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  1. pokerplayer yes I started the thread yes , but it's not mine it's ours ! I'm watching and waiting & things are looking up for making a good profit even if they do lop 1 Zero off there currency in this change up! Looking forward to the end of these currency rides , so I can move on to other things , but God's timing is always perfect , so I'm still patiently awaiting for the Reaping of this harvest when it comes. Amen!
  2. Hi markb57 From what I've gathered for the Iranian rial to be legal to hold it had to be in the good Old us of A before the sanction were in place that's were I came up with the date . When the Sanction were in place it was illegal for us to obtain the rial during the restrictions , so with that said it's smart to have rial that you can prove was in the country at that time before sanctions for cash in purposes !
  3. Investing in any currency in the Middle east can put you into this category your speaking of especially Iraq . Iran runs the Iraqi government ! Iraq is also the creation if ISIS it's where it all began and will continue even though Syria will be the main hub!
  4. FreedomWish Thank You for keeping us up on current Iranian news it's much appreciated my friend!
  5. Gods timing is always perfect . This year is going to bring about alot of financial changes & I have a feeling this rial is going to make some changes by or around October!
  6. That's My King
  8. We might not have to let's see how things play out Iran seems to think they will be in good shape in 6 months.
  9. Related: DAVOS Iranian banks reconnected to SWIFT network after four-year hiatus DUBAI A red London bus passes a branch of Iranian owned Bank Sepah International in London December 22, 2011. REUTERS/LUKE MACGREGOR Global transaction network SWIFT has reconnected a number of Iranian banks to its system, allowing them to resume cross-border transactions with foreign banks after the lifting of sanctions on Tehran, a SWIFT official said. Iran's re-entry on to the SWIFT system, four years after banks were cut off from the network, had became a political issue in the Islamic Republic in recent weeks. Some conservative parliamentary critics of President Hassan Rouhani had complained the reconnection was not occurring fast enough and the country's nuclear deal was not delivering the expected economic benefits. Iran is desperately trying to boost oil exports to regain market share lost during years of sanctions, which artificially curtailed its output. Despite the removal of the sanctions last month, only three cargoes with Iranian crude have sailed to Europe so far, a fraction of what Tehran has promised to ship to its old customers. Traders have said a slow pick up in exports was partially due to SWIFT problems. "Nobody could pay the Iranians via normal lines, not even in euros," one veteran oil trader based in Europe said, adding that after the reconnection he expected normal banking business to resume. Iranian banks were disconnected from Belgium-based SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, in March 2012 as international sanctions tightened against Tehran over its disputed nuclear program. The system is used to transmit payments and letters of credit and Iran's exclusion damaged its ability to conduct foreign trade and money transfers. Under a nuclear deal reached between Tehran and world powers, most sanctions against the country were removed last month. "SWIFT has completed the on-boarding process for these banks and can confirm that they have now been reconnected to SWIFT," said Onur Ozan, a country manager at SWIFT. "We will continue to work with the remainder of the entities that have applied to rejoin SWIFT to ensure their smooth reconnection," Ozan said in a statement carried on the Iranian central bank's website on Wednesday. Ozan did not give details of the Iranian banks that had been reconnected. The central bank said in its statement that all banks not covered by remaining sanctions had been connected, including itself, but some of the banks' foreign subsidiaries and branches were still working on it. Although SWIFT's action will make it easier to move money into and out of Iran, many foreign banks are expected to remain wary of doing business with the country, at least initially. The nuclear deal says non-U.S. banks may resume trading with Iran, but because Washington retains sanctions against Iran that predate the nuclear crisis and were imposed over other issues such as human rights, bankers are uncertain of the legal basis for business and worry they could still be targeted by U.S. officials. U.S. banks remain prohibited from doing business with Iran directly or indirectly. (Reporting by Andrew Torchia in Dubai; Additional reporting by Phil Blenkinsop in Brussels, and David Milliken and Dmitry Zhdannikov in London; Editing by Keith Weir and David Holmes) Read more:
  10. Alittle in the wrong direction, but movement is good there finally untide let's see where the New demand takes her too.
  11. To encourage citizens to deposit their money in banks .. the government raises interest rates to 18% BAGHDAD / Hassan Shammari: A government source revealed on Saturday that the government decided to raise the interest rate on deposit money in banks to 18%, attributing this to help the government in overcoming the financial crisis. The source said in an interview with "Sky Press," that "the government has issued a number of proposals to address the financial crisis afflicting the country, and decided to raise the interest rate on deposit money in the bank to 18%." He added that "This move will encourage citizens to deposit their money in banks, which will make it easier to deal with the crisis that hit the country as a result of lower oil prices ". But in parallel with the detection of citizens and traders for "Sky Press," for "Dar Al Salam Bank Ahli" failure to extradite Mbalghm deposited with him under the pretext of state austerity faced by the country, as called upon the Ministry of Finance to intervene for their money Exchange, warned of the disruption of their businesses. The religious authority called on Friday, the Iraqi government to engage the assistance of local and international to develop a "contingency plan" in order to cope with the financial crisis, which amounted to "a dangerous level", as demanded by taking austerity measures against "unnecessary expenses" for the ministries and not the general public right. It is noteworthy that Iraq is going through an economic crisis because of lower oil prices, and Anfaqath in the war against al "Daash", as he emphasized Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in the November 18, 2015, that Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis in stronger, adding that he found offline to strengthen the economy and lack of total dependence on oil.
  12. Ok this sounds amazing , but where's the link to the article quote your referring too????
  13. Warka's Internet banking system It's finally Back up and Running ! Whoop Whoop
  14. DO not buy oil yet or you'll lose your shorts LOL