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  1. I know it's 4000 years old but it looks like a memo from the Central Bank saying that they're going to RV soon.
  2. Haven't had my coffee yet but how would/could this be related to or Dinar/RV, if it is at all?
  3. Isn't it the World Bank or the IMF or UN that is supposed to be watching over Iraq? And if so, don't they see what the auctions are doing?
  4. Sometimes I feel like we are so so, so close. Then something occurs and I feel like this is never going to happen.😖
  5. I keep hearing people comment after this agreement was made that 2020/ first quarter should look interesting. I'm thinking it would be better if the RV took place now so that the Dinar rate would have enough time to stabilize before the 1st of the year and the implementation took place. I'm not embarrassed enough to admit that there are way smarter people on here than me, but if it was my budget, and revenue sharing, I would like to know exactly what I was sharing. Not just in the percentages.
  6. The corruption HAS to stop. If now or one day I was getting a piece of the action I might think differently, but for now, and until further notice, the corruption HAS to stop.
  7. The "redenomination" before appreciation is what concerns me. They don't define the what or how.
  8. In total agreement. Have lost track of how many times the light at the end of this tunnel has been extinguished. I really believed in this past year. Especially late spring/early summer. Now most of us are looking at next year already and yet it's only early November. Tired, but in the words of Eric Clapton "...lately I've been running on faith..."
  9. Thanks Adam for the uplifting news. Nice diversion from "Dorian" coming to visit me in a few days.🌪️⛈️
  10. good sir. One can learn something everyday...even from a clown. Enjoy all your posts.
  11. I understand that. I was questioning the "identical" verbage. Still hoping for the best.
  12. Delete zeros from Iranian currency--LOP. Delete zeros from the Iraqi currency--RV HELP!!! Is this Arablish or what????
  13. At one time I was square with the world and riding high in the saddle. Over the past few years, due to financial and health issues, I NEED this to happen. A windfall, lottery, Dinar RV, ANYTHING!!! This was once fun. Daydreaming about what I would do post RV for myself and those around me. Hanging in there but just plain tired. Apologies for the unload...
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