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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2018

    VIP members please go here:
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2018

    Hey everyone! We had a security related upgrade to the site this morning, so there may have been a little downtime and there might be some glitches in the normal site operation. Everything seems fine to me, but please submit a support request if you have any issues. Dinar is so on the verge of making a breakthrough. I don’t even know what to say right now! Yes, this could be another false flag… but it might be our time. You’re either in VIP or you’re not. Here’s the link: Many of us are about to receive an incredible amount of wealth, via dinar or crypto, and a major detail that comes along with wealth is taxation. (Yeah, I just skipped ahead 4 or 5 chapters... keep up!) Several years of my recent life have been devoted to finding the best and most affordable options for tax AVOIDANCE, read that again... AVOIDANCE, not EVASION. And one of the best options for us liberated open minded people is simply a dual citizenship. After a couple years of hard work and due diligence, I'm finally satisfied with the system I have been fortunate to create, and that will be announced to VIP members in the next couple days. Conversation will continue in VIP. See you there
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    My follow up was on page 2, for those that didn't read the follow up comments.
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    Good lord, is the meltdown complete yet?!?! I keep reminding myself to do the "Weekly" early, just to avoid these situations! One of these weeks I'll actually take my own advice... ... but, then again, the community meltdowns are certainly amusing My afternoon is turning into a mess here, so I'm going to just throw a couple thoughts out. There was a rumor this week that a lot of people brought to my attention. Yes, I've been on top of it. No, the rate has not officially changed. Here's the deal: I hear more rumors than most, and I consider it my "job" to verify anything significant. The recent "buzz" about the rate change on Google and a few other places is causing a lot of buzz. My phone is asking for overtime pay right now! Anytime something like this happens, the first thing I do is check with my top advisors. These are the people that are first-string contacts for us when we go to cash in, and even some of THEM have been double checking with me! This is a crazy time for the dinar, and when things like this happen... there's a good chance that there is a REASON for it. There is no verification of the "reason" right now, but I don't believe in coincidences. I am receiving an overwhelming amount of similar "rumors" from sources that don't generally react to anything of the sort. Some of these messages and calls are coming from people that I have business relationships with, but have NEVER contacted me regarding something that could be considered a "rumor". Things happen... for a reason. I'll be back with more thoughts once I get some return calls. Till then... let the meltdown continue!
  5. Morning everyone! Update is mostly done, but I'll have to finish it up this afternoon. Hang tight!
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 28 Feb 2018

    Which way is the wind blowing?
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 28 Feb 2018

    Hey everyone! Sorry I missed the weekly update yesterday. I simply couldn't get to it, and today isn't looking much better! I'll pop in later tonight or possibly tomorrow if I can. I haven't forgot about you! Just ridiculously busy on some other business ventures. Thanks for understanding - I'll talk to you all as soon as possible.
  8. Questions For Adam's Update 2-28-2018

    Sorry everyone! Month end stuff had me chasing my tail all day yesterday - I'm still dizzy, actually! No update for this week. At least not yet. I'll pop in tonight or tomorrow if I can. Thanks for understanding
  9. Questions For Adam's Update 2-21-2018

    Thread closed. Weekly update posted:
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 21 February 2018

