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  1. Not to worry. Thanks for throwing it out there. I still like "August".
  2. I know another way they can celebrate.
  3. Thanks doc! Appreciate the post. I love a good rumor from a down to earth, respected member. Who knows.... tomorrow parliament is supposed to meet, a pendulum points to Aug 1, Baghdad and Erbil are meeting, and Jesus told Key lime " August". ..... all sound promising. Anything Jesus says works for me. I just hope he meant in 2017. 😁
  4. Soon will actually mean soon sooner rather than later.
  5. Hey, take it easy big guy... everyone is tired of waiting and tensions get high... Thanks for the info, we appreciate your valuable contributions. Maybe *soon We can all smile.
  6. So, I think it has been asked before, but; since there is no HCL, should everyone just take it easy on days when parliament is off? The CBI shouldn't make a move without HCL being locked up. So without it are we just looking for days when parliament is in session? Thanks.
  7. Man, get some rest! Thanks for the drive by though. Hopefully We will hear a lot more .... soon
  8. Haha. You are probably right. Expect the unexpected from Iraq!
  9. No way the CBI is saying we are going to raise the exchange rate.... They can't telegraph it, unless it is SOON. I hope it is, but my aribish is still poor.
  10. And the crowd screamed- HCL!!!...HCL!!!...HCL!!!...
  11. So are we going to have a RV as fast as TG was found?
  12. I'm holding out for 32:1..... in our favor of course. But I might change my mind if that .83 rate came out on Sunday.