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  1. $1.20 I can enjoy life more and give to people in need. Trumpets of God is Priceless because then money has no value. Either way the signs and my spirit say this year
  2. Friend says group cashed in at $3.71

    $3.71 USD to $1.00 IQD OR $3.71 IQD to $1.00 USD [.2695 USD to 1 IQD] I will take either way and be HAPPY
  3. Mosul update

    Is it just me.....the map has not changed in 6 to 8 weeks
  4. Mosul update

    A Christian Prophet with the House of Destiny
  5. Mosul update

    I think this one was in 2014
  6. Here is an Old Post from 2011 that can fit with the War with ISIS about to be concluded in Iraq with our help. Enjoy! He was at a Carl’s Jr. having a meeting with his youth pastor about church stuff. When they finished eating and meeting, they got up and began to walk out. There was man that was sitting behind him that had a peculiar look. He described him as an ethnic looking man with olive skin and dark hair and the physic of a UFC fighter, with strong features and a chiseled chin. My friend was so detailed about his looks that I teased him (the pastor) and said, “Dude, do you have a man crush going on or what??” He said that there was something energizing about his presence, but he can’t describe what it was. So this man asked, “Where’s your church?” while he is looking/texting on his smart phone, never looking up. My friend was a little thrown off because this man would not look up. My friend answered and said, “We are just down the road, you should come and visit us on Sunday”. The man said that he is just passing through, but then asked, “Do you believe in coincidence?” My friend said, “No”. The man then said, “Sit down I want to tell you something that will help prepare your family and church for what is going to happen“. So they sat and the man wrote on the back of his Carl’s Jr. receipt the name of a Dinar site, gave it to him and said, “Go to this website and order some Iraqi dinar”. My friend told him that he has some and is familiar with the Iraqi Dinar. The man told him, “Good, it’s going to revalue soon and when it does, you need to buy silver and gold, because once it does, everything is going to change”. My friend said, “Well, we heard that it’s supposed to RV any day now”. The man responded, “Not yet, but soon. What you see going on in Egypt is going to happen in two more middle eastern countries and the US will go into another war.” and then he said this, “When it does happen, it will RV at 318; when it does RV, everything is going to change”. My friend said that he was fluttery in his spirit and not able to think straight when this man was talking. He was able to ask him, “So how do you know this, what do you do?” The man answered, “I do what I do and I’m good at it“. My friend then left with his Youth Pastor feeling weird. When my friend finally got his composure moments later, he turned around and went back to talk to him some more, but the man was gone. (Of course!). Now I know this sounds weird, but it happened. What was even weirder to me and my wife was, 2 weeks before this encounter, my wife was in prayer and she heard the Lord say, “I do what I do and I’m good at it” She wrote it down in her prayer/prophetic book and told me about it. I blew it off like I usually do but when this happened with my friend I got the heebeegeebees! So take it for what it is. I kept telling him to post this, but the bashers scared him away. This whole thread is about spooky stuff so I thought it would fit. Take it for what its worth to you or throw it away. I’m an Assembly of God pastor and have nothing to gain for posting this. My friend is also a pastor so he has nothing to gain from making this up. He still has the Carl’s Jr receipt that this man wrote on if you would like a pic of it look him up and send him a message. One more thing, my friend asked him his name and he said my name is “Abriel”, which means, “Congregation of God”.
  7. Questions For Adam's Update 2-1-2017

    Has Trump doing what he said he was going to do in America convinced Iraq to work harder on getting the HCL completed before He lays claim to some of their oil?
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 18 Jan 2017

