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Dinar Blast from Tony - Sunday Morning Update - 11/10/13

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I'm of the opinion that if one cannot say something constructive, we shouldn't say anything at all.  If someone doesn't like Tony, why read him - then bash him.  There is enough negativism on the net, we don't need to amplify here on our forum - DinarVets...!  Let's keep this a civil and useful forum. This doesn't mean we cannot critique someone's information or opinion - to do so is useful to have a functional dialogue - but bashing is just plain hateful, and destructive to useful communication.  This is just my humble opinion ... and we all know that "everybody has one"...! LOL  :salute:


My critique of tony is 

He`s a blatant habitual lying SOB .

and thats putting it kindly. 

and I mean that with all my respect 

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    • By ronscarpa
      This post was brought over for all you Mtn.Goat fans (LOL) .. I put it in the Rumors section because this might be a bit "over the top" for some of us. Please don't read it if you don't like her, and please don't shoot the messenger - I'm just bringing over what is being put out there on some of the forums that some here at DV find interesting...!  Blessings to everyone & have a great weekend - RON 
      "Are You Ready?" by Mnt.Goat Posted by GeorgeH at TNT Sat. Night - 12/14/2013   Hello, Wanted to pass along news just received from mnt goat.  George

      Mountain Goat:  Hi Everyone, 

      Is everyone happy?  We all should be very happy and dancing for joy based on the latest announcements made in the mosques and on Iraq TV from their news agencies.  

      As I have been saying all along in many of my past news letters that the announcement to move international on the Iraq dinar currency would come first from the country of Iraq. 

      I took many hits and bashing from intel providers on this fact but as I have said many times before – wait and see who is correct and who is wrong. This should be about listening to all information and putting together the puzzle and not discounting any intel. Now once again I am telling you that the second piece to this puzzle (or process) is for the CBI to bring up their new site with the new rate first and then at just about the same time or a few days afterwards the revaluation will be announced to the world and the rates activated in the exchanges and banks. 
      This will be a sign to us that we are in fact just hours if not days away from the full formal announcement to the rest of the world. Then we all go and exchange. 

       Remember that the announcement this week did not formally go out globally but only in county. However, having said this we must think about the significance of what just took place. 

      Other countries do listen to their news and some in great anticipation for this event. So technically it did get advertised to the rest of the world too but only informally. 

      They are trying to build up steam like an old fashioned steam locomotive just prior to it beginning its journey. Once the brakes are released it will take off down the tracks. This is what I believe they are intentionally doing. Be patient everyone it may take a few days to build up its steam. 

      We are about to see the locomotive begin to move and once again we must wait then for it to build momentum. I have been in this investment now for about 9 years and I remember Dr. Shabibi making a news brief and saying it would be a slow, methodical process and would build momentum slowly. We are now witnessing yet another step in this process. 

       Today’s Intel

      So we now await for the formal announcement from the CBI since this is yet another step that will lead eventually to our mulla. This is the next benchmark to watch for. 

      I do not care about all this hype from conference calls. I am not trying to be arrogant but this is the process. Go back and read my past 4-5 new letters. I have said this repeatedly. If you do not believe me that is fine….then tell me what is holding it up? 

       The recent announcement this week dug the hole yet a little deeper for Iraq, the IMF and the UST in that there is no real way to now recover and take back this information. Kind of like not being able to put spilt milk back in the bottle….lol….it is all very positive. 

       Now I will talk about something that I am not 100% sure on so you can say this is just conjecture on my part. So please don’t go crazy and nuts over this. 

       We all know that the IQD was not in fact replaced with the IQD as some believe. There are now two currency symbols paralleling each other for the country of Iraq. One is the contract rate +$30 (IQN) and one is the international trading rate $3.44 (IQD). 

      Do you understand the difference and why the UST did this? I am not going into details on this on this news letter because you can go and re-read my past posts on this topic. Its all their for your reading enjoyment….lol…

       But today I want to add this. Let us just say they make the formal announcement to go international and the rest of the world get the news. 

