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Dr. John Campbell: The Most Vaccinated Countries Are STILL Seeing High Rates Of Excess Mortality

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21 hours ago, Markinsa said:


I do not think we have seen the full outcome of the COVID Whackcinations, yet.


Airplanes in the sky.


Trains on the rail.


Trucks on the road.


Ships in the harbors.


Drivers on the road.




All having Pilots.


What happens if the pilot experiences an acute affect of the COVID Whackcination???!!!


Multiple deaths including the pilot.


Even more so, what of the hysteria prone and panic stricken that did such stupid stuff as to get Whackcinated in the first place???!!!


Now, to be fair, I believe a significant portion of the COVID Whackcinated wanted to do the right thing but were misled.


I have sympathy for these people.




The adamantly COVID Whackcinated AND adamantly declare UNIVERSAL COVID Whackcination...................


Well, OK, should be ELIMINATED for THEIR Crimes Against Humanity.


No Comfort OR Aid OR Quarter for that matter.


Reality is REALITY.


Sure, not ALL COVID Whackcinations are the same.




Am I an IDIOT???!!!




Depending on the lot, there is a differing cocktail.


Well, OK, shoot me for being a conspiracist.


The highly focused and potent end of life COVID Whackcination were administered. Other formulations were administered for predetermined validation of physiological outcomes with chronic end of life outcomes.


So, no matter WHAT COVID Whackcination a person receives.................


They are a Guinea Pig for "scientific" "research".


Well, we ALL know what happens to "scientific" "research" Guinea Pigs in the end.


THEY are ALL destroyed.


Research DONE.


Game OVER.


So, the implications for the future.


Are YOU awake???!!!


Are YOU listenting???!!!


Are YOU comprehending???!!!






Simple as that.


Do NOT ask questions.


Just DO as YOU are told.


OR will YOU..................




I am not sure WHEN this will occur while there is a CERTAINTY it will occur.


NOUS is NOT an option!!!


  1. 1. 
    common sense; practical intelligence.
    "if he had any nous at all, he'd sell the movie rights"
  2. 2. 
    the mind or intellect.



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I realize this is inflammatory for @caddieman who is offended by actual facts whereas TRUTH must ALWAYS be advertised AND applied.




Heart attacks are at a record high – here are the symptoms you can’t ignore


Hospital cases at new high as health chiefs raise fears that those with symptoms are failing to seek help

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)
The number of people admitted to hospital with heart attacks has surged since the pandemic, according to official figures. 

New data for England shows that more than 84,000 patients were admitted to hospital because of a heart attack in 2021-22, an increase of more than 7,000 in a year.

It follows warnings that heart deaths have risen by more than 500 a week since the first lockdown, with a fall in the number of people prescribed vital medication amid struggles to access GP care.

Today health chiefs will launch a campaign urging those with symptoms to seek help, with fears that too many cases are being detected too late.

From this week, an NHS advert will encourage people to call 999 as soon as they experience symptoms of a heart attack, such as squeezing across the chest, sweating and a feeling of uneasiness, so people have the best chance of survival.


Professor Nick Linker, a cardiologist and NHS national clinical director for heart disease, said: “Cardiovascular disease causes one in four deaths across the country, so it is vital that people are aware of the early signs of a heart attack.


“Every moment that passes during a heart attack increases heart muscle damage, and nearly all of the damage takes place within the first few hours, so if you experience symptoms such as a sensation of squeezing or tightness across the chest alongside sweating, nausea, or a sense of unease, please call 999 so you have the best chance of a full recovery.”

Today, Rishi Sunak will set out plans for a before winter, including 900 extra beds. 

The prime minister said: “Cutting waiting lists is one of my top five priorities, so this year the government has started planning for winter earlier than ever before and the public can be reassured we are backing the NHS with the resources it needs.”

Government data recorded almost 100,000 extra deaths among those with heart disease between spring 2020 and spring of this year. 

In 2019-20, before the pandemic, 82,000 people were hospitalised with heart attacks.

