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Ray Ren: The Great Global Currency Reset Has Began.


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Luigi says...

Treat this as a rumor.

This is only one man's opine.


27 Aug 2015...Intel Newshound TNT & Ray Ren:

Pat:  Jim Sinclair interview with Greg Hunter at USAwatchdog - "The Great Reset began yesterday (8/25)"

This whole interview is excellent and there is much more than in the description below.  At the 32 min. mark Jim Sinclair says the Great Reset began yesterday!!!

Plunge Protection Team Losing Control of Markets-Jim Sinclair

By Greg Hunter’s

Legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair says what is going on right now in the stock market is just the warm-up act. Sinclair contends, “This is a pre-crash, and we are not making it through September without the real thing.

Everybody is on credit. Main Street is on credit. This seems to be a bubble of historical proportion when it comes to the amount of money supporting the accepted lifestyles as being the new normal. Raising interest rates is impossible today. The market is so fragile.

Nothing can come out that causes people any concern or derivatives any change, nothing whatsoever. We are going through a period of time where expecting nothing meaningful is a dream. These are times never experienced in financial history. . . .It is very possible that we are going to have a super civilization change. ”

The US Plunge Protection Team is losing control of the markets, and Sinclair warns, “They got the ****ens scared out of them. They actually backed off providing the funds necessary. . . . That’s your warning.

The warning is markets can overrun plunge protection teams. Markets can and will overrun the manipulation of metals and currencies. The market will overrun the false strength in the US dollar.


read the entire article at another site.



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