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  1. WOW !!! from 3 months to 3 days !!!!!!! I'm excited !!!....but wait,.... Theises says will be 3 years before anything happens and he has a Masters degree and soon to be a Doctor, he can't possibly be wrong,,,Oh well.
  2. Sounds good Davis,,,but stay away from timber land and dairy farms up there,,,the future looks dim if your north of the border.
  3. Anyone that has to come on forum and tries to talk down to grown ups and tell them how smart he is and reminds them of his Masters and Doctors degrees has serious social issues in my book,,,More than likely could never make the football team , never dated the cheerleader, could only blow his horn from the band stand and is still BLOWING it today.
  4. I think Okies ship turned out to be the has been missing at sea for along time now.
  5. no where in that 3 year SBA does is state that the CBI cannot add value to it's currency.....that's the bottom line.
  6. get it thru your thick skull maliki....nobody wants you or Hillarious....both u clowns are history !!!!!
  7. any monies smuggled after 2003 ,,,,,,Maliki should be sitting right on top of that cow dab.
  8. that was not that long ago,,4 or 5 months,,,,then keyword came out a few weeks later and stated the deletions of zeros project was temporily postponed.....................maybe now is time to restart that postponement...............NO FLOAT..........those are fighting words for KAPERONI.
  9. they must thing OBOMMY is still in charge.
  10. sounds good......let's do it.
  11. I believe the number one industry was rugs.
  12. I'm tired of reading....can someone just let me know when I'm rich. thanks, Chinadawg
  13. No need to fear Maliki....his puppet master obommer is now as powerless as he.
  14. I just gotta ask...where is all those OBOMMA LOVERS that use to be on here ????....clearly U can see he was as big of an clown as Maliki was for the past 8 years.