      However if this was the case we would exchange at the IQD rate $3.44  if we wanted to since it would have to go live. Correct?

       So I am going to answer my own question since I do think they will activate both the IQD and the IQN together and here is why. 

      First if they just activated the IQD many of us would jump at the chance to exchange and run like hell. Right? But this would defeat the purpose of the IQN…would it not? 

      We all should know by now why the IQN is so important to the USA and what these oil credits and very large amounts of capital coming into the economy all mean….right?  Are you all still with me?  

      But on the other hand if they did activate the IQD first and waited a week or more this would lessen the crowds at the banks and spread out the exchange. Then later active the IQN at the contract rate. 

      The IQD may give  plenty of quick money to boost the economy but it will subtract from the total revenues they plan to build for oil credits to help pay for the war and pay down out national debt. This is tricky and since I do not know this portion of the plan I wanted to throw it out on the table to think about. I am, of course, researching this now. 

       My advice on buying more currency  (Note: Please do not buy any currency based on what you may read here.....Please be responsible)

      Those that can afford more currency should buy up as much currency as possible now. This is a once in a life time adventure and will not come around again for us. Of course buy responsibly and buy only what you can afford. Remember no regrets later when it activates and it’s all over.

      For instance if you buy on reserve be ready to lose it all if it does not get activated in the timeframe of the reserve/layaway payoff date. 

      Do not let intel providers convince you of buying more from what they tell you about how close we are to RV. 

      Buy only from reputable exchangers or banks. Do not every buy from friends of friends, eBay, or other sites and especially from some shady person who mysteriously contacts you and say they need to desperately sell their currencies to pay the bills .Let them go to the bank and sell it back then. 

      If you are not careful this is how you might acquire counterfeit currencies.  

      Buying more will have absolutely, positively have no impact on the timing of the activation. I can assure you of this. So put this hype to rest now. 

      If they (meaning the UST) did not want us to buy they would simply shut down all the private dealers. This is of course just all my opinion. 

      Let's see what happens in the coming days. Are you ready?  Have you reviewed your plan once again. When this does happen it will be so sudden it will take all of us off guard so we must use this time now to prepare. 

       I do know this as a fact - the longer they wait the worst the situation gets for everyone meaning US public, Iraq and all the countries desperately needing this GCR. 

