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  1. Lastest Updates in last Webinar -All new purchases made in the month of August will receive a $.10 cent coin back rewards rebate in ProCurrency (PROC) -Funds that post into your iwallet that were earned prior to May 31st can still be used to upgrade your account and earn the exclusive coin rewards rebate of $0.04 After August this promotion is over the company has been very gracious to offer huge benefits & promotions giving us the ability to get these coin back rewards at such a great discount. After August that is not going to happen like that anymore, so I want you to know that you only have till the end of the Month of August to benefit from this & then all Packages will only come with coin rewards at market value! All the early promotion Package owners will benefit greatly from the promotion rewards starting at .02 cents per coin in January to the available .10cents till the end of August! Please watch this Webinar for the latest current Updates in iPROnetworks Sign Up for free and Buy your package today with 100% ProCurrency rewards back at .10 cents a coin! MAKE THE MOST OF AUGUST! This Is The Last Month For Specials On The Coin Price Before We Go To Market Value!!! (The bonus is for first time buyers not for upgrades) $100 Educational Package 1,000 coins @ 10 cents $500 = 5,500 + 2% bonus 5,100 coins @ 10 cents $1,500 = 15,000 + 4% bonus 15,600 coins @ 10 cents $2500 = 25,000 + 6.5% bonus 26,625 coins @ 10 cents $5500 = 55,000 + 10 % bonus 60,500 coins @ 10 cents
  2. PRO: The New Digital Currency Solves the Biggest Problem Bitcoin Can’t Spotlight Companies Follow | Thursday, 27 July 2017 11:01 (EST) Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in the past year, in which it shattered new record highs over and over, has sparked a renewed fervor for digital currencies. But while traders are desperately trying to get their hands on Bitcoin, Ether or any one of the other 700-plus cryptocurrencies in this new digital gold rush, one fundamental problem is becoming clear: this is increasingly a market solely for asset speculators. After all, the primary purpose of a currency—digital or otherwise—is to be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services. But in this regard, Bitcoin may be falling victim to its own success. According to a recent note by Morgan Stanley payments analyst James Faucette, Bitcoin’s recent price surge is pricing out too many retailers from adopting the currency as a form of payment. As reported by Bloomberg: "Bitcoin owners are reluctant to use the cryptocurrency given its rate of appreciation, more evidence that bitcoin is more asset than currency," Faucette said. "Way easier to trade speculatively than convince new merchants to accept the cryptocurrency." That’s exactly the problem PRO Currency, a new digital currency launched in April, is looking to address, and why it has the potential to emerge from a crowded crypto field as a mainstream alternative to traditional payment methods. PRO Wants to Get Cryptocurrency Right While Bitcoin may have lost its way, PRO is a digital currency specifically created for retailers and consumers to use in the real world. Payment reconciliation is an often overlooked but nonetheless vital area that PRO is designed to address. In other words, it’s the time between when a transaction is made and when the funds are actually settled and able to be used. Current payment methods can take days to process, and even Bitcoin takes up to 24 hours. For merchants and business owners, that time in between where they essentially don’t know where their money is and have no one to contact for help (perhaps a downside to a decentralized system) can be tremendously nerve-racking. But PRO is designed to reconcile in a minute, according to experts. How PRO is Rewarding Retailers and Consumers But how will PRO stand out from the crowd of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies currently on the market? The solution is actually quite simple. With the recently launched PRO Rewards app, users can enjoy cashback in the form of digital currency rewards when shopping from over 4,500 of their favorite retailers, including Best Buy (BBY), Kohl’s (KSS), Macy’s (M), Sear’s (SHLD) and Walmart (WMT). Users receive PRO Rewards for shopping at major retailers around the country instead of getting reward points or traditional cash back. The benefits for retailers are obvious. The PRO Rewards app enables them to entice customers with a digital currency-based loyalty program. For consumers, the benefits are potentially even better. Not only does this model essentially pay shoppers back for their product purchase in PRO Currency, but also provide could provide exposure to the potential of price appreciation of PRO as an asset class. By providing businesses with a method of attracting customers with a generous loyalty program, which simultaneously puts PRO Currency in the hands of consumers and into circulation for real world use, PRO is in prime position to solidify its place as a formidable contender for the digital currency crown. PRO Rewards is just the first step of a larger strategic plan to generate wider adoption of PRO Currency. Multiple mobile applications, social sharing platforms and increased merchant attraction is expected to roll out in the near future. For more information on PRO Rewards, visit here:
  3. Get Started And Learn about iPRO Network Your Resource to learn about iPRO Network's Platform How to Register into iPRO Network You will discover how you register yourself and others into iPRO Network find and watch appropriate Video clicking on link below STEP #1 - Create Your Free Account click on link below and sign up now How to Purchase Product with Cashiers Check STEP #2 - Select and Pay for eCommerce Package You will discover how to upgrade and purchase your eProfit System Package through iPRO Network using a Cashiers Check ProCurrency (PROC) $0.298118 (5.93%) 0.00010458 BTC (0.31%) current live value of Ecoin click on link How to Purchase Product with Bitcoin You will discover how to upgrade and purchase your eProfit System Package through iPRO Network using Bitcoin as payment. How to Fill out Order Inquiry Form If you have sent in payment to iPRO Network or to the third party payment company and have not been upgrade, you have not received product or rewards in your iPRO Network back office then fill out the inquiry form. How to Get Access to Rewards App CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO REGISTER FOR FREE AND DOWNLOAD APP TO GET PAID IN CRYPTOCURRENCY FROM SHOPPING IN PRO-REWARDS TODAY! CASH IT IN OR SPEND IT IT'S YOUR MONEY! Learn how to get access to the PRO Rewards app. Understand the difference between a Rewards App Customer and an iPN Free Member. Anyone that Registers for iPN automatically can login to the Rewards Platform using the same Login Credentials. Click on link below & find appropriate Video matching subject!
