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  1. Are we deleting from the local currency (the notes themselves), or from the nominal rate (exchange rate), or pulling in all large denominations ahead of the distribution of smaller denominations?
  2. Rugbylaird19

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Adam believes in a .10 cent revaluation. I would take .05 cents to walk away and never have to look at that face again
  3. "calmness" I like your choice of words. I've been feeling that very way, regarding this investment, for the past two months. Not knowing where it was coming from.
  4. Rugbylaird19

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Has the question regarding the 50 billion that Maliki somehow acquired been completely swept under the rug???????
  5. Rugbylaird19

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    If I was born yesterday and read this memo mentioning a person called "Maliki" I would be so grateful for this person to be in some sort of power in Iraq. I hope the Iraqi people are not so blind.
  6. I've heard this as well but I also heard that this was to occur inside Iraq only (if this is at all possible) and would not effect notes held by us.
  7. I've often told myself that once I cashed out I would walk away and never look back at Iraq or the middle east as a whole. However, I'm inclined to keep tabs on Maliki for the sole purpose of one day watching him swing from the tallest tree...
  8. Rugbylaird19

    Sources Are Confirming 1 to 1 Exchanges In Iraq.

    Agreed. I once commented how I liked the rumor section. It was a place you could share information that you couldn't, for one reason or another, back up with facts or sources But now this section is outright used and abused. Shame....
  9. Loving the fact that Maliki is mentioned....
  10. Rugbylaird19

    Sources Are Confirming 1 to 1 Exchanges In Iraq.

    Guru's confirming guru's. Right up there with the blind leading the blind.....
  11. Rugbylaird19

    Breitling - There’s Going To Be A Hard Revaluation !

    Someone has to ask,"What was the difference in his worth before he became Prime Minister and now. So frustrating.
  12. I'm beginning to think the GOI wants to do and try everything else first, before it even considers that a revaluation of their currency might quiet the masses, stimulate the economy, give the private sector a shot in the arm, and restore basic every day services. How much frickin' worse does this have to get?
  13. This amount of corruption just sickens me. Of course if I was getting a nice slice of that pie I might feel differently, but I'm not, so this just sickens me........
  14. Rugbylaird19

    CBI News 07/24/2018

    Math was never my strong point and so I don't understand your numbers but that doesn't mean that I don't like them. LOL

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