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America launches the economic side of the Middle East peace plan amid skepticism


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  • 2 weeks later...

Iranian leader Ali Khamenei attacked the US peace plan to end the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, calling it a "dangerous conspiracy".

Khamenei's comments on the peace plan come at a time of increasing international pressure on Tehran, especially after the capture of a British ship in the Strait of Hormuz.

Analysts say that Iran has been using the Palestinian issue to divert the attention of the Iranians from the real crises facing their country internally and externally, pointing out that Tehran has not offered to the Palestinians since the Islamic revolution four decades ago, only to consolidate the state of division in the Palestinian arena.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Monday that Britain would step up its military presence in the Gulf, confirming Washington's request to participate in the international naval force to protect shipping in the Gulf.

"Use of a just cause for an unjust objective"




"Iran is using the Palestinian cause to win the hearts of societies in Arab countries, but it is not a key issue on its agenda at all," said Bader Al-Mady, a professor of international relations.

He added that Iran has always been an engine to support differences in the Arab region, especially in the neighboring countries of the Palestinian territories, as it played a role in the instability experienced by many countries in the Middle East, especially Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

"If the Palestinian issue was one of the priorities of the Iranian regime, they would not support the internal Palestinian division and strengthen this situation," he said. "Iranian leader Khamenei is using a just cause for an unjust goal that serves Iran's interests only."

Khamenei's website said the peace plan was "a serious conspiracy aimed at eliminating the Palestinian identity among the Palestinian people."

"What did Iran offer to the Palestinian cause?"




The head of the Arab Forum for Iranian Policy Analysis, Mohammad Mohsen Abu Nur, said Khamenei's desire to engage in the Palestinian cause stemmed from his attempt to "buy popular Arab and Iranian sympathy at the expense of the Arab countries and even the international community."

"Iran has been a major player in the instability in the Arab region, especially in the countries surrounding the Palestinian territories, and even inside the Palestinian territories," he said.

In my view, Iran would not mind if Israel tried to deal with it, and as usual it tried to use all its "pressure cards" for its own interests.

The interest of Iran, according to the past, lies in the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the one hand and the conflict within the Palestinian factions, which support each other against the other, in order to maintain "media ammunition that they can use when needed."

The US administration has challenged Iran's destabilizing influence in the Middle East as the main focus of its policy in the region and is redoubling its efforts to achieve that goal, according to former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

White House adviser Jared Kouchner is on a Middle Eastern tour in the coming period to finalize a proposed $ 50 billion economic development plan.

Kouchner is expected to visit Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE during his tour.

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