       Peace and luv to ya all,

      Mnt Goat  
    • By ronscarpa
      Mtn.Goat Addresses Misinformation & Rumors - 12/01/2013   By GeorgeH at TNT Forum
        Hi all, Wanted to pass on to all you fine dinarians mnt goat's latest news of today 12/1.   GeorgeH  Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone,
      Want to thank everyone for all the 100s of heartfelt emails wishing me and my familie a great holiday season. As you know we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like the USA. It is not a national holiday in Germany. Nonetheless we did enjoy the day and yes we did cook a nice dinner yesterday consisting of foul and all the fixings but it was not turkey. 
      I thought it now would be a good time to talk now about some recent news on the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. Also there are many rumors about that are just not correct and I do not understand why some “intel providers” do not check more closely and use some old fashioned, common sense prior to posting such nonsense. These people are being irresponsible and should be banned from providing intel if it were up to me.
      Misinformation/Rumors My intent now is not to bash other intel providers, or to make myself sound all high and mighty but maybe to awaken them to realize some send the entire dinar community on a spin with all the unnecessary hype over such unverified rumors and misinformation. Are you only looking for fame or are you really sincere in helping unravel this revaluation process? 
       Such nonsense only makes the job of those good intel providers who want to really help and assist in this matter much harder. Do you really want to get involved in such rumors? It does not even make sense to state them on a post or conference call and then claim they are only “rumors”. Do we all want to listen to such rumors?  Personally I want the facts, only the facts. If you have a rumor that sounds logical are going to further research and get back to us? 
      If so then I would accept such information but I would expect you to kindly tell us it’s a rumor, why it could be true, then finish what you have started and do your homework.  Then go and do your diligence and report back to us. 
       That is a responsible “intel provider”. Otherwise fade away and leave us all alone. We do not have time or patience for such nonsense. 
       At this stage of the process all newbies should please find a good source for Dinar 101 and read it. Why did you buy dinar anyhow if you did not even know the facts about this investment?  Are you foolish?  Are you going to repeat this behavior after you have millions in the bank post RV?  Maybe this investment is not for you? 
       Here are some recent rumors that need to be put to rest and I'd like to do it now. 
       Hedge funds are now buying into IQD- how can this be when the IQD is still a speculative currency and it is illegal to speculate using other peoples investment funds? It will remain a speculative currency until we see it activated at the banks. Don’t buy into this disinformation. It is meant to get you all hyped up and then you are only let down later. 
       Maliki is no longer prime minister - totally ridiculous but a hint of truth to it. He still remains and will remain PM until the 2014 elections. He in fact plans to run for a 3rd term for prime minister. Remember something important – Erbil Agreement is now activated and this means Maliki simply steps back and no longer controls the defense, security and interior ministries. They appointed permanent ministers This does not mean he is no longer prime minister. 
      His wings have just been clipped. Remember also this was supposed to happen in early 2011 anyhow and was delayed when the USA decided to use Maliki as their patsy to do their dirty work in the government and hold up the RV as long as they could until the IMF and UST were ready to push out the GCR. 
      They are now ready. I have talked about this in many of my past emails and posts too. Yet another sign we are very close to activation.  
      Using USD to purchase Iraq Bonds – foolish again. Stated Dec 1st new Iraq banking laws - USD is no longer a legal tender in all Iraq banking transactions. These middle east countries do not want to use USD any longer.  If you wanted to purchase these bonds in Iraq you could and would  do so by converting your USD to IQD at the new RV rate. 
      We also do not need their currency  to go international for them to begin conducting business on these bonds, unless they plan to price these bonds and sell themexclusively on the international bond markets. So be careful what you are reading. As I stated in prior emails, Iraq has had an in-country RV already and the initial rate was $3.44. It has since climbed and is now over $4.00. 
      The CBI site must first reflect the new revalued rate prior to the currency going international – this is totally false. I never said this. What I said is look for the new CBI site to come up with the new rates on or approximately around the same time when the rate goes live international. 
      Remember the other 190+ countries rates are also changing and so none of the new GCR rates can go public until the entire GCR group is activated. 
      Global Currency Reset (GCR) is an IMF term widely used by the IMF and CBI – totally false. This is a term made up solely by dinar intel providers in 2011 when it was decided to hold up the IQD revaluation, group global currencies and have them revalue or devalue as needed to balance out or reset the global economies of the world. 
      So do not expect to read or listen to IMF or CBI sources or other politicians use this terminology. It does not mean the “GCR” is not real and is not going to happen. It is real and is very late in it’s initial planned activation already. It is planned to be activated very soon. 
       Challenging the NDA will prevent you from signing it. You may still exchange your IQN, VNN or other currencies at the bank or via private exchangers– totally false again. Personally I wish everyone would just totally drop the subject of the NDA, and stop talking about it. It is now a dead issue. 
      We all put this through  the ringer already and its dead ! I see someone once again did not believe this info so they had to call Sterling Dinar Trader to verify. They were told they knew nothing about providing it. So what did this accomplish? I will tell you. 
      First maybe Sterling was missed by the UST and never received the NDA as of yet or maybe will never get the NDA to have you sign it?  If you exchanged and kept this fact quite maybe you would not have had to sign one? Now because of your BIG MOUTH  I am sure the UST will stock them up with plenty of NDA and force everyone to sign them. 
      Again just something that you got all hyped up and you are your worst enemy…yesYou!  Who is pumping this hype anyhow? Could it be this group NASARA?  There is nothing you nor I can do but sign it and keep our big mouths shut afterwards… PERIOD!   We all have big mouths including me. I luv to brag. 
       Recent Iranian Treaties are holding up the activation- again totally false and just rumor. If you would use your common sense you can see how, if nothing else, this would force the activation must sooner. We did not have to wait for this to happen. This only effects the back end of the RV in the brokerage of the oil. 
      Do I believe the US strong armed Iran for a reason years ago and used the embargo to their advantage to get these lucrative oil contracts with other countries? – yes of course! Again lets put on our thinking caps….think…think…think…All these oil credits from our exchange will be used for this purpose.
      Like I said in many of my last post this is a very lucrative deal for the USA. Why not? The USA risks may of your brave men and women to free Iraq from Saddam and fight these terrorists. There is always some payback from each war. 
      The VNN is also USA payback (a bit on the late side) for Vietnam conflict and this is why there is also such an increase in their currency for the GCR. 
      Having said all this now that these oil contracts are done it is time to open Iranian oil back up to the world. It is really as simple as that. This is why we are now seeing all these agreements with Iran and this is also why I feel this is yet another sign to us that our activation is sooo close at hand. 
      Todays News
      Yesterday I called my IMF source to verify all was still on still on track.
      I was told any technical issues are now resolved in the UST and they need and want to pop this activation now. 
      I know from another source that this is just a cover story for what is going on behind the scenes. 
      Iraq implements (is now effective) on is strictest banking laws in the history of Iraq today. Did you hear me?  I said now!  This is of course IMF speaking not the UST. I have many indicators that they cannot hold off on the activation much longer. I mentioned a couple above already. 
       Iraq is also now scheduled to be audited (or reviewed) by the IMF for ascension in the WTO on December 29th of this year. One of the criteria is to have an internationally traded currency. They have until this date. Iraq is putting extreme pressure on the USA to activate but remember they can’t bark too loud since this last delay was at their request.
       So today is Sunday December 1st and I have to apologize for I said December 1st was Monday in my last email. Anyhow it does not make too much difference since we only needed to cross this new threshold to be once again in a prime spot to get the activation. 
      I really hate to say this again but what I was told is look for the activation in the window of Thursday thru Sunday of this week. There are reasons for this timeframe consistently and I am told not to broadcast the reasons as it is sensitive info. I will when I am told I can. 
       I sincerely hope this is our exchange week whether it is earlier in the week or in the  Thurs – Sunday window I have been given. Sooner than later would of course be better.   
      Peace and Luv to ya,   
      mnt goat

