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  1. normala rashid


    Could be RI at 22 july , 22 august , 22 september 2018 . 22 is my secret number and on this date many happens in my life . So i was locked this date maybe RI will happens . LoL .
  2. My country has been block to trade with iran . I hope iran dont stay in illusion . Nobody can support . I hope iran will change their mind in last minute before august .
  3. normala rashid

    Flexible Management of Foreign Currency

    hahhha .. 3 times that master yota posting this article in here. My opinion was iraq will go international to reduce the amount in circulation notice on this words The source, who asked not to be named, said that Iraq is one of the countries that fully secured their reserves of foreign currency to cover demand by more than 100 percent of the dollar. “ Iraq is one of the countries fully secured their reserves of foreign currency cover demand dollar.”
  4. normala rashid

    CBI News 06/28/2018

    Iraq will go to international in July but rate slowly increase by demand in the market( scenario like Vietnam ). When inflation is less you can see that's time IRAQ will RI(imo in September ) that currency. I have shared how delete 3 zero can happen in the opinion section. You are lucky if you have saved your money in Iraqi bank or try to install mobi and buy IQD digital in mobi . IMO IMO IMO ...
  5. I don't know what people reaction and thought about FDI ( Foreign Direct Investment ) but for me is good knowledge to invest in another country ( in stock ). IMO . 10. French 9. India 8. Germany 7. Singapore 6. Brazil 5. Ireland 4.Netherlands 3. China 2. UK 1. US Statistic at 2018
  6. I think CBI have achieved the target in the auctions. Time goes to transform the economy
  7. normala rashid

    CBI News 06/28/2018

    maybe his have achieved reforms in 2018 .... time goes global
  8. The value of national currency of each country depends on a myriad of factors among them economic situation of the country in the world, efficiency of the government and securing the costs, political, legal and judicial stability for attracting foreign investments, observing the international law and regulation and being in line with international changes, etc. Devaluation of national currency results in many social and psychological impacts. When national currency is being devalued, people feel a sort of humiliation in relation to other strong currencies. In addition, changes in the value of currency and in its volume, which is the result of such changes, brings about many hygienic impacts. read more
  9. everything is drama... the citizen will start a protest when the economy becomes weak and currency is worthless. The BIG SUPRISE will be coming in the last September. IMO
  10. OUW....... why you face looking sad .... we very happy. This is country take a long for elections.
  11. normala rashid

    25,000 IQD note = $75,000+ In 2003

    Iraq need replace the old notes just because to implement this and IS very difficult to bring out large notes when rates are higher and that is not normal. " IMF = Measures to prevent money-laundering, counter the financing of terrorism, and strengthen the anti-corruption legislation need to be implemented."
  12. normala rashid

    25,000 IQD note = $75,000+ In 2003

    people exchange old notes to new notes without zero ... you still get value 25000 in the bank(in system ) but you can withdrawal money 2million only with card.
  13. well.... iraq will replace with new notes and same value now. After that RI . imo
  14. normala rashid

    The Vietnam Stock Potential To Growth

    Hoa Phat Group JSC (HPG) Debt less Production Growth Bullish Hoa Phat Group Joint Stock Company is a Vietnam-based company primarily engaged in the steel sector. The Company's operation is organized under four segments, including Steel segment, which manufactures steel and cast iron in various forms, such as sheets, bars, rolls and pipes, as well as steel-making materials and steel drawing machinery; Industrial segment, which produces and trades construction and mining vehicles and equipment, along with household appliances, refrigerators, home and office furniture; Agriculture segment, which farms cattle and poultry, processes and preserves meat, as well as manufactures and distributes animal feeds, fertilizers and agricultural supplies, and Real Estate segment, which constructs civil engineering projects and leases houses, offices and land.
  15. Investing in stocks and shares is already a tricky business, but it becomes even harder when we, as Muslim investors, have to deduce if a share is halal to invest in or not to fit our overall halal investment strategy. IFG has been inundated with requests to shed some light on how exactly Muslims can go about analysing whether a particular share is halal to invest in – this article will enable you to do that. We can’t promise that this will be an easy read, but we are keen to empower you with the tools you need to do help you ascertain whether or not a company is sharia compliant or not. We understand that many of you will not have the time or the wherewithal to sit and analyse a bunch of companies for sharia compliance. To this end, part of our consultancy service is to allow you to simply instruct IFG to give you a yes or no verdict on your chosen basket of companies. My reference ( ) Income statement - Interest Expense (Income) - Net Operating - borrowing Interest Income (Expense), Net Non-Operating - investment READ MORE >> FINANCE

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