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  1. I think if the Kurdish people voted to leave it would immediately trigger the RV because Iraq would need to either turn over it's Gold in exchange for the Dinars (in the Kurd's procession) or it's US Dollars and in either case that would hurt the Iraq's central bank system. If the ICB tried to devalue the dinar it would collapse the dinar under a wave of run on the banks in exchange for USD or Gold and the current Iraq economy and Iraq political parties would not survive the outcome. If Iraq was smart it would give in to the HCL and the other Kurd's demands before Iraq is no more than an Iran extension.
  2. Immediately after the RV I'll be heading to Cuba for some relaxation and stimulation.
  3. “Families are sometimes putting duct tape on their children’s mouths or even giving them Valium or tranquilizers just to keep them quiet so that they are not found out by ISIS (Islamic State) and captured or shot.” That is the difference between a Red Neck American Parent and an Iraqi Parent, a red neck would record their children voices and then use a decoy box to bring in ISIS members and then Kill Them All!!
  4. For 2,350 years these people have been waging a war with each other and for 2,350 they have never had more than 16 years of continuous peace time. So don't ever think we in the USA or the rest of the world can ever make that area peaceful. They live to kill each other, they own children (honor killings), and their wives (honor killings) as much as we live for our children to be healthy, and free to live as they want to live.
  5. The Iraqi Government is like the 32 year old living at home with the parents. They just need a swift kick in the butt and shown the door and told go get a life!!
  6. My belief is if no RV by election day then no more PM Al-Abadi.
  7. "The militia has often been reported by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for committing war crimes in different parts of Iraq. However in late 2016, the Iraqi parliament recognized the militia as a national armed legal force." And under Obama they were able to do what ever they wanted. This is not Obama's Marine Corp anymore but Mad Dog's Marine's and when he lets the Dogs of War loose on those wanna be dishonored soldiers. The PMF will learn first hand what every other nation already knows; A well trained, well armed, US Marine is the most Feared Human on this planet!
  8. Again Corruption!!! They have no honor!! They Care For No One But Themselves!! They do not and will not Ever Change Their Ways!! That is why they will always be a third world society in and surrounded by first world technology. These pictures could have been taken 30 years ago and can be taken thirty years from now and they will still look the same. They sell humans as slaves!! Why do we think they have an issue with taking bribes and stealing from their own countrymen? The entire Middle East is nothing but a cancer on this world always has been and always will be.
  9. Bottom line is Iran wants Iraq and they have all the chess pieces in place to take over, if Iraq's leaders don't get their heads out of their butts soon. If Iran wins the game toss Iraq will become three countries and only the Kurd's will have a chance of survival. Remember Iran is sprinting towards becoming the world domination leader with their Nuclear program. Iran's religious zealot desire to use a nuke on the infidels so they can all see Allah's promise land; because their land sucks and lives suck so bad anyplace is better. Question is who will use them first and who will use them last in this game of nuclear chicken.
  10. If you are right I see a few new toys arriving shortly there after...
  11. Easy just tell him if he opens his mouth to anyone Your Mom will have to move in to keep the kids safe and to help manage the freeloaders. That should work.
  12. Lets see not long ago another family was in charge of Iraq and they ended up at the end of a rope. This type of corruption only works when no one knows about it, but with the internet everyone sooner or later finds out. Then the night time party takes over and the hangings begin. And then no more openly blatant corruption!!
  13. Everyone of those cockroaches needs to be publicly placed into stocks and let the people have at them for a week!!! They will either be killed or disgraced to the point of no return to public life ever again.
  14. But being a foreign military member in Iraq is like having a noose around your neck and waiting for someone to kick the chair. When Iraq gets its leadership back all those Iranians will instantly die. Because the Iranians are stealing from the people and Iraqis hate Iranians already from the decades of war between the two nations. This time though Iraq actually has a real coalition of support and the middle east hates the idea of Iran with a Nuke. So it should not take to long after ISIS falls that Iran is in the cross-hairs again.
  15. Yep....He is too dumb to know and too ignorant to care. Soon the new Sheriff will be lining them up for their special neck tie parties.