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  1. Now that was a candid response. Much appreciated! I couldn't care less about spelling and am not a spelling Nazi except when it comes to Caz because he is obnoxious incarnate.
  2. BECAUSE THAT IS RATE THE DINAR WAS UNDER SADDAM HUSSEIN. THAT'S THE WAY THE SCAM WAS AND IS SOLD. NOBODY GOT SUCKERED INTO THIS WITH A PITCH OF 10 CENTS. Yes, Adam modified his stance to .10 and even predicted a date around four years ago. I really don't know if Adam still believes an RV of some kind is a certainty or if he is like you believing it may or may not happen. It's my gut feeling he doesn't believe in it at all anymore. He's much too intelligent for that.
  3. Markinsa, Hi. Do you think you may be able to help Caz with the emotional trauma that has engulfed him? I had indicated the other day that I was bidding him and the site "a fond farewelI" but was only gone for a day since there were posts addressed to me I felt I needed to respond to. In other words. I lied. Well, he cannot come to terms with this assault on his senses that I or anyone would commit such a transgression and the fact I am still posting. He is also afraid for my kids and the reign of terror and lies they must be living under. Although I have apologized for this most grievous
  4. Joe, you are right. Many have lowered their expectations quite a bit based on 'further research' and the fact they have been in it over ten years continually being told an RV would happen in the 'window' of next Tuesday and Thursday. Back then the actual RV event was a certainty along with the 3 dollar rate. Some thought it would be the $32 program rate because that's what 'gurus' were telling them. Nearly everyone is gone now having sold their dinar or quit posting due to embarrassment. And that's where pitiful creatures like Caz come in. He bought in believing this was a sure-fire p
  5. Pathetic lieing (lying) loser....takes two to tango. One big difference.....I didn't lie!
  6. Certainly Iraq could emerge from the ashes and be a productive, stable country. Of course the possibilities are there which is why there are people over there and there is foreign investment. But those entities aren't there because they believe in an RV. They are over there to make money as in US dollars. An RV of any kind would kill foreign investment. People here seem to think an appreciation of currency is commensurate with economic stability and progress. Some countries like China want a cheap currency for its exports. Some the opposite. Imports, exports and interest rates drive the v
  7. I see. So although Iraq says it is going to LOP (Redenomination) you interpret that to mean Iraq is claiming it's going to RV? If so, we know what a LOP is. It's been done in quite a few countries including Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia, Peru, Brazil, China and is a band aid for countries with steep or hyper inflation where small monetary units are not used because wages and prices are going up so fast. As for an RV I have never read anything where Iraq or the CBI said they are going to RV. They have said they will RD to make transactions of dinar more convenient. Of course RDs do not change
  8. Right, I understand. But dinar investors are not in it for the mundane double your money in a couple years type investment. Everyone got in because of the certainty of a $3.22 to 1 dinar RV. I mean you can't beat a 300,000% ROI. But when warnings come out like this: "In response to the growing concerns with fraud and scams related to investment in the Iraqi dinar, State agencies such as Washington state, Utah, Oklahoma, Alabama and others have issued statements and releases warning potential investors. Further alerts have been issued by news agencies. The Better Business Bureau
  9. I'm not sure what you want me to comment about? Isn't this why there is a Lopster tank because no one is allowed to talk about a Lop in the other forums? Now you are saying that talk of a Lop by Iraq is a positive sign for an RV?
  10. That's correct. Many lost more than that in the dotcom meltdown of 2000, and after 9/11. But did you leave your stock in there? You'd have over a 300% return now. If only the Dinar could give you that much return.
  11. Joe, no one here gets into a childish argument except with Caz, because he is a child at heart and reduces every serious discussion into name-calling and accusations of addictions, lies and the mocking worrying of the well-being of Lopster's children. He has not, nor ever will, bring anything of a serious bent to the table. So that is why it is difficult to respect his 'view'. As far as respecting the views of other more serious dinarians it must be understood this isn't a debate of established economic doctrine such as John Maynard Keynes versus Milton Friedman. Those have and always will
  12. I thought Markinsa sounded like a girls name but now I see you are Mark in South America. Or is it Mark in Southeast Asia? South Africa?
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