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  1. Better yet,,,,how about Maliki and his 15 best friends ??
  2. well, I guess if they added some purchasing power to the dinar.........???
  3. I was thinking all year long if we did not see what we wanted to see by end of July then we were probably looking at the first of 2018 as the next possible window,,,,,would love to be wrong and anything is possible,,,,,but i'm strapping my sealt belt for 2018
  4. Nothing negative step please........not soon, but record setting time please.
  5. You probably right,,,I suspect he ran the plane out of fuel circling the airport and it crashed,,,must have jumped a train.
  6. SOON.............IN THE COMING DAYS..........BETWEEN THE LAST RAMANDAN AND THE NEXT RAMANDAN.......OR A FUTURE NEXT ramanda......or possibly during the next WINDOW....MAYBE AFTER THE NEXT HOLIDAY........BUT, I GUESS soon as OKIE can get that DAMN ..airplane LANDED........
  7. Seems some folks have a lot of faith in the old Iraqi dinar scam.
  8. I would assume the passing of the deposit law was the needed piece to activate a type of (FDIC INSURANCE) if so,, this is HUGE and very much needed before any type of increase in dinar value could move forward.
  9. Jesus Christ !!!!!....5th in the M.E.,,,,,7TH IN THE GLOBE....37TH IN THE WORLD....BUT..7TH IN THE M.E. 37TH IN THE WORLD and 5th on the GLOBE,,, and 7th in the M.E. 37TH IN THE GLOBE AND 5TH HIGHEST IN THE WORLD........THESE DAMN MONKIES !!!!
  10. Anything that is a legit part of monetary reform,,,,,Im EXCITED !!!!
  11. Well, for the most part this thread is and has remained positive all day.....I'm shocked that some bird has not flown over and dropped stink bombs on this one.
  12. I can hang 2 more weeks.....aug works for me.
  13. Syn, Sounds right to me,,,Someone with a BIG STICK knows these procrastinators need a BIG STICK up there azz to jump start them.
  14. Possibly,, or...(KFC) Keep the Flock Confused.