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  1. So the COM passed this, then it goes to the fools in parliament (who are on vacation for 3 weeks). Let's see how long it takes them to make this law. Since it benefits the hard working, average hourly citizen working the private sector.....they won't be in any hurry.
  2. So thankful for my Finnish heritage. Producing quality over quantity. Now who's ready for the sauna ?? Finland Iraq
  3. Time for these pampered fools to take another three week vacation while the country sits in turmoil and ruin. It's an endless circle of futility.
  4. Water bottles, and one guy was hit with a cell phone. The kind of stuff my wife deals with teaching elementary school kids. Pathetic fools.
  5. Oh man, Luigi. Tony and DC ??? You'll notice when Tony was indicted in court, that DC flake (Winston Pfeister of Austin/Round Rock) disappeared back to his Texas airplane hangar. Maybe Okie by another name?? They're both still trying to figure out how to get out of the cockpit.
  6. So come on CBI, quit Haydn the real rate and get Debussy. I'll even buy Rubens for all DV, no Dali pickles.
  7. Mountain Goat says "gesundheit !!"
  8. Thanks Yota. Well, that is some really dry reading but......the Federal Court has done more today than parliament has done all year. Kudos to them.
  9. In his mind, Jabouri has to be wishing he could flash forward, surfin' with Adam Montana on a big breaker, contemplating easy days on a beach somewhere besides Iraq, umbrella drink in hand, dinar back at $3+. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....what if....
  10. I'm with you. Maybe not a total MG fan, but better assessments than say Bruce, RayRat, Judy Lyington, TNT all-together...or any of the cr@p Linguini brings in. And MG always did assessments of actual news articles. The kind Thug and Yota bring in...among countless others. I even commented over at recr@ps when they brought Okie Oilman out of retirement for a recent prediction. Of course, my scathing comments was booted out in lieu of all the swarms oogling over Okie. Hopefully MG can find a new forum. It's not the first time she (?) has gotten the recr@ps golden ruler across the knuckles. But there's plenty on DV to occupy and analyze.
  11. How could we expect them to tackle new laws, they can't even get through the old laws. A committee to amend the constitution has been meeting a YEAR, then couldn't get their report to parliament as requested. 170 in attendance is pathetic. But why bother to show up at all when it comes to playground antics like throwing water bottles. I'm sure there are hard working, caring people in parliament.......but overshadowed by all the fools. They won't get anything done except the budget this year. And we can expect more of the same until elections in April. Worthless group of do-nothings.
  12. The only thing that RAT has ever said that is accurate. Correct Murd11....overflowing with idiots.
  13. I know they're headed this way in e-funds, buy in e-funds. They have to start sooner or later. It's the way of the world.....mostly, except Iraq.
  14. Just add red and black stripes with some green stars, you've got what SHOULD be their new national flag. 'bout they go after all the billions Maliki and crew stole and shazam........they help themselves ???