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  1. June.12.2017 - Updated iProNetwork Overview Presentation
  2. June.12.2017 - Updated iProNetwork Overview Presentation
  3. Welcome to the future of commerce. Welcome to PRO! PRO is social. PRO is disruptive. PRO is the Future of Commerce. PRO - Professional Retail Offering We all understand speculation is not enough and participation is what gives a currency long term sustainability. We focus on solutions for consumers and businesses by rewarding them for utilizing cryptocurrency in their everyday life. PRO’s platform is a simple way for the masses to experience cryptocurrency without it seeming overly complicated. Pro is the gateway to cryptocurrency. PRO aims to be one of the most recognized mainstream coins through our 2 phase system. Our apps are designed to turn spectators into speculators in a simple way. We are continuing to build lasting relationships and grow community involvement in blockchain technology. Participate in the PRO movement today. Get started today
  4. I'll send you an Email Sir check your inbox!
  5. PRO Timeline Bitcoin started at .10 cents look at it now. 1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $2819.09 2 Ethereum Ethereum $260.85 3 ProCurrency (PROC) $0.326243 (+4.72%) ... Get your hands on ProCurrency the first & ONLY legal & approved Ecryptocurrency established in the USA for .07 cents till the end of June! The first and only USA approved and Established Cryptocurrnency! Get yours today secure your future. Click on this link today and receive these deals till the end of June $100= 1428 coins $500=7142 $1500=21,428 4%bonus=22,285 $2500=35,714 6.5% bonus=38,035 $5500=78,571 10% bonus=86,428.56 ICO is scheduled to commence on Jan 18 2017 at 23:00 UTC and will run for 40 days. 15 billion coins will be offered in the ICO. Each coin will be sold at a fixed price, up to the minute prices will be listed on this site. Bounty distribution is scheduled for March 3rd. Sign up for the newsletter on this page to stay up to date on the bounties throughout the ICO and post ICO periods. Wallet and Chrome Lite Client will tentatively be released in April 2017. At PRO we want to develop these assets for our consumers, patrons and the marketplace as a whole, as quickly as possible.
  6. YES the very first legal & only accepted & approved CryptoCurrency ESTABLISHED in the United States is ProCurrency ProCurrency (PROC) $0.332127 (8.43%) 0.00011799 BTC (11.22%) 6/7/2017 7:41 AM
  7. I'm sorry it won't work unless I add you through Facebook on the Fortune Builders IPN Mastermind Group If you've already joined you received an email already!
  8. Link to Fortune Builders IPN Mastermind Group on Facebook :
  9. This is were you will get a notification an hour or so before the webinar starts so you can register! Fortune Builders IPN Mastermind Group - Facebook
  10. ZOOM tonight tonight with Michael. Don't Miss It. Question and Answer following the presentation! 5:30 Pacific 6:30 Mountain 7:30 Central 8:30 Eastern Click on this link and set up for the Webinar tonight!
  11. Good Morning Everyone: The Link below takes you to the fundamentals of What we are doing and why. Please use this information to equip yourself on how you will lead forward in however you choose to use this great opportunity!
  12. No your right it's more than that though you get the buy in on Coins and if you choose you can also jump in on the MLM side. They started this world wide and there introducing it to the world a safe everyday Ecurrency market place where you can buy and sell from your Ewallet on your phone from any store in your everyday life . You can make extra money just by sharing the New phone App they will be launching in the next few weeks on top of the coins you purchased that will rise in value daily. I bought in at .04 cents and today its .26 cents and it's only been 30 days. You can also make money by people entering this market underneath you MLM . I only see the upside of this and it's got me extremely excited
  13. Yes it will direct you through to the last page where you have the information to mail out a money order Print that page! Now you can just buy in for the Coins at 100 or get involved with the business side of it also for 50.00 more per year! When you Join you can start Immediately on the business side making money, but you won't see the credits on your site until they receive the cashiers check or money order!