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  1. 11:00 am Start Meeting 11:01 am Read from Koran 11:02 am Celebrate Constitution (that none of them abide by) 11:03 am Blah blah blah about unity, respect, brotherhood, coexistence 11:04 am Adjourn until tomorrow (so they can do the same thing) 11:05 am Stampede to door, collect pay check 11:06 am Head to local club Pathetic idiots.
  2. GCR Wheels Are In Motion.

    Dang.....I missed it. Busy watching the Viking game. Maybe Judy could schedule a do-over. I'll buy the Chinese food if she brings Madam Wu.
  3. Agreed. And great MPG too. Not sure about emissions though.
  4. GCR Wheels Are In Motion.

    Watch out Beny !! Shiz gonna fly !!
  5. GCR Wheels Are In Motion.

    Slow down, Luigi, so I can't tell you where to 'get off'.
  6. Gurus Say The RV Already Happened, Or About To.

    Poor Luigi. Waaaaaaaaa. Taking one for the 'boys'.
  7. Just as bad as the group in Baghdad. Schedule meeting, postpone meeting. Maybe there's a holiday or something.
  8. There's also some great 'how to' video links at the myetherwallet that NEPF shared, if you're just starting.
  9. You can find investment sites if you Google it. But ETHEREUM started at $7 last October and is at $338 today. Also LITECOIN started about the same time at $3, peaked at $84 but is at $58 currently. Mind you, these markets take the roller coaster on rates week to week. Plan on long term. JMHO. I'm no investment counselor, just putz'n till Dinar hits. Good luck.
  10. Please forward, then, to your contacts from KB. Dear CBI: Get your $hit together. Regards, KB
  11. Great article THUG. The WORLD knows the answers, yet there he is STILL creating mayhem and misery for Iraq citizens. So that leads to the question: had Abadi and courts addressed Maliki's destruction of Iraq immediately after he was dethroned as PM, where would they be now?? I like to walk, A LOT. Yet, when I get a rock in my shoe I stop immediately and remove it as the pain and blisters that it will cause have both short term and long term affect on my health goals. Iraq apparently has NOT grasped that concept. Look at Maliki and group effect on Parliament. They haven't done much in almost 4 years with Abadi as PM. Yet Maliki wanders from country to country, with security and privileges, as if he were still PM. The USA shares the blame too, as they supported Maliki. And of course a weak Obama backed him too. Pathetic situation.
  12. I bought a small amount early this year. So to date, I've made more on it than on dinar. And I can request profits (although small) go back to my bank at any time. So yes, worth it IMO. There are a couple others just gaining speed too. And affordable. Hoping in 10 years they will pay big.

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