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Saturday News Summaries - 09/06/2014

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Saturday News Summaries by Aggiedad77 at KTFA - 09/06/2014

aggiedad77 » September 6th, 2014, 12:37 pm / Saturday News Summaries and Commentaries

In quickly perusing the news today, looks like many articles....and many still talk of the new least one is talking about the government being formed in the coming "hours"....we shall see....there also seems to still be some positions that are being vied for within the COM of Abadi's.

Weightings government's announcement today

First to be "teed" up is a conflict over any announcement today versus perhaps on the days draw down to hours before the Constitutional deadline looms there is belief that the meetings, discussions, and demands are flowing well at this point in if they could only appease the US on the issue of Defense Minister.
Abadi puts the finishing touches on his government

As Abadi works on the last minute details of his list....the speculation continues to fly fast and furious as to who he will finally light up....who he will call....who will be rejected by the US...though they play no role in this process....go figure....and what will make the religious clerics happy as well as the Kurds, the Sunnis, and the Iraqi people.

Lawsuits against the perpetrators of the crime ((Spyker))

The Wasit province is activating law suits against those that are responsible of the Spyker crimes...the slaughter of 1,700 Iraqis....but just who are they naming in the suits.....are they indeed going after ISIS....DAASH....or some other entity....there is to be three days of mourning for those killed.

Jubouri heads of blocs meet today to discuss the budget

Speaker of Parliament al-Jubouri called for a special meeting with political bloc heads....on the 2014 budget...this meeting was to be an hour before Parliament's opening at 11:00 am Baghdad time.....the topic of the meeting was working on the 2014 budget...and....remember you read it here first......delays in the 2015 budget.....the reasoning he gives is that the COM....who hasn't been approved yet, have not had a chance to work on said let's give them a 3 month delay.....shaking my head....they too seem guilty of "having a strategy".

Najafion optimistic about the possibility of forming a new government within the constitutional period

Economic experts continue to weigh in with their opinions....stating that the new government should be formed within the Constitutional time frame required....but as to how success said government will be is a good guess....they will be met with many demands from all walks of Iraq....and from the international arena as well.....they will be responsible for change....change from the old government's way of doing business, change from a very corrupt society within Iraq....and to make effective change they must be very strong.

Washington threatens Barzani: military support in return for reducing the demands of the Kurds to form a government

Well first the US won't provide arms and equipment to the Kurds to fight the terrorists....then they they decide to THREATEN the Kurds by withholding the same military support.....all to get the Kurds to back off on some of their demands before the new government....this should prove to be interesting....another ally to the US that we now threaten....the US foreign policy is currently in the tank and the bottom just keeps sinking lower and who's side is the US really on....they can do nothing but appear wishy-washy at best to the leaders of these people....a true display of weakness on our part....yet Barzani agrees to stopping the flow of oil out of the Kurdistan....incredible....the Kurds are handily proving to the rest of Iraq that oil can and is being moved....that Baghdad needs to get up to speed or be left behind....for not being involved in this process, the US is doing a great job of just "stumbling" into meetings at odd times.

Washington: the elimination of "Daash" It may take 3 years

How funny this article appears and sounds....that "we"...the US will hunt down fighters of the ISIS but we are not putting boots on the ground to do good thing....the US is winning international support in an effort to attack the ISIS terrorists....the article mentioned obama's lack of strategy last week....he is obviously looking for other allies to jump in and help create this strategy so that all the responsibility does not lie upon US shoulders....the US continues to down play the critical threat that ISIS plays to the US and the western saying their leadership has been routed....they are not as strong as they once were due to US meetings with England and France....obama insists on more than just air strikes...the need for "comprehensive strategies"....but who knows what that will entail...until the other forces define it....doesn't seem to be an action item on the radar screen for the US at this point in time.....makes one begin to long can air strikes put off the inevitable of putting boots on the ground to "mop things up".....2 to 3 years would run into and just past 2016...hmmm...who would be responsible then.

