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More and more articles are beginning to come out about people catching Covid a 2nd time.  Apparently the antibodies they develop after recovering from their first bout with it don't last and totally disappear within a few months.  This means that, just like with SARS, it will never be possible to have a working vaccine against it.  Though I have no doubt Fauci, Gates and the drug companies will claim they found one and we all need to get it so t at Gates can put his smart tech into us.  Anyway, it's really to early to tell how big of a problem this is because we have such a short history of Covid, but they are also finding that people end up with significant heart, brain, lung and kidney damage from it, though we don't know if those will be permament.  So for people who haven't got it yet, best to protect yourself by super charging your immune system.  High dose of Vitamin C (at least 5 grams per day and more if you're a big person), plus 5,000IU Vitamin D3 and zinc. Chaga mushroom is also great.  And this video from a leading-edge-doctor-on-coronavirus has some other good ideas too.


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In my limited understanding the novel Corona virus has 4 separate main components that our bodies react with. Let's say we have an episode that highlights the SARS section, then we MAY develop limited antibodies to that component but will still be vulnerable to another such as MERS. I think there are in fact 42+ something variants and it is mutating all the time or maybe be "assisted" with bio-engineering. So yes, all are at risk for a second wave.

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As of July 2, 2020, Dr. Bartlett, a practicing medical doctor and graduate of Texas Tech who has successfully treated ACTUAL COVID-19 patients with a nebulized steroid inhaler Budesonide, stated there were 243 known COVID-19 mutagens. The question is, "How far, or how many generations, can COVID-19 mutate BEFORE THEE COVID-19 "vaccine" is NON-SPECIFIC AND USELESS FOR THEE CURRENTLY ACTIVE COVID-19 MUTATION???"!!!


Stupid IS As Stupid DOES.


Shun AND avoid THEE COVID-19 "vaccination" AND THEE COVID-19 "tech" "saavy" USING "fear" "porn" TO "scare" PEOPLE WITH FEAR INTO "vaccination".

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