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G.E.T. Team Conf Call Notes 3/27/11

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G.E.T. Team Conf Call Notes 3/27/11

leo] Hello And Good Evening :: Thank You For Joining Us Tonight For The G.E.T. Team Conference Call :: Our Members Are The Best

[janna] Al here

[janna] Steve here

[janna] Ray yes

[janna] Sam

[janna] yes

[janna] Terry K yes

[janna] Visitor yes

[janna] Sam opening prayer

[janna] Amen

[cameron1432] amen

[kktwahoo] Amen

[janna] TerryK – a few things

[janna] we are all anticipating something

[janna] haven’t heard anything today

[janna] couple of meetings in Iraq

[kktwahoo] meetings in Iraq

[janna] Tuesday cash in date

[janna] looking at $3.86

[janna] for Iraq

[janna] $5.27 us

[kktwahoo] Tuesday – cash in date – rate 3.86 Iraqi

[janna] $6.12-$6.18 CBI rate

[kktwahoo] 5.27 us rate, 6.18 CBI rate

[janna] some claims that people have cashed in

[janna] no receipts though

[janna] at $3.86 but we don’t have a copy of it

[kktwahoo] no receipts

[kktwahoo] photo of new Iraqi visa card

[janna] neat part is that we have a photo of the Iraqi Visa card

[janna] Al will post it on the site

[kktwahoo] al will post on site

[janna] no big news from TK

[kktwahoo] no real big news, nothing negative

[janna] guest speaker tonight

[janna] after Al

[janna] (Name John)

[janna] Al -

[kktwahoo] guest speaker named John

[kktwahoo] Al

[janna] he doesn’t have anything other than delegation (including Def Min) went to Kuwait

[kktwahoo] Delegation including defense minister has gone to Kuwait – not sure it is true

[janna] as far as anything coming in, it is all the same

[janna] nothing changed

[kktwahoo] nothing has changed

[janna] hopefully this is it

[kktwahoo] hopefully this is it

[kktwahoo] TCB Caring Hands website is working on new one

[janna] – working on the new one

[kktwahoo] couple of screen shots

[kktwahoo] suggestions in play

[janna] that is it for Al

[kktwahoo] once he gets everything in play?

[janna] John, guest speaker – from Lazy Days (RV Company)

[kktwahoo] John – from Lazy Days – on front page

[kktwahoo] Thanks to al and terry for putting himself and Jeff up

[kktwahoo] Honor to be on banner and page

[janna] Big thanks to Al and TK for putting our site up on the banner and page. We are the largest RV co – out of Tampa

[janna] we carry 14 different lines

[janna] hi end diesels

[kktwahoo] Largest _________ company – RV’s as in Rec. Vehicles

[janna] gas, class A, B, C

[janna] 5th wheels, motor homes, etc.

[kktwahoo] gas, diesel, 5th wheel, travel trailers

[janna] he is a member of the GET Team

[kktwahoo] special GET team pricing

[janna] will be accessible post RV

[kktwahoo] post RV will be accessible

[janna] also at the party, there will be a raffle drawing for a brand new 45′ Tiffin

[janna] exciting

[kktwahoo] post RV party will have drawing for new 45 ft Zephyr

[kktwahoo] Tiffin Zephyr

[janna] variety of hi end coaches

[kktwahoo] high end coaches in RV industry

[janna] we appreciate TK, Al, Steve – so much

[kktwahoo] Appreciate everyone – putting up on banner

[janna] and being a supplier for those of you if you want an RV

[kktwahoo] Will you be available for questions later on?

[kktwahoo] Absolutely

[kktwahoo] Will be at post-RV party – yes

[janna] the raffle drawing 2011 Tiffin Zephyr – 45′ bath and half – $500,000.00 coach

[kktwahoo] Give away of 2011 Tiffin Zephyr – almost 1/2 million USD coach

[janna] 500 horsepower

[janna] thanks john

[kktwahoo] raffle ticket drawing

[kktwahoo] thank you

[kktwahoo] Terry

[janna] Anything else, Al?

[janna] no

[kktwahoo] Al – have anything you want to discuss?

