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  1. LMAO ty moose lol
  2. Just speakin for myself, dreamer who da heck ya think ya are, Myself like a lot of others have been in this investment,(jan of o4 for me an ill be dang if just before sumthin happens if ya don't decide to allow us to have your opinon,thank you for the enlightment!!!
  3. lol moose dat's wrong lol
  4. They look kinda fowl to me moose lol
  5. Who says ya can't have to much fun lol
  6. moose, I aint touchin any of my old socks, an reason is clear lol
  7. No moose, the worst was when momma was gonna whup by bott an I ran from her an climbed a tree, then those feared words wait till ya daddy gets home, an she sits down an starts to wait also, wonder if I had jumped , maybe a a broken arm or even a leg or 2
  8. lol ya walkin on thin ice moose lol
  9. LOL LOL
  10. lol that took me by surprise, not I gotta get my teeth outta the bourbon lol
  11. then i'll call ya a driver
  12. pp, let'em come off one of those mountains in BC an snowin lol
  13. pokerplayer, I drove for 46 yrs all over the U S, an a large part of your country, an this the the craziest crap that could happen, maybe for deliveries ok but long haul LOL LOL LOL
  14. lol don't have to pay the drummer, but have to pay movers to take washer too apppearances lol