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  1. Question about the VND

    Nothing to say the least...... I just run across stuff and hope it gives a little hope to the VND like I hope to see something with the IQD. Karsten
  2. Question about the VND

    Just keeping this alive and nothing more....I would be happy as hell with .47 cents for the VND and 3.71 for the IRQ. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We have the rates for all the currencies; last week they weren’t on the screens, that’s all. Dong = 47 cents, rupiah = $1.08, Afghani = $2.39, rial = $3.22, dinar = $3.71. These are the most consistent rates we have seen over the last few months. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Karsten
  3. I would have to say it is a slippery slope just about anyway you go at this.......Your 1st thought is to address what could, might maybe happen in your church....I will say you don't need what I have and RetiredAF has more than likely handle more stuff than all of us has. I put my bags together with just about everything I do, have done or known people to have done in the past. That included gun shots, burn from M/C exhaust, Cuts, scraps and broken bones....You most likely don't need a full blown field kit where your thinking is help is miles or hours away. You just need something to have on hand for clumsy old people, maybe a few cut here and there, a slight burn from a coffee cup. That is a pretty easy tack and I will find you a nice kit.....I was thinking as I think Retired AF was that you needed a Battle Kit that needed to include everything but just short of a Sterile Tent to do surgery in. Karsten
  4. Well, for the life of me I can't find any basic refill/repack kits for EMT or Trauma Bags. In the past I have bought a couple Repack kits and they are full of the basic Gauze pads of all sizes, Rolls of Gauze, rolls of taps, airways, wraps and everything else to restock am EMT bags with the most used stuff. It was a cheap way to get a start on a great kit for very little expense. I came across this 106 pcs refill but it doesn't go into whats it includes. Also have on hand a good supply of Nitrile Gloves both Regular thickness and Extra HD 9 ML for when you might need to patch someone up you don't know. Harbor Freight is a great source for Nitrile Glove and they will even ship them to you direct. 5 ML gloves. 9 ML gloves. Karsten
  5. 5 pages of just about every bandage, adhesive roll and what not you should ever need.|1&spx=1&CFID=147140103&CFTOKEN=37708149 Hydrogen Peroxide packets Include some water packets for both drinking and washing wounds. Handy to have but not necessary is a Geiegerrig Pack that you can Spray Water out of rather than suck like the others require. My M3 Medic Bag from Voodoo Tactical Extra molle bag for more stuff....Can't every have too much stuff Note Tick Removal Tool chained to bags strap. M3 Bag open Larger bag 8 Pocket with large main compartment for all out disaster roll out (check into CERT Training in your local area....Awesome course to be prepared for) CERT Bag open.....I just cut up clean towel, sheets into various Dressing sizes, vacuumn seals and packed away. Karsten
  6. I ordered a lot of the smaller items like wraps, pain pills, bug bite wipes, betadine wipes, burn gels, hydrocortizone cream from Moore Medical LA Police Gear for some serious wraps, chest seals, gun shot wound Kits, Quik Clot and what ever else you want to add.....Note (DO NOT Get ANY Quick Clot in the Eyes or you will have just caused the victim to more than likely be blind) Bag I used for the CERT Bag expect I ordered Red Voodoo Tacical for M3 Medic Bag....They only list Blue now, I also added a separate Bag Red Molle Bag to one side of mine for extra space. USGI Field Surgical kit Moore Medical for Sutures,|1 I will be back again soon. Karsten
  7. A few years back I put together 4 serious kits starting off with a Voodoo M3 Medic Bag. The do a search for a Trauma Repack kit which will have a good supply of the basics, do a search for Sports Clot, Burn Gel, Betadine wipes, Bug Bite wipes, Blow out wraps (gun shot) made tourniquets from elastic surgical tubing, Scalpel and blade, Suture kits , USGI Field Surgical kit, Individual wrapped pain pills, Pen lights, flashlights, elastic wraps, Various sizes of Fabric Bandiaids, finger tip wraps, knuckle wraps, butterflies, 1 folding rigid splint and I forget what else. I kept 2 and gave 2 away it Christmas. I have used mine once to fix a dog with a sprained leg while the 2 I gave out have came in handy quite often. Recently I took mine to a Cert Class I was taking and learned a thing or three. 1st was it was a great kit and well thought out for a 1person or maybe 4 but not what CERT Is all about......Cert=Community Emergency Response Team ......Major incidents after an earth quake or other natural disaster. So new line of thinking.......I just need to stop the blood and keep moving. New 3 Compartment bad, cut up towel, in various sizes and shapes, china markers, EMT Shears . I will get some sources and pic's a little later. Karsten

    I am well grounded and don't need any Crazy stuff......Now a new 26 ft single Wall Slide B Class Gulfstream B-T Cruiser is high on the List. Next a new Can-Am Maverick Trail, Tavor Bullpup Rifle in 5.56 and maybe....Just maybe a Limerock Green/Black top convertible C7 Corvette....Or not, I have 2 Polo Green C4 that don't get driven. Karsten
  9. Notice her account of Full Metal Garb with Helmet and Face Shield.........Then the Shooter admits to only having 10 round mags as anything bigger wouldn't fit in his back pack. Shooter admitted the gun jammed and he simply tossed it away and walked out with the other kids. If one knows anything about an AR Platform they are very simple to clear. Sheriff Deputies are seen later tossing black bags in the back of a pick up truck....Strange way to handle evidence then the driver tosses 2 bags to the sidewalk. The shooter is stopped blocks away just walking down the road in street clothes....The same clothes he was dropped off in. So who was it walking in the Hall Way in Full Metal Garb that the teacher saw and who in turn shot her? Where did he/she come from and where did he/she vanish to and what was in the bag just tossed in the back of the truck? Karsten
  10. Do a search on Ebay for 25,000 Dinar and look for Nevada Coin for $29.77 and make offer....Don't bother making an offer but it is free shipping and they package very well. Karsten
  11. I just bought another 50K 2X25K for less than $60.00 shipped....just adding in here and here...Same price for over a year. Karsten
  12. If I were the Devil 1965 Paul Harvey show

    More people need to serious listen to this as they have let it happen and soon there will be no turning back.
  13. Members that are M.I.A.

    I am about to add myself to the M.I.A. as I am sure like so many others the Liberal BS has gone way to far......There are a few that have wasted this forum pumping there liberal crap, their hate and they will never be happy....On other forums they would have been banned by now.....So to save myself the constant personal attacks, attacks towards others, the slander towards members and it appears the Admin really doesn't care..... Honestly....Who is running the Forum and the rules.......At this point I say Shabs and his counter part B/A and they are taking the forum down. This is not the place it was a year or so ago and a few people have made it that way. This has turned into a Read Only forum to me if at that. Karsten
  14. SF "poop" map up-date

    No Thank you and the Rest of the Thinking Members here I will be the 1st to back the troops in this up coming battle and at the same time I will be the 1st to lead head long into this fight. Some how we need to get this ship back on course and an even keel.....Either way it goes a lot of us are ready....I wonder if the left and DC even has a clue what happens when They Open Pandora's Box.......Just a clue, you can't Un Open it. Karsten

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