    Morning all! Dinar is getting interesting again, isn’t it? It’s about time! Major news is pretty simple - no HCL yet, but it’s gaining a lot of outside support in a quick way. Notably, the price of Crude has stabilized to around the same price it was back in early 2014. This is exactly what the recent OPEC agreement was intended to do, and the fact that it’s succeeding is VERY encouraging. Reports that it should get back up into the $80 range are everywhere. I’m taking their timelines with a grain of salt… for example, Goldman Sachs predicted back in May of 2017 that it would hit $80 “within 6 months”. Obviously THAT didn’t happen, and they just released another report stating the same thing, with another 6 month timeline. If Goldman keeps doing this, they might want to consider hiring a Dinar “expert” to call the future of the price, but I digress ! The important part here is that oil IS stable, and it IS going up, in a mostly predictable fashion. This is what Iraq needs to really move on the HCL. In hindsight, it’s easy to see that Iraq wouldn’t be in a hurry to push the HCL back in early 2016, when prices were at $40ish and uncertain. I’ll admit that even though I wasn’t exactly bullish on IQD at that time, I certainly didn’t see the situation as clearly as the PTB in Iraq probably did. Things are much different today, with the current OPEC agreement and the very comfortable oil charts. On a different subject, I saw a news clip about a confrontation in Iraq yesterday. It surprised me, because we’ve really seen almost NOTHING along those lines in the last year… major violence in Iraq has been almost non-existent lately when compared to 2013,14,15... yet the “reporter” described Iraq as being a "war zone in complete chaos". I couldn’t help but think this “reporter” must have googled Iraq and went back a half decade to get the basis for their report, because as we all know here, Iraq certainly is not the same place it was 5 years ago! It makes one wonder… is Iraq finally to a point where they are “flying under the radar” for the most part, and therefore in a perfect place to surprise the world with something big? That could certainly be the case. Bring it on! They might catch the rest of the world by surprise, but not us. Also promising is reports that some dealers are showing a shortage of IQD notes for sale. This could be a strong indicator that the available supply is drying up, or it could mean that demand from investors like us is getting lower, but that ties right back into my previous paragraph. Good for us, either way! In crypto news, BTC is back above 10k and holding very strong. In fact, at one point when I checked the charts yesterday, there was only an 8% difference between the 24 hour high/low bids. That’s something I haven’t seen since before the last “crash”. VIP members, check out this post: Pretty solid stuff there. If you're not in VIP yet... Fix that here: And now, the weekly Q's: Yours was one of the requests in support that had some issues with sending in the correct "receive" address, if I recall correctly. You and about 4 other people are still in queue due to those complications... I worked diligently on sending out the crypto for about a week, and then it got put on the back burner. I haven't forgot about you! It will get handled soon. Regarding the support "category" (forum area) of this site, I personally don't visit it. I only respond to posts in the VIP section or to actual support tickets that my staff assign to me. Yours is assigned to me, but it's on low priority right now. I'll get to it ASAP - thank you for your patience. I've reached out to a couple contacts - I'll update when I have a good grasp on it. I don't see how every note could possibly be recorded. The names of purchasers and the amounts - yes. But the individual serial numbers... I don't know of any existing technology that would be affordable for dealers to utilize in that fashion, nor of any requirements for dinar dealers to keep records that detailed. ================= That's it for now... everyone have a great day! - Adam
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 14 February 2018

    Morning all, Happy Hallmark Holiday to all you suckers buying flowers to make up for your mistakes throughout the year! (Just kidding, we all know flowers are for love, not forgiveness ) Ok, I'll stop while I'm ahead if it's not too late. The Iraqi Dinar situation has been pretty interesting lately... in fact, the longer things stay "quiet", the more attention I'm paying to it. Think back a couple years. Do you remember when news was fast and furious, with developments happening on almost a daily basis? There was tons of talk about how "close" and "soon" we were to an RV. And to be extremely blunt about it - I don't disagree that we *could* have been on the brink of an RV at any of those moments. The release of every new URGENT article was indeed a signal that things were about to POP. Now, we're looking at weeks or months between "major" events, and some might see that as discouraging. I disagree. The big picture is very encouraging. The situation in Iraq is very much like many other things in history, where it took time to lay a solid foundation before a major change. I challenge ANYONE to argue that Iraq has not made an incredible amount of headway in the last 7-10 years. ISIS - ISIS who? Almost non-existent in the news these days. Iraq the "war zone"? Not anymore. Iraq used to be a primitive medieval dinosaur in the technology department, which is an extremely important part of their advancement into the world banking system. That's no longer an issue. Could their infrastructure be a little better? Of course, but it's infinitely improved compared to 10 years ago, and fully capable of interacting with all the major world exchanges. My list goes on, but I detest and abhor long lists that can be replaced with short lists, so here's a better one: 1. I like the current situation. 2. Iraq is in a position to move, and soon. 3. That's the end of the list. My favorite news items of the week are these: Sounds like HCL news to me! Keep 'er movin'! Very closely related to HCL - start with this post and read the next couple posts: Obvious hat tip to @yota691 for continuing to bring the news! We have solid footing on the HCL in the coming weeks or months, and it doesn't get (much) better than that. Summary? HCL incoming! It's not going to happen tomorrow, but it's coming. I'm HODLing my IQD and also my faith. In Crypto news, which is obviously a passionate subject for me and many others (especially in the VIP section), I mentioned a few weeks ago that I saw resistance at around $8500. The last week has shown strong proof of that, and as of this morning it's over $9300. Now may or may not be a good time to buy, but it certainly looks like the Bulls are back! We have a topic going on in the VIP section right now regarding the latest: We're discussing everything from upcoming profit opportunities to tax strategies and more. If you save yourself from one IRS penalty, or get early info on just ONE good ICO opportunity, your VIP fees are MORE than paid for! What are you waiting for? Join the big kids and get involved - the water is fine! Join VIP here: Here are the weekly Q's: Scale of 1-10: 5. I love the news, but the timeline still calls for patience. Math: Without pulling out my trusty abacus, I'd say you're pretty spot on. Not too shabby, and there's more of that to come. Bonus Question: Peanuts. Thanks for the smile my friend! Have a great day and I'll see you in the VIP section, where we continue to enjoy good company and great conversation, in addition to the other benefits. I believe it will happen either way. Maliki - that's an interesting topic right now. I think he's backed off of the "old Maliki" style considerably, and Abadi is no fool. He's certainly wise to the posturing and politics. They say there's no such thing as an "honest politician", and even though I am a cheerleader for Abadi, the adage applies to him as well. I truly believe that Maliki has created enough past bad-will that he will never truly find himself in a position of power again, and Abadi can play the game well enough to ensure that stays true. If anything, Maliki's new approach will encourage positive progress for the country as a whole. Abadi should remain in his position, and any kind of peaceful and reasonable discourse between the parties will move us closer to an RV. Conclusion: As much as I loathe these words... I don't see Maliki as a hindrance to a ReValuation any more. In fact, he may be helping in a roundabout way. (I know that last statement may be hard to stomach, but once again... big picture time.) ========================= That's it for the weekly, unless something major pops up. Of course I'll be here to announce or decipher or comment on the news, and I'll see you all in the VIP section. GO RVVVVVVVV, and HODL!!!!! - Adam
  12. Questions For Adam's Update 2-14-2018

