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  1. Yeah !! We got a quorum. But that debate on the new logo was intense!! Let's adjourn 'till Thursday.
  2. I'd sell the beer and popcorn to this one !! But there's that word again....."soon".
  3. Mike....street rate DROPS ! Thanks Captain Obvious.
  4. When TNT Tony comes out of hiding....I'm sure he will share details. Maybe at the Big TNT/BIG Call gathering in RENO.
  5. They've had two weeks of doing nothing, and THIS is the best thing they can think of to discuss?? No bank law, no HCL. Maybe they can work in a law asking for other countries to loan them more money, or forgive more debt. I've got an idea for the new logo. How about the south end of a camel as he fertilizes a pot field, since these folks are half baked and full of $hiz.
  6. Rates are "high"? Luigi, you must be full-on baked. Step away from the weed.
  7. Guru flushes. Luigi absorbs.
  8. 1 "commander" for every 4 "grunts" ?? That's probably to keep 'em from retreating like a bunch of school girls.
  9. BRUCE: "This is how close we are" !
  10. Bruce is gonna need a bigger bucket !! But at least it's "fresh". Luigi....get the shovel.
  11. Luigi.....Bruce promised to throw in a pole dance to "tease" you, before he loads your card. But it will cost extra for him to handle your Basel III.
  12. Exactly, BJ.
  13. Love to seen an accounting of how it was used. I read Maliki got some new teeth.