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  1. Looks like they continue to hold the 2% line for IMF. All good for now.
  2. King Bean

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    Amen to that. Why would ATMs in Iraq dispense a $1 IQD note worth $.00086 USD ??? Dumbest intel ever, from a complete airhead. But then, so are his 'flock' of followers.
  3. King Bean

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    Luigi. Are we going to have to change your name to Lie-igi ?? How would someone get paid in lower denoms ON A CARD ?? $10 USD. $10 IQD. $10 ZIM. It's all the same ON A CARD !! Come on man, wake up and smell the coffee. c[_]
  4. How will we know the status of the MOF website?? Best of luck.
  5. That's a 67% increase. WINNER. WINNER. CHICKEN DINNER !! 🤡 Now Thug family cat can drive himself to PETCO. And Thug kids won't be humiliated at school.
  6. King Bean

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Waiting for MY invite. And waiting. And waiting some more. Hurry up, Pitcher. The chips on top are really heavy !!
  7. According to accurate reports from the scene, Mrs. Thug asked..... ' is that really a pogo stick, or are you just happy to see me? ' I just love romantic clown stories.
  8. ….and became FAMOUS !!! 🤡
  9. King Bean

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Sure. NOW he tells me. Rat Farts !!!
  10. King Bean

    Trump To Meet Abadi...SCOTUS Pick & RV.

    Sorry, no free rides in the rumor section. Bring BS and pay the price. Punishment for the offenders, that'll blow their socks off. LOL.
  11. King Bean

    New guy with some interesting info about Iraq

    Thanks Karsten. Actual 'news' is few and far between these days. Who would have thought 2 months after the elections the camel jockeys would still be counting results ?? But honestly, this ghost seems to mimic the same 'opinions' Frank26 and Delta have been bouncing off the blue couch for years. And Delta posts have been limited after his last two face plants, so maybe this is just F26 trying to drum up a frenzy in his followers. We all know about Obama, Maliki, Shabibi. It's interesting, but I'm not buying it. Iraq can't support $4-$7 right out of the gate. It's financially impossible. Just my learned opinion. But +1 your effort.
  12. King Bean

    Guru Nonsense

    Pitcher. Don't let Thug trick you. The Cheetos are for the tub. Flamin' hot !! 🔥 🔥
  13. King Bean

    Guru Nonsense

    Good morning, Pitcher. I will debunk that right now. There is a direct link to the Gazette in the news forums, in English too. Their splash page says the site is for posting laws and regulations. It's not an 'announcement' site. The gurus at TNT are flinging sh!t because news is slow and their readers need a consistent feeding. But you already knew that. LOL. Where RayRen leads, the brainless will follow.
  14. Today July 9th XE currency converter. 1 USD = 361.900 ZWD (ZIM) Ouch, Iran. Your money is more worthless than the ZIM. Shouldn't have pi$$ed off POTUS DJT.
  15. An article like this (still unproven at this point) will make al-Sadr's blood boil. He hates the US. Maybe instead we could send RayRen, Judy Lyington, Bruce and Tony....then BS them into submission. LOL.

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