    Update coming shortly! Thread closed
  13. Adam Montana Weekly 7 February 2018

    Hey everyone, good afternoon! My dinar update is going to be quick. I'm just getting back from a very encouraging round of meetings with some banking partners where I was able to touch on both dinar and crypto related matters. Things are good! More on that in the VIP section later this week. My thoughts on the current dinar situation flowed very well with the questions that were posted, so let's just jump into that part! That's a very good point, and it's exactly what I believe is really holding up the process at this point. The good news for us, of course, is that they can throw all the tantrums they want... eventually we will get to a point where the budget is settled, their share of the revenue will be established, and it will be very apparent to all that it is in everyone's best interest to move forward with the HCL and then of course a revision of the exchange rate. I don't see it dragging out another 10 years. It might not happen "tomorrow" or even "this week", but the conclusion is inevitable. Hang in there, everyone. See my answer above. In summary... HODL your Dinar! There's no reason to fear anything is going wrong, but we'll have to be patient. I completely disagree. You say we are "NO closer"??!! I'm not sure what you are basing that on, but I completely disagree. 1. Yes. Regarding their business model with the auctions, they will continue to make money on them after a revaluation of the currency. I see no reason to be pessimistic about it. 2. I don't think we are wasting our time at all, but if the wait is getting to you... shove your dinars in a drawer and ignore it. I'll send you an email when it's time to do something with it. Such is life in the middle east... always has been, always will be. The price really doesn't change that much. Small fluctuations in auction prices are to be expected, based on the season, politics, volume, etc. The only change we are REALLY concerned with is going to be a major shift in the exchange rate. Hang in there! Thanks for the acknowledgement and kind words. I'll continue to do this as long as it takes. Traveling to warmer climates Cheers buddy! The VIP section has been wild lately! He's still around for the same reason Hillary is... too connected to be charged for the crimes they should be charged with, operating in a corrupt system, manipulating the situation for their own benefit... but I don't see him (or her) causing us any further problems. They are just annoying talking points at this time. Fair to middlin' or better, if you ask me. The possibility of an "in country" RV is certainly there, but IMO they would be stepping on a LOT of the wrong toes if they did that, and ultimately it would prove unsuccessful for them, so I don't see it as a serious threat. Iraq really needs the support of the global financial markets and political figures in order to have a successful RV. They have done a lot to garner that support and gain that confidence, and an in-country RV would immediately diminish their outside support... I just don't see it happening. ================= In crypto news, HOLY MOLY it's been an interesting month already! I could write a complete novel on how that's going, but I'll just summarize... if you haven't put any time or money into researching and investing into the most explosive and ACTIVE thing to ever happen in our lifetimes, it's not too late. Get in VIP, head to the crypto section, and join in with us. Or you can just wave at us when we drive past in our lambos sometime down the road. It's up to you.
  14. Adam Montana Weekly 31 JANUARY 2018

    I didn't catch the SOU last night, but I did listen to it this morning... that was something I was going to talk about this morning but time got away from me. I thought it was a great SOU, and this particular bit was also positive for Iraq (and us with IQD). Nice job, Trump.

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