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slow down peeps.

If they are going to remove 000 couldnt this mean that they will print new 5000.=5 1000=1 and 25000=25

To me this only means they will be printing new money in these denomination.

1 and 5 and 25. to add to existing 50 250 and not sure 500.

Make since....

This is the way I've read all the remove the zero news also. All new currency will loose the zeros and the notes we have will still be at face value. But people just want to believe that our notes will be turned in and only be worth 25 dinars.. Just not gonna happen.

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Those that feel so badly about this investment should sell out and not stir up the hornets nest.

I will stand fast and keep what I have till it's over. I will remain optimistic.

I'm in agreement with the old biker.

While the article was published and therefore rightly in the news category, it is really just an opinion. I treat all opinions as rumors.

Let's get the RV on the road. Hit the throttle Trigger!

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This is all bad news. Removing three zeros means LOP. New currency means worthless current currency. The only thing I see here that means anything will happen is the troops pulling out. This means the current IQD would (according to this article) simply be replaced sooner than later.

It could mean exchanging your single 25,000 dinar note for 100 25 dinar notes. Why does the first word outa anybodies mouth always LOP? Frankly I am tired of it.

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I don't see how deleting 000's from the currency is positive. They are talking about the notes not the rate.

Also, what does it mean when they say they will be providing bigger currencies?

Alsumaria, Iraqi satellite television, reported on September 3: “Iraq Central Bank said that it won’t only delete the zeros, but it will also change Iraq monetary structure in order to provide bigger currencies.”

Where does this say that they are removing three zeros from the note rather than the rate? It say either is true.

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Staying away from the usual back and forth ... the original essay seems correct (to me) in stating that the withdrawal of US troops is a good thing. People on this site love to make this into a political rant, but it makes sense that if Iraq can stand on her own, then IQD investors will have a real shot at the type of return that the owner of DV detailed last week (maybe a $0.25 RV). If Iraq indeed goes to hell, then there's your answer. You've got to believe that the US has some sort of backup plan for Iraq (undiscussed in public). And you've got to believe that the US wouldn't make this move -- with oil in mind -- unless it had a firm confidence that Iraq is prepared to succeed at this point.

That said, it will likely take a good year for real stability to be established and confirmed. Therefore, it is difficult for me to see how a decent return on our IQD investment could occur before well into 2013. I'm serious.


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And so now we rush Helter Skelter with our fingers in our ears , what because of one article and or one persons

opinion ................................. NOT ! blink.gif

I think I'll wait and see what Adam thinks first biggrin.gif

That's right! We all (including me) gets crazy when we hear negativity! I believe Adam has some very exciting positive news for us..As we know, he is always very careful what he says to us and how he says it.. This why I just wait for his chat on Wednesdays..wink.gif

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I would much rather see an RV instead of an LOP, but either way you still come out ahead. RV= millions :drool: LOP = thousands. Both are contingent upon the rate. Now lets look at what everyone is basing an RV on, oil and possible business ventures (Iraq's business plain and simple is oil). Proven reserves of 115 billion barrels, multiplied by $80 per barrel. If Iraq could pump it all out and sell it in 1 day(fantasy), that would be roughly $9.2 trillion. Right now they're doing around 2 - 2.5 million per day with 3 million expected by the end of the year. Lets make it easy and say 2.5 x $80=$200 million per day $1.4 billion per week, and if you didn't notice I subtracted no expenses. A total of $72.8 billion per year. Now reports of the number of outstanding IQD vary from 12 trillion all the way up to 30 trillion. If you're like me you want an RV of between $1 - $3 per IQD. $1 RV :$12 - $30 trillion outstanding IQD, $3 RV : $36 - $90 trillion dollars outstanding IQD. How is the gap between $9.2 trillion(oil reserves) and $12 -$90 trillion(outstanding IQD) filled? How about this (pure speculation, an awful lot like my investment in IQD)? An LOP and an RV at the same time. Cut the 000's and RV at $3. Your 25k dinar is now worth $75 or $3000 per million. In this scenario the outstanding IQD value is between $36 - $90 billion. Does this make sense or am I just full of BS. Go ahead, fire away, I've got big shoulders and I'm wearing kevlar :rolleyes: . I only want the IQD to RV and come out very wealthy, but I don't believe Iraq will bankrupt their future to do so.

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folks...remember that people sometimes give biased, unsubstantiated opinions about this facts, no proof, no verifiable evidence...just opinions...don't buy into it and let it get your emotions in is what it is and YOU know as much as the next person so stay will feel better! :) Get off the pot CBI or show results....oops! :blink:

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