  4. Short video I made in Cosa Mesa California at the iPROnetwork Business Launch with Kevin Harrington Enjoy!
  5. Quick update ( Still a perfect time to get in on the bottom floor as this has launched world wide and is moving at record pace) Pro-Currency has risen to .51 cents yesterday and settled at .33 cent's today July 18th 2017 and buy in's from this company are now at .07 cents in the Post Launch with iPRO-Solutions for the Month of July also! Buy in's listed at - $100= 1428 coins $500=7142 $1500=21,428 4%bonus=22,285 $2500=35,714 6.5% bonus=38,035 $5500=78,571 10% bonus=86,428.56 Scan this square with your phone or click on this link and sign up today it's free then login to your account and click on upgrade my package to get your learning starter package or advance package and 100% Rewards in coins at .07 cents per (PROC) ProCurrency Ecoin today! The Cosa Mesa Business Launch was way better than I had imagined! I met many famous people and Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank got us excited and trained us well as he to bought into the company buying 1 million in ProCurrency! He told us not to focus on getting Rich , but to change lives by sharing this great opportunity with others. He said your lives are going to change from the wealth you gain from this no matter what , so go out and share it with everyone you want to bless because it will change there lives forever Amen!
  6. In Cosa Mesa California for the 7-7-17 iPROnetwork Business Launch & Party with 2 days of training!
  7. If you want to Enjoy the ONLINE SHOPPING REWARDS APP without Joining the company Buying a training package and receiving ECOINS click on this link below and ENJO+Y It's FREE! Better than Cashback! Earn PRO Rewards and save by shopping at major retailers. Register for FREE NowEarn Digital Currency in PRO Rewards Today Register for FREE Now Shop Online Shop on your desktop or mobile device to save and get exclusive deals from thousands of retail stores you know and love. You can shop by brand, category and more. Earn PRO Rewards Earn up to 40% in PRO Rewards by shopping online at the stores you already shop at and receive Digital Currency in PRO Rewards. Save or Trade PRO You get to decide whether you want to save your PRO Rewards or trade them in and receive their current market value. Thousands of Retailers Shop Some of Your Favorite Online Stores for PRO Rewards. Download PRO Rewards App and shop through mobile application Android or iOS. Get access to your rewards and account details. SHOP IN YOUR BROWSER For everyone who loves to shop on their computer Shop by going to our website and login to your account and start browsing. You can also download the browser extension to enhance your shopping experience. Login to your account and view all your orders and savings your received. PRO Rewards is a one of a kind program that introduces a retail friendly digital currency that is far more exciting than traditional cash back, perks, or flyer miles. Register Now Major Retailers Earn PRO Rewards just for shopping at some of your favorite online stores. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS Save and get discount offers only available through PRO Rewards. TRADE REWARDS You can trade your PRO Rewards which is more exciting than getting traditional cash back. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY As usability of a digital currency increases so does the demand and sustainability. SECURE SYSTEM Set up a wallet and keep your digital currency secure with state of the art encryption. Start Speculating Collect a currency with huge growth potential, discover PRO a digital currency. Functional on all displays. Available on all Major Platforms Download our app on iOS and Android and download extensions for Chrome and other browsers. The time is now for you to take advantage of a simple way to start earning PRO Rewards that could save you a lot more than traditional saving methods like cash back. Register for FREE now and experience what it’s like to receive digital currency for shopping online at the retailers you already love to shop at. Register Now © Copyright PROcommerce 2017 | All Rights Reserved
  8. Here are some of the updates to the back office Make sure you get in tonight's corporate webinar and training if possible The app is live in your back office Please make sure if you are wanting to make money through the IPROnetworks platform to BUY your Training Package first which is how you receive your ProCurrency coins and then download the online shopping app on your phone then Log into your new APP with the same login information you log into your Virtual Office and the two will link together. LINK to the FREE New Online Shopping ReWards App by going to your Play Store on your Android phone and typing PROiREWARDS the i must be in there! download app and Enjoy! IPhone App will be out shortly sorry Iphone people
  9. Yes that's me Now just Login your account / Virtual Office scroll down to the gold bar that says Upgrade my account select what training package you want then print out 2 copy's of your mail in receipt save one on file and mail the other in with your money order or pay by bitcoin! The Month of JULY (PROC) PROCURRENCY ECOINS are .10 cents a coin and the packages are set like this VS July 10 cent packages $100 Educational Package 1,000 coins @ 10 cents ... $500 = 5000 + 2% bonus 5,100 coins @ 10 cents $1,500 = 15,000 + 4% bonus 15,600 coins @ 10 cents $2500 = 25,000 + 6.5% bonus 26,625 coins @ 10 cents $5500 = 55,000 + 10 % bonus 60,500 coins @ 10 cents Fill free to contact me anytime! VIZIO
  10. You Do Not Want To Miss This!!! Invite A Friend!!! Thursday Zoom with Michael at 7:00 pm PST Http:// meeting ID 642124969
  11. New To Bitcoin? Your not alone many are , but I would suggest you research CryptoCurrency & Bitcoin the first Crypto. Like paper money and gold before it, bitcoin & all other CryptoCurrency is a currency that allows parties to exchange value. Unlike it predecessors, bitcoin is digital and decentralized. For the first time in history, people can exchange value without intermediaries which translates to greater control of funds and lower fees.
