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  1. And whom is this Kim Chick?
  2. ???????????????????????
  3. Because Iraq is as corrupt as he is
  4. We had to know that when the articles came out last week saying that they were thinking of using Dinars we should have known it was crap
  5. Unfortunately I don't think so. They have their head so far up their ass, they can't see the forest for the trees
  6. What do you know Davis411? Come onvspill it
  7. Nice, Chocolate is a cure all for everything
  8. Sorry guys, but there will be no such GCR. Its a made up thing by Gurus
  9. Well said RW.Sutto. NewbiDA, REALLY?
  10. me too will believe it when i see it
  11. This will set off Sadr and the people. Not good for Abadi
  12. If this is a factual article, it should be known to the american people and the media should be all over this. Obama and Hillary knew about this and should be called out
  13. Guys, came across this, it kinda explains the article and the rate of the dollar I would like to firstly thank you for following BasNews.As you may have notices, Our new Website was launched on 27th January and the section showing currency exchange rates into IQD may sometimes fail to function accurately. We are working and will fix it very soon.Here I send you the exchange rate in Erbil according to the local stock markets this evening:$1 = 1284 Iraqi Dinar €1 = 1360 Iraqi Dinar I hope you a joyful stay in Erbil.Regards,Sardar SattarBasNews Agency