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  1. Wasn't one of them the USS John McCain (DDG-56)? Just saying.
  2. A significant day in history

    My father was there in 1946. Saw both blasts.
  3. VA Releases Suicide Data by State

    I wonder how many commit suicide because of the wait time to be seen or the poor care they are receiving? So sad for them to be treated?? this way.
  4. What happened to lookouts with binoculars?
  5. Is an absolute dye in the wool liberal, gun grabbing, tax and spend dishonest lying piece of dog poop. She was bad for Ca. and she is bad for the senate. I would not trust one thing she says.
  6. Then send them all back. Let them start the legal process. Problem solved.
  7. House update

    Here is is a pic of my ramblings

    Whaaaaat???? I had not seen them either until a shift partner brought them up on Netflixs. From around midnight to 4 the plant was very quiet and to stay awake we would watch movies. Yes the Sharknado series is very dumb but it is entertaining at the same time. I would not go to the movies but I would watch it on Netflixs.
  9. House update

    We have a large open space concept house with a raised foundation. We have 2 large electric sofas. My wife situated the sofas so that they are opposite each other. One is near the wall. The other out about 15 feet across the room not near a wall. The closest wall plug was about 10 feet across the open floor. You guessed it. She did not want a cord stretched across the floor. Since it is a mechanical/electrical issue she contacted the maintenance dept(Me) and wanted to know what could be done about it. After a week of research I purchased a flush mount electrical plug plate. Yesterday I drilled and cut out the wood floor and dropped the plate and wire in. Today, with the help of my daughter, I dropped down into the crawl space, shimmied 25 feet, grabbed the wire, securing it as I went, and returned the spot where I had previously drilled a hole through the interior wall sill plate. I then took my gun cleaning rod(with a slotted jag) and had my daughter pull the wire up and out of the hole. Then I proceeded to wire the plug up and finish. I then threw the breaker and waited for it to pop. No pop. Yea. I told my wife to operate the couch and all worked well. She is a happy camper. No unsightly cords. Thanks for reading.

    It worked in Sharknado.
  11. Muleslayer, I won't take credit for a military service but I do have a weakness for the Marines so thanks and back at you.
  12. You should be very afraid if "we" "trumpsters" as you call us do lose our country. You will be collected up and imprisoned in camps or worse yet forced to work for nothing to pay for the regime that will follow. I won't worry though me and mine will have died defending the USA to protect those rights of everyone.
  13. Montana wildfire updates for September 4, 2017

    Wait, I am from California. If your statement read " Cold snap in California(out of the ordinary) I might take notice. It is hot there most of the year. Christmas is not unusual to have a 85-90 degree day.
  14. House update

    Thank you all.

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