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  1. I have many friends that are LEO and in other lines of work very close. Most are all know I carry and most or all know should I see something going down I will jump in where I can. Stomp on a head or do what ever but Don't present another Firearm into the mess unless you are ready to pull the trigger and end it. ....Otherwise it is just one more gun the Bad Guy has a chance to take and then you become the next victim. Honestly when they took the 1st pistol away from him and Tassed him....when he started fighting back is when he should have been shot with a real firearm 3 to 4 times. He shot two officers and who knows who he injured or killed down the road. One dead Bad Guy that doesn't respect the Law or anyone else sure as hell isn't going to be missed. Don't get me started. Karsten
  2. Really sorta stupid thing to do........They have the Plate #, whole thing on Dash Cam. DUI even with some outstanding Warrants woulod have been a hell of a lot better than where he is going now and the amount of time he is going to get....20-30 plus years most likely. Should have been 2 counts of attempted murder, resisting arrest then fleeing the scene of a crime plus the DUI. . Karsten
  3. Karsten


    I don't think it will have any baring on the currency we all hold........As I understand it these Marked Notes are more for Comparison and Verifying the Exchanged Notes are Real and not Counterfeit. We all know how to tell a real USD and all the markings and Security Features but who would have a clue of how the Verify a 10K or 25K IQD is say Logan, Utah (closest Foreign Currency Exchange to me). Just my thoughts. Karsten
  4. Karsten


    $40.00 per Million for the VND.....That is stealing it. I just checked the place on ebay I buy 25k here and there just to add to the stash. He was affordable at $29.95 with Free Shipping and then I posted his info here as folks couldn't find notes a while back. I think his sales really went up as shortly there after he upped the price to $34.77 and his sales dropped off. He then lowered the price to $32.00 and is now back up to $34.77. Maybe something is close to happening. Karsten
  5. Have you noticed how they don't act out, throw sucker punches, swing Bike Locks on chains or carry Bear Mace in states with a CCW Law. Now as for this guy getting probation for brutally injuring 7 or 8 people he will now feel more empowered to go out and do it again and gin up other to go out and do the same. Karsten
  6. Liberals just can't get it through their collective heads that the American People have had it with them.....8 years they repeatedly ran the car into the ditch under obama destroying anything they could to ran rough shod over the Citizens. They just can't except this just like Hillarious blames the world for her losing........Dem blame the Russians. Karsten
  7. Karsten

    Who is Q?

    I have read a little of "q" and rather vague and hard to follow. There was another I used to follow....The DC or Washington Insider who actually had some interesting stuff to talk about. Or this is "Q" the best damn Harley Tech, The Greatest Friend and and Bro anyone could every want. Past away last year in June at the young age of 35. A lotta people sure miss the hell out of him and will for years to come. All tattoo'ed up bad to the Bone Biker with the biggest smile, Hearth of Gold and you were gonna get his Bear Hug whether you liked it or not. Karsten
  8. Share this everywhere to get the message out there.....You will love it. Karsten
  9. I Pay with a Chipped card and checks at some stores.....yearly I get carded for writing a check and asked for I.D. I would prefer stores asked for I.D. these days rather that just take a stolen check from Joe Blow Illegal passing himself off to be me. Karsten
  10. Karsten

    Amt Winehouse

    I had to go find it again. Karsten
  11. Karsten

    Amt Winehouse

    Here you go Gypsy. ( not to take away from Amy Winehouse) Karsten
  12. Karsten

    Amt Winehouse

    Well, Gypsy.....I grew up in the 60's and roaring 70's. My the way.....I be sporting all the Guy Parts and that was the way I was born. Karsten
  13. Karsten

    Amt Winehouse

    The Madonna early years she was more soul and jazz than what she turned into.
  14. Karsten

    Amt Winehouse

    Joan Baez was awesome.....Joan wasn't so deep into the Blues. Amy had it all going for her and sad her only way to the top was out. Karsten
  15. Karsten

    Amt Winehouse

    Amy had a Quiche and was working it.....A little Joan Baez, a touch of Madonna and heavy on the Blues and the Blues was where she stood out....That deep, misty, suck you in Blues. Karsten

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