[kktwahoo] No

[janna] NO

[janna] Ray

[kktwahoo] Ray

[janna] thanks for getting your trust work done ahead of time

[kktwahoo] Thanks for going ahead and getting trust work done ahead of time

[janna] we will probably after RV time 1-200 apps/day for 3 wks

[kktwahoo] Upon RV time expect 100 to 200 applications per day for about three weeks

[janna] we will be here for the next 90 days after RV

[janna] presentation call after the RV will be recorded

[kktwahoo] Will be here for first 90 days after RV – longer, more detail on recorded call

[janna] Tues/Thurs calls all Q & A

[janna] implementation instructions

[kktwahoo] 730 to 1030 pm time for calls

[janna] after RV

[kktwahoo] Questions – we will be there to walk u through every possible thing

[janna] for is their email address

[kktwahoo] Will be getting a notification in Knoxville on offshore trusts

[janna] will be showing and telling about off-shore in Nevis

[kktwahoo] Ray is going legal study of offshore trusts – he will be guinea pig

[kktwahoo] Nevis is best

[janna] this attorney knows all of this

[janna] on home page on the GET site

[kktwahoo] GET site – listed twice on home page

[janna] download the educational information on the left hand side – 9 attachments

[kktwahoo] Send email “Send me your information” – 9 downloads – take you from beginner to advanced level in trust education

[janna] read all of this before coming to a call

[kktwahoo] Attorney and Ray will be there to answer any questions about trusts

[janna] once in a lifetime event to occur to all of us

[janna] need to protect your assets

[kktwahoo] Most important – how to protect assets for your family

[kktwahoo] Couple of things that have been brought up in emails

[kktwahoo] Anything over $1.2 million your capital gains goes from 35% to 60% – that type of garbage is out there

[janna] there is some legal information that you will find interesting

[janna] if you cash out into your own bank account – you will be audited

[kktwahoo] For those of you who cash out into your own bank account will be audited

[kktwahoo] LLC, S-Corp, Reg. Corp – same as putting in your own bank account

[kktwahoo] Can be sued, same as in your bank account – you may lose everything

[janna] need to put your assets into a trust

[janna] very unique event

[janna] has never been done before

[kktwahoo] Only way to get around this is to get a trust – get out of your name

[janna] low chance to be audited

[kktwahoo] There is no history, so chance of audit is very low – no track record to be audited

[kktwahoo] Fraudulent transfer – some lawyer’s say this – assets transferred in there is $10,000.00 only

[janna] you must educated yourselves

[kktwahoo] You did not put them in for them to be taken out

[kktwahoo] Fine points – legal education

[kktwahoo] Most unique time in the history of the trust world

[janna] Tues Thurs eve calls – don’t miss it

[janna] Thanks

[kktwahoo] Tues and Thurs evenings for calls

[janna] People upset about pushing a product

[janna] If you don’t like it – go to another call

[janna] These are people that are sponsors for some time

[janna] They are providing an RV

[kktwahoo] Some peeps do not like pushing a product – but one company is providing 45 ft motor home for raffle – so if you do not like it get off TK site

[janna] Go away if you don’t like it

[janna] Rodney

[kktwahoo] Rodney

[kktwahoo] Mean you want to hear from me?

[janna] he missed the beginning of the call

[kktwahoo] Missed beginning of call with Junior

[kktwahoo] Watched 300 – amazing they stayed and fought

[janna] Doesn’t have any dinar related news

[janna] People forget that it is a privilege to be on anyone’s website

[kktwahoo] People forget that it is privilege to be on anybody’s website, let alone this website

[janna] so when you come in and bash or slander or criticize – please understand that if this was your website you can run it anyway you want to

[kktwahoo] So, when people come in and bash and slander please understand that if this was your website you could run it any way you wanted

[janna] TK is doing and has done more than most of you will ever be able to do for the Veterans and a lot of the other things

[kktwahoo] TK has done so much to help so many and will continue to help people and if you truly knew the slanderous things you say against TK you would bite your tongue off

[janna] When you come in here, Terry’s heart is so huge – he could have sold this site or sold out – we are not sell outs – the 3Amigo’s will never sell out

[kktwahoo] Could have sold out – 3 amigos will not ever sell out

[janna] we may disagree but always held strong

[kktwahoo] We have always held strong together

[janna] If you don’t like what you are hearing and don’t want to choose to listen to what we bring to this call – no one is making you listen

[kktwahoo] I am not here to preach to any one person but if you do not like what you are hearing, then nobody is holding a gun to your head to listen

[janna] out of respect, please have respect to the man, Tina, Al and so many others that have put in their time to have this site up and running

[kktwahoo] Out of respect please have respect for the man who has spent countless hours, and others like Tina, Al, who have worked on this site

[janna] For those that have gone off and started their own websites, kudos to you – know you know how difficult it is.

