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  1. anyone else thinking maliki has something to do with this
  2. CBI News 08/31/2017

    one more bites the dust,
  3. Iraq Is Broke. What Must It Do?

    I hope it teaches me more than your posts have so far lol
  4. implement 140 an pass a HCL , an watch the change
  5. Iraq Is Broke. What Must It Do?

    lugi, all I can say is, what'a crock'a !!!
  6. I'll See You At The Bank This Afternoon.

    Thug dats a lot of junk lol
  7. ATTN: All pet owners...

    Would make sense!
  8. Retired

    If people read his post an the way he spoke, about wife an how he did his thing,an came around just in time to say something??? I smell a rodent, who ran over the possum!!!! lol
  9. Synopsis, I like a thinking man, you keep on keppin on lol
  10. Traveling with your dog...

    Man's best friend, thanks moose
  11. It tells me the IMF trusts them soooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  12. RV Tonight...CNY Now Reserve Currency.


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