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  1. Nobel laureate says bitcoin is likely headed for a total collapse
  2. I completely agree Skeetdog. Bitcoin seems like another dot com bubble to me. But it all about timing. I don't see any Government just letting their control of their currency ever being relinquished Plus it too volatile for me. Nano Crystal Electricity on the other hand provides a world of good.
  3. Nano Crystal Electricity. Here's is an explanation
  4. Instead of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Research Nano Crystal Electricity. This technology will change lives and the world. 2019 Mercedes Benz cars will have this technology. You will be able to power devices without plugging them in. Wireless power. Take your electric coffee maker camping with you. Or your blender. Or a small refrigerator. No outlets??? No worries. This change will be like when we went from using candles to the electric light.
  5. I don't understand how Maliki isn't in jail or dead. When they started the corruption crackdown, why wasn't he the first one arrested?? Or is everything I've read about him a lie? It's hard to know the truth over there. But it's kinda like here and our political system, when you think about it.
  6. Here's why cryptocurrencies could soon be facing a big crackdown
  7. Well hopefully, Abadi and his list of 13 demands is just a negotiating poi. The art of the deal. Start crazy high on demands, knowing only five or six will be agreed upon. I hope. Otherwise this situation with the Kurds is far very far from resolved. In my opinion.
  8. Bitcoin Taxes

    Thank you Synopsis. Happy New Year to you as well! I too noticed his hoodie and logo. Maybe he's invested in Cannabis farms or some other means. Possibly a good investment.
  9. Interesting video. Opinions and gathering information are important.
  10. Interesting video. Opinions and gathering information are important.

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