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  1. its gone down more than that before and well yoyu know...
  2. And the roller coaster ride continues
  3. So, what the hell are they waiting on now
  4. jake21

    IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Guys, all you need to watch is the CBI SITE! That's the only one that matters
  5. Jubouri said if they don't show up tomorrow he will put his foot down and postpone it for a week
  6. Jubouri is an !#@$*#* joke!! He's part of the problem
  7. This country is a complete joke and all That are in control Abadi, Jubouri, etc., are just as corrupt as the rest. There are reasons why they keep pushing everything off. Think about it; they were asking for 80+ billion so they could stuff their pockets and we're "insulted" when they only got less than half. They will stall as long as They can, they really don't want change
  8. Or they said it was
  9. This was signed months ago wasn't it
  10. Watch the Gurus heads explode with this one

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