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  1. yogaman

    US Gold Standard.

    Bill introduced to House, no more action. Is not passed or sent to Pres.
  2. Is this possibly the CBI formally asking to be put into article VIII? And they accept the responsibilities that go along with that? Maybe, maybe not. But, hope springs eternal.
  3. I've read several times over the years that the plan was to pay the national debt with dinar held in reserve by US.
  5. There are several lower level people now that have been convicted of stealing funds, embezzlement, etc. Dominoes are falling!
  6. ...economic policy in the country, indicating that it will be a different paper. I hope this means lower denoms
  7. yogaman

    Old Sean Hannity clip about dinar

    Do you know who is talking on the video? Sounded pretty accurate to me, but I don't know if this person is credible. Wanted to see if anyone here knew.
  8. yogaman

    Old Sean Hannity clip about dinar

    Thanks bostonangler, can't believe someone negged you for that. Evened you out. I thought this was a well done video, it named things I knew, some I didn't. But, have me a lift!! My wife said it just showed up on her phone as suggested.
  9. Watch "Long Lost Sean Hannity Clip From 2010 Is About To Rock Our Nation and The World" on YouTube
  10. yogaman

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Could this be our big get out of debt move? Even paying all taxes, it would get me out of debt. 😁😁
  11. yogaman

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    All the news lately is curious. Trump just asked for $200 million for aide to Iraq. So why do they need a measly 200 million when they just spent over $21 billion to buy US treasury bonds? It's good for US though, as China and Japan has said they will no longer buy any US debt.
  12. Also done with Iranian support. Remember M's special bodyguards?
  13. This is something we all knew, it was too obvious. I am happy to see suspicions validated. Now, perhaps they can be rid of Malaki once and for all. May have other, unseen consequences as well. What American leaders were in full support of Malaki at that time, hmmmm.
  14. yogaman

    Salman Dead?

    I hope this is not so. His assassination would be a tremendous blow to stability in the ME and his efforts to drag them away from corruption and radical Islam. Look to corrupt family members and especially Iran. The Iranian influence seems to be everywhere now wherever there are corrupt bloated politicians out for themselves and screwing the people. That includes Iraq and the US!
  15. I remain optimistic. Voting for Sadr was an indication of how sick the people are of Iranian influence. Could still be good for Abadi and our investment.

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