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  1. Yak yak yak. When are they going to bring the hammer down on Maliki and his cohorts ?? Corruption and his hand on the death of thousands of Iraqis during his tenure, yet any movement against him gets little attention. Now we see his feral mug on political posters for May elections. Disgusting.
  2. IS HUMP day. 👳‍♂️
  3. Me...when I realize you burst my RV bubble. LOL.
  4. Exactly. Google any bank you want and their website will have their toll free number. I bet all those "redemption center' folks are tired after years of going to work (especially weekends) for nothing. You have to wonder at the stupidity of people who follow TONY and RayRen, knowing they are convicted conmen. 😃 As per Judy Lyington and Bruce the Goose, you'll get a better 'rate' based on your 'project'. So everyone.....put on your foil hats and think of some good ones. LOL.
  5. King Bean

    Four WF Bank Stories...Enjoy.

    Amen, climber! Especially when someone needs 'permission' to share something from a friend who has a nephew whose friend's wife works at WF and did blah blah blah. Whomever said they "could eat a can of alphabet soup and poop out something more intelligent" had it right.
  6. to "begin the process of auditing corrupt names in cooperation with the Integrity Commission......" So Maliki's name has been in the forefront of these accusations for the last 4 years, but he is in the mix again for elections and threatening to become Prime Minister STILL ??? How unbelievably stupid these people really are !!!
  7. Ooops. I thought you said carp. But if I posted cr@p the mods would roast me.
  8. Unreal to think Maliki is responsible for the total destruction of the country during his rule, billions stolen in corruption, allowing ISIS to take over a third of the country and kill thousands, destroy Mosul and other cities...........yet here he is giving speeches about unity and hoping to take the Prime Minister position again. What a f'd up country.
  9. King Bean

    Guru Dave Arnold Says RV Is Here.

    Whenever I hear the name 'Arnold', I'm thinking............. So, does that make Luigi.....Mr. Ziffel ??
  10. King Bean

    Guru Dave Arnold Says RV Is Here.

    Yaaay. Yaaay. Oooops. What Tier ?? LOL.
  11. Let's hope there is some action on monetary reform before November, when Luigi has to dust off the ol' Black Friday RV rumor. Because all the non Christians in Iraq want us to have buying power for Christmas. An old classic that never changes.
  12. King Bean

    Four WF Bank Stories...Enjoy.

    Luigi...ever get the feeling like somebody's jerkin' your chain? Go with that feeling. And next time please break this down into 4 separate posts, so I can use more rubies. Thanks.

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