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  1. Sure, why not?? When 3 days isn't quite good enough, make it 7.
  2. This must be a buzz kill to all those wanting to escape the deserts, sand, heat of Iraq... seeking out the deserts, sand, heat of Australia.
  3. Don't anyone get TOO excited. These pathetic fools will be too busy patting themselves on the back in anticipation of the next elections. They've been running this same BS up the flagpole for years.
  4. Smartest thing you've said in months.
  5. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting some more. And some more. And who doesn't love a good vegetable rumor ??
  6. More updates !!! Top ISIS leader killed, terrorists surrendered in western Mosul June 18 2017 02:40 PM a file photo of ISIS' terrorists surrendering to security forces A group of ISIS terrorists surrendered in districts of Mosul's Old City after the security forces begun a military operation to recapture ISIS' last stronghold in the city and Iraq, Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday. Top ISIS leader Kanaan Jiyad Abdullah Abu Amna, in charge of checkpoints in Nineveh Governorate, was killed in Bab Jadid district, located in Mosul's right bank, security sources told The Baghdad Post. Earlier this morning, it was reported that Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) forces have begun to push deep into the districts of Mosul's Old City. Security forces, backed by International Coalition air raids and logistic support of the US army, have retaken eastern Mosul and most of its western part after eight months of battles. These forces are focusing now on controlling the Old City's districts.
  7. Here they go. The last push is on !! 40 IS Militants Killed During Push into Last IS-held District in Mosul 18/06/2017 - 11:18 MOSUL — After nine months into the military operations to liberate Mosul, Nineveh Operations Command announced on Sunday the start of new push into the Old City, the last district held by the Islamic State (IS) in Mosul. So far, around 40 IS militants have been killed during the clashes inside the district. The operation is being carried out with participation of the anti-terrorist forces, the Iraqi army and the federal police forces. Major General Najim al-Jubouri, commander of the Nineveh Operations Command, told BasNews that "the forces began to break into the Old City from three fronts.” "The Iraqi forces are engaged in fierce clashes with the remaining IS elements in the Old City on the right coast of Mosul," Jabouri said, noting that the security forces managed to liberate nearly 40% of the first neighborhood of the district during the first few hours of the push. Major General al-Jubouri said that the joint forces killed about 40 IS militants, including suicide bombers and snipers, since the operation began today.
  8. Luigi, only a weenie would ask a question and give an obvious answer. Speaking of ramping up...........
  9. Here, Luigi, eat your vegetables. Blueballs, er, I mean Bluewolf says they will make you as smart as Tony and RayRen. So don't shed any tiers.
  10. Iraqi Forces Retake 30% of Mosul's Old City 17/06/2017 - 01:10 SOFIA — The Iraqi forces have taken control over 30% of the last district held by the so-called Islamic State (IS) near western Mosul’s Old City, the Federal Police chief said on Friday. Lieutenant General Shaker Jawdat said the Iraqi forces have further continued evacuating dozens of civilians from the area, where the battle between the government forces and the IS militants is ongoing.Earlier on Friday, Bruno Geddo, the United Nations refugee agency’s representative in Geneva, said that at least 100,000 civilians were held by the IS militants in the Old City of Mosul, deprived of basic means of living and shot once attempting to escape the IS-held area.
  11. Sorry, this is almost laughable. They can hardly get a quorum, now they talk about amending the Constitution allowing them to pass all the laws sitting in Parliament collecting dust ?? Basically, pass a law allowing them to pass a law. Pathetic fools. But she did include the disclaimer....."there is a possibility............"
  12. In Luigi's defense, I did find a US site that lists ZIM at 1.00 from last year sometime. Then I found a IRS/Treasury site with conversions. None even close to what Luigi's twin brother Tony/RayRen quoted. Are we surprised?? Hell No. Luigi, ready for launch !!!
  13. I love this map, Tiger. Almost complete. Go Iraq. Black area of ISIS control in 2014. Black are of ISIS control June 2017.
  14. I know where there's some rope. Slightly used. A little more spendy than Ace Hardware.