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  1. Everyone has to remember who set up this GOI. They are doing about as good as their puppet masters in DC. Wm13. Peace out.
  2. This is interesting. Pretty sophisticated for a 3rd world country.
  3. 375 mil for 500 MW's? I could build a 500 MW power plant for half that and put the rest in my pocket and never work another day in my life. WM13
  4. They built it so they would have lots of oil to "deep fry cats"! Love me some fried cat!
  5. Biden Visits Iraq

    Oh, everything is alright now, Biden is there! Wm13
  6. end, the beginning of something new WM13
  7. Stalking cats usually get shot! hee hee I Just know, God told me before the end of this year. WM13
  8. This is the beginning of the end people! WM13
  9. We are close people! Wm13

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