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  1. ranger173


    800 numbers come up again
  2. Hey new England pays fan. Another title under their belts. Awsome
  3. Hey. King bean. We're did you get a pic of Mrs Sasquatch. Seen her in northern main years ago
  4. Hey moderators can we stop these listings by Luigi it's getting kind of tiresome seeing that he's almost the only one posting here and it's always a bunch of crap
  5. Your on the money murd. Hspot, wear a foil hat when reading lusqueegie, it cuts lose by 75%.
  6. Don't see anything yet I pressed on the link and nothing came up that I hadn't already seen
  7. I'm with you jg1. Let's get this thing done so I can help people who deserve help. Won't be any help from me for those who don't try to lift themselves
  8. I can understand reno getting liquid. It's hot there. Bunch of dudu. Find something else to do luigi
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