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  1. Well stated and to the point.....Not everyone out there is looking for sexual favors like some would have you think......Then again the politics being what it is....A road to get rich quick these days, a favor is a favor and worth big bucks. Karsten
  2. Just sayin....Liberals and the Establishment Rinos will do damn near anything including break the law to destroy Trump and America. Karsten
  3. The Liberals are willing to do anything to destroy the President even if they destroy themselves and the Establishment Rinos. Karsten
  4. Okay, well then she ought to be out looking for one one each of these. Every well manner, self respecting Bible Thumping, Family Love mans need a 15-25 round Bullpup Shotgun to fend off the trolls. Karsten
  5. Hell, You just about have that right other than that one item you have to sneak into the house, hid it and pretend that you have had it for years....Oh that old thing. Karsten
  6. If I re Call that is a SS# issued to a man in the early 1920 that lived in Connecticut......Any how it was issued in a state obama had Never Even been to before let alone lived in to get that number. Karsten
  7. I for one don't see how this can ever even be considered. I would Assume one needs to be Of Reasonably Sound Mind to enter the Military or any other such Profession. I am sorry to break this to more than a few but if a Male part or a Female part ya just can't be Mentally sound when you wake up one day and decide you are of the other sex......Bruce Jenner is guess what....Still a guy, just one that looks like a girl. Karsten
  8. How Snowfall effects different regions...

    Hell, being in Utah a little snow just gives us a reason to run naked to the hot tub and hope you don't slip where the dogs popped. Karsten
  9. I am still in question of what really went down there if anything at all. As for gun laws I carry every day and not Once have I even thought about Harming anyone.....It is not the Gun but rather the sick and twisted mind that grew up believing that somehow what ever they do is going to be alright....It starts with parenting and/or the lack of one Getting their Ass Kicked for Lack of Respect. Quite honestly I see a lot of dead kids in the future for that same reason....they have no Respect, they are Accountable to No One, They have no One to Hold them Accountable yet after it is all said and done....Due to Piss Poor Parenting and losing their (long Forgotten) Child they feel Empowered to Sue the City and Police, the Firearm Manufacture and so many others to make a Buck off of Something that would have never happened if they Were Responsible. In this case the mother Actually did try to have here son get the help he needed rather than just keep him drugged up. It all starts at Home and from there it turns into a success story or a failed life. Karsten
  10. Botz, I know, I read a lot of everything and take very and take very little as even something that might come true. I just wonder where all these so called guru's that signed off on the big List that was posted are going to go when it again Didn't Happen as They All Called This time. Thanks god, none of them know anything about firearms, real law or are giving out advice on how not to get some really nasty STD.....At this point I doubt I would trust them to take my trash out to the street for the fear they would get that wrong as well. Well, here's to a Merry Christmas....I can always watch the Grinch and be happy. Karsten
  11. Mark, I would have to agree but just maybe there is a glimmer of hope that Justice will be served with Trump in as POTUS.....Maybe after some 40 years we will see the swamp start to drain. With just the sexual harassment it has started to clean out both D.C. and HolliWeird. Karsten
  12. Looks like I can predict better than the So Called Guru's but I got it right......They are kicking the Can down the road again. 12-10-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 [With your understanding and what you know right now, does this look like the week to you?] ...All the things we thought had to happen have happened. The significant ones. There are some irons in the fire right now. We are just waiting for them to open the door to the stove so we can see the flames. We know there is a fire in there. Does that have a distinct meaning. Yes, it does! We have reasons to feel good right now. It could come out at a different rate than in the budget. (indication was it could come out higher). If everything unfolds, the way I was told, I’m anticipating seeing a rate change on Monday [12-11-17]. The Guru's are making this deal a complete joke and at who's expense? Karsten
  13. Don't even get me started and then again....If they know all this where are the Handcuffs, the Warrants......Arrest his White A$$...Remember he is half White. Karsten

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