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  1. I am so glad I got out of that state.
  2. My mother said my middle name was hungry.
  3. She is a political disaster. Very anti second amendment and against ccw. She is the same breed of politicians as California. God help us if she gets enough steam to proceed.
  4. VOTER I.D It can not get any easier. No I.D. No vote.
  5. Did not see it anywhere on here. I was 13 and glued to the t.v. when it happened. I had both the Saturn 5 model and the L.E.M. I could spout Apollo facts left and right. My mother said if i spent as much effort learning my school stuff I would be in college before I knew it. I was the same with engines and cars. https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/apollo/apollo11.html
  6. I feel he committed the first crime but the courts found him not guilty. The second one was someones way of getting him to serve time for anything they could get him on. Jmho.
  7. I don't see the poll.
  8. I LOVE BEAGLES. Sorry, I got carried away.
  9. How is it double dipping if you put the time in? If you want to put 20 years in and then switch jobs to something better and put another 20 in why not collect? It not like SS where anybody with a Dr.s note can collect disability without putting anything in.
  10. My post was in response to Md11fr8dawgs. I guess I should have quoted it in the first place. How other parent raise their young is not my concern. If parents want their kids to be at home and are willing to support them then fine. It is when the government gets involved and starts paying out to people that don't want to work.
  11. Don't work, don't eat. That will fix it. Don't participate in a job seeking program, don't ask for benefits. Get public assistance, can't vote.
  12. No, not quite the same. Most on here do it to protect ourselves and family from ID theft. I also don't want a bunch of people knowing who I am. When this thing hits the wolves will be at the door.
  13. If the source is to cowardly to step forward and identify themselves then I would not take much credence to it. I could right an article and claim a secret source told me that the RV was going to be at $3 a dinar. I know from reading on this site there would be a big hub bub about it. No source ID no real story.