can only share portions of my conversations, and I'm not interested in people thinking I have an "inside scoop". I keep my posts very straightforward and to the point. It works well that way IMO. Hahaha! I made it through the worst of it. Thanks for thinking of me WHEWWWWW!!!! That was a lot to digest... Oh my goodness, YES it is extremely important for every last one of us to protect our personal information and affairs! Regarding VIP and OSI members, everything we are involved in - cashing in, to asset protection - is very "compartmentalized", by which I mean that I fully expect a few members to act like fools and jeapordize their own situation by running their mouth(s). But because of how every aspect is planned, they are really only able to put themselves in harm's way. I would encourage everyone, VIP or not, to keep your financial details to yourself. Loose lips sink ships, and you are the captain of your own vessel here! But everyone else, especially VIPs, rest assured that the actions of the few that won't be able to control their enthusiasm will not sink YOUR ship. We have taken precautions in that regard. I won't go into the details, for obvious reasons. ======================= That's it for this post - here's to some great news in the near future!
  10. Hey everyone! My apologies for the late post... yesterday completely got away from me and today isn't doing much better Just wanted to let you know I didn't abandon you! I'll be back on later, but probably not till late. Talk to you then.
  11. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Yep, I've studied that theory a bit as well. I figured it was outside the scope of this chat/update, so I didn't address it... very interesting though.
  12. What browser, operating system, etc? I haven’t experienced that or had any similar complaints from anyone else.
  13. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    We'll see what my back has to say about it tomorrow! That wasn't quite my situation (I don't have a black dog) but WOW what a weekend! There has been some great discussion in this thread, as usual. I LOVE this forum for a lot of reasons, but one of the big ones is how much you all give back. Every thoughtful post on this forum benefits way more people than you will ever know... please always remember that when you take the time to give your thoughts. When I gave my update on Wednesday, I was fairly certain the Syria thing was going to be a factor. On Friday I think we learned without a doubt that it was. What will ultimately come of that is what we're learning as things unfold in real time. I can't predict the future, but it's my opinion that this is going to blow over... maybe come up again in the future, but unless we have a major retaliation from Syria (or Russia) in the next couple days - it's a done deal and we're back to business. I promised I'd get to the weekly Q's later. My apologies that it took this long, but here we go! =================== Oh my gosh... why? Click the "tag" on every link and browse my recent updates. I've talked about this a lot... we all have a lot of reasons to be positive about this right now! Here's where the tag leads you: montana weekly/ YES. It still makes sense as I explained in my thesis. Sorry, no insight from me on the VND. I think it has a possibility but nothing like IQD. That's a possibility but IMO it's a small one. I see more positives to RVing pre-election than Post Election. Check my link above, I talked about the 2% issue in my last chat. Keylime - great post! As you can see I'm posting in the evening hours and I apologize but I did not get to review your question until just now. Quick question - do you know if the NOC has the ability to vote in Parliament? (I hate to open a rabbithole, but I think you're a pretty linear person based on your post, so I'll take a chance here.) Bakken... seriously? You're the guy that walks into the bank and yells "hahaha jerks, I just noticed I've bounced 13 checks and you CREDITED me with the overdraft fee instead of debiting it!" Enjoy your ban. To whomever shared their VIP access with Bakken... this is your only warning. I could take the time to track IPs and figure out which VIP member is sharing a login, and that "time" is only about 3 minutes. I'd rather just warn you not to do it again and put this out here for ALL to see. That kind of activity is against the Terms of Service that you all agreed to, and could come back to bite you at a future date even if you're doing it with people that aren't as flagrant as Bakken. Is it really worth it to you? VIPs, you're welcome - we don't need or want people like this meeting up with us Post RV. ... moving on. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes. Good thoughts and very intuitive as always, CL. Time will tell, as always. Glad to hear you're back and doing better! Check out my link above... maybe read the last 4 or 5 updates. I think that will get you updated well enough.
  14. Adam Montana

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Hey DV! Forewarning... I don't usually get this deep in the weekly updates. Proceed with caution. What an interesting morning... Early this A.M. the news was all about Trump and missiles, and that caught my attention. Then they talked about Paul Ryan not running again. I knew that almost a year ago, so IMO this is a non-issue, yet it's a "major announcement" . The next story was about Mark Zuckerberg . A couple hours later, and even right now, there is barely a peep about the Middle East. I'm watching an interview with Speaker Ryan talking about nothing specific and nothing really "major" for sure. In a minute, the channel is going to switch back to Zuckerberg... Are people really more concerned about how Facebook operates than they are about missiles? Yes. Yes, they are. And Zuckerberg is more fascinating than missiles to Syria. Here comes the tinfoil hat: If there has ever been a bigger distraction, a bigger display of what manipulates the public opinion, I may have missed it. All of you who know me, or followed me for a while, you all know I stay away from the tinfoil hat arena. But the news this morning has me shaking my head and wondering, seriously, WHAT EXACTLY is this current distraction about? Because it is DEFINITELY a distraction that we are witnessing! When you signed up for Facebook, you agreed that your information is their property. Everything you post, share, say... they have legal rights to it. There is no need for a fake "congressional hearing" on this topic. The whole thing is a farce. Facebook isn't a matter for congress, yet our "newsfeed" is smothered by it. This is either the most ingenious business move ever in the history of business, or it's a calculated distraction. President Trump sending missiles to Syria... THAT is worth talking about. That has a direct impact (pun intended) on our interests, which lie in the Middle East. Maybe the coming financial shift will be the Dinar, or maybe the Dinar will be a small sidenote in the story that's developing. None of us knows for sure how this will play out, but I'm positive that the Dinar is going to go UP, and that's why I'm still here. You sre probably here for the same reason. The bottom line for IQD is this - nothing is going to happen while there's a serious chance of complete mayhem in the Middle East, so the Syria deal is important. I don't think this is going to last a LONG time, but we're definitely on "hold" for the next week due to the story that the media isn't currently covering... and that may end up being a great thing for us. We'll see how it plays out. I'll answer the weekly Q's later in this thread, but I wanted to get these thoughts out to you all before the day got away from me.

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