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Where's the money going to come from???/

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2 hours ago, rockfl9 said:

Hmmmmm,   I sense some doubt !

Floridian,  IF you want to understand  lifting/removing the zeros just look at Turkey or Venezuela .. It is simple take a 25000 note and replace it with ONE new 25 note with the same purchasing power (value).  Been done dozens of times before.  THe thing the CBI is proposing is NOT to do it all at one time  , THis is a new approach.  For merchants it would mean mixing the notes in the cash drawer. For banks an extra sorting operation.  But no one gains or looses.  Chalk it up to experience.

LOL"doubt"...Investments/Speculation are not a given. So unless your a novice you would understand this. Your responses as is the case with most LOPsters is that of regret & hostility towards investing & life in general....sad really. Now that's a  fascinating topic for a make believe book you can/cannot write - LOL.

Lopsters the gift that keeps on a giving - 24/7   365

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