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Fake Gun Shop Opens to Shame Gun Buyers

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I wonder if they were given "permission" to bring all these terribly dangerous weapons into NYC and play this little prank.  And what do you expect from bigcityfolk?  Doubly-Disarmed...literally and to the point of not being able to intellectually defend themselves either.


How would you have reacted to this "sales pitch"?  I'm pretty sure I'd have had some words with him!  :cowboy2:  




Fake Gun Shop Opens to Shame Gun Buyers


An anti-gun group called "States United to Prevent Gun Violence" recently set up a fake gun shop and installed hidden cameras to film the interactions between the potential buyers and man posing as a firearms dealer.


The people who entered the store all seemed to be interested in acquiring a firearm in order to protect themselves and their families.  Instead, upon being shown the weapons they were given a tongue-in-cheek lecture during which the phony dealer told the interested party that the gun in question was a model that had killed children or was a brand of weapon that had been involved in a mass shooting.


The video entitled "Guns With a History" is just the latest in a series of videos by the group, intended to turn viewers against firearm ownership.  


Of course by focusing on gun incidents that rarely occur the group's message is intended to convince Americans that these occurrences are the norm and discourage them from purchasing a weapon, even if that weapon is being purchased to defend their family.


It is not clear where the group gets its funding, but being able to rent a location, purchase dozens of guns and convince people that they are in a legitimate store, suggests these guys have some serious money behind them.


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I made it to the Lanza story.

They found that AR15 in the freaking trunk, it was NEVER used to hurt ANYBODY.


These stinking fagg0ts are vile and heinous.


What about the hundreds of thousands of military that died just so those progressives can have the right to use deception and shame to advance their agenda.


I'd love to find one of those jerks and beat the living crap out of them.


You know they had support from that wanna be black mayor dirt bag.


This is one of the most offensive anti-second actions I have ever seen.


No doubt it was sponsored by the UN and Agenda 21.

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They totally screwed with those people's heads.

What if a pro-life group set up fake abortion clinics?  That's by far the leading killer of babies in America.  

"Congratulations!  You're our 1000th abortion this month!  You win a free sonogram as a keepsake of the life God created in you.  Just have a seat in our waiting room... your baby will be killed when we call your name... "

:shakehead:   I hope the right doesn't have to stoop to their level... but at what point do we take the gloves off and give these collectivists a taste of their own medicine?  

This fake gun shop got me thinking about numbers (of all things!).  There are estimated to be over 300 million firearms in the US.  Every accidental shooting is a tragedy but what is the percentage of accidents to guns?  It must be astronomically small.  I couldn't find that number but here are the real dangers to children...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) death statistics for 2010 show that Americans are 51 times more likely to die an accidental poisoning death versus an accidental shooting death.

The raw figures show there were 600 accidental shooting deaths in 2010, yet there were 30,781 accidental poisoning deaths in that same year. There were 554 accidental shooting deaths in 2009 vs. 31,758 accidental poisoning deaths and 592 accidental shooting deaths in 2008 vs. 31,116 accidental poisoning deaths.

Moreover, the CDC shows that Americans are approximately 10 times as likely to die from accidental suffocation vs. an accidental shooting and almost 6 times more likely to die via accidental drowning (non-boating related) than accidental shooting. 

Yet Michael Bloomberg and his gun control groups spend untold amounts of money running ads and conducting studies on the danger posed by “accidental shootings” in the US. 

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America seizes on the accidental discharge of a firearm by someone carrying a gun concealed and argues that retailers should ban guns as a result. And Everytown for Gun Safety seizes on a child’s accidental firearm-related death to push more gun control for parents. 

All the while, Americans of all ages are 51 times more likely to die from accidental poisoning than accidental shooting, and children–specifically children under the age of 10–are more likely to die from accidental drowning or burning than accidental shootings. 

On January 31, Breitbart News reported that CDC stats showed children under the age of 10 were killed in accidental burn-related deaths more than seven times more often than in accidental shootings and were killed in accidental drowning deaths 16 times more often than in accidental shootings.

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Very few people over here own a gun (I do) and even fewer know someone who has one therefore very few gun deaths in the UK


BUT ..... the problem isnt guns, a gun is a tool ..... just like a Drill, a chainsaw, hell even a sweeping brush ..... and all can be used to kill someone.


