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  1. Give them 100 billion and 90 billion will end up in the hands of the corrupt,,In my opinion as long as these thieves continue to receive these handouts we will never see what we have hopes and desires to see.,,I have come to the conclusion that the WORLD will have to force the GOI stand on it's own two feet, until then, I see nothing changing.
  2. AGREED,,That is why I still have a warm fuzzy feeling for first quarter 2018.
  3. If true....this is the biggest and best news in the new year ......IMO
  4. No charge,,,makes nothing,,,just travels around spending his own money....only to give you his wealth of knowledge for free... ??? doesn't offer to sell you anything I guess ????....what a stand up guy.
  5. Brietling knows no more than you do,,,he just sells tickets to his traveling circus shows.
  6. Abadi announces 2018 priorities

    RIGHT,,,I'm pulling for him this one time to accidently be right,,,for all of
  7. Abadi announces 2018 priorities

    Tony said the we still good.
  8. I look for charges filed and a arrest for Malki before the next election....PROBLEM SOLVED.
  9. another requirement fullfilled...NON OIL PRODUCING INCOME.
  10. Float currency

    Sounds like KAP gonna have some SPLANIN to do to all his kool-aide drinkers.
  11. Float currency

    Well KAP just took another DUMP.......Hope Santa brought him plenty of new underwear,,,he going to need them,,,,he may want to invest in a case of depends.
  12. Float currency

    He already putting his SPIN on it......... 12-24-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: "Central Bank: float the dinar is difficult to apply in Iraq" seems like at this time they are more focused on opening accounts and withdrawing the dinar from the market then floating. Which may mean currency reform comes before any attempt to float. I also want to point out he is stating it is "difficult," nothing more.
  13. Float currency

    kap JUST krapped his panties.

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