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The House of Representatives resumes its session headed by Jubouri


 Since 2018-03-03 at 11:39 (Baghdad time)


 Baghdad - Mawazine News

The House of Representatives on Saturday resumed its regular session under the chairmanship of its president Salim al-Jubouri.

A parliamentary source told Mawazine News that "the House of Representatives resumed its 13th session of the third parliamentary session for the fourth legislative year of the second legislative term, headed by its president Salim al-Jubouri."

The last session witnessed the reading of 12 articles of the General Budget Law 2018

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IMO, 1. There probably are a lot of unconstitutional items in this year's budget.   2. They know that passing a budget is only one step to OPENING a budget.  Opening a budget takes time to p

Iraq's budget for 2018 becomes a law in force 03 April, 2018 Iraqi Parliam

Jubouri: Budget has become a law and the objectors can challenge the Federal Court Editorial Date: 2018/3/14 18:32 • 254 times read [Ayna-Baghdad]  Speaker of the Parliamen

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03-03-2018 11:59 AM



Jubouri announces the resumption of the meeting and confirms: In the event of the quorum is completed, the parliament will return the vote on the remaining budget.



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Date of release: 2018/3/3 12:52 • 53 times read
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} A parliamentary source said from within the parliamentary session did not get approval to vote on Article 14 of the Budget Law and thus fell Article .. Follow
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Jubouri announced a meeting with the government to return the dismissed from the security ministries for their jobs

 Since 2018-03-03 at 13:01 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad - Mawazine News

Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, on Saturday, held a meeting with the government to return the dismissed from the security ministries for their posts.

Jabouri said during a speech in a session of the parliament followed by (Mawazin News), "We are keen to restore the dismissed from the Ministries of Defense and Interior to service."

He pointed out that "a meeting is scheduled with the government and in the presence of the three presidencies and the Finance Committee to study the allocations necessary to return them."

The House of Representatives ended the reading of a number of laws, in addition to the resumption of reading the articles of the general budget for the year 2018. Ended 29 / p

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