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  1. I would rather have jobs than more fake stock market rises ,that only helps elite as what you prove with this article!!!!!!
  2. ups is hiring all these illegals by the way too!!!! is how they survive and got there in first place!!
  3. county accessor is how voter fraud is accomplished, they need arrested!!!!! in Kentucky there are more illegals voting then registered adults in Jefferson county this is just one example people!!!! arrest county accessor already to make it stop!!!!!
  4. pitcher has his finger on pulse of the world ,spot on well done!!!
  5. i bet presidents trump speech we been waiting 2 weeks to hear surprise is about mexico finally paying for wall thats why 9 circuit trying to caputure the money for themslves
  6. can you send password as cant see it and got new cell and need password for new cell same number xxxxxxxxxxx as cant remember password thanks chris smith
  7. came from podcast on brando where in invited person from iraq and he said that was put on his card in iraq
  8. on cards used inside iraq saying for every 35dinars to every 100usd is what there getting on cards being used right now and with trump saying woring on currency then heading to vietnam next hoply he mentions currency there too would be good sign
  9. i know this may seem odd, as president trump is negotiating bi lateral deals he has to get market share though deals and push oil lower to show we have control of oil price and help our own bussiness and consumer to bring jobs that comes with lower oil ,once that has showing promise then let prices rise slowly ,but lower controlled oil price by president trump will force iraq to rv and play ball with president trump as they need another source of income than just from oil through the rv of money and that is art of deal !! go rv! and president trump!!!
  10. untill they stuff money into pockets of iran residents in iraq to keep them quiet or just kick them back to iran they will squeal like pigs, to think they still have voice but they dont!
  11. we the people dont need our worthless overpaid representives or senators as we have now our own way to fund wall on go fund the wall!!!! let this send very powerful message to reduce our bloated goverment who is out of touch with adverage citizen ,go president trump!!!!
  12. i wonder why none of his soldiers or officers that really knew him that was with him in war talked at his funeral? that evidence alone should speak for itself!!!
  13. well if any body has any doughts ,ill be more than happy to buy your dinar so you can find another investment and find your happy place
  14. What I'm saying is leave our Constitution alone ,give back our money to united states treasury , and God back to our country
  15. I'm sure one world order would love for you to believe this crap!!!!! Get wiz!!! If you believe it's old and outdated and don't apoly them in sure you believe in one world currency and one world religion too as there also in your mind outdated too
  16. This senate that suggested this must be mentally unstable as article itself !!! There homeless because of not dealing with reality and you want put guns in there hands to prove guns kill people ,seriously?
  17. the physical evidence speaks for trump so hes right and this article is so twisted and wrong plain and simple and as one who risk his life for info in iraq on front lines i have seem myself the truth from my on eyes and see why trump is trying his best to right the wrongs in usa god bless trump!!!
  18. once you post somthing go look and see if you can see it ,that you are telling everybody to see , you like 3 other post its not there to see
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