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  1. Disappointed also

    A better place to post these things is in VIP - especially since you're still an active VIP member and have access to do so. Adam doesn't read all of the non VIP posts. The only reason that wizard1 got help from his post in this Chat category was because someone in VIP reposted it in the VIP section where it was then read by Adam. Also, sometimes Support drops the ball - it's just a fact. But just resubmit another ticket and keep asking for your refund. Yeah it's bit irritating but that's how life is sometimes. And after all, in the scheme of things, this is not a big very big problem, so keeping that in mind should help dissipate some of your upset. Good luck!
  2. I think it just means that there will be great excitement and a big rush to exchange dinar because everyone will be making a nice profit from it. This will likely cause long lines and delays which is not normal for currency exchanges. And, this will undoubtedly result in people getting angry and causing, problems. Also people will likely have to wait for their bank accounts credited once they hand over their IQD and that will make some people angry. These things are also not normal for currency exchanges. That's all it means, and of course he's right. This guy isn't saying anything significant and there's no hidden message in it. Considering the examples I just gave, these are simply the kinds of things that make the post RV IQD exchange not normal. At this point, I'd be thrilled to have an "not normal" IQD exchange with a boatload of problems - just as long as we get the RV so that there's something worth exchaning!!! jmho
  3. Breaking News from the NFL...

    Ummmm. I think everyone missed the point of this post. Reread it again and you will see it is an off-color joke about tampons. Personally, I wish the mods would delete posts like this. I'm all for a good joke but I found this one crossed the line and is inappropriate for DV. The NFL kneeling is a serious and very sad subject. I'd like to see the discussion of it tied to a legitimate post though. jmho
  4. All I can think to say is, God help the U.S. :-( And these guys are being paid millions of dollars.... something is terribly wrong 97% Of NFL Players Unsure Of What They're Protesting NEW YORK (World News Bureau) - In a recent polling of 585 NFL players, nearly all of them were unsure of exactly what they are protesting. Here's a sampling of responses to the question "What are you protesting by kneeling during the National Anthem?" "Pretty sure it's against Nazis - especially the white ones." "We're protesting America becoming capitalistic instead of equal." "I'm protesting against Trump saying black lives don't matter." "We're against global warming and the police." "We're showing the world that we care about, ahh, things such as... such as...ahhhhh, freedom from suppression?" "Me and my fellow players are protesting the Constitution of Independence because of what it does to people of color." "We are displaying our right to stand up by kneeling for our beliefs." "We are protesting Trump, because he, you know, keeping the black man down and sh*t." "Myself is kneeling to show that just because I'm American don't mean I got to act like one."
  5. banks that purchase dinars

    If you're selling, you'll have to use a currency dealer (like, ebay, craigslist or this section here at DV where you can list what you have to sell and your price. And I'm not sure, but I think some airports might have a kiosk where you could exchange in person. Good luck.
  6. Disappointed

