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  1. If this is an RV possible soon? Does anyone know? Im surprised nobody at DV is hitting on this, its not even in the Rumor section.
  2. endeavor1


    The xe converter is at 1194 dinar to 1 usd!
  3. I do not see an RV in this's election t i.e. soon so Abidi needs to look good IN THE COMING DAYS.....
  4. You mean quite a bit, remember, these guys are Muslims, they have to have a holiday every other week...
  5. They are talking about pegging their dinar to the usd first, rather than other currencies, then they'll peg the exchange rate to the usd...a change is coming...but at the 1st of the month....which month?
  6. Ya gotta remember, if the top dogs in the country are dumbasses, the lowest of the lowest are dumber than Dumb and, their actions prove it....
  7. It’s mind boggling to me....theyve been given alot of money and alot of support, and yet they cant seem to get it together. Will Bush eat his own words? America will not pay 5 cents for the war in Iraq....after watching these arabs for so long, I dont feel so dumb after all...and Im an eskimo from Alaska....
  8. I'll see it from the pics that will come on the news sites.... it's safer.
  9. Discussions are on hold til further notice.... the world compasses are eagerly listening...soon our investment will be illuminated...soon.(.just sayin)
  10. Have we become so thin skinned that alittle pressure upsets us? We're not big millionaires yet. Wait til you have a few million in the bank, then you can act snotty.....I'm sure Master Yota is a big man, he can hold his own...right?
  11. Now, if the problems they faced were difficult and took a long time to solve, do you think they can handle the internet?
  12. I wish you all would study the Bible like you study the dinar, at the same time, you ought to study the King James Bible issue, starting with Dr. Ruckman on Youtube..." Why I Believe The KJB is The Word Of God" , he drew a picture while he was preaching it, great sermon! The info given on the dinar and Iraq is promising indeed, Aug.1 is a great window, I think I heard AC say it wasn't going to happen in 2017, he's usually right 99% of the time....
  13. So, what about HCL? Also, I'm praying, too! .......and..I'm feeling excited, too!!! But maybe I'm excited cause you guys are excited!!! The articles are MAJOR articles, we have every reason to be excited, I said in 2012, it's up to the big guys to determine the outcome, and the big guys have stepped in already( WB, IMF, US, )....we are close for sure......thanks to Adam and thanks to all you who gave great information over these 5 years I've been in this all are so great!!!! I wish we could meet someday so I could bless you all........
  14. There's no time for anymore foolin' aroun!!!! Git the ball rollin' Iraq!!! My wife needs a new house! I need to send Bibles to China..I'll use little to feed children, cause , the soul saved is more important...Bibles are the answer!!! But I do want to bless some veterans in my town...seeing that I'll be able to see that they get all that I give...and I want to find the most effective way to evangelize the lost... cause, JESUS IS COMING!!!!!
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