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  1. Follow the money indeed Scooter wasn't a bad guy. He gave us a lot of excellent analysis of events, but IMO he got involved with the wrong people and lost sight of reality. That doesn't make him a bad person, and you didn't call him a bad person, so I just wanted to be sure that is clear. If he's now a lopster, that's his choice.
  2. Like I mentioned a bit ago, my travel schedule played a huge role in this week's chat. I am back with my laptop but the internet is horribly slow and I've only been able to review my emails, communications from my contacts, etc... I have nothing negative to report but I also have no RV to announce... in my opinion, there's a very simple reason: HCL. H. C. L. Now here's the good news: we've seen more on the HCL in the last week than we saw all summer! And THAT has me smiling Parliament is making moves - just look at the news in the News Section here at DinarVets. The HCL (oil agreement) is once again a TOPIC... it was NOT a topic for a few months. Are we close? Obviously closer than a month ago, and I can't say "yep for sure this week!", but the direction is good and there are only a few things left. I'm a fundamentalist, remember? Iraq has the fundamental ability and motivation to RV, and that's something that people either understand or deny. I'm currently picturing the pretty colors on that stack of dinar that is in my safe, I can't wait to cash them in, and for everyone that gave up because the wait was too long... I'm monitoring the situation, and I will email you as needed. Here's the Weekly Q's: I won't comment on the Zim, this is a dinar site and I don't think I've ever offered any opinons on that currency. But regarding the ads, I don't control them- they are standard Google ads. If they want to spend money on advertising Zim, it only helps offset the costs of running this site, and we should thank them. (Of course, if you are a VIP member you don't get ads anyway.) Iraq is making amazing leaps in the technological department! I remember 5 or 6 years ago we were talking about ATMs being more widespread, which was important to handle the "physical cash" aspect... we're well beyond that now. Many things were preventing progress from moving quicker, but we are well beyond that and the time is coming! I don't blame you, I laughed too! Excellent question. I place them about medium importance, but the fact that there is great progress in the war against ISIS as of late is extremely encouraging! 2009 I think.. ? I've been involved in various groups related to this group, and done business with some of our members for much longer than that. I won't give a date or a rate my friend! But no matter when it happens, I'm ready for it. THAT I will promise you!
  3. Amen Caye! @dinarolover I had a rough travel day today but I'm going to do a short post here in a moment, because at the very least I want to answer those that posted in the Weekly Q thread.
  4. Sadly the Budget Man is no longer with us... the last time I asked for him, I was informed that he had some mental issues and was taken to a mental institution or something. I guess with food that good and prices that low, he had to be nuts!
  5. I should clarify one more thing - I think Chris Wallace, in spite of my criticism, I think he did a much better job than the previous "moderators". He earned a couple respect points from me tonight.
  6. Well let me set one thing straight... nobody is giving me dates or rates. I talk to people that are far more connected to the inside workings of Iraq than I myself am, and I'll be blunt - there's been times that they flat out told me "Adam nothing is moving right now." Thats not the vibe right now. I'm not changing my name back to "Buzzy" yet, but I'm returning to cautiously optimistic that we will see some major announcements that will either include the HCL or will be obvious openers for the HCL. Now please don't compare me to a politician ever again we are supposed to be friends here!
  7. Watching the debate right now and listening to the current topic... Mosul. I was curious how they would answer his question. The question was "would you put American troops in" and neither one answered the question but they both say "we " need to do this and "that" is OUR goal... so they are both saying YES, but they danced around it and Chris didn't even call them out. Man, if I had a reason to stay up all night and nitpick how I think the 3 people on tv are all blowing this... oy vey. I'd probably end up on Hillarys hitlist, Trump would get speaking lessons, and Chris Wallace would have to quit and start making hamburgers somewhere.
  8. After the last one, YES.
  9. WOW this thread turned into a riot! ok - I'm on a roll here with forgetting my laptop charger only a few weeks ago and now I missed the last boat/plane back to my hotel this afternoon, so I'm stuck posting from my phone. I bet a few of you can guess where I am based on that statement... if you can, please keep it to yourself or take it to the appropriate forum section (COUGH! osi COUGH!!) ahem... sorry about that, sometimes my throat tickles when I get excited... ...and I'm not excited about missing my plane, I'll tell you that much! Im going to do my best to break down some news tomorrow, but for now with very limited posting access this will be brief. Ive been watching the efforts to take back Mosul. (It's all over the news). I'm hearing VERY good things from my contacts in Iraq, backing up the positive stuff we are all seeing in regards to the fight against isis. I like it. Also good news is hearing about parliament continuing to hold timely sessions. Next stop... hcl? Let's hope so! Ill also get the weekly questions in tomorrow. At the end of the day, though... no hcl, no rv. talk to you all tomorrow!
  10. Sorry everyone - spotty internet and many meetings this morning. Weekly update is delayed until later - I will send out an email once it's up. Have a great day!