    wizard1, I sent you a gift card too but I didn't get a number for it. I've asked Support to make sure you get it, so please watch for it. So sorry for your circumstances, you are in my prayers.
  7. A couple of weeks ago, I posted that after Hurricane Harvey, the Red Cross was confiscating donations at a church, taking the bottled water and reselling it, and then throwing the rest of the donations in the dumpster. Pretty disgraceful. Last week, allegations started emerging that in Puerto Rico, government officials are l not delivering the donations to the people. There is a tragic report by a Puerto Rico Policewoman calling into a Spanish radio station in New York asking for the US to send the National Guard to Puerto Rico to help distribute the much needed supplies that have been sent. She says government leaders are using the crisis for their own personal gain at the expense of their people. Now people are starting to say that the Las Vegas shooting was actually a hoax and not what it seems. There are so many things that are suspicious: * No video of any of the 500+ people who were actually shot. That seems highly unlikely since Las Vegas has a plethora of security cameras. And none of the camera footage that was shot shows anyone who was actually shot either. * There are multiple witnesses claiming there were multiple shooters. *All the exits were locked, that doesn’t seem right at a concert. *The likelihood of one man being able to shoot a high powered automatic weapon repeatedly long enough to have done all the shootings in such a short time frame is pretty improbably. *A woman actually said “you are all going to die” less than an hour before the shootings before she and her male companion were thrown out of the venue. It is an unsettling time in America for sure. Many of us hope that Trump will succeed in draining the swamp and be able to remove the corrupt, greedy and criminal government officials from power. But he’s been stymied in most of his efforts and great efforts are being made to remove him from office so the future is uncertain. It’s possible and perhaps probable that these tragedies are being perpetrated and used to further divide the population and decrease support for Trump. As I’ve said before, I fear a revolution and/or civil war could be eminent in the US. I encourage everyone to stay informed and make a good contingency plan for themselves and their loved ones in case violence erupts so strongly that authorities are not able to contain it. Being a prepper has never been more relevant than today. And likewise having a good network of like-minded, competent and dependable people with whom you can align yourself to carry out your plans is a wise move. In the meantime, let’s keep praying our for our country.
  8. Look at these tweets and videos from Catalonia showing the brutality of Spanish police trying to prevent people from voting for Catalonia independence. Pretty shocking. I can't help but wonder if that's an omen of what is coming to the US. I recently posted a video of AntiFa undercover, and it's clear AntiFa is deliberating inciting violence and that it is supported by much of the Left as well as the Media. I believe the US is on the verge of civil war. So what is happening now in Catalonia could very well happen in the US - and for much longer than one day. It may be a good idea to prepare yourself and your loved ones in case things like that start happening in the U.S. jmho
  9. I love this this cat lady......
  10. from Zero Hedge: I hope his conclusions (at the end in red) are correct and that because it does not seem like the international community will support the secession, they'll just accept the small victory of winning the vote and take no further action. If so, things should hopefully get back on track with the RV. "A Dangerous Move": Masoud Barzani Either Burned Or Paved The Way For The Syrian Kurds by Tyler Durden Sep 28, 2017 7:35 PM 13 SHARES TwitterFacebookReddit Submitted by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media The decision of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leader Masoud Barzani to hold a referendum for Kurdistan independence will define the future of the Kurds in north-east Syria. The international community (headed by the US with numerous military bases in Syria) is directly concerned with the reactions, verbal threats, and measures announced by the countries with a Kurdish majority and bordering Iraqi Kurdistan, i.e. Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. So far Tehran, Ankara and Baghdad have reacted harshly to the Iraqi Kurds’ unilateral wish to divide the country, but Iraq and Iran took the first measure by closing their air space to all flights from and to Erbil. Iraq asked all airlines to stop flying over the country and to cease using Erbil airport. Lebanon abided by the Iraqi central government request and halted all flights in and out of Erbil (flights scheduled daily in the normal situation). Egypt and the Emirtes followed Lebanon’s step. Turkey is increasing its threats (“the Kurds will go hungry”) but did not take any practical steps: scheduled flights from Turkey to Erbil are landing and taking off despite what Turkish officials otherwise declared, but above all, its trucks are still travelling backward and forward into the Kurdish territory. Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani (left) and Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi (right) Baghdad went a lot further when its Prime Minister Haidar Abadi was given full power by the government and the Parliament to take “all necessary measures”, including the use of military force, to ensure the unity of the country. This is what encouraged Haidar Abadi to give an ultimatum to Erbil to deliver the control of all airports and border crossings to the Federal Police, as stated by the constitution. This means that the central government is expected to increase sanctions against Kurdistan by this coming Friday and may use military force to impose control over all contested areas in the north, north-west and east of the country. Any such move will inevitably spark violence in the country and an immediate revelation of the International community’s real intention towards Erbil and Baghdad. The US and Europe have large business, oil, and military intelligence bases in Kurdistan and would be directly concerned. A delegation from Kurdistan visited Baghdad a few days before the announcement of the referendum. Iraqi Sources in Baghdad who participated in the meeting reveal to me “the Kurds came with three clear intentions: 1. To show the world the Kurds are trying to find a way out before the referendum. 