It follows research that found almost half a million people missed out on drugs to prevent heart attacks and strokes during the pandemic.

Heart charities have warned that “extreme disruption to the NHS” in the aftermath, including record ambulance delays, may have worsened death rates and increased the numbers suffering heart attacks that might have been avoided with the right help more quickly.

The chance of surviving a heart attack is far higher for those who seek care earlier, with around seven in 10 people surviving a heart attack, increasing to more than nine in 10 for those who reach hospital early to receive treatment.


Call 999 immediately, if you experience any of the folllowing: 

  • Pain, pressure, tightness or squeezing across your chest
  • Pain spreading from the chest to other parts of the body, including the arms, jaw, neck, back, or stomach
  • Sweating 
  • Nausea or vomiting 
  • Dizziness
  • An overwhelming feeling of anxiety (similar to a panic attack)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing or wheezing

The new campaign will also seek to raise awareness of heart attack symptoms in women, whose risk of a heart attack increases after the menopause.

The chief executive at the British Heart Foundation, Dr Charmaine Griffiths said: “Even if the symptoms don’t seem severe, call 999 immediately. A heart attack is a medical emergency, and immediate action could save your life.”


The health minister Lord Markham said: “Cardiovascular disease is the second biggest killer in England, and this campaign builds on the work we’re doing to cut NHS waiting lists by tackling this condition early – including by rolling out a new digital NHS health check which could prevent hundreds more strokes and heart attack.”


THIS is the most concerning from the article above:


The number of people admitted to hospital with heart attacks has surged since the pandemic, according to official figures.


Yep, go figure.



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  • 3 months later...

Here is more alarming news regarding the COVID mRNA whackcination that indicates the whackcine ACTUALLY has DNA fragments that irreversibly edit a person’s DNA!

I attended the funeral of a past supervisor who passed away at 84 years old under what I consider suspicious circumstances. He was normally in good health and condition. A year ago, he had a heart attack. In September he had a stroke and had to go to the hospital. He got pneumonia and was recovering. He had a heart attack but was resuscitated. He then had a second heart attack but was not able to be resuscitated.


At the reception afterwards, I was conversing with a couple past coworkers who noted a few past coworkers who had died in the past year from strokes and heart attacks who were normally in good health and in their late 50’s to early 70’s.


I did not ask about them being whackcinated but the connection is undeniable.

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  • 1 month later...

More of my concerns about the COVID Whackcination are surfacing.


I am not sure if this is accessible so please let me know.


Some highlights:

- 17 million people have died from the COVID Whackcination.

- Not all COVID Whackcination vials contain the same amount of mRNA with some vials containing more mRNA than the maximum dosage.

- The DNA fragments in the COVID Whackcination vary in length.

- The mRNA in the COVID Whackcination stays active far longer and range throughout the whole body.

- The spike protein is generated far longer and far more than anticipated after receiving the COVID Whackcination.

- There are components in the COVID Whackcination that ACTIVATE cancer mechanisms in people groups susceptible to cancer.

- The COVID Whackcination corrupts sperm and ova.

- Megan Kelly has developed an immune system deficiency after receiving the COVID Whackcination. This has been occurring with other COVID Whackcination recipients.

- COVID Whackcination recipients typically get COVID within two weeks after the injection.

- COVID Whackcination recipients are experiencing COVID at a higher rate than the non COVID Whackcinated.

- Long COVID is experienced mostly by those who have received the COVID Whackcination and have been infected with COVID.

- Other items of concern.


I suspect the summary does not list all the concerns.


I represented the notations above to the best of my recollection.


It appears the COVID Whackcination generated through the mRNA and DNA fragments will continue to corrupt the organ cells.


I was waiting to hear the COVID Whackcination mRNA and DNA progressively affect cerebral, nervous, and cognitive functions.


This may be noted in the future by reliable sources.


Hence a WOKE Liberal hysteria prone and panic stricken ZOMBIE Alpaca Lips may very well be in the imminent future.


Keep Yer Powder Dry!




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