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  1. Whatever happened to dinar Thug
  2. Enough of this what has happened to Adam it's been months does he know something we don't know has he figured out that it's never going to happen and just backed out
  3. His money made time gone by it's time to say Goodbye dinar goes nowhere and never will
  4. Thanks for posting as often as you do Mr Scarpa it blocks a lot of Luigi's garbage and gives us something real to read
  5. Heard that before olives man. Where is Adam. Hopefully not but maybe in trouble for something.
  6. No Adam doesn't forget something must have happened in his life possibly to take him away from his daily projects I hope everything's okay for Adam and his family
  7. Yhanx for posting these opinions Ron. I was getting tired of seeing nothing but luggi hear
  8. I do have to say did this is been going on for 14 years or more and since I've been in here I've never seen anything definitive as far as information goes wondering if this is just not a way to make money for those feeding information until a new currencies is implemented sorry if I'm wrong but something seems amiss here
  9. I agree, heck $6,00 is nonsense as well. They need to get on the polar xpress
  10. It's sad that a group of humans on this planet still don't know the difference between right n wrong. But some of the people in the u.s don't know either. My guess is this thing is going into the latrine. Theses people have been fighting each other for thousands of years and it won't stop until 90% are wiped out. This is a sad view I know but that is their nature. Just like monkey tribes fight each other. I believe this thing was never even going to happen. Has it been acknowledged by any one of importance or of real knowledge from anywhere in the world that this has a real chance. Oh. I have a friend who knows luiggg%gigi and swears his contacts have the date and how much. Y'all be safe be good or be good at it.
  11. Back in the world, I've seen and heard there is no way Iraq will honor there currency outside there country when they revalue. If not change their currency completely. back from trip to @/÷×+]@[#]! And word is they are going to drop there current currency in the next 6 most. Scary thought but just passing it along. Merry Christmas y'all and a happy new year. Guess I should have started with that, anyways let's hope my info is wrong. God bless eveyone
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