  12. Things are Really on the move in the CryptoCurrency World! IPROnetworks LAUNCH on 7/7/17 to bring CRYPTOCURRENCY into every house hold world wide with easy to use apps to convert fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat! New PROWALLET App with Automatic mining if you leave your computer on all day just wake up and you will have 6 to 15 more coins per day! Rewards App to earn cash and coins back on every purchase you make through the App and last but not least the NEW PRO Currency E coin the first crypto coin made and legally established in the U . S . of A . now currently on live market at ProCurrency (PROC) Buy in at .07 cents till June 30th and then .10 cents till July 31st then it will be market value only. Get started today once your in let me know and I'll help you install your pro wallet. Click on LINK > $0.166015 (-12.15%) Now NVIDA computer graphics card company has designed a new card just for Cryptocurrency mining.
  13. Yes you can buy anything with ProCurrency or any other CryptoCurrency through your E Wallet, but not through the App itself that I'm aware of!
  14. Good Morning IPROnetworks ProCurrencyEcoin Team! Those of you who took advantage of this Extremely Rare Opportunity you are off to a fantastic start and you all should have received your ProCurrency Coin Rewards in your My Rewards Account & for those of you who have been working hard adding the Lucky people you have shared this amazing Opportunity with you should see your Money in your I Wallet Account today or the next day or 2 in your VIRTUAL OFFICE! I have personally received $8,495.92 thus far, but I’m working really hard setting up my foundation quickly and most of my earnings are from adding Businesses that want to start receiving cryptocurrency at their place of business and buying their supplies through the rewards program saving them thousands of dollars a year and making thousands more through paying customers a year! Walmart June 12th 2017 Walmart in Canada Drops Visa, Proving the Potential of Bitcoin’s Low Fees I’m sharing this with you ,so you have ideas on who to approach to share this amazing Rewards Program and App with, there is no limits my friends everyone will be using cryptocurrency for their everyday needs in 1 to 3 years from now and millions of people will be underneath us in this program in 1 year, this launched worldwide , so set your foundation now in this program and get bare minimum 2 people in underneath you as quickly as possible , so you can start getting paid and go 4 generations underneath you to get paid to the fullest! I would like to emphasize to those who haven't even bought in yet and there is only 5 of you & you know who you are! Your days are ending fast with a deadline for buying in to receive your coins at .07 cents ending on June 30th 2017. IPROnetworks has decided to continue discounts at .10 cents a coin through July before it goes to market value only! IPROnetworks will officially Launch 7-7-17 you are the lucky few to get an opportunity to Join a Business on the very ground floor before the Launch. I was only the 9th person down from the very top, so you are entering in before the first hundred people. Take advantage of your position in this business and don’t let a million dollar spot go to waist most people only get in after tens of thousands had already joined. July 1st the ProRewards App will be launched and we will be trained on how to use and share it. The E Wallet will also be Launched and we will be trained on how to use and place our coins in there,so we can start using them and our rewards app on a daily basis to receive amazing discounts on all our purchases anytime anywhere! Don’t forget we work hand in hand with Bitcoin as well & with the E Wallet you can shop through only rewards program with any cryptocurrency! Link reminders list 1) Link to your Vitual Office 2) Link to cryptocurrency market place our currency is PROC 3) Link to PRO Rewards phases and white paper 4) Link to share when the IPROnetwork Scam? Question is asked LOL and it will until they do their own homework and then their all in! Please call me anytime if you have any questions or need help! In Christ, Gods Blessings VIZIO