2. It is important to continue the dialogue and avoid any repressive measures after the referendum.” 3. And most importantly, “the delegation was trying to find out what would be the measures Baghdad may adopt as retaliation for the referendum”. The source believes “there was no attempt to postpone or renounce the call for the referendum: Barzani has decided and is confident of his step”. So the decision has been made and Barzani was aware of the consequences: personal representatives of the Kurdish leader visited various capitals (Beirut, Tehran, Ankara, Tel Aviv, Baghdad…) to understand what would be the reaction. Kurdish representatives I met were particularly concerned about the position of Hashd al-Sha’bi (the Popular Mobilisation Units – PMU) and their possible intervention. It seems the PMU are the main source of concern because of their reputation (track record) and because they include the battalions of Nineveh (who are involved in the referendum but who reject it). The following step Baghdad is planning is to ask Erbil to present all its accounts in all official matters and expenses related to Oil Revenue (900,000 barrels per day pumped under KRG of which 600,000 b/d exported via Turkey) and also with reference to Communication Revenue (Erbil’s established Communication Company is under investigation and international arbitration for refusing to pay the Iraqi Ministry of Communication billions of dollars due for 3 years). Baghdad will certainly send forces to all disputed areas to protect these cities and prevent Kurdish forces (Peshmerga) from imposing their control over contested cities. In this state of insecurity for Erbil, the Peshmerga will be on continuous alert on all borders with the rest of Iraq, exhausting Erbil’s already strenuous and indebted finance. Abadi won’t attack the city of Erbil but will limit the Kurds to a confined territory and will ask the international community to fulfil its commitment to reject the independence of Kurdistan, halting all economic cooperation. Barzani masked the deterioration of his popularity and the critical financial situation of Kurdistan (due to the corruption of its leaders) and replaced it with a controversial referendum: he managed to brush away from Baghdad the oil and all other revenues already disposed of, and brought most of the Kurds under his umbrella by tickling their dream of an independent state, boosting again his popularity. But the price seems very high. The Syrian Kurds of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its military branch, the People’s Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) will stand beside Erbil and will open their “borders” with Iraq: this in turn will violate the sovereignty of Damascus. But how this would help Erbil or “Rojava”, the “Kurdistan Syria”? Already the Syrian Kurds, in their situation, occupy an embattled position due to their accepting the position of US proxies. And they can’t open sea or air access to Erbil to boost Kurdistan’s economy, let alone compete with what the central government in Baghdad can offer. The Syrian Kurds are waiting to see how the world will react to Iraqi Kurdistan to draw conclusions about their own next move. The US will have to think carefully what to do with Iraqi Kurdistan before taking any irrevocable step, since all decisions will have repercussions on its tenure in Syria and the occupation of north-east Bilad al-Sham. Barzani’s only solution – if Turkey abides by its threat and the international community retreats from its previous position in favour of the central government in Baghdad – is to enjoy the referendum and its result: and do nothing at all. However if the Kurdish leader has received enough promises of protection from the international community and Turkey he, in this case, only needs to wait for few more weeks before making a final decision.
  11. The truth is coming out.... Please hare this with others to help spread the truth faster.
  12. The original youtube video about this has almost 6 million views. Apparently, in Texas when donations were brought in by the truckload and left with churches, the Red Cross confiscated the donations and resold some of them, then threw out the rest. If this is true, it's outrageous. Anyone in Texas know more about this?
  13. I know it seemed pretty unlikely to me that these massive, record breaking hurricanes should be hitting the US in rapid succession right now, so maybe that thought had occurred to you too. I'd heard that scientists know how to manipulate weather, but I didn't know details and I didn't really understand what the reason behind doing this might be. This is a terrific video on it that I just found today. It explains that they've been modifying weather for 50 years and even showed some of the patents for the process. They found by seeding storms with chemicals they can lessen or dissipate them, which explains why the US hasn't had any big hurricanes for so many years while the rest of the world has. It also finally gives a good explanation for chemtrails. He theorizes that right now, that those in charge are manufacturing these storms to distract people from realizing that things are really falling apart. They use microwaves and such to amplify the weather patterns to create these massive hurricanes. It gives details but it is also easy to understand. Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives And Agendas ( Dane Wigington )
  14. what do you mean by "internet interruptions"? Are you saying you know you will have internet connection issues from yesterday to Sept 10? How could you know that and what does that have to do with the RV? Or do you mean something else by "internet interruptions"? Can you clarify please???
  15. Check this out and watch the 8 minute video. I was shocked because they even got me on this one! :-( Let's pray all the harder for our country, is all I can think to say......

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