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  1. Whatshername....Stated and laid out like a true scholar stating facts and not some made up to suit the issues at hand..... Now sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the liberal Trump Haters try to Twist and Spin this crying 90% of it never happened in the 1st place or that it is all Bush's fault. Karsten
  2. Nice, but I would like something a little easier to have serviced other than having to have it shipped back to the factory 2 times a year. I have 2 of these....Same colors same wheels and tires...1 Auto and one is a 6 Spd. So maybe something like this Karsten
  3. Most everyone that was or seemed fair and balanced a few years ago at Fox have all moved to one or the other liberal lame Stream media.....Some I would have never even thought they would.. The ones that didn't leave on their own accord for sexual abuse, were run off, suspended, cancelled or flat terminated like the Judge here recently. I don't miss not having Fox at all these days as I actually get real news from OAN. Karsten
  4. So are you saying trump is going to do the same thing clinton did as SOS....Sell off 20% of the US Uranium to Russia in exchange for large donations to her foundation, Send bill to give pricey speeches and more donations.......Get people jobs for you guessed it....Another donation. Yeppers, pay to play. Karsten
  5. I am just wondering with the current state of affairs (War Torn, bombed, blown up and the rest) what sort of industry did Iraq have and what could they possibly have left after IS. I don't mean this in a bad way but what ever came out of a Factory in Iraq? Karsten
  6. I agree with the above and I am still waiting for B/A and the rest to say just how many Refugees they are will to take in, to house with their teen age Daughters, their Mothers or their extended liberal extended families.....I have a video somewhere that on the street they were asking for Donations to help fund Refugees......No Way. They also asked if they could maybe take a few in, spare bedroom, maybe the couch. Maybe just put them up, feed them and make them comfy....That was a big hell no from the liberals that were screaming to let them in. Let them it is great as long as it is somewhere well away from their families and it doesn't cost them any time, money or the safety of their families. So here is the deal.......Why ship them to a place they for one don't like, they don't speak the language, they don't like the food, they don't like the attire of the ladies....Why not just leave them there in a land they are used to.....Better yet let them go fight the good fight for their homes and their countries rather than come here and expect us to conform while our your Men and Women are losing their lives to fight the battles they ran away from. B/A, Shabs, and who ever........Where is the logic come from that liberals want them here but don't want them so close. Where is the logic that we want Refugees to be safe while sending Our Son's and Daughter's into Harms Way to protect a country They Fled? Difference between many here and across the Nation is that many would fight, they would stand up and protect a LEO in need, they would run to help that person trapped in a car on fire and the list could go on. Where is B/A, Shabs and a few others going to be when their neighbors, their friends and pals need help......Demanding, running around screaming that someone else do the damn job and save them. I will just reach out across the Aisle and say to many here that seam to be Butt Hurt that Hillarious lost, Trump won. Guess what I was distraught over obama winning but I dealt with it. Get over it and either get back to work or figure out where you want to move to that will be better. Karsten
  7. So if that is fear Mongering and hopes that the Average American doesn't fall for it.....B/A, how many Refugees have you signed up to take in and make Welcome in your Neighborhood? 4-6 in your basement and a few more with your daughter and her new husband....Surely your mom and dad will take a few. I guess that ended that line of Fear Mongering as the answer is Hell no, don't want them in his house. That is the liberals way of thinking...Everything is great somewhere else but I don't want them here. Karsten
  8. Well, comey knows something that he will/can only talk about behind closed door to a select group with the proper clearances......Classified....So what does he know he doesn't want the American People to know? Just a guess but just a little more cover for obama. http://www.youngcons.com/stunner-fbi-says-will-give-classified-briefing-on-trump-wiretapping-info/ Karsten
  9. Pretty scary stuff going on that no one knows about. http://freedomdaily.com/woman-went-un-meeting-horrified-heard-obamas-sleeper-cells-planned-us-neighborhoods/ Karsten
  10. I am in about the same spot as Snowglobe.....Having both Dinar and VND one can only hope for something to happen. Karsten
  11. No....Range time, Practice makes prefect Just keeping it real and the left needs to learn that for every action there will also be a reaction and the reaction might not be the out come they expected. The Left has two choices....admit Trump is the new President and let him do his job or continue down the road they are on and I don't think they are prepared for that journey. I am a plenty peaceful person until pushed over that line. Karsten
  12. You all , Believed every drop of drivel that obama spewed for 8 years and what did that get anyone...Foreclosed on, spied on, IRS probes, unemployed, military cut to the lowest in modern time, ISIS fully armed, Dead Americans in Libya, jobs shipped overseas, spendy light bulbs that haft half as long made in mexico, open borders, a totally FUBARed EPA, expensive electrical power, gas prices higher than ever, ammo shortages, Militarizes EPA, IRS and Postal Service even though most never saw any arms or ammo. Stock market tanked, mass influx of muslim terrorists that no one can account for and the list can go on and on and on.... Keep in mind Trump has been POTUS for less than 60 days and he has done more for Americans and Jobs than obama forced out in 8 years. Under obama Ferguson burned, Baltimore burned, countless Police Officers were Murdered, American Hero's were lostand you tell me one damn thing obama did....other than a Beer Garden with the supposed Victim of a Racist Hate crime. Did your worthless obama have the balls to pick up a phone and call Chris Kyles Wife after he was Murdered....In Case you don't Know....Chris Kyle was the best Military Sniper the United States has seen in Years. Chris Kyle also put his life after his service into helping other Soldiers, Wounded Warriors. Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefiels were Murdered trying to help another soldier. Did your wonderful obama spend anyone to either of their Memorial Services? Nope. Your wonderful obama did however spend his people the travon martins service as well as michael browns service....both proved to be thugs. Just a clue for you and Shabs....Get the hell over it. Hillarious lost and she lost for a reason.....America and American on both sides are feed up with corruption, feed up with politician padding their pockets, feed up with obama phones, welfare for the masses, Fake News and Blaming Bush for everything. I am sure you are about the blow a vein or three fuming on some sort of come back like I am a Racist, Homophobic or I just hate stupid people...... Just me being real while the liberal Left is grasping at anything in hopes of saving something they never had, obama would never be able to give them and will Never Happen in American...Socialism or a more common term Communism Wishing all the Snowflakes the best and summer is coming....You know what that means. Karsten
  13. But wait....so who is being truthful here.....Democrat dirty hairy reed or the I already lied to congress and got away with it clapper? http://thirdestatenewsgroup.com/in-october-harry-reid-admitted-that-obama-wiretapped-trump-campaign/ Just sayin.....one democrap against another democrap so the way democraps think they are both telling the truth or so it is supposed to seem to the uneducated masses. Karsten
  14. Now seriously....Can you trust anything a democrat says let alone dirty harry? http://thirdestatenewsgroup.com/in-october-harry-reid-admitted-that-obama-wiretapped-trump-campaign/ Karsten