    THIS IS EXTREMELY CLEVER AND I WONDER WHO WROTE IT? T'was the night before Christmas, and up in the tower, The Donald reflected on his newfound power. The conservative masses had come out in force, And delivered a victory that would chart a new course. The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes, The media lied to them . . . My, what a surprise. They had been promised a Hillarious win, But the criminal Clinton took one on the chin. And though from all corners celebrities flew, They made no impression, for they hadn’t a clue. They talked about climate, racism, and such, And they made up good stories . .But didn’t know much. The fake news and ignorance came at a cost, And they can’t understand all the reasons they lost. They blame it on Comey and Bernie and Vlad, But fail to acknowledge the one that was bad. Yes, Hillarious Clinton, in many ways flawed, Was her own biggest hurdle toward getting the nod. The campaign exposed her corruptness and greed, And her speeches were punch-less as ten dollar weed. So out in the streets there arose such a clatter, It was Soros paid protesters and Black Lives Matter. With cities to pillage and windows to smash, They knew not the issues, but needed the cash. Eight years of Obama had given them cause, To expect a replacement of their Santa Claus. But soon the protesters will feel the pain, When the wheels fall off of the old gravy train. And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear, Upset and offended by things that they’ll hear. The cocoa and crayons will help for a while, But fact-based opinions will soon cramp their style. I originally supported, and voted, for Cruz, In the end, I would vote for whoever they choose. He wasn’t my first choice, but soon I would cede, The one they call Trump is the one that we need. I saw him on TV in front of a crowd, He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud. He spoke about energy, safety, and jobs, Taking this country back from the Washington snobs. He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat, And the Brunos he wore made the outfit complete. For a man of his vintage, he seemed rather fit, And he looked presidential, Even I have to admit. His eyes glowed like embers, his smile was the best, And his hair was the color of my old hunting vest. His love for this country was on full display, And his actions spoke louder than his words could say. He thanked all his voters, and before he was gone, Saved thousands of jobs while Obama looked on. The fate of this country left nothing to chance, So, he filled out his cabinet weeks in advance. The men he had chosen were of the same mind, Let’s set the bar high, and not lead from behind. He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat, With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet; “Now Mattis!, now Kelly!’ now Sessions! And Pruitt! On Perry! On Flynn, You’re the ones who can do it. Start lifting restrictions and building the wall, Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!” The roar of his audience rose from the stands, He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands. He answered their questions and calmed all their fears, They knew it would be a fantastic four years. Then he jumped in his limo, and off to his jet, A fellow that Liberals won’t soon forget. He sent one more tweet as the evening expired; “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND OBAMA – YOU’RE FIRED!”
  9. Why the 100 dollar note in the 1300 Dinar article? Could it be 1 Dinar = .07692308? 1300 x .07692308 = $100.00
  10. My 50 is in June..... So let's make it a double
  11. Reverse psychology......scare them with words and pictures from a news article and hope they leave on their own before it's to late!
  12. Adam Montana Weekly 2 Dec 15

    He did promise momma that diamond matching ring and earings for Christmas userghost
  13. Adam Montana weekly - 17 June, 2015

    Excuse this a time table using the next as this meaning November 2015?
  14. Atlanta News Article Wed p.m. June 10