[kktwahoo] To those who have gone off to start their own websites kudos to you – this is not easy, it is a lot of work

[janna] If you don’t like it, don’t listen, don’t become a part of it

[kktwahoo] Terry has put in a lot of hours and Tina, too, cannot tell how many hours she has put in

[janna] We are doing what we think is best for our country

[janna] I appreciate all that Ray is doing

[janna] Ray’s trusts are probably the best trust out there

[kktwahoo] Rays trusts are the best out there

[janna] free consultations, free calls, free information

[kktwahoo] Price is unprecedented

[janna] offering anonymity

[janna] peace of mind to be protected.

[kktwahoo] anonymity and peace of mind

[janna] Thanks, Ray, from Rodney – glad God has lead you to us

[kktwahoo] protecting what you have is more important than how much more you will make

[janna] we have a big road ahead of us

[kktwahoo] We have a big road ahead of us

[janna] Rodney has stayed on course with his path

[kktwahoo] I have NOT strayed off the path

[janna] people fail to recognize that this is Rodney’s path – don’t criticize him on the path that he is going down

[kktwahoo] Rodney is on his path – it is not up to you to determine if I am on my right path

[kktwahoo] If you do not want to hear the words that come out my mouth, tell me to shut up

[janna] Rodney has told TK that he will stop talking about his path but TK never has, maybe just asked to alter it a bit

[kktwahoo] TK has told me to alter something’s is all

[janna] reason we discuss all of these different things

[janna] bank of yourself, etc.

[janna] we care so much

[janna] we don’t want to see you guys go down and be blindsided

[kktwahoo] Talk on trusts, bank on yourself, etc. is because we care so much

[janna] you will choose what you are going to do

[kktwahoo] WE do not want anyone to be blind sided

[janna] but there is more than just a conversation about dinars

[kktwahoo] There is more to this conversation than just about dinars

[janna] if it was only about dinars, our calls would only last 10-15 minutes

[kktwahoo] Call was only created by Rodney

[janna] the call was created because you couldn’t truly empathize and understand by listening, watching the words in the chat room

[kktwahoo] Wanted it because you could not truly empathize and understand by listening in chat room or watching the words

[janna] it spurred all of the different conference calls

[janna] you can hear the passion

[kktwahoo] Wanted to hear our words – hear the professor, TK, hear the emotions

[janna] you guys are getting more than you ever bargained for

[janna] you are used to it

[janna] and taking advantage of it

[kktwahoo] You have gotten more than you bargained for

[janna] most of you, though are grateful

[kktwahoo] Most of you appreciate it

[janna] most of you are Christians

[kktwahoo] Some are taking advantage of it

[janna] some are other religions or none at all

[kktwahoo] most of you are Christians

[janna] all are a child of God and are Rodney’

[kktwahoo] Some are other or none

[janna] s brothers and sisters

[janna] we will go forward to what we think will be best

[kktwahoo] We will bring up the best we can – for peeps going forward

[janna] this is a great country, going through an incredible time

[kktwahoo] We live in a great country that is going through incredible times

[janna] Terry, Al and others can post Intel

[janna] Rodney isn’t – his sources won’t talk to him anymore

[janna] 2 reasons:

[janna] most people can’t handle the truth

[kktwahoo] Terry, Al can post Intel, Rodney is not good at it

[kktwahoo] His sources won’t talk to him any more

[janna] at first there were some that argued with him

[kktwahoo] Most cannot handle the truth

[janna] very difficult to handle the truth

[kktwahoo] It is very difficult to handle the truth, myself included

[janna] when I hear some of the things going on

[janna] and watch how Fed is behaving, inflation going through roof

[janna] unemployment going up

[janna] those are most important

[kktwahoo] When I hear some of the things going on – Fed Reserve behaving, things going on

[kktwahoo] These things are most important

[kktwahoo] More important

[janna] as you know we talk about many things on here

[janna] I will conclude

[janna] I appreciate those that have been supportive

[janna] the other 2 Amigos

[janna] Tina

[kktwahoo] I appreciate those who have been supportive

[kktwahoo] Tina

[janna] and many of the other people that have supported this website

[kktwahoo] super mom, admin, moderator

[kktwahoo] Those are the things that are most important to me

[janna] before you cast that first stone (mouth, fingers, etc) – think what would Jesus do?

