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  1. PS, if you have a smart phone down load a digital wallet app. They are free at play store. Get prepared.
  2. Cryptocurrency will replace all other currency. A one world currency will put everyone on an even playing field. No more currency manipulation. Trade will flow more easily. Laundering and black market will be reduced if not eliminated. Digital Dinars will come to pass. Being gold backed could truly increase the value. This will become a reality. For a while. This was predicted back in 1988 in the "Economist" magazine. A one world currency called the Phoenix
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 6 December 2017

    Make sure you report gains to the IRS if you have them. The IRS is very very interested in Bitcoin. In fact they have requested all the files from Coinbase of all their clients. Look out for AUDITS. I read an article that of the hundreds of thousands of customer Coinbase has, only approximately 900 reported gains or losses. The IRS figures they are losing out on billions of dollars in tax revenues. They don't like that. The bubble is going to pop. Probably around April 15. When folks will need to liquidate some assets to pay their taxes bill.
  4. I think the Central Bank is ready to return serve!! They are in the midst of the third annual conference today and tomorrow.
  5. Conference of financial victory

    All the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together at this moment in time. The victory celebration, the emergences from Chapter 7, the third annual conference of the Central Bank, the budget is close to if not already approved. The long wait maybe very close to completion
  6. Wow, the timing on this looks good. Seems like it should be very meaningful towards their monetary policy
  7. Thanks Yota and Good morning. This looks promising. I hope this tone doesn't change in 10 mins.
  8. Good for Trump. He is not intimidated by Arab threats. They need very little reason for violence. Oh it's Thursday and you are wearing something I don't approve of. That means WAR!!! THEY ARE RIDICULOUS
  9. They threatened more violence??? What a laugh. That's all they know is violence in the middle east. Five thousand years tells us that.
  10. CBI News 11/27/2017

    I believe this is if we as AMERICANS have a open bank account with a foreign bank in a foreign country. Right?. Like a Swiss bank account. So Belize looks good
  11. Workshop on the WTO Accession of Iraq

    Six Steps to become a member of the WTO
  12. Workshop on the WTO Accession of Iraq

    For your consideration. Six steps to become a member of WTO

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