Source: al-Zubaidi, a candidate for the post of defense minister after Washington's refusal to Ameri

So the jigsaw continues to evolve...and yes the US seems to have a thumb in the game of forming the new Iraqi disavowing their initial selections of Defense Ministers....causing some extra surprised that Abadi doesn't just look to the US and say....."give us a name of your liking....of your choosing" and we will go on about our business.....then he will mutter...."it seems to me that you were the ones to select my predecessor....see what that bought you"....shaking my head.

Kurdistan declares its adherence to the Foreign Ministry .. The alliance wants to force the position of Deputy Commanding General

Squabbles between the Kurds and Abadi and the Sunnis and Abadi are ongoing as to who gets what ministry position....are things about to be resolved....anyone's guess at this stage. No doubt when the dust settles no doubt there will be ones with ruffled feathers....just praying they aren't ruffled too far in the wrong direction.....right now Iraq needs all the support it can find, internally and externally.

Rafidain Bank calls for shop owners to review for ATM

The Rafidain Bank in Iraq continues to make headlines....this time asking shop owners to look at the possibility of accepting the ATM card as a sign of their progress along with the banking sector's need to continue to improve....the Rafidain Bank is working hard to utilize electronic cards especially for payment of retirees who live outside the country...and in other areas that make economical sense as well.....they have a term....maybe an issue with translation "Ironing Card"....the card that should be in everyone's wallet....but they need to hasten the inclusion of businesses to accept the card....otherwise it just collects pocket lint.

Abadi's office confirms that the government would be presented to parliament in the coming hours

Well are we seeing a change in patterns...first just give us 2 days....2 more days....ok give us 48 we are seeing the request that the government will be presented to Parliament in the "coming hours".....still the focus is upon Abadi to get his work completed in the allotted time frame.

Close all roads to the Green Zone

Don't leave home without your identity and expect to gain access to the Green Zone.....all roads are now closed...and travel restricted.....could this be in preparation for the presentation of Abadi's government to the Parliament yet today....interesting changes in the normality of things for Baghdad.

Abadi: the government will be formed on time and will not accept any conditions unconstitutional

Abadi's pledge continues to be that the government will be formed on time...and he will not accept any demands or requirements that he believes are unconstitutional....Abadi appears to be proving his beliefs cannot be wavered in the interest of time....or for any other reason.....sounds like the making of a good PM.

Saleem al-Jubouri: Ministers reject the final hours

Speaker of Parliament al-Jubouri outright denies there have been last minute changes in the list of ministers...he says this would be a show of weakness, one subject to political ploys...where instead it is strengthened by being efficient, experienced, and full of integrity.

Moussawi: the budget deficit in 2014 of the main problems that hinder the approval

One member of Parliament has the belief that the 2014 budget has many problems but the main issue is the deficit within the budget being too large and unmanageable.....this MP still is looking backward at what was initially given to Parliament....look at the present and what needs to happen instead in order to see that change is brought about.

Abadi: the next few hours will see a display line-up

Again, "the next few hours" should see the appearance and announcement of Abadi's proposed ministry.....even as I've been typing all these news summaries this morning....we have seen "a few hours" evolve.....he continues to stress competence and integrity, while staying within the time constraints of the Constitution....he seems to have strong feelings on this.

Interim Committee addresses the Minister of Finance to determine the date of re-balancing of the Parliament and the House of Representatives included the demands of the Kurds

Well the interim committee addressing the 2014 budget now has a new leader since Abadi left that position a month ago....they are again moving forward it would seem...they will be addressing many concerns and needs in the coming of which includes demands from the Kurds.

Official: Kurds Should Stop Pursuing Some Disputed Areas

To me it seems that the Kurds are once again being asked to give up quite a bit to see a new government they are being asked to let go of some or much of the area of real estate they have garnered since June 10th.....areas their Peshmerga have dutifully defended in the absence of Maliki's Iraqi Army.....more and more concessions on their is unbelievable at just how forgiving these people can be....however this suggestion to give up selected areas is that of just one individual....we shall see what happens in this area.

