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  1. How can you be shocked by the corruption? They see it firsthand in thge US
  2. They finally did i think sometime in the fall
  3. I sadly agree.My feeling is no Budget, no HCL and no RV
  4. Why don't you start by getting the deadbeats to show up to parliament what a corrupt POS
  5. So right! We are not going to see this thing this year
  6. Good point but they are spending with the rate as is makes one wonder if they will do anything soon or see what happens with the current rate
  7. Awesome! Now what's left? Are going to have to wait til April for the auctions to stop
  8. Looks like we're in deep **** then! Nothing will get done
  9. They 're so frustrating to listen to and read. They talk a great game but for once Jubouri, why don't you actually get something done
  10. All due respect, I disagree. I want to agree with you but I just don't see it
  11. Iraq is now an Iranian colony

    Wealthhound, come on now, you mean CNN and MSNBC don't you
  12. The exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, in the markets of the capital Baghdad for today (October 15, 2017).Stock ExchangeSelling price / $ 100 = 126.250 Iraqi DinarPurchase price / $ 100 = 125.250 dinarsPosted on:11:09From:revenuerog1 uh....that's the wrong way folks!! We are not going to see anything soon if this is any indication

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