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  1. If I needed a thousand dollars to cover my bills and all I had in my pocket were ten one dollar bills BUT, I had the power to make those dollar notes worth a hundred dollars each, I would!!! Of course I don't have that ability but Iraq does. This is what I find so frustrating. What are they waiting for??? The situation will never be perfect. Done venting...
  2. Apologies, upcoming session is when??? And of course, thanks Adam.
  3. I told Adam NO to my number....I thought he was hitting on me😉
  4. I didn't expect a RV but I did think this was major news. Right up there with an announcement regarding the passage of the HCL.
  5. I've often heard how many of us on DV believe that the HCL has been done and just needs to see the light of day. Also that enough of the GOI has been seated for things to move forward. If this is the case then all we are waiting on is for the auctions to stop. Since this has apparently happened, I'm wondering why this thread hasn't exploded. I thought I would wake up this morning to a thread marked HOT with tons of replies. Did I miss something? Is everyone already in Vegas or down in Costa Rica?
  6. That seems to make the currency selling window sound like a good thing,
  7. So the big question is, Will the Dinar RV in time before the XRP takes off?
  8. Quite a few people were expressing optimism for first quarter and we're still there for another two weeks. Let's hope.
  9. The amount of times that I gave up on this investment seem to be running neck and neck with how many times the Dinar was supposed to RV.
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