Parliament postpones vote on its standing committees to next Monday

What? No surprise to me....I think they are postponing these standing committees until after Abadi announces his see how well balanced they will be with his selections.

Iraq sues a Greek company for oil shipped Kurdistan

Bark Bark Bark...but just how bad will the bite and see if there is any follow up to this....again I suspect Maliki's COM at work here....where will Abadi's COM land on this issue is a good question....will they recognize the good that the Kurds are proving they can do....or will the ongoing fight continue between Baghdad and Erbil?

Kurds withdraw from negotiations to form a government: We will not participate in the ministry does not know its own merits

See what good ole US intervention will get you....the Kurds backing away from the negotiations table.....this could bode not well for the Kurds by backing away at such a late hour.....are they truly upset over their demands not being addressed by Abadi...or are the upset at being held over a barrel by the US to back off their demands in exchange for arms and military equipment, something provoked this late move....something serious.

On the back of al-Maliki ordered his arrest .. most prominent deputies of state law reveals the relationship Maliki massacre Spyker!

A new revelation....I don't think so Charlie Brown.....highly likely that M was involved in some way...even if indirectly.....Run M Run.

Jubouri US official: No great response so far to the demands of the blocks in the formation of the government

Speaker of Parliament al-Jubouri has meetings with US embassy officials regarding the seating of the upcoming new government....of course the embassy officials are only there to remind the Iraqis of the need to form a unified government, not that they would make suggestions or shake their heads over candidates that might be frowned upon....again though we see the reference to a new government in the next "few" hours.

Parliamentarians are demanding not to vote on a government that does not represent women by 30%

Late hour demands will likely not get you very far....especially demands as onerous as something like this....put forth your best candidates....male or female and let them be chosen on their merit....not because of gender.

Abadi put pressure on the blocks to resolve the formation of the government before the loss of the opportunity commissioning

Apparently Abadi still has some holes in his ministry and it sounds like they are largely due to a lack of qualified candidates being put in front of him from a variety of blocs....what is up with these this an underhanded way of Maliki designed in a backhanded sort of way to see Abadi fail....don't discount that idea....but it gains nothing for Maliki other than maybe a few more hours or days as caretaker wimp.....I would like to think that in his mind, Abadi has candidates selected if he is not given ideas.....he will not let the time frame run out on his government.

Breaking News Parliament to receive names of government officials within few hours

Breaking news!!! Hardly......but still we are supposed to be focused on the next few hours....we shall see.

Saudi Arabia launches a security fence with Iraq's borders is the longest in the world

900 incredible distance......complete with sensor towers, cameras and who knows what would think....if the Saudi's can could the US.....if someone in the east wanted to do it.....hire the contractor that designed this and made it so.....just saying.

'House Money Muslims' devours money Iraqis in Mosul

Who controls what in Mosul today.....the Islamic State appears to be in control and is telling citizens...the banks are open...come in and take your money...but with one may only get 10% of your balance...the rest must stay....and it makes one wonder what happens to the rest...will the customers ever see the rest...many questions raised......there needs to be some serious head-knocking done in Mosul...but that is right there aren't any boots on the ground to handle this.

Kurdish lawmaker: rule out a vote on the federal budget today

A Kurdish MP has stated that it is impossible to vote on the draft of the federal budget.....many changes have occurred in the last several months....much money has been used to pay for military operations and the use of volunteers to fight the terrorists....still the issues flare up over Kurdish it would appear that not much has changed with regard to the 2014 budget...remaining stalemated for the time being.

Planning: We did not get to No. My guess for 2015 budget

Planning......2015.....budget.....government....wait we need to reorganize our priorities here and get the government seated so "they" can put the budget for 2015 is up to them to do the planning....the 2014 budget...well there is only four more months left....dragging feet.

Kurdish lawmaker: differences blocs on the government are still ongoing and the parliament did not receive the names of ministers

A few hours have indeed passed and still we see no list of names....what can Abadi be up he being purposefully stonewalled by some in order to thwart his attempt at sitting a government on time....who does seem as if he is giving it his best effort though....differences between the National Alliance and the Kurds and Sunnis...surprise surprise.

