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  1. OK then...it looks like Friday, June 30th is our day! Come on Iraq...cross the bloody goal line!!!
  2. "THE BIGGY....THE RV/ RI...... If we do not see this by the first week in July...... I do not think it will happen this year. I do not mean this to be negative or in any way discourage you all. I want this like yesterday. I am at a stage like many of you, I want to do other things with my life. I just need Iraq to get their finger out to help me do some of it." I agree with you 100% all of the way around, Betty! Here's to the RV Train FINALLY pulling into the station! Dr J
  3. YES!!! And no...you haven't had too many!
  4. Right on, baby! June 25-27 or Eid al-Fitr is looking GOOD! Heck, I'll even give it to June 30th!
  5. "Iraqi government has decided to coordinate with the Kurdistan Region to import crude oil from Kirkuk province to Nineveh so that the power plants in the war-torn province resume operation." It sure sounds like the HCL is a done deal! Dr J
  6. Come on Iraq! Get the ball across the goal line and finish this thing!
  7. Ah...yuppers! Hey Chuck! Looking forward to meeting you one day...the sooner, the better!