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  1. I cannot help but read this in the same way. However, I've often heard from some on this site that this was an "inside Iraq only project" and all notes outside Iraq (like the ones we hold) would retain their face value. At 1 to 1,for instance, 25,000 IQD = 25,000 dollars.
  2. Rugbylaird19

    How many overall members does DV have?

    Maybe if we all sound off. Ready go!......."One"
  3. Rugbylaird19

    Adam Montana 14 November 2018

    No facts or figures. Just think it would make sense for the RV to occur before the end of the year to allow it to somewhat stabilize before heading into 2019. They've been moving forward, the news has been great and there's still 45 days left in the year. plenty of time to take care of outstanding issues like Budget, HCL, Maliki, Corruption, etc. Sorry I used both Maliki AND corruption. I forgot they were interchangeable.
  4. Rugbylaird19

    Adam Montana Weekly 31 October 2018

    Might be tempting if this "other section" existed. LOL. BTW, VIP is a great deal, unfortunately finances are a bit tight. I have already accepted the idea of "I couda, shoulda, woulda. With that said, I truly wish the best for my D'VER brother and sisters.
  5. Rugbylaird19

    Adam Montana Weekly 31 October 2018

    Me too. I appreciate Adam keeping us grounded but when he leaves us hanging with, "chasing down some leads" You tend to get excited. Rumors aside maybe we could start another section where Adam could elaborate. It could be called "Adams Hunches", "What I'm hearing", "What I've Been Told" or "Leads that I'm Chasing Down", etc. LOL.
  6. I wonder if their last internationally recognized currency is included in their antiquities display.
  7. Though the Kurds did not get the percent that they wanted, I thought they begrudgingly agreed to the budget already.
  8. Well said. And yes we wait. But after all this time I truly believe that somethings got to give.
  9. Why would Iraqi's travel/visit/vacation in other countries if their money wasn't accepted there?
  10. Oh goody!!! I thought we were running out of conflicts or delays. God, or Allah, forbid that they wrap this up in a timely matter
  11. Am I reading this right? Iraq didn't want to give Iran Iraqi Dinars as well? I wonder/hoping that it was for another reason besides the whole U.S. sanction thing going on......
  12. Never to hear the name Iraq again...........Dare I Dream.
  13. I'm thinking/hoping before 2019 with the thought that if it came out sooner, it would have more time to become stabilized before going in to 2019.

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