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  1. water is a main part of construction an this could really be a good thing
  2. another silicon valley, heaven help us lol
  3. Workshop on the WTO Accession of Iraq

    if they want to play with the big boys, its time to put on their big boy pants
  4. Baby it’s Cold Outside

    real cool I live outside zavalla, we'll have to hook up after rv for fishin trip
  5. Baby it’s Cold Outside

    Pitcher, I feel the pain also, I live just north of Houston on lake sam rayburn
  6. federal crime to aid illegal aliens to enter country
  7. Didn't they have charges against Allawi for corruptation, but bein Iraq, NO PROBLEM!!!!
  8. These articles have me feelin so good, I'm havin to sit on both hands to keep from waving at everyone An morning DV
  9. Why does my B.S. detector go off when it sees Washington post
  10. just spit ballin here, but wouldn't a rv make the credit reating soar
  11. If maliki is for it, they need to dig a little deeper an find out WHY
  12. I'm already liking this pompeo
  13. When Death is on vacation...

    that's so staged in 3s if you notice lol

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