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  1. ranger173

    ZAP Meetings With Chinese Elders Are Ongoing.

    Your on the money murd. Hspot, wear a foil hat when reading lusqueegie, it cuts lose by 75%.
  2. ranger173

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 October 2018

    Don't see anything yet I pressed on the link and nothing came up that I hadn't already seen
  3. ranger173

    Sterling Currency Group

    I'm with you jg1. Let's get this thing done so I can help people who deserve help. Won't be any help from me for those who don't try to lift themselves
  4. ranger173

    Kardashian’s took our rv money. I seen it

    She's disgusting
  5. ranger173

    Chinese Elders, Reno, Paid...Canada Next.

    I can understand reno getting liquid. It's hot there. Bunch of dudu. Find something else to do luigi
  6. ranger173

    Guru TANK: Dire Warnings...USD Collapse.

    Absolutely not. The government has to much power allready. This would give them total control over (americans) every one else would just steel
  7. ranger173

    CBI Announces Financial Stability For Iraq.

    The rial! That's it for the R.I. R.V. if true. But lugi posted it. I'm not worried
  8. ranger173

    Two More Gurus Pass While Waiting For The RV.

    I'm sorry to hear they past ... not only missing this blessing when it comes. Good find D.T that's funny
  9. ranger173

    This Is Enought To Gag A Maggot.

    What a bunch of dog diggity. Dudu
  10. What an idiot ? !!!!!
  11. ranger173

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    Happy birthday scarymary
  12. Bristling!!! Stop trying to read into things. If you can read. Mi
  13. ranger173

    Trump To Meet Abadi...SCOTUS Pick & RV.

    Bull you know what brucccie. Boy
  14. Yah. Publishers clearing house. One big lie. Like this thread

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