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  1. CBI News 01/09/2018

    Pictures of these denoms is awesome!!! Why are they concerned with sophisticated security on a note worth less than a quarter? Hmmmm....
  2. Think about it. If T-bagdaddy was captured by US, that would look really good for Trump. So, of course it could never be reported here.
  3. Sad, just when you think they are progressing into the modern world. They have pushed out ISIS but many savages still abide there.
  4. Thanks juliebug. Very interesting
  5. "After all, this is exactly how ISIS grew exponentially in Syria in the first instance – as a direct result of U.S. foreign policy strategy. In 2012, a classified Defense Intelligence Agency report predicted the rise of ISIS,..." Ok, so they're admitting flawed foreign policy in Obama years gave rise to ISIS, but Trump is to blame. Classic. Also, we're completely believing whatever the Iranians say about it. Because Huma and company are so trustworthy, not to mention Kerry, who arranged that fiasco of a deal. Fake news! Don't let this tripe take away our focus.
  6. Just like Hillarious was going to be president. Fake news. If it did happen, forget about RV, he is bad for our investment and bad for Iraq.
  7. Awesome step in the right direction. We would do well to enact a similar law to prevent Iranian affiliates from running for office or even serving in government. But that would get rid of half of advisors in the DNC.
  8. Gotta love this guy, finally someone in Muslim world promoting tolerance the other way.
  9. Happy Easter everyone! All the meetings lately in DC and with world bank, etc. sound like good economic progress. Staying hopeful...
  10. Former leader and Iranian agent attempts to subvert cabinet of legally elected leader. Hmm mm, sound familiar?
  11. The complete liberation of Mosul would be great news for Abadi to bring to President Trump in a few days. All looking good with our allies. One thing I think is great is Trump's determination to crush these ISIS savages.
  12. I think this is one of the best articles I have seen in a very long time. Only one man's opinion, I never thought there would be an RV until both Obama and Maliki were out of the picture. The Iranian influence is beginning to wane and I believe it to be positive for the right's of the people as well as our investment. BTW, just became VIP, what little I have read so far convinces me it is worth far more than I paid.

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