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  1. Rugbylaird19

    How could IQD RV at 1:1 with oil production???

    Don't forget that much of today's money is digital. Lets say you have a million Dollars in your bank account. Do you actually have that amount sitting in the vault? No, it's all on paper. Placed there by a few swipes on the keyboard. In fact very little money is exchanged these days. Buy a house, car, or boat, usually a check. Pay bills on line or over the phone, most likely credit card or electronic check. With these thoughts, lets say you walk into the bank with a million Dinar to exchange. Do they give you a million Dollars? No, they credit your account. It's there and it's not. Not an expert just my thoughts.
  2. They might consider an RV if they got a taste of their own "worthless" medicine. The World Bank should pay them in Dinars.
  3. All this news is just plain teasing us.
  4. I was beginning to give up on January as a potential RV month. I'm now beginning to rethink that. Fingers crossed.
  5. Rugbylaird19

    Urgent....In Iraq Now...1 to 1...Contractors paid.

    1 to 1!!! Will be at the bank Sunday night to guarantee I'll be first in line Monday morning.
  6. Rugbylaird19

    Frank26 On the 30th, of December, lifted the 3 zeros

    And the 13th, though a Sunday, is the beginning of their work week. Please, please, please.
  7. Rugbylaird19

    Let us have a THINK

    I'm just trying to understand why there would be a run on the banks by the locals "cashing out". A post RV Dinar (lets say 1 to 1) that is internationally traded (accepted everywhere) would be no different than our dollar. If the exchange rate changed between the dollar and another currency that favored the other currency, I don't see the American people running to the banks to exchange.
  8. Now lets address the flood gates holding back the RV.
  9. Rugbylaird19

    Let us have a THINK

    If the Dinar becomes internationally traded at the same time as the RV, I don't think there will be a run on the banks. Why wouldn't they use their own money in their own country just like we do with ours. As for the imported good, If they're already in country they'll use their own currency like you and I buying something made in China in our local Walmart. If on the other hand they go and purchase in that country, they'll exchange over there like you and I would do if we were traveling abroad.
  10. " will be kept safe by U.S. forces until an Iraqi government is set up...: Sounds to me like the carrot on a stick. You don't get this gold until you have a fully seated government!!!
  11. " discuss ways to improve the work of their ministries." How about SHOW UP!!!
  12. Are these not the last three? If so, lets get this done!!!
  13. Thanks Synopsis. Will give me something to hold on to.......until the next thing comes along. LOL
  14. It sounds to me that he does NOT want the Dinar linked to a lesser value currency.
  15. Rugbylaird19

    Go Iraq

    And what is Iran going to do with Iraqi Dinars? Not challenging you, 6ly410, just questioning Iran agreeing on accepting non internationally traded currency.

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