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  1. jordan1

    Buddy in military in iraq

    None of this is true. Period. Makes no sense whatsoever. No one is going to get paid like that.
  2. jordan1

    Buddy in military in iraq

    Yah right.
  3. The gurus finally found the reason to show this being dragged down the road another 90days. Bet we don't see an RV in 90 days .hey I bet we won't see an RV this year. Don't know what there reasoning will behind it by . but I am sure they will twist some news around to justify it.
  4. jordan1

    D Day...The PenagonGives The Green Light.

    um again we have lift off according to the gurus, i am sure there is much more credibility to it this time than the other 2000 times in the last 14 years.... 😝😙😙
  5. jordan1

    A UN Bank Story

    To bad all those guys are being sent to jail for give financial advice without a license....really anyone who believes this crap please contact me . I have lots of stuff for sale.....
  6. jordan1

    Delta says before June 1st

    Well I guess another date rolls on by. It's almost June 3rd. Lol. Same ole same ole .
  7. and the tier 2s get paid again for the umpteenth time this decade, sure wish i was a tier 2... if the tier 1 2 and 3 keep getting paid there will be nothing left for the rest of us....
  8. jordan1


    For once and all people. Realize the truth here not all this b.s. Trust me if you could change your money in Calgary you would be able to exchange it in the u.s. These so called gurus have made up so much crap about the dinar you all actually beieve it. There are no 1800 numbers . The Chinese elders have nothing to do with this. There are no secret instructions imbedded in Trump's speeches or actions to trigger an RV. They used to say the same crap about Obama. Reno is not the epicenter of Iraq dinar exchange. That one make s me laugh... Wells Fargo is probably happy all the free advertising they get drone these gurus. I bank at wells and am a top tier customer with a wealth mgmt private banker and I can assure you Wells Fargo will exchange the dinar if and when it ever is listed as a tradeable currency on the exchange. I mean the list of retarded statements go on and on here. Remember all of this secret meetings and high level govt . Chinese elders . It.s all made up bullcrap to continue the interest in the dinar . So the revenues can continue to roll into the websites. It's all like a c.i.a. spy novel to keep you a excited . Period
  9. jordan1

    In Country RV?

    have"nt seen this before .. LOL Absolute nonsense
  10. jordan1

    New 10 Iraq Dinar...... For real??????

    oh what tangled webs we weave , this is a ten dollar dinar note from the Saddam era collection, it is worthless as is any of that defunct currency , that was part of the currency replaced after US invasion.......junk junk junk , folks as always most of the info put up in here is fabricated b.s. to give everyone false hope....
  11. jordan1

    Four WF Bank Stories...Enjoy.

    DUh George can I go turn my toilet paper into money now...??
  12. jordan1

    another site report

    My belief is blah blah blah. Same old shiite new day. Can only hope in my lifetime I can dispose of this one way or another. Gets old. And unfortunately from a fundamental finance point of view there is no way this ever revalues.
  13. jordan1

    The Mother Of All Bank Stories.

    I smell a rat.
  14. its amazing how something that has happened already according to these idiots is now postponed..... laughable .... they speak with forked tongue.
  15. Magically the information was put up long enough for a guru to post and then poof. Gone. No way to verify anything . I call b.s. These guys stop at nothing to keep this thing going.

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