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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!



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Scooter - I just wanted to thanks for sharing your research with us all....I for one am truly appreciative of the knowledge I have gained from you. I admire your wisdom and heart - now I am going to disect and read what you have provided - THANK YOU!!!!

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China scares me in a sense of the impact it will have on our global economy.

Factor #1) Their demand for crude... As their demand rises, we may never lower the price of crude low enough to be manageable. Thank goodness we got Iraq looking to drill more oil.

Factor #2) Their USD holdings... They buy US debt..... They could, in a sense, crush us economically

Factor #3) Basically 1 & 2 go together in a sense, what if China wanted the sale of crude to be traded in something other than the USD. Ruh-roh!!! That would start a war of some degree, no question about that.

Our debt - needs a nice hefty payment in a sense. We keep putting things off and the bill is going to come up & bite us!

There has to be some degree of a fix out there and a plan to implement it... The dinar could be a great choice in that matter. Maybe that is why they have such a high circulation?? Who knows!!

No mater how much we research, I don't think we'll ever have the complete knowledge to understand the whole darn thing :P

Best we can do is continue to put the pieces together.

Scoot! I hope our politicians are aware of your theories..

thx for the post.

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