The problem is good people who are just Idiots getting their hands on guns or leaving them available for children who aren't trained in correct firearm etiquite and not knowing how to use them correctly or on the flipside mentally unstable people bieng allowed access to guns.


Guns dont kill people ...... people kill people.


I've never once been kept awake at night for fear that one of my guns would magically find its way out of the safe and into my room to shoot me lol

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What a bunch of BS! typical liberal anti-gun propaganda.    Gun clerk, "ya this one was used to kill so and so!"  Dive, "Ok better give me two of those so some ****** doesn't try and kill me then!"


The fact that Chicago has the strictest gun laws and the most violent crimes using guns should prove to these idiots gun control doesn't work. Yep you libs stay unarmed, I'll choose the opposite, just don't come crying to me when some thug kicks your door in and wipes out your family.  Maybe we should make a spoon shop and try and outlaw spoons since obviously they make people fat!!!


The idea that they want to take our guns away so badly only reinforces the reasons we should have them in the first place.


Gotta run gang duty calls!  Great post WHN! 

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Wonder why they didn't talk about incidents as this one took place here Locally couple weeks ago..It works both ways....

Police arrest would-be thief after pistol-packing victim draws gun Posted: Mar 09, 2015 6:20 PM EDTUpdated: Mar 11, 2015 1:07 PM EDT
By Brooke Holden
6972623_G.jpgAn attempted robbery suspect fled on foot when the victim put a gun in his face after he demanded money. (Source: Horry County Police Department).
6972626_G.jpgThe victim, who happens to have a concealed weapons permit, drew her weapon on the robber and watched as he ran off, police said. (Source: HCPD).
6972628_G.jpgAnyone with information is asked to contact the Horry County Police at 248-1520 or on the tip line, 915-8477 (915-TIPS). (Source: HCPD).
7034550_G.jpgAccording to Horry County Police Department, Justin Abernathy, 24, of Conway was charged with one count of armed robbery with an alleged deadly weapon. He is being held at J. Reuben Long Detention Center. (Source: Horry County Police Department).
HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County police have arrested and charged a man after an attempted robbery.

According to Horry County Police Department, Justin Abernathy, 24, of Conway was charged with one count of armed robbery with an alleged deadly weapon. He is being held at J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Abernathy fled on foot when the victim put a gun in his face after the suspect demanded money.

Saturday, March 7, at around 9 a.m., the victim told police the suspect approached her as she was withdrawing money from an ATM on Socastee Boulevard.

The victim said the man demanded money and threatened to inject her with a needle he was carrying. Police often hear reports of ATM robberies, but not the latter.


"They're contaminated, they're dirty, needles," said Lt. Raul Denis, of the Horry County Police Department. "But it's not a common occurrence to be threatened with a needle."

The victim, who happens to have a concealed weapons permit, drew her weapon on the robber and watched as he ran off, police said.

"The victim stated once the suspect pulled the needle out, she pulled out her handgun and stuck it in the suspect's face. The victim advised the suspect, 'I dare you to stab me,'" the report states.

Although the victim didn't shoot the gun, she could've been covered under the Castle Doctrine, which expanded in the past five years to include areas beyond the home. 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said.

"Basically anywhere where you've got a right to be and you feel threatened, so it doesn't necessarily have to be at home," Richardson said.

A threat to your safety, such as a needle, is all you need as long as you didn't originally initiate it.

"You're certainly in imminent fear of your life, you don't have to be stabbed or hurt or injured to protect yourself," he said.

To become a concealed weapons permit holder, a person has to go through more than six hours of training on everything from firearm laws to safety.

"Having that privilege carries the responsibility of knowing how you can carry, when you can carry, the proper ways to carry and the ways in which you can react to threats," said Jason Wallace, co-owner of The Gun Store.

The Gun Store teaches a concealed weapons permit course once a week. The classes are booked a month in advance and the demand only grows when incidents like this show people the power of concealed carry.

"Those types of incidents always spur our business and also spur the concealed weapons permit laws and also the one-on-one training and any type of firearms proficiency," Wallace said.

Wallace said he thinks the actions taken at the ATM Saturday show the exact purpose of concealed carrying, which is to stay safe.

"She displayed her firearm, she gave a verbal command for him to leave her alone, to go away and he did, which is the best case scenario," he said. "She showed good judgement."

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