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    My interest are giving glory to God in Jesus name, getting the most out of this investment, helping others in ways too numerous to mention. I'm a 100% disabled Vet. I'm an OIF/OEF veteran of 2004. I enjoy making designed walking canes, creative yard decoration and singing. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the open country.I have two years toward my PH.D in business management from Argosy University in Atlanta.

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  1. Hi Adams, I'd like to get the number you will be calling me from once the RV hits so I won't delete it. You see. I get a lot of tele marketers calling and I delete them once I see their numbers showing up on my phone, so please if you are to call once the RV hits I will have your number in as a contact number. Thanks in advance.
  2. Been a long time coming, let's pray it'll all end soon. Thanks Adam for all you've done and will do,to make the venture worth the wait.
  3. @Shick I wonder about many things, such as what heaven looks like, what makes exact time of heat and cool air to mix to create massive hurricanes in the dead of summer, I've wondered if the Iraqi heads really know what they are doing. I wonder if anyone knows.
  4. I've heard such before and like the rest it sounds good, in fact too good to be true; as always I'll stick with my motto "Time Will Tell" It's not what a man says, but what he does that . . . counts.
  5. They have the same size nose they should align, divide and conguer. Peace!
  6. The key to passing laws is to know that they are to help not to hurt nor hender any citizen of Iraq, that shouldn't be to hard. Peace!
  7. Thanks Stryker haven't been on post for a while and it's good to comeback reading some good rather than bad news. Peace!
  8. 1 for 1 could be the final agreement, the 0.10 maybe detrimental to the dinar, makes since to me, I'm on board IQ.
  9. After waiting for this RV thing to happen, I'm ready to believe Possum's Mamma, Daddy, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Dog and Cat. Hell if he have a talking horse that would be the edge. Peace!
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