[kktwahoo] Before you throw the first stone you better think twice what would Jesus do

[janna] I appreciate being a part of this – I think this stuff will happen soon

[janna] 2nd reason

[kktwahoo] I think this will happen soon

[janna] Intel sources drying up

[kktwahoo] 2d reason

[janna] more going on than just the dinar

[janna] a lot out there

[kktwahoo] There is more going on than just dinar

[janna] unknown to most of us

[kktwahoo] A lot going on out there

[kktwahoo] Unknown to most of us

[janna] I have knocked at their door

[kktwahoo] What kind of Intel

[janna] more Intel, etc. =- they won’t give it up

[janna] gag orders

[kktwahoo] Peeps won’t give it up

[kktwahoo] gag orders and other things

[janna] sometimes it may not make sense to you

[janna] doesn’t mean that there aren’t truths out there

[kktwahoo] Does not make sense at times

[janna] try to understand and look forward to your plans

[kktwahoo] Understand and empathize as much as you can

[janna] Rodney – thanks for letting me babble, once again

[kktwahoo] Appreciate you listening to me

[janna] I talked to our great leader Terry and he has allowed me to hold my holistic conference calls at 9 to 10 on Tuesday and then after that Gankans call

[kktwahoo] Homeopathic conference calls – one hour on Tuesday evening, then Gankans information call

[janna] guest on Republic of America

[janna] talks about restoring America

[janna] history of our country

[janna] vitally important

[kktwahoo] Guest on this week talking about Restoring America, history of our country

[janna] Tuesday evening

[kktwahoo] Tuesday this week – will continue them

[janna] will continue those and updating the forum with that info

[kktwahoo] Update forum with this information

[janna] Gankans call link in the forum:

[kktwahoo] Steve

[janna] Steve – didn’t prepare anything – thought it would have be done

[janna] he is ready!

[kktwahoo] Did not prepare any comments

[kktwahoo] Thought we would be there by now

[janna] Terry – thanks to a very dynamic individual

[janna] how they could be part or assist in TCB Caring Hands

[janna] many things in the works

[janna] many want to be part of that path forward

[janna] keep it focused

[kktwahoo] Terry – had a talk this week – working on many things – individuals want to be part of this as we go forward

[kktwahoo] Many projects behind the scenes

[janna] there are many different projects in the background that we aren’t talking about

janna] – visa card photo


[kktwahoo] Al – TK looking at card – has expiration date of 03/08 – yes Al knew

[kktwahoo] Q & A

[janna] *6 to ask a question

[janna] no tax questions

[janna] no anonymous callers

[kktwahoo] NO tax questions

[janna] limit to 1 question

[kktwahoo] One question per caller

[kktwahoo] No Anonymous callers

[janna] Q:

[kktwahoo] 805

[kktwahoo] California

[kktwahoo] Jim

[kktwahoo] Rodney hey that was great

[janna] Rodney – that was great – listen to your thing1 and 2

[kktwahoo] Listened to thing 1 and thing 2

[kktwahoo] I am a conspiracy theory freak

[janna] Thanks to everybody

[kktwahoo] I look forward to hearing your stuff and keep up the good work

[janna] Q:

[kktwahoo] 907

[janna] Ray – on the trust when I fill out my app and everything can I send that to you before I send the $

[kktwahoo] Ray on trust in here – can I send in to you before I get money or what?

[janna] all together

[kktwahoo] Need to be in one package at one time

[kktwahoo] Include money yes

[kktwahoo] 904

[kktwahoo] Rodney – this is Diamond Jack

[janna] Q: Rodney – sent an email – that is all

[kktwahoo] 301

[kktwahoo] Doing a great wonderful job I appreciate it

[kktwahoo] Thing 1 Thing 2 Dr. Drew

[kktwahoo] If you have to have a special call, then do it

[janna] Q: doing a great, wonderful job and we appreciate it. We really want to hear anything

[kktwahoo] Call for baby food, then do it

[janna] Please continue on.