  11. The conversations I have on a daily basis with some of the VIP members would either blow the minds of or go right over the heads of most people! We have some VERY intelligent and successful people here, not limited to the 2 you just mentioned.
  12. I wanted to respond to that one but I didn't have the words at the time... you responded brilliantly my friend! 5 stars, a green rock, and yet another example of why I am very happy to have you on my team Cheers brother!
  13. Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday!! First to dispel a little rumor that was running about the Dinar Airwaves over the week... according to my most reliable sources, Maliki is not going to be returned as VP or any other significant role. I'm sure this isn't the last we will hear from Maliki, because he has nothing to lose by continuing to file motions, appeals, requests, etc... but I really don't think we need to worry about him for the present time, or the near future. Iraq and the Iraqi Dinar: Around the end of August I had mentioned my slight optimism for September and greater enthusiasm for October. With October almost halfway over, I'm forced to reign in some of my enthusiasm... but not all. Here's my latest thoughts: 1. I believe I was mistaken recently when I mentioned the budget was set based on an anticipated $60 ppb... according to this report, it was actually set at $45, which is probably only slightly off from the year-to-date average! You all know I don't place a lot of importance on the "Budget", as they release it to the public, but for them to continue showing this kind of control over their assets and finances is a GREAT thing for the world to be able to place confidence in a big increase in the value of the Iraqi Dinar. This year's budget was completed and published right about the 1st of the year, which was a huge improvement over the previous decade. As of right now, they look to be on pace to do it again, or maybe even earlier! Again, this is exactly what they need to be doing in order to do an RV and most importantly, support the higher rate. They are doing great at this! I'll leave this link here for reference, we may want to review and compare it once the next budget is released/published. (Hopefully we won't care at that time! But just in case. ) 2. On the topic of oil prices, Iraq is very much involved in the recent OPEC movement to control production and get the prices moving back up. As of Monday, oil hit $53... remember the chart I posted recently? YEP! That might be happening! The head of BP says he is expecting $55-70 coming soon. This stuff isn't written in stone, but it's certainly a good indication of the efforts being taken, and Iraq will certainly gain confidence as a result. 3. Also cheering for Iraq and basically giving them a big ol' green light is the IMF. It's important to understand that the IMF can't force them to RV, or stop them from doing it either, but when they have the IMF on their side, it's a great thing! Check out the latest: 4. But, to get to my reason for reigning in *some* of my optimism for this month... we still don't have an HCL or much news about it's implementation. It's great that Oil is going the right direction. It's awesome to have the IMF praising them, it's fantastic that they are making timely progress on the 2017 budget, but... without that HCL, I have to go back to "cautiously optimistic" at this time. On a more positive note, it's widely believed that the HCL is pretty much done and it's only a phone call away from being published in the Gazette and made official. That could certainly happen any day, even today or tomorrow! But until it's done, or we hear more about it, we remain patient. 5. I'm surprised a "guru" hasn't said this yet, but the US of A really does play a major role in our global economy. That's a long conversation in and of itself, so I won't get too deep on my thoughts about where our country is going... but does it stand to reason that perhaps some of Iraq's foot dragging has to do with wanting to see the outcome of our Election? I've put some thought into it, and I haven't come up with any conclusive reasons why they would consider that a major factor, but I'm open to ideas. Feel free to discuss! I'll be reading. Finally, a little housekeeping - there were a few bugs in our support system and here on DinarVets that needed some tweaking. I was DREADING it, because I knew it was going to be a nightmare! As it turned out, it was only an 18 hour day of staring at the computer, emailing and calling tech support, starting over, scrapping progress, starting over, banging my head on the keyboard... The good news is the bruises on my forehead are barely visible as of now, and the bugs have been fixed. The support emails are all tested and working great again - wooot! I also did a limited test on the text message system just to be sure it was still perfect, and received a 100% success on it, so that is good too! I apologize if I anyone freaked out! And if you didn't get a text, do NOT worry, it was a LIMITED test and not all members were subjected to it. As long as you are VIP and your phone number is entered on your profile (it is private, nobody can see it except my staff and I), then you are good to go. ======================== // =========================== Here's the weekly Q's: eburt I quest I will get things started - You are correct, nobody knows if it will ever hit, much less exactly when. I'm not throwing my hand in yet! I'm very positive on the recent progress. 1. Yes. 2. The majority of options/opportunities tend to start with an RV, but they are not exclusive to Dinar. The problem I currently have with moving forward on them is that they are prepared for a large group, and even if I take the entire list of accredited investors we have in the group, that's not quite enough to make these things work. I aint scared of no Maliki! ======================== // =========================== That's it for now... stay cool and GO RRRVVVVV!!!!! - Adam
  14. Just about to post my weekly. There was a lot to look into this morning! Sorry it's later than usual.