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  1. The same pathetic fools that brought you the proposed ' 9 year old bride' law. Enough said. Disgusting.
  2. Great. Now that their FED has spoken, the GOI will probably still argue about this. Jabouri stated after last gathering that it was 'constitutional, not political'. I call BS. Everything in Iraq is political. Forget about taking care of the poor citizens. These fools still think like cavemen. Pathetic.
  3. Such foolish school yard antics by a group of adult fools. I've never seen such a wasted effort. Start with 229 folks, then the Kurds and friends take their soccer ball and walk out, leaving 170 or less. They've pretty much wasted all of January just deciding an election date, only to hand it off to the federal court. Abadi and COM cut the Kurd budget share, then push it on to GOI assuming it would just blow right through a vote. I don't see how they will EVER approach an agreement on HCL and Article 140 when they can't even decide what color socks to wear in the morning. Saddam was right. These folks only understand dictatorship. Democracy is meant for rational thinking people who care about their country. Pathetic. Just my opinion, of course.
  4. Making theft LEGAL. I hated these GOI folks before, now I hate them even MORE. When will the Iraq people stand up and put an end to this? I'll bet they get a quorum to vote THIS into law. Pathetic.
  5. How can we believe a person that can't even read a calendar?
  6. ....And STILL accomplished absolutely NOTHING. Shocking.
  7. Let's see. 4 meetings (if you call it that). Nothing accomplished. No surprise there. They did manage to discuss guidelines for nurse uniforms couple weeks back. We can expect they will take all of April off to focus on elections, all of May off while they hand-count all the ballots coming to Baghdad by camel train. All of June for Ramadan. All of July and August due to heat (who knew the desert was hot?) Then into September so new/old Prime Minister is chosen and elects all his cabinet (which are still vacant positions from 2014) and GOI would never approve. Sound about right?? Lest we forget they met about 66 times in 2017 and accomplished that all important.............oops, that's right.........they accomplished NOTHING!! Pathetic is too kind a word. But I'm left speechless to find one that more aptly describes their utter uselessness.
  8. Mountain Goat Monday, January 8, 2018 Post

    TerryK (first name Terrance) was actually caught up in the Sterling group, now going to Federal court. He admitted that he fabricated his 'intel' to pump dinar sales through Sterling. I know, big surprise, right?? But alas, thanks to our own Luigi, TerryK quotes are appearing out of the TNT camp now...just like more from TNT Tony Renfrow (the convict). Liars will always gravitate towards other liars. Anyway, there was also speculation that Mtn. Goat and Dr. Clarke were the same person due to an I.P. address search someone did that linked them both (?) to Recr@ps site. But when Dr. Clarke 'disappeared' the Mtn. Goat posts who knows. I do know Recr@ps quit the goat posts last year when she (?) started calling out other gurus, especially Bruce the Goose and RayRen. Now other sites have picked her up. So...who really knows who from behind a screen and keyboard. Right?? Speaking of Luigi. He must be in Reno because he hasn't brought a new load of 2018 BS into rumors for a while. And I'm bursting at the seams with rubies.
  9. Well then, maybe time to unload my mansion on the Riviera. Complete with running water. Craigslist/Baghdad is calling my name. LOL.
  10. These fools will fumble about until March, then adjourn through elections more holidays and Ramadan. Nothing significant will get done. It's in their nature. We can only hope the CBI presses on with monetary reform on their own, with guidance from the IMF, WB and UST. It's going to be a looooong year. They're not interested in settling HCL or Article 140 or any laws to benefit rebuilding and the poor citizens, only in punishing the Kurds or Sunnis (depends on the day) and in self preservation. I can only hope none of these fools gets re-elected and by September there is a fresh set of new thinkers in the GOI. Of course, just my opinion.
  11. A week away from the 'rumors' section while you slink through nasty guru sites............ and THIS is all you could bring??
  12. GM Yota. I know it's all in the translation, but this is WAY more accurate.
  13. Whose intel is worse, Bluedog or Frank26??? Depends.
  14. I feel your pain, dinar brother. I've been in this 'investment' soooooo long, mine are.......well....... changing color. Send you a dozen to tide you over??

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