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Canada Dollar-USD Are Now On Par To Each Other. New UST Released.


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Luigi found this Canada bank story of Dinarian interests...

Could the GCR have already begun?  New UST released.

Treat as a rumor.  Not varafied.  Your opine.



“Regarding Previous Post on US Notes Bank Story” by Gordon H – 1.8.22 (First story is posted below)

With further investigation & direct conversation with my sister the bills were light green meaning not the rainbow currency.  She got 3 20$ bills.

New info, a man in front of her also got U.S. currency, the machine was reading out different things, ie, new pin needed, out of cash etc. 3 to 4 patrons in the ATM lobby were all complaining through a glass door to a manager type as to why the bank was closed & why are the ATM’s not working.

The man with US currency wanted to know why he got US instead of Canadian his reply was you must of pushed the US button, his response was, are you crazy there is no button nor has there ever been a US button.

Another person said that all 4 tier1 banks & 1 credit union in the same town were all closed and having problems with their ATM’s.

The manager type guy sent them all to the next smaller town saying that branch would be open.  When my sister arrived, she said it was chaos, that their ATM was not working & people were yelling at the tellers.

My sister thought maybe the US bills were fake but the teller said no, they just don’t have the illuminati sign any more & they have a lighter color.  Tellers “Quote "you should not have been charged any exchange fee because they are at par with our money".   It looks like the branch in the other town has released too early.


My sister asked about the ATM US button & the teller response was yes there will be.

I personally don’t care about the US bills, only the part of being on par.  I went to my branch to talk to a wealth manager & was denied, but the teller told me some high end clients had similar stories but they, the bank, knew nothing, & she was quite defensive in response to my questions.

Big question for me is why do Canadians need direct access to US currency whether USN or federal reserve notes, If this doesn’t excite Dinar GCR people it’s because of the toxic Kool aid they have been drinking for years from the gurus.



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7 minutes ago, pokerplayer said:

   Was at a bank here in town to use the ATM and guess what ? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, yup nothing, spit out my $40.00 and away I went.


   Just a new spin on things by the Gurus to keep sucking people in.


   Thanks Luigi,   Cheers,   pp


Thanks for the update.

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