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  1. nstoolman1

    Positive or Negative?

    I don't see an issue. In any jurisdiction in this country if parents are arrested the children are pulled screaming from them and land in an institution. Take a look at CA or NY CPS system and you will see children yanked from parents who are not given due process and don't get to see their kids for a long time. Where are the bleeding hearts when it comes to these folks? As it has been said by a few here. Come here illegally and get charged and sent back.
  2. nstoolman1

    Silly Smiles

  3. nstoolman1

    Silly Smiles

  4. nstoolman1

    Silly Smiles

  5. nstoolman1

    Silly Smiles

  6. If done right the dems will still get two and Reps will get 4. There are a lot of Deplorables in California that are the quiet majority. The North and South are pretty red but are outdone by the Blue counties of San Fran, LA and the coastal cities. This split might even the playing field. Not my circus, not my monkeys anymore.
  7. nstoolman1

    Fathers Day

    I know it is early but I want to wish all the Fathers, Dads, Grandpas and men willing to take on children from another marriage Happy Fathers Day. I also want to share this because I think it is funny.
  8. Well then let's lump the press into your pot of liars because they have been misleading and lying to the American people for a long time just so they could get a Clinton elected.
  9. Wow, No slack given. You are now officially a non fence sitter. If he managed to get Rocket Man to truly de nuke you would not be happy and have some snarky comment. That sounds like pure hate of the man. That's o.k. you can own it. I fully expect a snarky answer also.
  10. nstoolman1

    More Babbling from Nancy

    I think the media people go to her press releases just to get good, honest plain stupid remarks. Keep them coming so people will see how dementia looks as it gets worse.
  11. nstoolman1

    74 years ago today

    On June 6, 1944, the Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, to begin freeing northwestern Europe from under the boot of Nazism. Although it was a decisive Allied victory that changed the course of World War II, thousands of courageous young men gave their lives on those beaches in northern France. The U.S. National D-Day Memorial Foundation has verified that 2,499 Americans and 1,914 from other Allied nations were killed on that day — a total of 4,413 Allied deaths. War photographers accompanied the infantrymen as they disembarked from landing crafts and ran headfirst into enemy fire. Pictures of that pivotal battle are a sober reminder of the courage, resolve and selflessness needed to fight fascism and the debt subsequent generations owe to the GI Generation. Today, across the globe, men and women honor the sacrifice made by a few good men to liberate Europe and defeat fascism. (Michael Walsh/Yahoo News) May God bless all the solders who lived and died on that fateful day. Thank you.
  12. I would make sure if he wants immunity he signs a letter stating he won't plead out to the Fifth. If he does hang his hide to the wall and go after the next. Eventually one will talk.

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