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  1. their heads are so far up their ! Alaq just keeps patting himself on the back for what reason I have no idea
  2. Still haven't seen any REAL proof that they intend to reinstate their currency anytime soon
  3. I dont think they actually have a direction and will continue on the path of disfunction
  4. And they want businesses to invest in this circus
  5. We won't see anything this summer
  6. Here we go! Kiss the RV goodbye for the summer
  7. its gone down more than that before and well yoyu know...
  8. And the roller coaster ride continues
  9. So, what the hell are they waiting on now
  10. jake21

    IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Guys, all you need to watch is the CBI SITE! That's the only one that matters

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