[kktwahoo] Please continue on

[kktwahoo] Q – Ty with Dinar Banker – member of GET team – be just like you are a customer?

[janna] My question is it true with Ty or Dinar Banker – it you are a GET member and not his customer can I still cash out with him?

[kktwahoo] Rodney – says everybody has their own truth so would like the next questions to be dinar related or trust related preferably dinar related – thank you for support

[janna] Q: My question is that they were talking about the Visa cards – were they from Iraq? and what date on them?

[kktwahoo] Yes, they are

[kktwahoo] Back in 2008? No

[kktwahoo] Think they used expired card for example

[kktwahoo] ty very much

[janna] Q: Was wondering, have heard, a bit of controversy about the Federal Reserve – want to know if it is safe to wire from DT or DB or should I just go to my bank?

[janna] Worried about keeping it?

[kktwahoo] Transactions done here in US and if these banks are not Basel 1 and Basel 2 compliant and if not then should not have to worry about money being taken – bank managers should know about this

[kktwahoo] Ray agrees 100% get a trust – biggest thing is anonymity – less likely to be audited than in your own name

[kktwahoo] Thank you

[janna] Q: TerryK, Steve, Rodney, Al, Tina – Vic from California, MTT – appreciate all of you coming over. I really appreciate Rodney – wanted to bring a little point to Al – have had some doubts $5.27 rate – but if that comes out at $5.27 I don’t have a problem with it. Do you think it was an amt code?

[kktwahoo] It was actually in system as 5.27 – in Forex for 3 or 4 wks

[kktwahoo] thank you, keep up good work

[janna] Q: Is John still there – you handle the Prevost?

[janna] 1 or 2 yrs old?

[kktwahoo] No, not new but sometimes in trade

[kktwahoo] thank you and your welcome

[janna] Q: thanks GET Team for all you have done for us. Any new Intel as of today and anything transpired today at all, where we are at, etc.

[kktwahoo] Start of call – information out there is minute, and have not been able to verify

[kktwahoo] scoop on street is 3.86 rate in Iraq and here at 5.27

[kktwahoo] CBI may be at 6.18

[kktwahoo] Tuesday or before

[kktwahoo] Waiting, hoping and praying

[kktwahoo] closer than ever

[kktwahoo] Have never seen all the web sites agree that it’s just around the corner

[kktwahoo] Calm before storm

[kktwahoo] Al and TK talked about that

[kktwahoo] phones not ringing today at all

[kktwahoo] no news is good news

[kktwahoo] no negative news

[kktwahoo] thank you

[janna] Q: Did you watch Glenn Beck on Friday?

[kktwahoo] Rodney – mentioned dinar a few times at 5.27

[kktwahoo] TK is sure beck has a few dinars

[kktwahoo] Beck if you are listening, send me an email

[kktwahoo] TK has heard that Glenn Beck is a member of our site and has listened to calls

[janna] Q: John Lazy Days- about the integra cornerstone? Do you want an abundance in stock?

[kktwahoo] We do have some in stock – just took line on within the last year

[kktwahoo] new product on market

[kktwahoo] do have some in stock, yes

[kktwahoo] Talked to guy at factory

[kktwahoo] yes, have in stock

[janna] Q: good evening – the RV party – where is it scheduled to take place now?

[kktwahoo] We have it tentatively at Las Vegas

[kktwahoo] Had a poll – Vegas was chosen

[kktwahoo] Orlando?

[kktwahoo] Vegas won

[kktwahoo] Millionaires Club – bringing them to Orlando

[janna] How soon after RV will the party be scheduled?

[janna] the latest news looking for RV tonight?

[kktwahoo] Have not heard anything as of today

[janna] Q: I got an email from Betty that the RV was cancelled until April 1st – 19 other countries waiting until then to RV

[kktwahoo] Welcome aboard

[kktwahoo] We appreciate you telling us

[janna] Heard the $5.27 was British pounds

[kktwahoo] We are hearing USD

[kktwahoo] thank you

[janna] Q: are Gankans calls going to be recorded?

