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  1. Thank you markinsa - hopefully this will help others as well.
  2. For everybody having this issue, the developers have said that it is only present in older browsers. They have also said there is nothing they can do at this time to fix it. Is there any way that one of you can open a different browser or update your browser or take any kind of action on your end to solve this?
  3. ok, I am working with the developers to try and solve this issue. MIT, is there any way you are able to view the site without experiencing this issue? The more info you can provide, the better I'll be able to resolve it! Thank you for reporting it and thanks for your help
  4. Are you having the same issue with Chrome?
  5. Luigi and DT - neither are admins here, and to my knowledge they are not the same person. Why is Luigi allowed here? That answer is simple - my stance has ALWAYS been that I prefer the rumors be posted here, not on other sites, because here we have an open forum where people are able to discuss the potential legitimacy of the topics. On other sites, anyone who questions the legitimacy of said rumors/articles/etc are silenced.
  6. Safari on what kind of device? Does the same thing happen if you use a different browser? Markinsa, what browser are you using on your Android device? And have you tried a different one?
  7. I edited your post to protect your privacy. I also looked into the support system, and I see that you have been sent several replies, yet you never acknowledge them... this tells me that you are not getting our emails, which is a problem on your email provider's end. We can't fix this - I advise you to ditch the "" email and switch to gmail.
  8. Hey hey it's Hump DAY! Let's do some housekeeping here real quick. I believe we're 100% moved to our new server, and from the positive feedback about the speed of the site, hopefully we can get back to checking on the dinar and not worrying about if we can visit dinarvets or not! As of today, we do not have an RV. I believe that's because we don't have an HCL, but this isn't an entirely bad thing. I say that specifically because there is no reason to believe the HCL will not go through... it's just not happening as fast as we want. Since we can't control the HCL, or the rate of the IQD for that matter, let's focus for a minute on something that we CAN explain... "Who, or what, exactly, controls the rate of the IQD?" In the past, there have been a lot of questions about who controls the rate, what entities can influence an RV, does X or Y or Z have to approve, and so on. Let's break this down, and we will all walk away better educated! The IMF seems to get lumped in with a lot of "guru updates", and I usually conclude that the guru doing the lumping or including simply doesn't know what they are talking about... and time usually proves my assessment correct. I'm sure you are all aware of the recent "brexit" thing, where Britain decided to bail on the EU. There was a ton of "the sky is falling!" mentality, but I never had any major concerns. My thought was actually more like "SWEET! Good for you, ya bunch of bloody wankas! It's about time!" I do regret not having the foresight to short a bunch of British stocks, but in my defense I was so busy I didn't even open the email that would have clued me in to the opportunity until about 2 weeks after #brexit was done... ...but let's get back to my point. When it comes time to RV, Iraq itself isn't even the controlling factor. That might sound weird, but follow along and I'll clarify this. Parliament is not the controlling factor. Abadi is not the one that will "push the button", nor will Shabibi or the IMF. In fact, I posted an article earlier today that shows exactly how little the IMF has to do with anything... they are more and more becoming a useless organization with no more actual influence over the rate of the dinar than the UN has over North Korea. The controlling entity is, and always will be, the CBI - Central Bank of Iraq. And the reason why is extremely simple - because THEY are the ones that regulate and operate the auctions, which is where the rate is set. That's it. End of story Iraqi Parliament does have an influence. The governing bodies in Baghdad and Erbil, the powerful Shiites and Sunnis, and the elected officials that you hear about - they have an influence. Their specific influence, at this time, is regarding the progress of the HCL. We expect to hear that news very soon. But at the end of the day, not one of them can do what the CBI can do... the CBI is the only thing that can change the rate. That's the update. That's where we are, and hopefully I was able to dispel a few of the goofy myths about how much power the IMF has in this game, or who can do X or Y at this time. Final thought.... GO HCL! I'll talk to you all soon.
  9. what browser? What operating system? etc?
  10. IMF officials were labelled ‘clowns’ with ‘serious credibility problems’ last night after saying the British economy will grow faster than Germany and France in the next two years – only weeks after its doom-laden warnings about Brexit. After saying that leaving the European Union could trigger a UK recession, the International Monetary Fund now expects the British economy to grow by 1.7 per cent this year and 1.3 per cent next year. That is weaker than the 1.9 and 2.2 per cent growth forecasts before the referendum, but the UK is still set to be the second-fastest growing economy in the Group of Seven industrialised nations this year – behind the United States – and third-fastest next year, behind the US and Canada. +2 Ukip MP Douglas Carswell said: ‘The IMF has serious credibility problems. It has been seriously wrong for years' The forecasts represent a climbdown for the global financial watchdog after it issued a string of doom-laden warnings over the damage Brexit would do. Ukip MP Douglas Carswell said: ‘The IMF has serious credibility problems. It has been seriously wrong for years. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  11. Please email If you are using an email, it will probably go to your spam.
  12. We're here! If someone could post a picture of a cat, that would kind of complete my life...
  13. Hey hey good day everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, I know my family and I did! We have a couple things to address today, so I'll get right into it. 1. The site has been unbearably slow for some people, but not for others... from time to time, we simply have to move to a different hosting company. It costs over $500 per month just in hosting fees to keep this site running, and the recent service has not been acceptable. I apologize for the annoyance and inconvenience - it is an extremely arduous process to move a site network as large as DinarVets, but I'm done accepting excuses from the current company. You deserve better. What this means to you is that we will have a couple days of possible downtime, and then things will be back to normal. Email communications are done from a separate server, so those will not be affected. Post RV VIP services are also on a completely separate network using different technology, so in the event of an RV during the downtime VIPs will still have 100% functionality. The text function is also on a different system, and to be ultra sure that there is no chance of missing a way to notify people of the latest news when the RV is announced, we have 3X redundancy on everything. To sum that all up... the only part of this network that is being affected with slow speeds and technical issues is the public interface of "". I'll be getting it fixed up and back in shape in the next couple days. Thank you all for your patience during the transition. 2. Ramadan officially ended yesterday, which means my recent hiatus is done and I'll get back to at least weekly updates. If my hunch is right, I may have reason to do more frequent updates... but I'll also be spending time in the VIP section, which is where I hope you will be hanging out as well. 3. Today is Eid al-Fitr, the celebration of the end of Ramadan. I do not expect to see anything breaking today, but as of tomorrow (Thursday) the wheels will begin turning again. We have a lot to look forward to! That's my Wednesday update - I'm going to get back to work on fixing the site issues. GO RV!!!! - Adam
  14. Thank you all for the feedback. Your experience here is extremely important to me, and our current hosting company is just not responding in a manner that makes me happy. Changing hosts on a site this large is no small thing... it is very time consuming and never goes without issues... but the time has come, so it will be done. Again, my apologies for the recent poor quality of service at I greatly appreciate your patience in the coming days while we move to a new and improved host. I'll close this thread now, and a new one will be started once we are completely migrated.