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  1. Questions For Adam's Update 10-18-2017

    Just wondering and I know no one has a clue.....Everyone seems positive that something is going to happen this month....Adam even eluded to he was a little excited....Amy more thoughts? Karsten
  2. Mark, I will admit to posting anything I come across about the VND on one certain forum here listed as VND Info....Not like it has any fact base to it just to keep some interest going with the VND....I get some pretty good feed back, have been told that back Doc is credible (haven't heard anything in quite a while) I haven't ticked anyone off there....Yet. Karsten
  3. That is because the Worthless GOP didn't and still doesn't have the B@#$s to stand up to him and do anything for the Fear of Being labeled Racist and mistreating the 1st African-American Resident in the WH. Hence he went un checked for 8 years and still he is going about down what ever he pleases. Karsten
  4. The big thing POTUS Trump did was to Roll Back Illegal payment from the Treasury to Subsidize Insurance Companies so they could offer lower priced Insurance to low income families.....obama did not have the power or the Authority to Unilaterally Make Such a Law on his own.....I had to have it ratified Through the House his he completely did an end run around and did this on his own. That in itself is Unconstitutional, Legislative Over Reach and well as Illegal......And the courts have saidit as well....... If Trump were to say the Dems that passed Zero Care had to live under it the same as the rest of the country this BS Bill would never had past in the 1st place and be gone by now........So far Trump only Cut their Subsidiarity so now they have to pay 100% of their Cadillac Plans that you and I don't Qualify for. Karsten
  5. Question about the VND

    Not much to be found about the VND lately other than this. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The wonderfully quiet dong is being reported at 47 cents, or $0.47. That’s the most consistent rate we’ve seen, but if it went as high as two dollars, I would not be surprised. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Karsten <
  6. Sage, Grip open and ready to fire.....Ya just have 5 rounds but you only have to make three hurt.......The rest will run these days. Not good for more than 3 or 4 yards but will make someone stop while you get another round off. .22 LF or .22 Mag in hand is a hell of a lot better than the .44 Magnum your other half left home in the safe. Just sayin and I will leave this here. Karsten
  7. Sage, I will tell you a little secret.....Don't let it out but I also carry a .22 Mag NAA Pug.......Just 5 rounds but hey what BG wants to take just one and come back for more. Small, light, grip covers the trigger.....I have seen a 40 Grn Bullet do plenty of damage. Damn shame what this country has gone to.........Ya all be safe out there, we have some rough times coming. Karsten
  8. One can only wonder what the hell happened to turn, Libya, Syria and Iraq from a wild, wonderful ME Tourist Hot Spot or the 50, 60 and early 70's into this........ Karsten
  9. Get you something you are comfortable caring, go the the range often and practice....S&W 9MM Shield, Ruger LCP or a S&W 638 Airweight 5 round revolver....Just get used to Every Day Carry and not like some think I might be going somewhere bad.......Bad stuff happens everyday and you really don't get to pick and chose....The BG does. Now having a Handgun in LV wouldn't have done you any good as to the distance as well as shooting vertical....You could have or would have if you happened to live in NV. NV has a short list of Reciprocal Carry States of CCW and Utah isn't one of them . I also found this interesting and I thinking there was more going on in LV than we will ever know. Just saying, something is going on and crap is amiss....What we are being feed by the media is not the Truth. While I would doubt the military or government would have some source to pull something like this off......You just have to ask who would do such an act and set up by whom, for what purpose and what was the reward....Quite a few will come to mind if you thnk about it....... Karsten
  10. I have a massed quite the collection of lame Ass Firearms, Ammunition and Magizines.....not a damn one of them works like as these liberal Shoot em Up Washington Fancy Pants claim they do.....Mine just sit there in the safe and do nothing. I put Ammo in the Safe and nothing, I leave the safe door open and nothing....I have loaded a few step them by the door and still they do nothing. I am thinking the Liberals have all the Guns that works seeing as all the Mass Shooting in the past 20 plus Years have been carried out by Registered Democrates, liberals or some other hate group.....Just sayin Killary has people done in daily and the LV shooters plane just happens to be in the Possession of on of obama's Private Contractors.......And the libtarbs want to Blame the NRA and it's Members....News Flash, no NRA Member went out and Murdered anyone today. Just telling ya all how I really feel.....Time for another beer. Karsten
  11. Just come up to $1.30 to 1.70 and we would all be happy for a while.........We get happy and they get a new Country where the Western Folks liked to visit and spend money. Karsten
  12. Fact Checking VEGAS

    The 1st Video makes a lot of great points about the rate of fire and the heat factor after just 60-90 rounds through either a AR15 or AK-47....I have a couple with Full Floating Alloy Hand Guards similar to what he is running....One has Squid Grips Insert for the holes and they don't help much at all.....I would have thought he would have been wearing a leather glove in his right hand. The second vid has a lot of cut a ways so you can't tell if she even ran the drum empty without a FTF issue......In Short they are pricy toys that really don't work much like the 100 round stick mags shown pictured in the Hotel room. Stick to good old 30 Round USGI Mags or Bakelite 30 Round AK mags. Also the Muzzle Break on the gals AR-15 you can see the Muzzle Blast and that would have lite up the night in Vegas........Rifles in the room had muzzle Breaks and not Flash Hiders..... I think this is going to end up as another thing the American People, the Families of the victims or the Wounded never really know what happened......Then the Media is sorta Add Libbing as the days go on to sensationalize everything for rating........ Just my thoughts. Karsten
  13. Sage, Depending where you are located it is not hard to purchase quite a collection of firearms over a number of years....It mostly depends on a persona cash flow. I would say I have as many if not more than He "Allegedly" owned and not one of them has ever hurt anyone...Well other than me having smashed my thumb in a Garand and riping my hand open racking the slide on a 1911 with a sharp rear sight. Some states do have rules limiting one to 1 or 2 guns a month but nothing to really send up Red Flags as long as you pass the Back Ground Check and Yes even Gun Shows do Back Ground Checks. Karsten
  14. Just a few more plausible questions. Karsten

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