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  1. Did you ever get the feeling that this whole Dinar thing is like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football? Charlie Brown being us, and Lucy being the Iraqis. Every time we get right up to kicking the football (RVing) the Iraqis seem to come up with something new and the football get jerked away from us for another month or two more. COUNTRYROADS Haven't been around for a while, just sitting and waiting.
  2. Hi Adam. Just where in Iraq is all of the dollars that were used to buy Dinars? Is the Bank of Iraq holding them or are there a bunch of "Ali Trumps" running around with millions of dollar bills? Just curious as to where they (the dollar bills) are. Have a good one. Countryroads
  3. Maybe the news media of Iraq could make things a little more interesting if their reports were NEWS, WEATHER and SPORTS instead of excuses, holidays and secret meetings. Countryroads
  4. Adam, What would happen to Iraq if they didn't meet the requirements of the IMF. From what I have read, it would not be in Iraq's best interest to allow this to happen. It makes me feel better to see some heavy hitters putting pressure on Iraq. Go RV!!!!! Countryroads
  5. Adam has entered the building! That which is not known, shall soon (there's that word again) be known. Co RV, do your thing!! Countryroads
  6. Adam. Several years ago we had the pleasure of having Dr. Norman Vincent Peale as the preacher at one of our churches. He wrote a book about managing worry, I can't remember the title. In one chapter in the book he talks about a bad event that may be going to happen to you. His advice was to start believing in your mind that this bad event was actually going to happen, and there was nothing you could do to stop it from happening. Next he said to start preparing yourself for this bad event and to plan just what you will do when it arrives. His point was that you would be well prepared for this event whether it turned out good or bad. So with the RV, if you are concerned that it will fall apart, then start planning your future with that in mind. If it turns out good then there was nothing to prepare for, and if it goes south you will have prepared for that too. Countryroads
  7. Adam Has Left The Building!!! Good night to all. Countryroads
  8. The Ides of March hath come, soothsayer. Aye Caesar, but not passed. Countryroads
  9. I think you all will say it was worth the wait. Countrryroads
  10. Hey Adam, I heard that the IMF has told Iraq to get things in order by the end of the month or they were no longer going to support them, Like I said it's something that I heard. If it's true maybe Iraq will shift into overdrive. Countryroads
  11. Well it is their country, even though we bled for it in the beginning. They will RV when ever they damn well feel like it, and right now it's their ball and bat so we will have to play by their rules. But with that said, they still have to play in the global market, which has it's own set of rules. I think they are going to, if they haven't already, start feeling pressure from the rest of the financial world. And those people are not interested in game playing. I know how some of you feel , but the financial world is going to make it very hard on them (finance wise), and they are a lot stronger than Iraq and Iraq will learn this the hard way if they don't do the RV soon, and I don't mean next year. Just my 2 cents worth. Have a good day and Go RV. Countryroads
  12. Well Adam, My opinion has changed and I feel fairly safe with it. I do believe that our ride will soon be over and all of us can start changing our dreams into plans. As of this writing I haven't seen the official announcement, but Abadi is in Mosul so that is a very good sign. Both them and us have come a long way over the years waiting for the RV. So Adam, your work and efforts are about to pay off, and you along with the rest of us members should be eligible for "Sainthood" for our patience ( lol ). Well Dinar Vets I believe that this is what we have been waiting for. Come on RV!!! Countryroads
  13. Adam. Why did I see the sentence about unsubscribing and that you were sad to see me go? I am not going anywhere now that we are in the home stretch. So you will have to put up with me till the end and there is an RV. I presume that that you posted that statement for everyone, but it caught me off guard. Who the heck is going to tell me one of the most important things to happen to me in my life. Countryroads
  14. Adam, Do you think that Trump will write an order to stop us from gaining the Dinar wealth. Or maybe he brought back on Air Force One. Countryroads
  15. Last couple of weeks we were told to stay close to our computers, things were going to happen any day, any hour any second. Make sure you have gas in your car to get to the exchange place. Now as usual we are back to chit chat and nothing is coming down the line. Stoke more coal in the boiler, this trip still has a long way to go, it would seem. So Happy 4TH of July everyone. Countryroads
  16. Nice to have you back, Adam. Everyone needs time away and to themselves. I have got to try that oil you use in my lawn mower, maybe it will start mowing the yard by itself. Countryroads
  17. I think Adam has sent his crystal ball out to "Smiling Ali" to get an oil change, a fill up of "Pixie Dust" and have a new prediction filter put in. So he'll right up on everything after Ramadan is over. Say Adam, what weight oil does that thing take? Countryroads
  18. Adam,good day to you. In the past we have had a lot of news on this site and others stating that things were looking great and better thing were just a a short time away, and we should be seeing this or that happening. Then as time went by these great things just faded away. I am starting to wonder if the Iraqi's are feeding the world false information. I just wish they would hold on to their "Good News" until there is some brick and mortar substance that can be seen and held. I can't spend "Good News" I m almost 72 years old and my health is not as good as it used to be.and I would like to take my grand daughter to "Walt Disney World" while I still can. I would like to see fewer "SOON" and hear the word "DONE". GOOOOOOOO RVVVVVVVVVV Have a great day Adam and thanks for all you do for us, Countryroads
  19. My question wouldn't be "What Have They Done", but rather what COULD they have done all these years if they had acted a little more grown up.and tackle these bills instead of postponing them. The only place that I have seen taking more "Breaks" was the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was on. Come On R/V there are others waiting to use the bathroom, you've been in there for several years. Countryroads
  20. Hey Adam,what happened? Huge things were supposed to happen on Thursday. Everyone was abuzz with these things. Did the Iraqi's slam the door in our face and said " Don't call us we'll call you". I hope they don' try one of their same old excuses, I think that we all have heard enough of them. Does the word "SOON" ring a bell? Well , I think the dog and me will share a dog treat and then go to bed. I was just curious as to what happened to the excitement from last week. I'll be looking in on Wednesday. Have a good day. Countryroads .
  21. Looking forward to: ------ PAY DAY!!! Go R/V! Countryroads
  22. Happy Wednesday Adam. I have something that puzzles me about our buddies in Iraq. With the value of the Dinar so low against other currency, how many Dinars do the Iraqis have to spend just to get through 24 hours of business? It looks like it would take a car full of Dinars to have enough value to buy a pack of gum. Don't they care about the value of their own currency or don't they know what they are doing? My best guess is that they are living off of "Other People's Money" Just about everything about their financial activities puzzles me. It just seems that it would take a large amount of Dinars to conduct a day' business. Just a thought while I wait for the miracle of the RV. Countryroads
  23. Well Iraq, are you still trying to iron out possible problems with the RV? That's all well and good, but you can't fix a problem that hasn't happened. So how about getting down to business on this RV and then if there are any problems that come up ( and I hope you aren't silly enough to think for one minute that there won't be) this will be the time to show what your government is made of by fixing the problems as they happen. Remember, Saddam is gone and you can run things your way with out fear of him or his party, I know you can do it so show the world that Iraq is ready to play in the big league now.. Those of us in the Dinar Vets are pulling for you. I mean no offense buy what I say and I hope you don't take it that way. Countryroads
  24. And for all of the American families that gave up a member to fight for these losers. We have got to stop feeding every dirt bag that comes to us with a deal like the dinars. We won't forget how they treated us with this RV. I feel sorry for any country that wants to be in a Free Trade Agreement with them, I hope they take a good look at how they treated us. If you are not going to RV then "man up" and say so and stop telling the world lies. I think I've said enough for now. I still hope they will RV Countryeoads
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