[kktwahoo] Yes, they will be recorded

[kktwahoo] Homeopathic calls are always recorded – not offensive – Susan does it with Rodney and she puts on her web site

[janna] will it be on GET team front page:

[janna] that is the forum link

[kktwahoo] Rodney can give on Sunday call or post in forum

[kktwahoo] I will let people know if I change it

[kktwahoo] Usually post topic and number

[kktwahoo] Tina – it will be the forum NOT On the homepage

[janna] Q: is Ty still doing up to $10k cash?

[kktwahoo] Rest of funds in bank account – he can still do that we think

[kktwahoo] thank you very much

[janna] Q: TK – want to thank you for everything – I know what you have to put up with! I appreciate it

[kktwahoo] Go Cowboys – Tina

[kktwahoo] Thank you and congratulations

[janna] Q: What time for the Republic conference call Tuesday eve:

[kktwahoo] Tuesday – 10 pm Eastern – holistic call at 9 Eastern for one hour

[janna] Gankans link for the call:

[kktwahoo] The 2nd call lasts about an hour and a half

[kktwahoo] 712.432.0075, pin 557528#

[janna] Q: for Ray – we’ve all been the recipient to scare tactics and very interested in what you have to say – I want to find out #1 – are you compromised after the RV if so long you don’t have money go into your bank acct.?

[kktwahoo] Just so that the first entity that receives constructive receipt of the money is the trust

[janna] can you give us your direct access again?

[kktwahoo] If RV happens in the morning and it is 3 weeks before you get your trust, have a mtg. and say you are giving your dinars to your trust – that is all you have to do – you can wait six months


[janna] is there any significance ……

[kktwahoo] Please read the information – it will give u a complete education

[janna] please just go to Ray’s trusts calls on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

[janna] When will the RV happen?

[janna] Rhetorical question – do you really think this is going to happen?

[kktwahoo] Should have already happened – imminent we are all waiting – hour by hour, day by day

[kktwahoo] Not if, just when – they have no choice

[kktwahoo] Their country has no choice

[kktwahoo] I will give you more than Ali will give you

[kktwahoo] We will get in trouble with Tina now

[kktwahoo] It’s my ears she will remove

[kktwahoo] thank you sir

[janna] Q: This question is for Ray on the trusts – earlier tonight I did hear on another call (Planet Dinar) talked about a business trust – you can be your own trustee…can you explain the difference, etc.?

[kktwahoo] If you are the grantor and you put the assets in you are okay until they say you are the trustee

[kktwahoo] You cannot do that – read the information

[kktwahoo] Articles 5 through 9 are buy other major law firms in USA

[kktwahoo] Read it – if you can be your own trustee you have a trust that can be pierced

[janna] Q for TK – they are saying Iraq $3.86, bank $5.27, CBI $6.18 – what is the difference between Iraq and bank rates?

[kktwahoo] 3.86 is cash in rate going on now – not able to verify this yet

[kktwahoo] 6.18 would be CBI rate – all based on different days you can cash in

[kktwahoo] CBI rate is rate you can cash in with Ty and Ali – do not know if it is available in Iraq on day 1 or day 2 -

[kktwahoo] part of multiple tiers going on now

[kktwahoo] Forex showing 5.27

[kktwahoo] About 86 cents difference

[kktwahoo] With thank you and Ali

[janna] Q: About opening your trust – I can no longer be the trustee of my/your trust?

[kktwahoo] In irrevocable trust, which is the only type you should consider you CANNOT be your own trustee

[kktwahoo] NO such thing

[kktwahoo] If you get sued may as well not have a trust if you do this

[kktwahoo] Do not get us confused with other people

[janna] Steve got a call from Don this morning in TX this morning that if Iraq did not RV their money by the 9th of April that Iraq was going to be broke

[kktwahoo] Steve Intel – Fox news – if they do not RV by the 9th of April they would be broke

[janna] Q: we have one of your trusts and want to thank you personally for your professionalism and patience. My question is do we have to re do our pledges or do we wait until somebody tells us to do?

[kktwahoo] Al – pledges we have on file you do NOT have to re-do them

[kktwahoo] Will put up new form for new people who want to pledge

[janna] Wasn’t TK the first dinar website that allowed people to post info for other websites?

[kktwahoo] Yes, we have always been very open

[janna] Q: For Ray – I have a lot of clients that are dinar purchasers – what makes your irrevocable trust the perfect thing – why won’t you suggest to them to sit across from their people?

