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  1. 14 points!!! I wonder what number the revaluation of the Dinar is..........
  2. The U.S. expressed the desire for Iraq to speed up the seating of the government and now the UN is doing the same. Have they done this before with previous Iraqi election nonsense? If not, why now. It almost seams as though Iraq is holding up the greater plans of the "Powers That Be" on the world stage. I've often heard the RV is in the hands of Iraq, CBI, etc, but this has made me think that although Iraq has her finger on the RV button it is the thumb of the PTB that has started to push down on that finger. Never really thought this way before but JMHO.
  3. Unless this chaos and the threat of civil war causes the RV button to be pushed to pacify the masses.
  4. Rugbylaird19

    CBI News 07/17/2018

    I know FATCA has been around for awhile but I've never heard of it so often over the past year or so.
  5. Two more weeks??????? It sounds as if there is only one team going from city to city...
  6. Rugbylaird19

    Guru Nonsense

    Unless this is a super secret special tier 5 edition. LOL.
  7. Rugbylaird19

    Iraq Wants To RV On Or By The 4th Of July.

    I cannot wait till the 4th of July when I receive my tier 5 text with my 800 numbers.
  8. So they're smuggling Iraqi dinars in to Iraq? Somebody knows something.
  9. I bet there's a lot of butt cheek clenching going on right about now in Iraq.
  10. Thank you sir but I am just a humble (constant) lurker and occasional poster so please extend those emeralds to those more worthy.
  11. To bad we can't call Gen. Blackjack Pershing and his pigs blood dipped bullets.
  12. Dude, that's pretty dark............I like it.
  13. I'm going to take it as a window. Gives me something to hold on to. Maybe someday it will be a door. Like the one on the front of my bank.
  14. If true then we have a window between now and July 8th?

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