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  1. Adam says "third world". I say Costa Rican research perhaps???
  2. I never thought that there would be a "complete" big red wave since Biden was guaranteed the Electoral College in both Ukraine and China.
  3. This is the first time I could either go far left or far right and pass on middle of the road. 😉 (A little political humor)
  4. Either Adam is busy or he's waiting for his next pitcher of Rum Runners while already lounging on the beaches in Costa Rica...
  5. So it RVs at $8.50-$9.00. Then they lop so it ends at .85-.90. Just trying to make this possible LOL.
  6. Maybe Adam is already in Costa Rica and forgot to tell us.
  7. How to get rich quick: 1) Invest in Iraqi Dinar and hope for a substantial RV or 2) Become a corrupt Iraqi politician...
  8. I always thought a substantial RV would be a catalyst for the economy to fire up. It's hard to invest in, or start a business when you have no money or money with little value, JMHO.
  9. Just started my day. Wasn't the HCL supposed to be addressed today? Anyone want to spoon feed me or do I have to read and research like everybody else?
  10. "...meeting was consultative..." I guess they all sat around and talked about what they were going to do on their holiday.
  11. Or you could fly to Vegas (Where people and currency's from all over the world visit) cash in your Dinar for chips, Go up to your room, order room service and call it a night. In the morning you have an emergency, have to leave, cash out your chips and unless you ask for a specific currency, walk away with dollars. Just thinking outside the box before they catch me and lock me up in one.
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