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  1. Thanks Adam for the uplifting news. Nice diversion from "Dorian" coming to visit me in a few days.🌪️⛈️
  2. good sir. One can learn something everyday...even from a clown. Enjoy all your posts.
  3. I understand that. I was questioning the "identical" verbage. Still hoping for the best.
  4. Delete zeros from Iranian currency--LOP. Delete zeros from the Iraqi currency--RV HELP!!! Is this Arablish or what????
  5. At one time I was square with the world and riding high in the saddle. Over the past few years, due to financial and health issues, I NEED this to happen. A windfall, lottery, Dinar RV, ANYTHING!!! This was once fun. Daydreaming about what I would do post RV for myself and those around me. Hanging in there but just plain tired. Apologies for the unload...
  6. Not sure if this article was about the HCL. More about the Kurdish exportation of oil. Hopefully...
  7. Although Adam agreed with his post, it was Presence who mentioned August 2nd. Right? Just checking...
  8. Can't wait for that, "Eagle has landed" or "The Fat Lady has sung" or whatever...
  9. I would soooo love this if it wasn't in the rumor section.
  10. Then again, If ARCEO sells his Dinar, It would probably RV. Hey ARCEO, why don't you take one for the team LOL. Kidding...Try hanging in there awhile longer. Good things are starting to happen.
  11. Understand completely and thanks for the response. Ithought it was me, my eyesight and small phone screen
  12. Read and re-read. Can someone find me a quote regarding this weekend. Hard reading this on my phone.
  13. This section was put here for a reason. It's a shame it's being abused.
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