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  1. That's because were in the "Rumors" section, you nit. Which you chose, by the way, to start your post. It's all sh!ts and giggles in here. You want a pat on the back, go to Recr@ps. I was going to +1 you until you brought attitude. Then I saw your 94 posts matched your -94 rating. Who am I to mess up a perfect thing? I'm just a bear. Chill man.....
  2. Welcome to the 21st Century, boys and girls. Now they just need electricity for their laptops.
  3. Luigi usually brings this kinda BS into the room, but he's busy with his new video game and VR goggles.
  4. Don't forget to scrub behind the ears !
  5. Let's cross that 'FINISH LINE' in style. But soon !!
  6. So reported this week, Iraq's total debt at $119 BILLION in USD. Then the start of this string says they don't want any more long term World Bank loans, but they are meeting with the IMF on future needs. Something is wrong here. Like when my ex-wife promised to stop writing checks....then cleaned out the savings account.
  7. The Iraq wheels of justice move slooooooooooooow. Only took them 13 years to accomplish this. My guess is much, if anything, left in those accounts is $1....but just so they could keep the free checking.
  8. Yes Abadi can run again. I think Sadr would support him depending on what Abadi can accomplish in the next year. He is fighting Maliki and all the grief he brings with him. They should have dealt with him in 2014. The people need to vote in a Parliament that will actually show up and do something, IMO. But I think Abadi has Trump behind him.
  9. I wish I had started a total count. When forces started into the west side, they estimated 2000 ISIS remain. But after stating kills of 8, then 17, then 12, then 20 etc etc...they still estimate 2000. My math isn't what it used to be I guess.
  10. Gracias. Back at ya. Maybe Luigi is still hungover from green beer.
  11. 24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case. Now THAT'S what I call 'no coincidence'.
  12. From the album Culprit

  13. In disguise, huh ?? Probably spends his days now watching porn and chicken videos like Bin Laden did while hiding. What a leader....
  14. Spit my coffee out at reading "the prestige of parliament has to be respected". Say WHAT?? 320+ members and half don't show up. Three months into the year and what have they done?? Passed the sports law. WOW. These guys are the leading float in the Losers Parade. Almost three years into Abadi regime and they still haven't approved all the ministers. They meet once a week, sometimes twice. Many many pressing issues to benefit the survivors of ISIS and years of neglect to the citizens. This guys should be strapped to the front of a Hummer headed into Mosul. Sorry, my patience with these buffoons is at an end.