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  1. If people read his post an the way he spoke, about wife an how he did his thing,an came around just in time to say something??? I smell a rodent, who ran over the possum!!!! lol
  2. Synopsis, I like a thinking man, you keep on keppin on lol
  3. Man's best friend, thanks moose
  4. It tells me the IMF trusts them soooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  5. wheeeeeewwww
  6. Ain't it the truth moose lol
  7. Is it just me or does that say, her come da arss whopping? lol
  8. LOL patience my friend patience lol an thank ya for ya well thought out statements
  9. thanks laid back, ya always have the words to say what is needed lol
  10. lol lol
  11. Like the man said in a song, if heaven aint a lot like Dixie i'd just as soon stay home!!!
  12. O h No they not lol
  13. my support group was a six pack, several each day, an I never missed a meetin
  14. lol seems like everyone one wants to be RICH lol
  15. I still remember the fear from those days, long live the 1/9 1marines, the walkin dead