      Hi DinarVets, here's Mtn.Goat again .... But she addresses misinformation & rumors published on the numerous forums. She's a bit toned down, and tries to give perspective to some of the unproven claims scattered around on various forums that are upsetting people and causing confusion & uncertainty. Read if interested ... eat the meat & spit out the bones...! Be blessed everyone - I like the following statement:
       Iraq is also now scheduled to be audited (or reviewed) by the IMF for ascension in the WTO on December 29th of this year. One of the criteria is to have an internationally traded currency.
    • By ronscarpa
      For those of you who are interested in knowing what Mtn.Goat has to say - here she is again. Remember, her intel hasn't always been correct, but she does have some good insights. Intel providers can only provide info they have been given (unless they outright lie), so take everything with a ton of salt, and hope she is correct on this occasion...LOL   Personally I don't buy any of the extreme rates coming out of TNT.  
      "Now is the TIme" By Mnt.Goat Posted by GeorgeH at TNT Forum Sunday AM - 11/17/2013

      Hello dinarians. Just wanted to post some current news from the goat that I just recieved. I think this is it. It is "going down" now ! George

      Mnt.Goat: Hi Everyone,

      My Bavarian family and I are getting our customary party items ready for a celebration. As we prepare for the Christmas magic ahead we also know that the celebrations this year will include something very special. 

