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  1. Guys, did you read the article, its saying the reason was for the elections but hearing they are cancelled
  2. Still haven't seen any real evidence that they need to revalue their currency for them to purchase items. They don't seem to be to concerned about what the value is to this point
  3. Oh, soory they do say "in the coming days or Soon or shortly...
  4. Is it me, or do they have speech after speech, press conference after press conference, well, you get the picture, and say absoulyely NOTHING!!!
  5. Jubouri is great of saying what you want to hear. He's nothing more than a "quote" with no backbone
  6. Guys, can't you see whats going on? They keep getting these loans from everywhere. All they're going to do is spread the monies out to the politicians and to their dirty buddies. Remember, this is IRAQ! I'm not like everyone else that thinks Abadi is on the up and up.Sure he's done some great stuff but I still don't trust him. Isn't he who said that the liberation will be by the end of the month, now their saying mid May. Why did he put a halt on his armed forces. They were on a roll, then for weeks nothing. Something's not right. I'm beginning to think that they won't RV their currency anytime soon. Why would they? They're getting more money than they can spend right now. You and I know that every scumbag is going to get their hands on it and they really can give a **** about the poor people that are suffering. I know I'm coming off super negative but what tells us otherwise. The articles are just that. They are put out to appease the readers. If they RV someday, It won't be until the CBI decides to. Don't forget, The governer of the CBI is and was a Maliki guy. I'vebeen in tnhis for 8 years now and I'm tired of the rollercoaster ride. But what choice do we have, we're init for the long haul and I have a feeling it's going to a real long haul. Ok, enough of me spurting out crap. Have at me...
  7. Mosul update

    And whom is this Kim Chick?
  8. New CBI Announcement 03/08/2017

  9. Because Iraq is as corrupt as he is
  10. We had to know that when the articles came out last week saying that they were thinking of using Dinars we should have known it was crap
  11. Unfortunately I don't think so. They have their head so far up their ass, they can't see the forest for the trees
  12. New CBI Announcement 02/12/2017

    What do you know Davis411? Come onvspill it
  13. Nice, Chocolate is a cure all for everything

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