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  1. Been disappointed so many times in this investment, yet with all the amazing news coming out, it's getting harder and harder to stay grounded.
  2. Rugbylaird19

    Go Iraq

    Didn't Adam also mention "10 days" in his weekly or is that included in your summation of things happening. Either way it does give one hope for something to possibly happen.
  3. Rugbylaird19

    Go Iraq

    It took an Economic Expert to say that now? They could have asked anybody on this site about the growing mistake of continued auctions over the last few years.
  4. Rugbylaird19

    Go Iraq

    They are saying both 1point200 and 1coma200. Could this be the difference in regards to the deletion of the zero's? IF it was 1,200.00 and the decimal point was moved three places to the left then it would become 1.200.
  5. I know the feeling. Yes I want this to happen for me BUT there are so many people around me, both family and friends, that are in a world of hurt. So frustrating not being able to move this thing along.
  6. Rugbylaird19

    Go Iraq

    Can't imagine having all those stacks of Dinars. There must be about $300 dollars sitting there.
  7. Rugbylaird19

    Go Iraq

    Agreed. I would think an Iraqi, living in Iraq, would be inclined to use their money in their country. One particular crustacean in the bottom of a certain tank stated that if there was a RV, there would be a run on the banks in Iraq by all the Iraqis and there would be nothing left for us. Could never understand why he would think such a thing.
  8. Good catch!!! I like your "reach" much better.
  9. Noticed Adam didn't say X amount of days or XXX amount of days but XX. Possibly double digits? At most, within 99 days from now? As Synopsis would say, "maybe something maybe nothing" LOL. Not holding Adam to anything just wishful/hopeful reaching on my part....
  10. Rugbylaird19

    Go Iraq

    The Power of Positive Thought. I like it!!!
  11. I use to read these statements and get up early so I would be first in line at the bank only to be disappointed. I wised up. After 8 or 9 times I'm not falling for this again.
  12. Don't know about anybody else but it has gotten to be a "trigger" word with me. At the gas station earlier. Pushed the intercom button to let them know I was having problems with the pump. The voice replied that someone would be out to assist me SOON. I almost frickin" lost it. LOL
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