      Most special this year will be the blessings we have been waiting for so long. Yes it is finally upon us. There will be a spiritual aspect to this years celebration since this blessing seems almost unreal. 

      We are very fortunate to be able to a part of this effort and watch the nation of Iraq grow and become it’s full potential as a democratic nation. The USA too as will Germany and other EU countries benefit greatly from this blessing. 

      I wanted to email some news now to all for an update on what I am hearing about this currency revaluation of Iraq dinar. 

      As I have notified everyone on Monday of last week that this event is very close at hand and now we are at the end of this last Thursday thru Sunday window. It is upon us. 

      All news is exceptionally good and the process is on target for exchanges in USA to begin on Monday 11/18 (tomorrow). 

      My sources are now telling me that Iraq is about to announce their ascension in the World Trade Organization (WTO). This announcement is to be broadcast early this week. It will be proceeded by or followed by the activation of their currency revaluation. So what does this mean. 

      This means that the Iraq currency will no longer be a provisional currency and will have full international trading status throughout the world. The Iraq QI Cards will then work in any ATM machine and/or credit vendor, just like your bank Visa card or ATM cards. Our banks rates will be activated since it is now a recognized currency. The currency exchanges also go live. Iraq is open for business ! 

      Also all Article 8 provisions will be met and Iraq will become a full member of the United Nations (UN) under article 6. It then must abide by all UN rules and receive all the benefits as a member nation such as future security and economic protections. 

      Dinar Class 101 for Newbies

      I thought it would be a good idea to include a short class on this Iraq dinar and why it is valuable to us now to own. The new value of the Iraq currency must coincide with a value equal the riches (or assets) of the country of Iraq. 

      I will not go into details as to what value will be assigned the new currency, but I have been told that as far as the USA is concerned there will be two rates. An Iraq in-country rate (IQD) (which will be internationally recognized and they will have a rate indicative of Saddam’s era (pre-2003) plus equity over the last ten year period) and a separate in-country USA rate (IQN) ( it will be indicative of the agreements made between Iraq and the USA for this purpose).

      What purpose? Read on. 

      Remember the majority of the IQN echanged for USD from citizens in the USA by the banks will not go back to the CBI. Rather it will be verified by Iraq finance ministry and electronically entered for accountability and then probably incinerated. 

      These electronic credits will be used as future oil credits at around approximately $32 a barrel for sweet crude oil. Some of these credits have also been discounted already and sold to China. But let’s keep it simple shall we. 

      For instance- the USA decides to use these oil credits and the IQN exchange rate in USA is $36.87 upon activation. Within the 30 day window for exchanging the dinars is over, the dinars that are exchanged at USA banks amounted to 4 trillion dollars. 

      This is now 4 trillion dollars of oil credits with Iraq. Are you with me so far? 

      If at the timeframe the USA decided to broker the oil, the markets are selling crude oil at $120 a barrel. There are 2,000 barrels shipped to Japan from USA orders. That is a gross profit of 176,000 dollars for the US Treasury ($120-$32) x 2,000. With minimum expenses deducted we can see how this can help supplement the annual US budget and they begin to pay down the national debt very quickly. 

      There is also plans in the USA to fund to newly formed “infrastructure bank” The plans are for this bank to fund the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the USA i.e roads, bridges, transportation, etc... Yes – you heard correct. 

      Iraq is not the only country needing reconstruction. Pay attention post RV for this news. It is soon to make national headlines in the news media. There are other factors involved too but I am trying to simplify this process for you in this example. You do get the point? 

      So in this example above the USA brokered the oil from Iraq and paid them $32.00 a barrel and had it shipped to whatever country (for example Japan) and sold it at the market rate of $120 a barrel. There are plenty of countries destined to have this oil and to mention a few include GB, Canada, Japan, China. The gross profit in this example was then $88 per barrel. 

