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  1. They have to know what morality and common good are before they can attempt to achieve it.
  2. It's time for America to embrace guaranteed income

    If he want's to take it out of pocket then he has the right to do that. If he is expecting the Government to do it then STFU. He can play with his own money.
  3. No, just being lazy and irresponsible. That many clues and no action is criminal on so many levels.
  4. Nunes Demands Answers

    No he is acting like he wants the answers to questions the American people are asking. Any body who objects or stalls these questions is probably a pro Obama and wants to hide the answers.
  5. So now, a person who is a pro constitutionalist is a decisive person. If your getting your info and impressions of M L from CNN you are getting a warped view. You need to listen to him. Can he be abrasive? Yes. Can he be blunt? Yes. Does he know the Constitution? Yes.
  6. Chicken chaos

    Wow. Someone clucked up.
  7. What a bunch of wasted effort and money. Mueller is known for failed investigations. This is another one of his failures.
  8. Canada announces that their "Wall" is done...

    Avalanche Sharks . IMDB Ranks right up there with SHARKNADO 1,2,3,4,5??
  9. Silly Smiles

  10. Silly Smiles

    Hero stops store robbery
  11. Think how horrified they would be that there are actually background checked, gun carrying, good people out there and we have not gone on murdering rampages. I lived in a state where CCW was not obtainable without a huge expense or even after all the hoops were jumped through a for sure thing. I live in one now where you can CC without a permit or you can do the BG check and get one. I have never felt so free knowing I can at least protect me and mine leagally.
  12. Congress can pass a law. I am willing to bet the shooter doesn't even know what Congress is much less obey the law.

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