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  1. Runner, good catch. In review, the last time May 11th was a Saturday was 2013. They're still trying to catch up. To say these idiots are 4 years behind would be accurate then.
  2. So as I understand it: They were supposed to end the first half of their legislative year on May 1st ( met 30 times in 120 days for a 25% work period ). But they will extend it a month, meaning we can expect to see them meet 'maybe' another 7-8 times. But in their previous 30 meeting they've done what??? Postponed more than they've voted on, spent numerous sessions questioning ministers, debated the new official Iraq logo, passed the sports law. And in nearly every session, barely able to gather a quorum....and many times delayed start because everyone was late. My best guess is Jabouri extended until June or suffer the wrath of Sadr, who ralleys the people every Friday in massive gatherings to get the election commission issues resolved, among other things. So these incompetent fools will now sit down on Sunday (woop!) and discuss air drops of food for those starving in Mosul. Pathetic group of fools.
  3. There it is...the dreaded "soon". Maybe he should consult with his military before he throws out the next announcement. There's a lot of work still to do in Mosul and they want the Al Nuri mosque completely freed.
  4. Waiting for Abadi's announcement while I figure out how to translate a camel. Meanwhile, Luigi is over at Recr@ps proposing to Dr. Clarke. Is that a hump, or are you just happy to see me ??
  5. I expect Abadi to come out Saturday and make an announcement. "Nooooo. I said NEXT Saturday". Won't we all look like fools??
  6. Let's not get our undies in a twist. Bruce can't undo his own zipper with two hands. He doesn't have a clue what is going on. His fabricated intel should start with a disclaimer: " I have no clue what I'm talking about." Even Mountain Goat trolls the idiot. Abadi's got his hands full with Mosul. Why would he give a heads up on monetary reforms 5 days in advance of making a change? So I say to all the "chicken littles".....relax. Deep breaths. There! Better??
  7. Kinda early to be hittin' the 'Bruce Juice' isn't it, Luigi ??
  8. Abadi to President Trump: "Thanks for meeting me on your private jet. Is that Corinthian Leather?" President Trump to Abadi: "Camel Skin."
  9. Apparently Hillarious told him on Election Day, "It's OK to take the training wheels off now. I will right there in the Whitehouse to catch you." Ooops.
  10. The ol' Iraqi two-step. We should be used to it.
  11. My president once told me I could keep my doctor and my health plan.....then stabbed me in the back. Actions, not words. Got my fingers crossed though.
  12. Everyone knows, thong should complement the flip flops.
  13. Davis. I think you should stay in Canada. I'm thinking of moving there myself after today's news !! (AP) 4,000 Canadian families will soon get paid by Ontario for doing nothing.
  14. Landing ban was reversed today, April 27th. Iraq revokes ban on cargo planes from landing directly in Kurdistan By Rudaw 1 hour ago Erbil International Airport. File photo: Rudaw SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – The Iraqi government has revoked a decision made earlier this week that banned direct landing for all cargo planes at all Iraqi airports, including that of Sulaimani and Erbil’s, a senior official told Rudaw. It was revealed on Wednesday that Iraq's Ministry of Transportation had sent a directive to Iraqi airports that all cargo flights bound for all Iraqi provinces, including Kurdistan Region’s, must first be inspected in Baghdad. The reason for the change wasn't immediately clear. The directive was meant to come into effect on May 1. Kurdistan Region has two international airports, Erbil and Sulaimani, with each expressing their discontent over the earlier decision. “The Iraqi Aviation Authority had decided on [Monday] to have all cargo planes inspected at Baghdad airport before they can land at airports in Erbil, Sulaimani and other Iraqi provinces,” Tahir Abdullah, Sulaimani Airport Director told Rudaw Thursday, “The Iraqi Aviation Authority rescinded the decision after we along with some other parties intervened in the matter.” “The Iraqi Aviation Authority has revoked the decision ...From now on, cargo planes can land at any airport, and will be inspected where they wish to land,” Abdullah added. Director of Erbil International Airport, Talar Fayeq, had earlier told Rudaw that the Iraqi authorities wanted to inspect all cargo planes first in Baghdad airport, and only then they were to be authorized at the airport they were bound to. Fayeq said that it was unclear as to what had prompted the decision. “The reason behind this decision is not known yet. This is, however, likely to be a political decision. There is no such thing anywhere in the world. Every airport has its own inspection team who carry out their duties professionally,” Fayeq added. The Iraqi civil aviation division also claimed they had no knowledge of what lied behind the Monday decision. “The decision was made directly by the Iraqi Minister of Transportation and Communication, Kazim Finjan,” the Director General of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, Hussein Muhsen, told Rudaw on Wednesday.