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    Single Mom working overseas to take care of our Soldiers and Airmen
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  1. So sorry for the loss - my prayers go out to his friends and family.
  2. Couldn't agree with you more young man!!!!! Thanks
  3. hoosier1470 - Keep on posting dear - I truly appreciate that you shared - Thank you I have been around DinarVets for awhile and have seen many Bank stories but hoosier I have to say - yours was and is probably the most exciting. Keep it up and keep sharing!!!
  4. WOW - easy, I remember my Mom telling me in the early 70's if I continue to listen to Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Scorpians - just to name a few that I would become a Devil Worshiper...I will definately let my kids know about this and to keep an open mind....thanks for sharing...p.s. I escaped the evil from the 70's - well as far as I can remember. Good to see your post cutie pie.
  5. Thanks jeepguy for taking the time...
  6. hoosier1470 - thank you so much for taking the time share!!!
  7. I was shocked and sad with the episode!!!!
  8. Thanks RSS for posting...wish I knew the answer....oh and xoxo
  9. Great find RSS - thanks for posting...Is this just another notch to resolve a portion of the remaining Chapter VII issues?
  10. The demands could go either way - sure hope that doesn't back-fire on him - but being in the positive frame of mind that I am....I think it could happen during that time frame and then if it does - he can then take credit for it being implemented. Thanks for sharing - sure would like to read what others have to say.....
  11. Ok been looking - can't find it...still hoping this was a current, more recent meeting....
  12. Any chance of this being another meeting? Thanks rss - you ROCK - if this is a repost - I didn't see it either - oh and hey where you been?
  13. Nice Post George.....and K-notes - again thanks for your service....I look forward to hearing more from you....
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