Maliki Supports Freeing Former Senior Saddam Officials

Maliki's orders....while they may not have the clout attached to them they once had....he still has some powers....and releasing these apparently something akin to the US pardons that are so prevalent with outgoing presidents....will he do this is anyone's guess at this point....just the fact that he's shown approval for it speaks enough.

This isn't all of the news Family....but I need to take a break for now.....will be back with more later


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Here's Todays News Summaries From Randy (AggieDad77) ...




Monday News Summaries and Commentaries

The sneak peek at today's news is showing us that there is growing excitement towards the announcement tonight of the new government and hopefully a positive support and vote from Parliament on the announcement.

Anticipation awaiting the announcement by the Government of Iraq Abadi we are on the 8th....and supposedly at 8:00 pm tonight Baghdad time we will see the final list of ministers from Abadi being presented to Parliament....though I believe he gave that list to the Speaker of Parliament this it can be reviewed in time for a vote tonight....we shall this article mentions Sept 11th for the first time....could this truly be the last date for which Abadi would have to form his government.

Announcement lineup government Abadi and voted upon in Parliament this evening

Yet another article that continues to indicate some ongoing conflict with political blocs.....Speaker of Parliament is insisting the new government will be shown tonight at 8:00 pm Baghdad time.....if Abadi cannot get a positive vote from Parliament on the names he shares for his government then the President of the Republic has 15 days to provide another name for Prime Minister and that individual would have another 30 days in which to announce and seat their government.....Abadi has been adamant about his seeking competency and integrity with all his ministers....I am thinking he will get a vote of confidence from Parliament....soon and we will not have to witness yet another selection for PM.

Iraqi government today .. If ratified politicians

More talk about the squabbles that are ongoing today, the bickering between political blocs for seats in the government....who should be where, who deserves what seat.....they have just a few hours to resolve differences and provide a list to Parliament....can they do it.....I believe there are many eyes on Iraq today and into their evening tonight to see what results will be forthcoming.....the Iranians and US both have had a large presence over the past couple of weeks and continue their presence even today.

Faleh applicable: the responsibility of approving the budget in 2014 is the responsibility of the new government

The one thing that remains certain about the 2014 budget is that it is still very much in a state of confusion.....I'm growing increasingly less concerned about the 2014 budget and more interested in seeing what laws are immediately addressed by the new government and Parliament as they move forward with the formation of the GOI.

Grace ministries week to amend the budget and the inclusion of actual income and expenditure

The new head of the temporary Finance committee is seeking numbers from a variety of sources in an attempt to piece together a 2014 budget based on what has been received as revenues and spend as expenditures from the beginning of the year to the end of September 2014.....applauding her efforts in this but it almost seems like an effort in futility on the committee's quickly can they get something put together that can be approved.....half of September left...and only three months after that....shaking my head.

National Alliance will cancel all positions that have been granted in the caretaker government

Null and void is the word from the National Alliance when it come to any appointments that the caretaker government has done in the last few months....sort of throws Maliki's attempts to control things into the wind.

Conflict intensifies booty to acquire CBI

Maliki is attempting to get caught with his hands in the cookie jar again....he has tried on several occasions to gain control of the reserve money protected by the CBI...but has always failed.....yet he still is out of greed that he acts in this manner....but his want for money and power will get him in trouble in the long run if he persists....I remain a firm believer that the news of late about a prison term for Dr. Shabs is all generated by Maliki again in his attempt to stir things up.....and possibly take focus off his true the snake...always watch the snake.

Aajl..alnwab receive a copy of the government program and document the political agreement

Parliament members received a copy of the government program from the National Alliance....from Abadi that documents all political agreements that have been reached....this document will give light to Abadi's intentions over the next 4 years on how things should be going in Iraq and how he will be committed to creating unity within Iraq's political arena.

Central warns citizens from dealing with non-banking companies licensed

The CBI is warning citizens to be careful in choosing where they do their banking and to stay away from so-called non-banking entities that are not licensed by the other words protect your money in the best way possible.

