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  1. Things That Make You Go Hummmm

    Bring on the new rate!
  2. Congrats! Now we are just waiting for your last post๐Ÿ˜
  3. Awesome! It always amazes me in how the Lord works. I know He is always at work but it is super cool to be able to "see" a few threads in His tapestry. I the last 48 hours God answered prayers and opened a door of opportunity that I had thought might not be in His will.... but He sure showed me! Dinar or no Dinar, He is in control and I am not worried. But it sure wouldn't hurt my feelings if it came in at .86! Ha!
  4. Thanks Key lime. I can't say I have had any audible or physical signs, but I can say that lately when I have been praying about finances or the Lord's direction, I have an extra sense of calm.... I am not normally anxious about it anyway, but I know He is telling me to be still and wait. And I feel total relief.
  5. He is faking just to get to Iran before the hammer comes down on him... just my thoughts

    Not to worry. Thanks for throwing it out there. I still like "August".
  7. New CBI Announcement 07/31/2017

    I know another way they can celebrate.

    Thanks doc! Appreciate the post. I love a good rumor from a down to earth, respected member. Who knows.... tomorrow parliament is supposed to meet, a pendulum points to Aug 1, Baghdad and Erbil are meeting, and Jesus told Key lime " August". ..... all sound promising. Anything Jesus says works for me. I just hope he meant in 2017. ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Soon will actually mean soon sooner rather than later.
  10. Master Card Features

    Hey, take it easy big guy... everyone is tired of waiting and tensions get high... Thanks for the info, we appreciate your valuable contributions. Maybe *soon We can all smile.

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