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    small bussiness man in ohio who looking to grow
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    farming,dairy Queen,trucking,bar owner,real estate delveloper,looking to expand

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  1. well if any body has any doughts ,ill be more than happy to buy your dinar so you can find another investment and find your happy place
  2. What I'm saying is leave our Constitution alone ,give back our money to united states treasury , and God back to our country
  3. I'm sure one world order would love for you to believe this crap!!!!! Get wiz!!! If you believe it's old and outdated and don't apoly them in sure you believe in one world currency and one world religion too as there also in your mind outdated too
  4. This senate that suggested this must be mentally unstable as article itself !!! There homeless because of not dealing with reality and you want put guns in there hands to prove guns kill people ,seriously?
  5. Just ask Australia how things are working out now they took all guns away from good guys and only police and bad guys have guns only more innocent people getting raped robed and killed now
  6. chris smith

    RIP...Another Guru Passes.

    Wow sorry to hear rip brother dv
  7. the physical evidence speaks for trump so hes right and this article is so twisted and wrong plain and simple and as one who risk his life for info in iraq on front lines i have seem myself the truth from my on eyes and see why trump is trying his best to right the wrongs in usa god bless trump!!!
  8. chris smith

    Get a Load Of This Whopper Here ......

    once you post somthing go look and see if you can see it ,that you are telling everybody to see , you like 3 other post its not there to see
  9. chris smith

    Get a Load Of This Whopper Here ......

    why is it they say your post among many others looks at upper right coner and nnnnno ones seeees it dummass for posting it
  10. chris smith

    Launch investment project

    yota impressive your info but this is really for adam to see if he sees this especially after his recent comment about money amounts to figure out value of our dinar if any haS BEEN KEEPING UP WITH BRIEGHTING COMMETS forgive spelling as ive been know to mispell he has been pretty up to date on iraq currency count to lets us know value just helping keep dots connected to this puzzel cowboy as ive been called which is hard rep to keep let me tell you lol
  11. i wonder what there exchanging goods in im pretty sure it will be in yaun dollar! they are figuring out now those american sanctions are meaningless now they dont have to trade in petrodollar only took them a year to figure it out
  12. chris smith

    Dinar News Analysis of

    very cool site

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