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  1. I do believe it states that after 10 years it "COULD" go up.. key word COULD....not surprised your DEM FRIEND claimed 5 years, typical half truths from them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I would suspect well before the 10th year there will be many adjustments made.....?
  2. one word......................HUGE
  3. Won't be much longer this fool gets to enjoy his freedom.
  4. CBI News 11/20/2018

    Hopefully news about release from chapter 7 comes from these meetings soon,,,,,,,(my soon) not Iragi soon.
  5. stability and security to Iraq. ...... stability and security to Iraq. = added value to the dinar..per SHABBS.
  6. WOW, it only took you 7 years to make your first post,,,,you do not work for the GOI by any chance ?
  7. I'm thinking Abadi has already cramped HCL down there throats,,,,stuck the 140 up there AZZ,, and we now wait for the sanction release around the 21st.....just me thinking out loud.
  8. Not sure i like this article.
  9. Thank God for Trump.......this would have never happened under OBUMMERS watchful eye.
  10. So it would appear that 140 is now a non-issue......basically Abadi has also kicked HCL thur the lets see what happens next.

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