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  1. Anyone have a idea what could help their economy??? lol
  2. Oh the thoughts of PAYBACK lol
  3. 20 young men just texted the soon to be ex an cancelled the wedding
  4. World bank helping a country with a worthless currency, OK! I'm down lol
  5. This is my 13th yr of holidays with this investment an same'ol bs
  6. Guess if ya gonna wish, make it a big one
  7. harboring terrortist is international crime which is subject to UN sancations, they'll get them lol
  8. Statement by an IMF Mission on Iraq

    YES he did, don't just luv it when the plan comes together lol
  9. Statement by an IMF Mission on Iraq

    Now we know why abadi said end of nov for liberation , please please let it be lol
  10. anyone else thinking maliki has something to do with this
  11. CBI News 08/31/2017

    one more bites the dust,

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