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  1. That is funny but I hope they are found soon and safe.

    I saw the last flight of an SR-71 when it flew out of MAFB (March Air Force Base) and a few hours later we heard it had already made it to Washington, DC. One fast bird. No one out of the loop really knows how fast she will do.
  3. Most obedient dog...evah!

    I was starting to drool when he started counting backwards.
  4. They don't understand that it would be better tax reform if they left that part in. The IRS has no business in the health care business. He**, the Feds don!t either.
  5. I am not in the age group, never played CoD and I like a good semi auto rifle. I oppose an AW(media made up word) ban. If those same people got out and voted in people that were 2A friendly this would not be an issue.
  6. Looks like a figure eight and a loop over. No issue here move on.
  7. Attachments

    Is it enough to be made an honorary mod? Or do I need to suck up more because you PB are one of the best.
  8. In one of the articles posted: This has been going on for years. Our public schools and other people have been trying to rewrite history to fit their agenda. Modern day historians are a tainted bunch. In their world 1 + 1 does not equal 2. It equals what they say it does and it changes to fit the agenda they want.
  9. Attachments

    You have unleashed the power of the Kitty. You have enabled the rest of us to be able to enjoy the humor and wit of the Kitty. You are a wise and powerful Admin/Owner. Is that enough sucking up????
  10. Silly Smiles

  11. Silly Smiles

  12. I gave you a greeny because of the one word you used in that statement.

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