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  1. Don't hold your breath
  2. How can everyone else in the world see what they need and what they need to do except for these morons!!
  3. Damn! I thought it was actually something important and relevant
  4. jake21

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    If you believe that, I have an island for sale
  5. Exactly right DinarDavo! They just keep going around in circles accusing each other. This will never end
  6. You're giving them way to much credit. They are the most dystfuntional country and thats saying alot considering whats going on our soil
  7. their heads are so far up their ! Alaq just keeps patting himself on the back for what reason I have no idea
  8. Still haven't seen any REAL proof that they intend to reinstate their currency anytime soon
  9. I dont think they actually have a direction and will continue on the path of disfunction

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