      There are plans for barges after barges filled with the sweet crude oil of Iraq to leave their harbors every hour carrying hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude to customers each and every day for years to come. Once this income begins to stream into the UST and the infrastructure bank ( the money earmarked for this purpose), one can easily see how the value of the USD can not stay low for very long….hint….hint…hint…! 


      So today is a great day! It is at the eve of making history. Something we have been waited for now for 10 years. 

      If for some reason the exchanges are delayed do not get stressed. It is planned for early this week and I am told it will begin tomorrow. 

      I have known this date for over a week already since I knew the process that had to be played out prior to this event occurring. Could the plan change? As we all know nothing is certain in this process. So stay calm and be relaxed. Get your own plan out, review it and have it ready for implementation. 

      Peace and Luv to ya, 

      mnt goat
    • By ronscarpa
      Hi Everyone, once again MtnGoat has a post that was brought out to the Dinarian forums.  Some of you like her & others don't.  If you like her - enjoy; but if you don't like her - please ignore this post.  So far, her sources haven't been right, but many of her remarks are worth considering, as we wait patiently for our IQD RV to unfold. Be Blessed everyone...RON   
      "It's Thursday & Looking Good" by Mnt.Goat at TNT Forum - 11/14/2013 

      Hi all. 
      Wanted to post a mnt goat update just recieved today. Sounds like we are sooo close.  Have a nice day!  GeorgeH of TNT

       Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone, General personal comments were deleted to keep it simple...! RON   This year, in particular, I will remember this Christmas magic. I will think of all of you dinarian friends over these years too, since with this time of preparation it will be the blessings bestowed upon us and the prayers of gratitude for the special gift about to be given to us all. Yes – this will be special Christmas for all of us.     

       I wanted to email some news to all for a brief update on now what I am hearing about this currency revaluation of Iraq dinar. All news is still very good and we are still on track to begin exchanges on Monday.  

       My sources tell me that Iraq did not yet announce revaluation and they did not revalue currency. This is just rumor and conjecture on the parts of many intel providers. Please do not get confused by this news. I am not calling anyone a liar since this is the news they heard but it conflicts with my news.

       Instead they simply loaded more money on their cards as final payments on pension and welfare programs were made this week. The rates varied according to the programs allowed. Yes- the people in Iraq are very happy! These QI Cards are not yet international. As I have said and repeat again today these cards cannot go international until the formal revaluation announcement is made in Iraq. 

       About this so-called RV Announcement

      This RV will be kicked off when the CBI site rate is changed. This is essentially the announcement. Then, if not at the same time, the international exchanges and banks will be updated and the rates activated. This is the process and there is no shortcuts or exceptions. 

       So here is the tricky part of all this announcement stuff. I do not want to confuse you more but instead need to clarify. When I say formal announcement I do not mean they will come right out and announce to the world that they just revalued their currency. 

      They cannot do this now especially since we all now know the US will have a much different in country rate than in Iraq and most other countries. I will not get into the details as to how or why this is being allowed but just relax and you will see this is not a hoax.  

       Instead we should all now be looking for the delegation from the US going to Iraq very soon in the news. This delegation will give photo opps, shake hands and party with Iraq leaders. 

      They may not necessarily talk directly about the currency revaluation in speeches but will talk in length about the nation of Iraq its past challenges, its new democracy, reconstruction and cooperation with the rest of the developed world. 

      They will concentrate on parts of speech about their wealth and how they are now “open for business” with the rest of the world. This will be the key speech and the key words. Look for it in the coming days. We are at that critical moment. 


      Today is Thursday 11/14 and we are on track during this waiting period. My contacts are telling we are now in the next open window period for this process which is thru Sunday with exchanging possibly beginning on Monday 11/18 if all goes well. 

      They do not expect this to go to yet another window of next week again so be calm and relax. 

