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  1. Exchanges Going On In Phillipines.

    how come i never seem to be in the right country to exchange ,,, the b.s. continues
  2. goat Goat GOAT

    Also the quote or news whatever you call it from " Economist Bassem Jameel Antoine views the reprints of the Iraqi currency as a “necessary requirement" this is from an article from may of 2014. Fyi. Do your research folks . Same old idiots spin same old crap.
  3. goat Goat GOAT

    It's amazing if a bomb goes off on the remotest spot on the planet there will be a full video and story on the front page of every search engine on the planet within minutes. But yet no one can produce one screenshot. One you tube video validating anything these idiots say. I say b.s. to all.
  4. Real Inte Has Gone Scarce.

    seriously we someone needs to tell Luigi what real intel is ... cause I have never seen anything real in 10 years about dinar...
  5. This maybe the biggest bunch of crap ever put out on this site. I mean seriously pump pump pump. Hurry up buy some Zim before it's too late. Oh make sure you mention your a tree hugger because you will get more interest..... I am sure no discriminatory federal banking laws broken here.. If you really believe that a greenhouse builder. And a coal plant manufacturer get different rates on a ten million dollar account balance , I have some swamp land in Florida for sale.. This stuff just keeps getting better every year.
  6. umm I think I gagged on my lunch reading this crap,
  7. Just wondering if we should take anything serious from someone who cannot spell sucker.
  8. The Goat...CBI Told Her No RV In 2017.

    Correction there is no one that knows a rate or date. This is just a highly speculative investment that may never amount to a hill of beans. Quite honestly saying no RV in ,2017 is just the usual way this stuff goes. It's the gurus way of continuing this charade of a lottery ticket to further line there pockets and egos.
  9. Remember many times the gurus have had a gag order or was that I gagged on there bullshiite..... Either way this is a gag!!!
  10. Wow the crap just keeps getting thicker. Seriously where do they come up with Shiite.
  11. Yes cause all the top secret RV **** goes on in Reno. And of course an Indian reservation ....duh. Such back I almost peed myself reading it.......
  12. Are The Cabal & ObamaCare Holding Up The RV?

    hang on I need to find my tinfoil hat in order to read this and understand it !!! Who dreams up this shiite?
  13. I think Judy lyington lies a ton. Same old b.s. new day. The invisible exchanges. All lies lies and more lies.
  14. Show Me The Money.

    Can someone please get me there phone number i will sell all mine to the for 50cents on the dinar. Then they can make a bazillion off of me . cause i just dont know how to cash mine out apparently.

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