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Dear Xchange of America client:
Iraqi Dinar (IQD) is now in blue on our website which reflects our new and improved "In Transit" feature which tells you it is on its way.  It will be a First Come First Serve item as this world market is in complete turmoil due to the Pandemic.
We expect orders to start shipping sometime the end of next week without any further issues however our shipment is very small and won't last. Thank you for your patience. I will have an update on our industry and some of the largest companies in our industry and Xchange of America's future growth in the coming weeks.
Stay safe!
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    • By genique05
      Hello Everyone!
      I received this email Friday May 8th, 2020.  How did they get my email and what is going on? Should I be worried?  I've never gotten an email like this before.  What in the world is going on and why are they asking for info on the dinar? Please help. tia
      We are writing to ask your assistance in our continued litigation with the Federal Government. Between 2004 and 2015, there were a number of banks throughout the United States that bought and sold Iraqi Dinar. If you have knowledge about banks (large, regional or community banks) that sold Iraqi Dinar to their customers please reply via email to and answer these questions:
      1. Were you aware of any banks that bought and sold Iraqi Dinar, if so, what bank(s)? a. If so, during what time period did the bank sell or purchase dinars? b. Do you recall approximately what the buy or sell price was? c. Can you please share any documents regarding the sale? 2. Did you ever purchase Iraqi Dinar from a bank, if so, what bank(s)? a. If so, do you remember the approximate price you paid for the Iraqi Dinar you purchased? b. Was there a reason that you later (or previously) purchased Iraqi Dinar from Sterling Currency? 3. Did you plan to exchange Iraqi Dinar at a bank if the revaluation had occurred?

      We would appreciate as much detail, receipts and documents as you are comfortable sharing. Thanks again for your continued support.

      Best Regards,   Ty Rhame  CEO, Sterling Currency Group   Frank Bell  COO, Sterling Currency Group   Sterling Currency Group
      3277 Roswell Rd NE #670, Atlanta, GA 30305
    • By ronscarpa
      Here's an interesting email that was sent to me today.  I don't know if the translation is correct, but if it is....holy crap...!   
      Subject: Egyptian TV
      OMG....are we not the biggest joke in the world now!!! Some of us know it but it is hard to actually
      see it!
      EGYPTIAN TV  ( 2 minutes)
      They certainly don't mince any words.
      Muslim world reacts to Obama's latest speech
    • By loricart33
      I signed up my mother-in-law for her Platinum account.  I think the reason we encountered this issue is because it looks like we created a 'free' account named loricart back in Jan 2011.  It appears she never really logged in and used it and we forgot she even had it hence the current problem. 
      So loricart & loricart33 are the same person. 
      *****************  (Winterhawk)
      Platinum member
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