[kktwahoo] WE invite everyone to download our attachments and sit down with your estate planning attorney

[janna] One more question: Iraq $3.86, CBI $6.18?

[kktwahoo] Rumor

[kktwahoo] by Tina

[janna] When will it be effective?

[kktwahoo] When RV happens

[janna] When is that?

[kktwahoo] Monday -Tuesday

[janna] HaHa

[janna] Q: for TK, Steve, Blaino – what do you think about this Visa card thing? Is it good news?

[kktwahoo] Steve – it is my understanding the cards will be similar to a Visa Debit Card but some differences

[kktwahoo] Ex-patriots e.g. in Jordan will be able to use it at some banks

[kktwahoo] Easy transition to small denominations

[kktwahoo] All done electronically – but will still have currency

[kktwahoo] Make it easy to transfer funds from bank to individuals account

[janna] I am talking about cashing time – a lot of us that have a lot, some have enough where we only need one account?

[kktwahoo] Visa card has NOTHING to do with us

[kktwahoo] NOTHING to do with Americans – we wire to bank accounts

[janna] What I am thinking with this Visa Card thing – heard there has never been a country with a worthless currency to have a Visa card?

[kktwahoo] Probably some truth to that – card created to facilitate RV – they will come in together

[janna] Everybody says go RV – I say go The GET Team

[kktwahoo] Amen

[janna] Q: What is your Intel, how positive ….can’t hear backskater

[janna] Do you think Maliki will make the announcement of the GOI for Shabibi to press the button for the RV?

[kktwahoo] Al – back in Dec. Shabibi made announcement he wanted all the positions filled and he would start RV

[kktwahoo] Before S mentioned the Gov’t. had to be announced

[janna] Well true, they are in place or they wouldn’t be operating – a little wishy washy – couldn’t get it

[janna] not clear to some of us – the GOI has been set – so why the wait on announcing it or a reason for the delay?

[kktwahoo] Al – I do not have an answer for that

[kktwahoo] Steve might

[kktwahoo] Steve – hundreds and hundreds of variables to line up – not all lined up yet

[janna] Sorry – caller

[kktwahoo] echo bad

[janna] How about a non-revocable?

[kktwahoo] There is no difference – comes from spendthrift trust – report to IRS – what they are trying to do to you

[kktwahoo] Point being – if you are going to turn assets over to a trust and you will be the beneficiary you cannot be trustee, period and if you have an irrevocable trust, period – irrevocable part means asset protection

[kktwahoo] Best protection available to US Citizen period

[janna] Do to Ray’s calls people on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – download all of the educational information that is on the GET Team home page – click on trustsunlimitedllc for more information –

[kktwahoo] Get it off the web – 24/7 – get educated

[janna] caller and Ray are talking over top of each other

[kktwahoo] Most important thing in your family’s life

[kktwahoo] Non-sensical words

[kktwahoo] How does a trust get assets? By a grantor.

[kktwahoo] Settler, funder, whatever

[kktwahoo] What is a non-grantor trust – means it does NOT exist

[janna] – please educated yourselves

[kktwahoo] Go through the literature

[kktwahoo] We will let the attorney set you straight – free legal advice

[janna] Q: Wondering if this is recorded?

[kktwahoo] Yes

[kktwahoo] Tina records them all

[janna] Q: is the GET Team accepting new chat members – email Tina at

[kktwahoo] Yes, we are – email Tina

[janna] Rumor $5.27, $6.18

[kktwahoo] No, nothing new tonight

[janna] Q: First time on one of our calls – a trust call – again

[kktwahoo] This is not the place to discuss it – Tina has given me more leeway than I should have taken

[janna] Having with irrevocable trust – please go there for all of the possible information and then get on their calls on Tues and Thurs evens

[kktwahoo] Listen to calls on Tuesday and Thursday

[janna] Q: about the Visa Cards in Iraq – the problem to set up the system over there – for the amount of currency for what people have on hand – is a credit trap being set up like they do with us and credit cards here in the US?