    The FBI wants to hear from investors in Sterling Currency Group. They’ve set up a tip line for "potential victims" at 877-236-8947 and a website here. Noooooo waaaaaay ......I'm just saying, too much indicating to me how to be put on the government's radar should or if this RV hits.....again, just saying.... The red and blue highlighted notes are just simply my thoughts/opinions after re-reading and trying to see in between the lines here. Other online dealers, certain banks, etc., has not been slapped by the FED's regarding the Dinar. Does anyone see what I'm trying to get at here? Am I expressing too much for naught? Just saying..... "Disclaimer"......The following is a opinion and in no way to be construed in predicting the future!!!! Present Day Billy Bob(BB).....Hey Thelma we should call this here number and let them know we bought our Dinar from Sterling. We might get some compensation from the millions they got selling dinar. Thelma.....BB your so sexy when you talk smarty like that. After you give them our information, let's go break in that hammock in the back yard doing the WILD Thing. 3 Months later Thelma.....BB when this money comes in from the Dinar we will be RICH!! By the way BB, I'm so Happy to let you know we are going to have a BB Jr to share those 50 Dinar notes with in 6 months. Billy Bob.....WOW that's Great Thelma, let's buy some more 50 Dinar notes to celebrate, they are so cheap on the Internet right now. (BB thinks to himself....Dag Gum it! Jethro told me to never do the wild thing outside, that's when women get pregos) Thelma....Can we get some with that Saddam guy on them too? They are cheap to buy and we will look sophisticated when we take them to the bank with the 100,000 worth of 50 Dinar notes we have. Billy Bob.....Thelma I knew there was a reason I picked you out of all the cousins I have. Good Idea 1 Month later Billy Bob....WERE RICH!!!!! I got the text Thelma....Dinar is at $1.78 so each of our 50 notes is worth $89.00. They said it could float up to $10.00 by the end of the month, so we will wait till then to cash in. Wooo Hoo. Thelma.....Ohh BB I am so excited...We will be the richest people in both our families and we can move out of the trailer park once and for all. 25 Days Later Billy Bob...Ok Thelma we will go to the bank friday and cash in our dinar. Friday is the only day we can get the contract rate of $10.00 per dinar. Thelma....Finally BB, I know you are tired of me asking " Are We There Yet". You are a Great Husband and so patient with me. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the front door Billy Bob....(Opens door) Hi...can I help you fellas Men in Black....Mr. Hill did you submit this form to the FBI about the Sterling matter a few months ago? Billy Bob.....Yes, that is my signature..I always sign legal papers with my last name before my first name (Hill, Billy Bob) Men in Black....Great...we are here to inform you that we found the records proving that you bought $100,000 from Sterling. Lucky thing you let us know, otherwise we would have never knew you bought any. Anyway you are acknowledged for compensation when the matter is settled in court. That could take anywhere from 4 to 8 years. The Good thing is that you get to keep your dinar now to can cash out . Here is your TAX bill for the profit you make based on the current rate of $1.78. We will contact you if we need you for any court appearances and compensate you for the inconveniences that occur then. Congratulations on doing the right thing as a True American. Thelma.....(After Men in Black leave) Wow..they were so nice. I was scared at first, but now I have a better appreciation for people that work for our Government. How much is the Tax we owe? Billy Bob....(Opens Envelope) If we cash in at $1.78 we will get $178,000 and our Tax liability is $80,100. WOW good thing we waited to cash out with the contract rate Friday. We will pay this off easy and have the rest of the money to do what ever we want. 8 Years Later BB Jr....Mommy, Why are you crying? Thelma....Well Jr, they just found the Sterling company is innocent of wrongdoing and there will be no compensation for people that bought legal dinar from them years ago. With your daddy in prison for the next 3 years for Tax evasion I was hoping to use that money to move out of your grandma's back shed. BB Jr....Why didn't daddy pay his Taxes? I thought you were saving the money Jethro gives you for the Wild Thing so we can move. What is the Wild Thing anyway? Thelma....Well Jr, we owed $80,100 for the dinar we bought. Then they added an exotic/windfall Tax of 25% so that added $44,500 for a total of $124,600 dollars. When your daddy went to the bank to cash out, he found out that their was no contract rate of $10.00 per Dinar at all. He then was going to settle for the $1.78 so we can get $267,000 dollars. The government knew about the $100,000 in Dinar, but not about the $50,000 we bought the day we found out we were going to have you. Anyway the 50 Dinar notes were canceled in March 2014 and the Saddam notes were canceled in 2008 I think. So long story short we had worthless Dinar notes. BB Jr....Why did't daddy just tell the government that he did not get any money from those Iraqi Dinars? Thelma.... He tried to, but they had confirmation that he purchased $100,000 in Dinar but no record of them being only 50 Dinar Notes and your daddy could not prove it to them. If only he had a receipt saying he sold them at what he originally paid for them, then he would have been in the clear. Anyway daddy owed over $200,000 after fees and penalties and could not pay them anything so they convicted him of Tax evasion. BB Jr.....What about the Wild Thing mommy? Thelma....When you get older I will explain the Wild Thing and why it should be done indoors to avoid surprises. Otherwise try not to be dumb like your father and listen to Jethro about money matters. He only had to pay 15% in Taxes because he was smart enough to be a director of some off shore corporation. BB Jr.....Ok mommy...I will. Oh by the way, I buried the Zim and Dong in the back yard like you said and I put them in a paper envelope to protect them better. Thelma.....Good thinking son, you are a smart boy already.


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