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  1. $58,132.40 this mornings Bitcoin price. With major global banks holding and buying Bitcoin... the investment in crypto’s is still promising but understandably you MUST do the research to know how to distinguish losers from winners. (After all we wouldn’t want to bet on a goat running against a Ky Derby winner) blessings
  2. Something big has been happening for years now...soon it will consume the universe causing a new big bang creating galaxies filled with iraqi dinars. .no doubt🙄
  3. Similar to some of the "in the groove" intellectual gurus of yesteryear that belly flopped landings in the sands of infinite wisdom from the Oklahoma takeoffs...duh
  4. Wealth might not make you least you can enjoy your misery!🤑
  5. Folks use your negs sparingly...we like to be positive on here!😊
  6. You folks that have known me over these many past dinar years know I have never been short on opinions. With all the time, investment, opinions, etc concerning an RV...we are basically still rowing our boat in unknown waters. As far as present and future investment, crytocurrency has real and present value as a money maker. Pay attention to the the leadership of this site. I have been in crytocurrency for some time and done very good with it. Some folks are irritated because Adam mentioned crytocurrency but remember...the reason you invested in Iraqi dinar was to make money. Do intelligent research. You will be happy you did, then thank Adam for a thumbs up concerning an additional income opportunity. Merry CHRISTmas my friends!!!
  7. Great gesture of compassion.Those folks will be under an unbelievable economic hardship for months. Blessings!
  8. Thanks for the wisdom of watching. I ordered the DVD series to share with anyone that did not get to see the freebies. By the way it's running again. Blessings
  9. Dang Thug, I keep mine by the Charmin in case of an emergency shortage!!
  10. ok, Since I have been in this ordeal for several, sweaty, stinky years waiting for a nice ROI. here is my opinion on the RV.......,.................................................... and that dear friends is my opinion! Thug will tell you I know it to be fact. Thank you Thug!!😁
  11. looks like no one is interested enough to see one of the most important documentaries of this century...mind boggling info that will enrage and engage and make people wake up to cold hard facts about the atrocities being forced on the American public!!!!
  12. It has been a long time since I posted but this has so much immediate value that it must be shared. if you know anyone with cancer, they need to know about is up for 24hrs then more series this week, please share...if I had this info earlier my precious wife might still be alive.
  13. Thug, reminds me of a song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" ....I was looking for the pot of gold at the end but all I found was a portable outhouse😎
  14. I been gone so long that I gotta learn how to navigate this site all over...can't figger it much for Hillbilly senility!😨
  15. thug being as I have been awol for awhile...I thought surely you would have exerted your influence enough for a RV by now..shucks! blessings my friend
  16. Thug I was shocked too...dang hair dryer hit the tub, turned itself on then fell in there with me...frizzed my hair caused me to run through the back yard with with nothing on except a hair dryer and cord wrapped around my torso....the neighbors all thought the rv had hit and I was on the way to the bank...long time Buddy!
  17. Thug...use yout influence and call the Iraqi in charge people and tell em to spit or get off the pot....or whatever they great, great, great grandkids will be over the hill at this rate...thought I'd do a driveby and say howdy to you and the gang...don't look like many of the old gang hanging around much
  18. Thug thanks for the post...however I must admit I had a wee bit of trouble understanding the arabic on the link until I realized it was all Greek to me at which time it all began to fall in place??? In the meantime Howdy my friend...I see bunches of new names on here since my venture into the desert sands on my trustworthy camel named Texas 1 named after some long forgottn Texas hero who was lost in a Texas sandstorm......that may be Greek too...after all theses years of waiting for an RV...I think the Terrawind is the best one...Google it, interesting motorhome you may wish to order after the main RV...cheers!!!!
  19. Alex...couldn't get the link to download my probably noticed I've been AWOL for a while but looks like nothing has changed with the for my prediction...??????? and that is verifiable...on your link...
  20. refer to the the guru in the plane...I would tell him...Uranus seems to be flying upside down dear O..... (strange name for a planet.....they should have named it Urfoot or Urbrain...anything but Uranus)
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