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  1. Karsten
  2. Heads need to roll for this and justice needs to be swift......If not the mid terms will be a joke and the rest of the Trump Presidency will be useless thanks to the Deep State and the liberals. Karsten
  3. From the article below. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Oh, and one more thing, at least 50 of the 62 who died on Monday were Hamas fighters Who says so? Hamas does: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Karsten
  4. Karsten

    Are we all victims of group thinking ?

    Well, I have to think about the Frog and the Fish thing myself....It had to come from something I was listening too. I will ponder this more and maybe come up up with an answer Karsten
  5. Karsten

    Are we all victims of group thinking ?

    I will agree that no one really need a FA Weapon but that said if you have the money to afford one and can feed it LEGALLY....Hey, more power to them. I have a number of friends with FA M4's m16's M14's and a couple others things. One guy owns both a Mortar and a Grenade launcher and the paper work has has to keep, go through just to shoot one round off would make me crazy........Now go imagine some of the big FA Shoots they have back East where folks show up with all the fun stuff. Hell I would love to have a GE Mini Gun but this would have to be equipped with a Semi Auto Switch so I could afford to shoot it. Myself, I get sick each and every time there is another school shooting just like today in Texas....I had nothing to do with it nor was it a member of the NRA but guess who will get the blame. Will there ever be a real investigation into this or that school shooting..........Why the Cowards of Broward stood down while Other Officers ran in. Where the system failed, who it was that let these people fall through the cracks.....I doubt it as it doesn't fit the Anti Gun Agenda. I carry a gun every day even if I am not going to leave the house......Not a one of my Firearms have ever hurt anyone but me with a once time Garand Thumb, another time a 1911 rear sight bit me pretty good, 12 gau Shotgun beat me up pretty good after and all day competition and broke all the blood vessels in my chest and I once popped myself in the nose when shooting a pre Ban AR-15 that I forgot the extend the collapsible stock....If ya know the way around and AR you just about put your nose on the charging handle....Now do it with the gun NOT Shouldered Properly....Ouch. As for Illegal Immigration......Just try crossing into Mexico Illegally and see where that gets you.....One Marine make that mistake and paid. Now say you want to Protest In Mexico, Fly the American Flag and Demand Welfare....See how that works out for you. Karsten I am a simple guy and I live a simple life....I have my Opinions, I am Proud of what POTUS Trump is doing and I don't care for people that are contently dumping on him......We lived through 8 years of obama and no one cared what We the People Expected to see checked into. I could care less if POTUS Trump Banger a Porn Star.....He wasn't anything more than a Private Citizen......Same as if I or anymore here banged a Porn Star.....Dude.....Kudo's to you, High 5. .
  6. Karsten

    Avenatti Unmasked Karsten
  7. Here is a little bit of those Peaceful Protesters in Gaza ticked off at POTUS Trump and the Embasy.......If they got through the fence what do you think they would have done......Maybe sent out for Falafel and a Beer? Or would they have fought all the way to the US Embasy? Karsten
  8. Karsten

    Dr. Clarke 5/16/2018

    Thanks PP and don't forget if the VND goes at the same time I will send a plane up for you and your friends to come South to exchange. I know Dr. Clarke isn't well thought of around these parts but I have been watching his stuff for while and listening to Frank26 with Manny, Delta and WS......Listening is a heck of a lot easier to do than watching that 30 minute Video that was posted here the other day. It would make sense with Sadr and Abadi calling the shots to want to start moving Iraq Forward again making Iraq a place for investors to start rebuilding. Sadr doesn't care for Iran or the US for that matter but at has been said he does understand the need for the US and Trump as an Ally. We wait. we watch and we shall see I guess,,,,,nothing else we can do about it. Karsten
  9. Karsten

    Dr. Clarke 5/16/2018

    Interesting reading....Sure hope they are close this time with all that has been going on lately....Especially awesome if the IQD and VND went at or close to the same time. Here to my Birthday weekend or hopefully before so I can make some plans. Karsten
  10. years ago I mixed bleach and ammonia to scrub the kitchen floor.......I wanted to make sure the floor was clean so my mother would be happy. Well, the floor was sure clean after the fire department aired the house out and cleaned the floor up........Not one of my better ideas. Karsten

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