Shabibi for "range": learn with me through the media and Government interventions in monetary policy harmful

Dr. Shabibi forever the calm, cool, and collected professional....claiming he is not aware of the alleged charges or prison term being held against him....neither he nor his attorneys have been made privy to this information he says.....he further claims that nothing has changed at the CBI since he left at the end of 2012....they continue their auctions as normal operations....he challenges anyone to find where he allegedly ran two sets of books with differing exchange rates....Shabs says that the charges are malicious in nature stemming from efforts by Maliki.....the real issue of all this stems from Shabibi's efforts to keep the CBI separated from the GOI and in the end it cost him his that he conducted well and with the highest of integrity.

Washington was in close contact .. Abadi demands to stay away from al-Maliki approach

It would appear that Washington has had a heavy hand in Abadi's work to form his new government and in overcoming many of the demands placed upon him by the political blocs over the past few weeks....meanwhile he insists that he is staying away from anything that would appear like Maliki's approach to running the government and country.

In the last hours of his rule .. Maliki appoints his chief Hamid behind the secretary of the Council of Ministers

Even in light of continued announcements by the National Alliance that any of Maliki's appointments while a caretaker to the government will be stricken from the record, he continues to make goes the appointment of the new CBI governor....we believe there will be a new governor of the CBI.....just not one appointed by Maliki.

Kurdistan denies American pressure on Barzani to participate in next Iraqi government 

The Kurds continue to carry forth their lofty attitudes....threats...pressure from the we don't have no pressure....Barzani claims that this news is faceless and without base....he says the Kurds are attempting to participate in the new government but have not seen any concessions forthcoming from Abadi or the National Alliance....well just maybe you have the cart before the horse.

We were calling for the adoption of the budget by the end of the year

Well the one thing this article is lacking is telling us which year they want to adopt...2014 or 2015....I still contend that 2014 is growing more senseless with each passing day....focus on 2015 and move forward....get it approved early if at all possible so as not to have a repeat of 2014.

Sumo: Adoption of the law of oil and gas key to the development of Iraq's energy sector

What they need to pay attention to is that three parts of this law on oil and gas has already been approved.....there only remains the issues over the citizens part of the that will be divided.....then they can move forward...this still is the premier of all laws that need to be can open up much greatness for Iraq if they can stack hands on a final version very soon.

After finishing the process of transferring Furniture presidential palaces .. Ahmed al-Maliki vacationing in London!

Well the son stole from the Presidential palace the furniture and who knows what else of the fine he takes a rest and can be found vacationing London...not surprising.

"Documents": Maliki bought from Iran ahead of his departure weapons worth billions of dollars

Keep the receipts....Wal-Mart will take returns.....Maliki in his closing days bought weapons from support their economy....with what kind of money....oh right all that money that isn't his in the first has to wonder which army is getting these weapons...the Iraqi's or the ISIS.

The proliferation of security around the Green Zone before the government's announcement

Security in the Green Zone is stepped up in preparation of the announcement of the new government, expected tonight around 8:00 pm Baghdad time.

A planned visit by the American secretary of defense to Baghdad

After a stop in Turkey where issues with DAASH were also discussed the US Secretary of Defense will be making stops in Erbil and Baghdad to talk about strategy in handling the terrorists located in the north and west part of Iraq currently.

Tamimi: Arming the army and displaced persons and the employees' salaries and extinguish the debt of the state budget priorities

Regardless of the shambles the 2014 budget remains in the temporary Finance Committee says they remain committed to making payments to the army salaries and dealing with fiscal issues surrounding displaced persons, as well as state employee salaries....the bare bones minimum of what they could be doing.

Transparency expect the continuation of Iraqi corruption

I believe starting right with Abadi that many Iraqi's would like to see this article proven wrong....that with transparency they will get a handle on corruption, especially within government....I can't help but think this has to be a major focal point for Abadi going forward with his government....time will tell.

Going to stop here and watch for that "announcement" we all await.


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