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Questions for Adam's Update 2-17-2016

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OK i have a question, on topic but off topic, Adam i see you are a betting man? I have agreed on trump etc, Football sorry i dont follow.

Lets bet for first day of rounds when this ends,


are you in????


love ya all and yes i am trying to bait a date line out of you,


i say by june 1st of this year, my gut is telling me

other then that again

thank you and the mods

i know texas granny loves me i think 


all i am thinking is we have bets on power balls politics football etc


why not lay some bets on the rv


davis out

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Very simple question here Adam. Are you pumped up for any time between now and July 1st or between July and the end of the year for an RV to occur. I have the winter time blah's and am looking for something positive to hang on too.

Thanks for all you do,

Dave, AKA, Seabee

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Hi Adam.

Would you please answer this for me? Just what the "H" is going on in Iraq with regards to the RV? This has been going on for years now and in the past they were moving slow but now it looks as though they have forgotten all about it. Yes I know there is wars and violence going on there, but there is also business going on every day and the government is still functioning as well as the banks. Just what are they concerned about? Seriously, is there any signs that they are even working on the RV? As Seabee said, it's the winter blahs that's got us all about ready to start chewing on the furniture.

Thanks for putting up with my silly questions Adam, but you are the only one with the answers.

Thanks for all you do for us.


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