[kktwahoo] Ray – read several articles – they are using Visa card like we use Food Stamps in this country – they want them to go to cashless society – leading them in with ration cards

[kktwahoo] Everyone will fight it very hard

[kktwahoo] When you want to cash in – tell him whether you want to extract cash or not – $10,000.00 – the balance has to be wired into your account

[kktwahoo] Tina – putting on hold while he gets a trust

[kktwahoo] TK – misunderstood

[kktwahoo] There is paperwork that goes along with it – surrender some of the dinar to Ty, he will hold them with your name and not be cashed in – dinar is of value – give you $10k to do your trust

[kktwahoo] Ray – they have worked out something quite brilliant actually – giving you cash advance, from their trust account, and can take less than $10k, it is incredible – not charging to do this

[kktwahoo] Straight from escrow to your trust account so you are good

[kktwahoo] They are holding it in your name but they are NOT giving it to them

[kktwahoo] You are never going to take it in your name, ever.

[kktwahoo] Have a custodial receipt agreement

[kktwahoo] Forget what Ty does with it – go get your trust and go back later

[kktwahoo] You have to take constructive receipt before there is a tax problem

[kktwahoo] It will work very well

[kktwahoo] Forget the mechanics – it will work – TK and Ty worked it out

[janna] Q: I am very new on this site – very new – how do I do the million dollar affair

[kktwahoo] Will post on website post-RV

[janna] Is Sam still around?

[kktwahoo] Yes, might be on mute

[kktwahoo] thank you caller I appreciate that

[janna] Q: just to add on to that last guys question re: cash in – $10 cash isn’t that going to be put against you tax wise?

[janna] $10K

[janna] Wouldn’t it be wise to just take what you need?

[kktwahoo] It is a loan – get just enough to do trust – $3k does not freak out the IRS

[janna] TAX attorney please

[kktwahoo] What we suggest is talk to your tax attorney or CPA and then decide.

[janna] Q & A over

[janna] Thank all the mods, admins, managers for doing a great a job – doing super out there

[janna] Appreciate all you are doing.

[janna] Thanks Janna and other scribers….

[janna] GO around the room -

[janna] Steve – all done

[janna] Rodney – Rodney – Rodney went to sleep

[janna] Ray – appreciate questions tonight – check out his material, go to the calls

[janna] Al – Zero – nothing – thanks

[janna] John, Lazy Days – good shape

[janna] Tina – good thanks

[janna] Terry – thank all of the people in the chat room

[janna] sorry about coming down hard at the beginning

[janna] lot of things go on behind the scenes that you don’t know re: post RV

[janna] Sam closing prayer

[kktwahoo] Thank you one and all, esp. Janna for helping me tonight

[janna] Amen

[Carolina Girl] We Appreciated That You Spent Your Evening With Us Tonight :: Thank You : GO RV : Good Night

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Very Very dumb... P.S. before you all freek out about someone bashing - you have to expect comments when you post Terry K and G.E.T. Team garbage. Unless you just joined and have no idea who they are and what they proclaim, in that case before you waste your time posting I suggest you take ten minutes and search how often they have proclaimed RV. I think there was a post about how they had proclaimed a date and rate over 40 some times a few months ago!

Edited by Ateam
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Ahhhhh...... Ground hogs day continues!

Step #1: Start "intel" on Friday for Monday/ Tuesday Cash in

Step #2: Confirm "intel" on Saturday about cash in Monday/Tuesday

Step #3: Make something up on Sunday about why the rate has to be way over $3.00

Step #4: Make up an excuse on Monday/Tuesday about a set back

Step #5: Wed and Thursday get ready to repeat steps 1-4

Does this sound about right to anybody?

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Ahhhhh...... Ground hogs day continues!

Step #1: Start "intel" on Friday for Monday/ Tuesday Cash in

Step #2: Confirm "intel" on Saturday about cash in Monday/Tuesday

Step #3: Make something up on Sunday about why the rate has to be way over $3.00

Step #4: Make up an excuse on Monday/Tuesday about a set back

Step #5: Wed and Thursday get ready to repeat steps 1-4

Does this sound about right to anybody?

Looks like somebody has been paying attention............ :lol:

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Ahhhhh...... Ground hogs day continues!

Step #1: Start "intel" on Friday for Monday/ Tuesday Cash in

Step #2: Confirm "intel" on Saturday about cash in Monday/Tuesday

Step #3: Make something up on Sunday about why the rate has to be way over $3.00

Step #4: Make up an excuse on Monday/Tuesday about a set back

Step #5: Wed and Thursday get ready to repeat steps 1-4

Does this sound about right to anybody?

Now repeat for many years....

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