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  1. I didn't think that I would ever say this but I am about ready to call it a day as far as this "investment" goes. I have been at it since 2004, perhaps just take a break from the news for a while.
  2. Shouldn’t this thread be in the opinion section?
  3. Oil closed a 59.07 today so it continues to increase.
  4. Great to see you, Chuck! All good! I am here almost everyday but the problem is that I get busy with patients and then forget to post! I am looking forward to meeting up with you and others when this ride ENDS!
  5. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    Exactly coorslite21...I tried to stay out of all of it but yeah, so what if navira45 pumped using his "connection." It wasn't be the first time and it won't be the last. Personally, I felt what he was saying would have been better served in the opinion or rumor section. Again, so what.... This IS the news section so let's try to stay focused on the NEWS and wait for the RV day! It's tough, especially with Iraq (and pumpers), but hang in there everyone! It's coming, no one knows when... Dr J
  6. Obviously, he was wrong. He isn't the first and probably not the last. Trust me, I want this as bad as anyone but instead...we wait... Dr J
  7. Well...I sincerely hope that you are RIGHT and I am WRONG. Just putting it out there....I do purposeful prayer and I got an answer of December 2018. August 31st is a week away. Dr J
  8. Interesting because this Monday is the eclipse and Islam puts a high value on solar and lunar eclipses. i don't have a link but you can simply Google "Solar/lunar Eclipses in Islam."
  9. If you say it's this month, navira45, then I'm's this month!

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