       As you know I cannot guarantee what I am hearing is 100% accurate but these sources have been spot on so far up until the plan changes. This is the plan I am now hearing. It could change but I have high confidence we are on track to see the activation later this week and go to the banks early next week. 

      I will certainly relay any new information as I receive it. I would luv to have conference calls daily to give you the news as it is happening, but my situation will not allow it at this time. 

       I do not anticipate any obstacles. There is too much at stake for Iraq as I described in my last email. They need a usable, viable, internationally recognized currency, and they need it now. They cannot afford any more holdups. There is a plan to get them to this point. 

       I hope my news is helping everyone to get off the hopium wagon and enjoy the day. Again no one knows the date or rate but we can come real close by using correct assumptions, articles and applying what info the reliable sources are telling us. 

      I do not wish to put anyone in stress if it does not activate by Monday as I am only relaying what I am being told and the news coming out of Iraq at this time. 

      Peace and Luv to ya,   

      mnt goat
    • By ronscarpa
      "This is the Week" From Mnt.Goat Monday Night -- 11/11/2013  
        Hello all,  Just recieved latest news from mnt goat.  George, TNT Forum

      Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone,

       Guten Tag Dinarian friends. I will make this update brief again.

      Today all sources in Iraq have nothing but very good news once again. 

      The CBI was planning to bring up their new site and post the new rate for final activation of their currency international on last Friday 11/8, however parliament decided to postpone the vote from Thursday until Sunday’s session for the restructuring of their currency. 

      This vote would have been the final straw of the process followed by activate on Friday.. 

      Now that the voting process is over, and the trigger is pulled, we hear the vote was unanimously in favor of approving the restructuring of the currency immediately.
       As you may have heard there is a time period (or grace period) needed prior to activation. This period was built in to the process to allow for addressing last minute objections. 

       There is something I just want to point out that I have been saying all along. That is that Iraq has input to determine this activation timeframe as the end result is part of the process to allow for the sovereignty of Iraq to “pull the trigger”. They have that right and honor in doing so. 

       A Bit of Recent History

      I also want everyone to understand that Maliki has been (but is no longer) a hold up since he used this activation as leverage to try to get the USA to support him for this next election period in 2014. 

      He has stated many times that there were other reasons he did not recommend activation however looking in depth at these reasons one has to think it was only stalling once again at its best as a political move he is good at. How long did he actually plan to stall?  

      We all know he did not want to see the activation until 2014 sometime possibly even after the April elections. 

      This of course is not going to happen. His poker hand has been played one too many times and he has lost. 

       However this stalling from the government of Iraq soon had to come to a standoff between the IMF and the USA against Iraq since there are so many other variables necessitating the need to complete the currency reform project of Iraq. 

      Some of these variables included the immediate need for compliance to article 8 provisions, the ascension to the WTO, trade tariff necessity and loss of this revenue, pressure from Kurdistan, the implementation of HCL, the completion of payments to the citizens as promised in many programs such as the pension fund, food program, etc. 

      These actions if promised once then promised hundreds of time they would happen soon. I can continue on and on but I think you all now understand the urgency to activate the new currency. 

      Iraq is now like a blossom in the spring just waiting for that warmest day in May that will open the bud to begin the process of renewing life.  


      Today is now Monday 11/11 and we are more than half through this 72 hour waiting period. 

      My contacts are telling me not to expect to see the activation until the next open window period for this process which is from this coming Thursday thru Sunday with exchanging possibly beginning on Monday 11/18 if all goes well.  

       As you know I cannot guarantee what I am hearing is 100% accurate but these sources have been spot on so far. 

      This is the plan I am now hearing. It could change but I have high confidence we are on track to see the activation later this week. I do not anticipate any obstacles. 

      Peace and Luv to ya,

      mnt goat    

      I like what she says, but I really don't follow any of the gurus.  I hope & pray that her information sources are correct, and that it does come to pass. Time will tell.  Be blessed everyone...RON   
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